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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lipis BH: Visit Report also Ready for The Owner !!!

I took a bit of time to digest what will the best method to improve this BH nests population located in Lipis town.

The owner main complain seems to be low nests improvements and at the same time they do not like to move down to the lower floor.

A 28 pages will be sufficient but at the same time need him to perhaps arrange to reduce those heavy vehicles running around the BH.

This BH also housed almost 400 nests but the owner wanted to see more.

His main concern is how to pull them to populate the lowest floor.

Well increasing the nests number might not be a very big issue here.

To bring the new couples downstairs might be interesting, to me.

My proposal to him is to perhaps get more birds to visit his BH by installing the right type of tweeter and precisely installed them where it should be located.

Once that is done he need to pull these visitors to the ground floor.

Once they reached the ground floor they should be given the right environment plus a lot of attractive gadgets to make them like to stay.

This is where some kind of full understanding of what they likes and dislikes comes in.

I told him to redo the ground floor for the moment and have a separate wire for all the internal sound tweeters and also external sound tweeters.

I then asked him to shut all the internal sound off for the upper floors but only play them on the ground floor.

This will make them to start moving down.

I also request his team to install as many fake nests as possible.

The internal sound tweeters to be installed properly.

He should use those aroma for the planks and floors.

He might be against my idea to wet the BH floors using mist pump but I explained why they are essential.

I hope he will see some improvements.

If he is lucky within 6-8 months more nests will be generated in his BH on the ground floor.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pontian BH: Completed The Visit Report For Now !!!

Very happy that a visit report detailing what were not right inside this Pontian BH and what should be done to reactive it.

Started with the cleaning of those owls markings and apply some aroma for a couple of days.

Once that is done the next step will be to relook into the BH main entrance hole area.

A set of hexagonal tweeter is required to ensure this BH is alive all the time.

I also suggest that the owner should put more attention to the hole facing the bird's flying home path.

This action will ultimately ensure that those birds from a far will make up their mind to drop by and perhaps enter the BH.

They will be full when they flew home and when their stomach is full they tend to spend more time playing around the monkey house.

I wanted the owner to perhaps use two external sounds as compare to normal BH with only one.

The main sound will be played at the main entrance and the hexagonal while the second sound should be played only during peak hours.

The second sound should be played by a set of medium range bazookas and power tweeters.

Inside the monkey house structure I told the owner to perhaps open a door as compared to using window.

The door should be about 2.5 feet wide and floor up to the beam.

This door will have wooden frame where those external sound tweeters can be mounted.  All these external sound tweeters (AG35) should face upward to pull those birds down and into the nesting room areas.

I proposed to the owner to re assigned or realigned the walls on both floors.

First is to force those visitors to fly above the LAL hole and with that there will be higher chances of forcing them down.

The VIP room at the back should be widened by removing the divider wall.

Only one door will be sufficient.

There will be a lot of work to close all those gaps between the nesting planks and ceiling walls.

Those that can be filled with wood need to quickly done while those that can be shut by moving the planks should be taken care of.

I told him on the important of removing of all those corner covers and at the same time precisely tells him where to install his internal and external sound tweeters.

Also important is to install as many fake nests as possible.

The mist pump cables should be lowered to a suitable level.

One strong recommendation made was to change the amplifiers used.

His old amplifier is not easy to handle and if it went down ther will be a few people that can help him to repair.

The best is still to use the standard Karaoke set especially the BZ 106 and 204.

I hope the owner is happy to look at my report and perhaps get someone to quickly upgrade his BH.

Best of luck to him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pontian Johor BH: After almost 5 years with zero nest !!!

A very disturbing news when a BH built about 5 years ago and have zero nest.

This sad story can either be a bad lesson or perhaps an opportunity that is wide open for those who understand swiftlet farming.

I came to visit a medical doctor for a prescription and explained to him what I was doing in Johore.

The moment he heard about by expertise he started talking about his F-I-L BH that seems to be in a very big trouble.

They wanted to convert the building to cultivation of mushroom if nothing is happening with the bird nest.

I offered my inspection services and he accepted it with open arms.

The next day make my way to the BH location and discovered the reasons why this nicely done BH remained empty.

1)  The BH was severely contaminated with owls smell.   A flock of owls came to stay and breed inside for quite some time.  Three weeks ago the owner removed 6 young chicks and removed their waste.  The top floor was totally filled with those white colored patches,  I told the owner that if he wanted to reactivate his BH he need to clean those white spots with water jetting and spray with Mutiara aroma once done.

2) The sound system was dead for quite some time.  The amplifier was down and no one knows how to repair or find a replacement.  The consultant who was responsible for this sound system was no longer interested to help out in finding a replacement.

3) The BH uses a monkey house with two LMB holes.  The monkey house was with not proper external sound tweeters that can lure those wild birds over.  There was no hexagonal tweeter and the number of piezo tweeters at the entrance hole was not adequate.

4) Both the two floors layout was not very accurate.  Although there were VIP room on each floor but their sizes and the door opening were not proper.

5) One very bad desicion that was done by the building consultant was to put very little attention to the proper size of the LAL hole plus it was wrongly located.

6) The only proud achievement of the consultant was the installation of nesting planks.  He opted for those five layers stagging but I think it was not the right decision.

7) The contractor left a lot of gaps between the BH ceiling and nearly all those nesting planks.  Those gaps around the corners will allow predators to hide or breed.

8) There seems to be very little external sound tweeters to pull those birds to the back of the BH.  This lack of tweeters tells a lot on how experience is this so called consultant.

9)  The number of internal sound playing tweeters were not adequate and most of these tweeters were wrongly installed.

It will be a heavy task to rehabilitate a BH that has no tenant plus the smell of those owls.

If the owner is not a dedicated person to nurse his BH it will take a very long time to get the first couple to enter.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another BH With Straight Forward Problems !!!

This 7 years old BH have something that are commonly faced by BHs whose owner do not have much idea what is happening inside his BH.

I was requested to visit and identify what was wrong and how to resolve the problems.

This BH have a kind of interesting history.

Just imagine at one time it was left to rot for almost 2-3 years due to the fact that the raw nests prices was not very attractive to the owner.

Only a few months ago it was put back into operation.

Due to the neglects the BH was almost dead.

Now with a new lease of life the number of nests are growing and the "new" caretaker is looking for some advises on how to improve further.

The nests number seems to stop growing, said the new caretaker.

The young birds are not returning home.

The next issue was that the birds are mostly on the third floor while the lowest floor was not fully used.

The 4th floor was newly added.  It has its own entrance hole and not the same with the main building.

As such this BH is more like two BHs in one.

I will be sitting down to write my visit report and I hole I will be able to provide the list of issues that might be able to help to increase its population plus moving the next generation to the ground floor.

If you happened to own a BH and currently facing similar problem please call or write to me.