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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Telang BH: Will Start Work This Weekend !!!

This is why all BH owners should let me inspect their BH and read my visit report.

Once you receive my detail report you will understand why your BH is not doing well or on the opposite.

This particular Telang BH is situated in between five other BHs.

The owner was cock sure that his BH is the least populated as compared to his neighbors.

No matter what he did nothing happened.

His final decision was to invite me to take a good look at his BH.

One of his mistake was to engaged his neighbor to be his consultant.

This so called dirty consultant owned two BHs beside this failed BH.

I think there was some kind of greed that making sure that this BH failed was very strong in that guy's head.

In the end he succeeded.

I told the owner to stop allowing this consultant to enter his BH.

He should not be given a free passport to enter the BH any longer.

Tomorrow I will be mobilizing my staff and equipment to start work in turning around the BH.

I might need to be there for two weeks and I hope once completed those birds will start coming over.

My main objective is to lure those young birds from the neighbors BHs.

Once they entered the BH they will feel at home and those gadgets will trap them inside.

Once very important part of my revamp operation is to erect a monkey house on the top entry hole.

The main entrance hole will be directed towards the bird's flying home path in the evening.

One additional window will face the morning sun.  This additional hole will be covered with wire mesh to prevent the possibility of predators coming into the BH.

One possible reason why the number of nests are declining have something to do with those vampire bats.

The signs on the floor tells me that this BH is under severed attack by a couple of vampire bats.

Need to activate the auto gate door and install a kind of electrical shock wires around it.

Once completed will monitor its progress.

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