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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
Come and start your year 2018 with Pak Harry. By attending his seminar you will be adequately prepared to face the challenge to manage your BH. Those who are new will be able to learn about how to get their BH well located and designed. You will learn how to pull more birds into your BH in a very short period of time. You will have lots of ammunitions to fight with your neighbors. You will learn how to prepare those BH aromas. You will also be able to visit a BH with lots of nests. Set the two days for your to fly home with lots of knowledge. The one and only one who will share his invention with others.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kluang BH: Moving My Staff To Start Revamp Works !!!

Today October 22nd, 2015 I will be picking up my workers staying in Rawang Selangor and move him to Kluang, Johor.

Travelling time is about 4.5 hours and hopefully the road is with no jam.

 Main purpose this time is to revamp this BH with about 80 nests after operating for almost 6 years.

The BH is above a shop lot situated somewhere in the middle of Kluang town.

Once arrive to site will unload all those gadgets in my car and do some calculation on how many wood and cement boards to be ordered.

It is nice to know that the hardware shop is a walking distance from the BH.

The same hardware shop is responsible in delivering about 350 feet of new nesting planks.

Once done I will check into a hotel nearby.

Once settled down will start work in cleaning the BH floor and removal of a few walls that were recommended earlier.

In the mean time all the nesting planks need some cleaning to be done.

All old tweeters will be taken down and cables removed.

A new set of AG35 tweeters will be deployed inside the vip and the vvip rooms.

I am sure that once this new gadget are put into service there will be a lot of new couples entering and staying as permanent tenants.

The will be a number of new rows of cross woods.

The installation of cross woods will result in new 90* corners.

My estimate is about 250 new 90* corners will be created.

They love this special place and I promise to give it to them.

I will not be covering these 90* corners but I will install triangular fake nests below them.

The process is like give them what they love and provide them with a nesting base.

This is how they should be treated and not like some BH where they cover these 90* corners with what they called corner covers.

They make life of these new visitors difficult while what I am doing is to give them what they love and give incentive, a fake nest.

My idea is to trap them and make them vow to be my tenant forever the moment they enter my BH.

Others try to make life difficult and don't care if these beautiful creatures stays or not.

I hope to complete the revamp operation within 7-8 days.

I have asked the owner to go ahead with his holiday plan overseas.

Once he is back he will be open his jaws on how his BH transformed.

I promised to push his nests population from 80 nests now to 160 nests within 6-8 months.

If he is lucky he might hit 200 nests.

Let see how this BH will perform once I put it back into service.

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