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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Telang BH After 6 Years Need My Help !!!

(The 3rd from the left)

I was engaged by this BH owner to investigate what went wrong with it.

The BH was well situated and in an area where there were a lot of swiftlet.

However after 6 years into operation the number of nest stopped at about or maybe less than 120 nests.

What can go wrong with it?

The next strange thing was that the BH was squeezed in between 5 other BHs which are doing fairly well.

So how come his neighbors are doing fairly well while his was not?

I took about 3.5 hours to arrive at the junction into those clay road.

Waited patiently for the owner to come out to fetch me.

When arrived at his BH I discovered that his was one of the 6 BH in the same area.

Well since his BH was not doing well I thought the rest was also the same.

He told me otherwise.  They were all doing fairly well except his.

Very strange but soon after I discovered many strange things that was done by the owner.

At the same time discovered some signs which tells me that his BH is under siege by some predators.

He claimed that he neglected his BH for a while.

His next mistake was to appoint his neighbor to look after his BH.

The BH second floor was made of plywood and they are rooting.

There were at least 20 dead birds with their bodies eaten away leaving only their wings on the floor.

What else?

The BH was using a top entry system.  I think a monkey house is far better.

The BH hexagonal tweeter was not one unit but four with a large metal horn tweeters.

The external sounds were not well distributed inside the nesting rooms.

There were two sets of amplifiers.  One set in the data room and one more on the top floor very closed to the main entrance door (very unusual).

The LAL holes (2 units) were too small.

The LAL were not well positioned.

The staircase to reach the top floor were small and made of wood.

The connecting doors of various rooms were about 4.5 feet high.  I got my head hit the top part of the door every time I pass them.

The top entrance area was located at the front facing the west.

The ventilation holes were only at the front and back walls and none on the side walls.

Each ventilation hole was covered with 4" dia pipe, elbow and a long extension pipe.

Most of the nests were on the lowest floor.

The amplifiers were not properly set.

The nesting planks looks like covered with dust (fungus).

The floors were never sweep.

Overall I would say that the amount of knowledge he has was minute.

If he should have more knowledge I think BH is a big money making potential.

I need to prepare my report to let him know what were wrong inside and out side his BH.

I hope my recommendations to correct all those mistakes will be seriously considered.

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