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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Talang BH: You Might Want To Count The Number Of Birds Returning Home To Your Neighbors BHs !!!

Completed the Talang, Kuala Lipis BH report.

I mentioned to the owner that I might want to review and update some of the comments and recommendations made in the report.

In my introduction I mentioned about how lucky to be situated in between a number of BHs that are doing well.

If I were the the owner on any of the 6 units I will take some time to evaluate how many birds there are in those BHs and perhaps calculate the number of nests in all of them.

My reason of suggesting this idea was more towards gathering a rough estimate of how many young birds will be generated every 4 months.

If the total number of nests is say 3000 pieces you can assume that each nest will generate two young baby birds which will be equal to 6000 young birds flying around or closed to your BH every 4 months.

Within 12 months there will be 18000 young birds which will be your potential tenants.

If he can lure and captured about 10% a year he will have a total of 1,800 fresh and young birds which can generate about 900 nests.

With this special surrounding he should list down a plan on how to lure those young birds into his BH.

Forget about those old birds but focus on those young birds.

First thing which I suggested to him was to change his top entry entrance hole to a side entry preferably a monkey house on the top of the current opening.

A monkey house which can fit the opening and about 7-8 feet high will be perfect.

Young birds seems to be more attracted to a monkey house entrance system more as compared to the top entry type.

The love to circle the monkey house during their mating season.

Those tweeters around or on the monkey house can easily make them playful and will give them a better chance to enter your BH.

The owner have agreed and fully understood my recommendations and I am very sure he will soon call me to get my boys over to his BH.

If you have a BH with little progress after some time please call me at 017 7551316

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