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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Telang BH: Revamp Operation Is Half Way !!!

After my submission of visit report, the owner took very little time to confirm my service to upgrade his BH.

My report was very precise on what I observed and what he should upgrade in order his house will be as good as his neighbor's BHs.

First step is to change the main entrance hole.  Currently he is using the top entry type by for some special reasons I prefer the monkey house entrance type.

I strongly belief that if a BH is located far away from residential area, their entrance hole should be the monkey house type.

I purchased the light weight bricks and create a box above the current monkey house.

In the beginning I designed it with two side windows but due to the requirement to service the water tank, I have decided to open the 3rd window.

The main window will be about 3' X 5' while the second window is 2'X2'.

The second window is facing the morning sun.

The service window is only 3'X3'.

The monkey house erection went well despite the hot sun once noon time.

My boys need to do other job once the sun is too hot.

After 6 days the monkey house begin to look good and currently waiting for the roof to be installed.

Once that is done the installation of tweeters around the main entrance hole and around the roof of the monkey house will be activated.

There will be a number of tweeters that will make this BH most attractive as compared to the others in the vicinity.

I am looking as installing 2 hexagonal tweeters. two medium range bazookas, four power tweeters and about 10 pieces of AG 35 tweeters.

The whole set up will allow the monkey house to have at least 3 sounds at any one time.

This will make the entrance hole like a busy street in Kuala Lumpur.

Once completed in full will make some additional comments.

In the mean time please enjoy looking as these pictures:

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