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Monday, April 17, 2017

Telang BH: Why Don't You Estimate The Number Of Nests Per BH ?

One of the many recommendations inside my visit report to the owner of this unsuccessful BH owner was to estimate how many birds there are in his neighbor's BHs.

The number obtained can be used to estimate how many nests there are inside the 5 BHs around his unit.

Once that is determined he can make a rought calculation how many young birds are being generated per breeding cycle.

A very good example is as follows:

If the total number of nests is 10,000 nests every 4 months there will be 20,000 young birds being generated.

For 12 months there will be 3 X 20,000=60,000 young birds for his to catch or to lure into his BH.

This simple estimate can make the owner to think of all the ways to attract those young birds inside and perhaps find as many ways as possible to trap them.

There must be a plan on how to trap these young birds.

You need a precise plan on how to get them in and make sure once they entered they will not want to leave your BH. I told him.

Well this looks very easy to a person like me.

I know when I explained to him he was a bit blank on what and how to trap these young birds.

My answer to him was this his how deep knowledge comes into play.

You need to master the knowledge on how to make them enter and be your permanent tenants.

He need to perhaps attend my May 13 Seminar and perhaps record what I will be telling him during the 1 day seminar.

Hope you guys out there please take this opportunity to learn the tricks on how to traps those wild birds.

Come and learn from me by attending this special Seminar organized for you.

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