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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Telang 2 BH: Inspection Of Another BH At Telang, Kuala Lipis !!!

On June 17th 2017 make a trip to Telang Kuala Lipis Pahang to inspect this 6 years old BH which its owner claimed of not doing very well.

I need to term this BH as Telang no 2 BH.

After 6 odd years of operation this BH should have passed 3200 nests.

Its neighbors (about 4 more units) are all reaping a high volume of nests harvested every month.

How can his is not doing as good as the rest?

Basically his BH is not that bad comparing to one more unit which I have revamped recently.

I called it as Telang 1 BH.

The Telang 1 BH faced a more serious issues with the BH especially one of it floor was erected using soft planks.

The Telang 2 BH has more nests, about 150-200 nests, but I believed that once the nest numbers stop multiplying some intervention have to be carried out.

The Telang 2 BH owner met me a few years ago and briefly told me about his BH problems.

I cannot do much since I was not asked to visit and look at it externally and internally.

He was busy with his schedule likewise I was busy with mine.

He forgot to proceed with the agreed arrangements and I too forgot about him.

During my revamp works at Telang 1 BH I met him at site.

His BH was one block away from Telang 1.

"I have met you before don;t I?"  I asked him.

"Yes Pak Harry we met 2 -3 years ago at Plaza Damas" he replied.

He should have proceeded with the inspection first.

However after that meeting at Telang 1 BH he promised to proceed with my services.

He called and asked me to visit his BH and I arranged my time to drive almost 3 hours to view insise and outside.

This BH is obviously much better than Telang 1.

The middle floor was laid with concrete slab.

However the basic design was similar with Telanf 1 BH.

The top entry system is one of them and the LAL holes (2 LAL holes)were exactly the same position and the same size.

The planks looks cleaned with little fungus but need some cleaning.

The owner seems to have installed additional external sound tweeters however they were a bit not well done and well positioned.

The partitioning walls were more or less the exact method found at Telang 1.

The doors were very short (4-5 feet) high and you need to bend your head to enter each room.

There were a lot of internal sound tweeters which are fined with me.

However there was not a single external sound tweeters inside the nesting rooms.

I planned to prepare a full report on what he needed to upgrade.

Will provide a list of recommendations, list of items he need to purchase and the cost to revamp his BH.

Will report on any future activities when it happened.

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