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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Telang BH: After 3 Weeks This Revamp BH Is Showing A Good Signs !!!

I never thought of extending my stay in this palm oil plantation longer then 3 weeks.

I am getting home sick.

Initially I planned to spend only 2 weeks to complete only two floors plus a ner monkey house.

The owner force me and my workers to reactivate one more floor.

By hook or crook he wanted it to be done.

He keep pushing until I cannot take it any longer.

After extending my stay and have the BH ready I did some test and it looks good.

Two neighbors came and they too were impressed.

"I know who you are and I know you are the best in the world" one of them quoted this sentence.

I am not very sure how he learned about me but I feel good when some one whom you have never met before said such thing.

The Bh was tested a couple of time and after cleaning the floors and sprayed them with Mutiara aroma a number of times it took off very well.

I feel bad to myself.

How I wish this BH is mine.

Well nothing to be sad about.

There will be more sick BHs that needed my expertise.

Will always do my utmost best and hope those owners appreciate them.

Best of luck to this owner,

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