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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jeram BH: Took Only 3 Days To Install The Sound System !!!

Never expected to be that fast.

My two workers took only 3 days to wrap up the sound system installation at Jeram BH

We  covered only two floors as requested by the BH owner.

One hexagonal tweeter, one bazooka and four power tweeters were all up within 2 hours.

The most taxing were to install all those internal sound tweeters inside the roving and nesting rooms.

With all the many years of experiences they took very short period of time.

I was getting myself ready with those fake nests.

I think a total of 300 fake nests were installed with Super Pheromone liquid applied to every one piece.

The moment the sound system was up I asked my senior worker to identify the right line to which twiters.

He managed to do the need ful and I started the installation of the right amplifiers and sounds.

This BH uses two external sound tweeters and one internal sound.

So far the owner seems to be very happy with the performance and I hope he will soon have some tenants inside.

Please enjoy viewing some pictures taken:

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