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Friday, June 29, 2012

Looking Forward To A Few New Revamp Works !!!

The current raw and process nests problem have in some way affected the activities of swiftlet farmers.

Many adopted the wait and see attitude but there are still many that have not dampened their interest.

This week received a number of call from those who are still on the high tone about swiftlet farming.

They have their own interpretation on the current scenario:

"Pak Harry, since there are lesser newly build BHs there will be more birds to share thus much easier to populate a new BH."

There is another important claim and it is something like this:

"Pak Harry since the price is low many of us are not harvesting those nests.  This will allows the swiftlet to recycle their nests.  When they recycle they will shorten the nest building cycle.  As a result there will be more birds in the air.  Some of us might even stop doing those force harvest?"

This guy who make the above comment is also right.

If we stop harvesting those birds will recycle their nests.  Due to this the time the birds spend to rebuild their nest will be lesser.  The birds can immediately, or 10 days after their baby flew out of their nest, start a new family.

There was one guy who wanted to revamp his shop house in N9.

I reminded him about the law stopping BH in shop houses but he seems to wish to go ahead.

There was another person from Kelantan who wanted his BH to be fixed with my recommended sound system.

"Pak Harry, my BH is ready and I would like you help to install those sound system.  I remembered telling you about this about one year ago.  Please let me have the price breakdown."

The thing here is that even with the current low price people are still up beat on swiftlet farming.

All of them plus ourself hope that the price will move upward to a more exciting level.

If not ...........................

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Types Of Insects From The Same Figs Tree !!!

An interesting discovery this afternoon while testing for any insects inside those figs fruits.

I was on a mission to locate those figs trees that are fruiting and with insects in them.

Some one from Tawau Sabah wanted to get these insects to breed on his newly fruiting figs trees closed to his BH.

I took nearly half a day to locate the only figs tree that have the ripe fruits with lots of insects in them.

Before plucking the fruits I tested a few by squeezing to open and check if there were any insects.

Two fruits from the same tree gave two different types of insects.

The first fruit produces mostly figs warps while the second fruits produces something different.

I am not very sure the name of the species but it seems that they also seems to work hand in hand with figs trees.

Have a good look at the two video clips and tell me something:

I am sure there are many other types of insects that breed on these juicy figs fruits.

The two seems to be very prominent in numbers.

Each fruit has at least 100 of these young insects.

You can imagine the number of these insect during a good season where thousands of fruits are on each tree.

I am very confident that these insect can and will attract those swiftlet to fly around and above these trees.

If you should visit Kuala Lumpur please call 017 7551318 for a small tour to visit some of these trees located in the middle of the capital of Malaysia.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A New 4 Stories BH In The Making

On my recent trip to Kulai Johore, I was asked to drop by at Gelang Patah, Johore.

Main reason being the owner has recently level the land and wanted to build a 4 stories BH for his partner.

Since I was pretty free, I took some time to reach the exact location.

His care taker was around and he took me around to view the area plus showed me the exact BH that was to be duplicated.

Wow, that was what came out of my mouth.

A splendid designed top entry BH.

Very tall and stands above those trees.

The unit was about 6 months old and have already about 25 nests.

That was quick and I hope there will me more to come.

I wish him the best and I will be happy to come again once the building is up and ready to run.

Best of luck to him and his new baby.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Figs Tree At Bangi Selangor Revisited !!!

It was nothing more than my urge to visit the same figs tree that was in Bangi Selangor.

I was on my way back from Seremban, N9 to Kuala Lumpur.

After reaching Nilai exit I was very tempted to take a detour for the sake of looking at the figs tree at Bangi.

The moment I reached at the tree I was so happy that she was still there but this time well trimmed.

I parked my car on the road shoulder and immediately walked across a drain towards the three figs trees.

I was so happy that they looks healthy and full of fruits.

The only thing I can see was those newly pruned branches and lots of young fruits on the ground.

I was lucky to carry my new iPhone 4S and quickly snapped a few pictures for my blog readers.

So sharp and nice.

After doing some cropping they looks like these pictures.

Remember this specie can be eaten.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Single Figs Tree With Two Sets Of Fruits !!!

Try to look at the above picture and find something that be of special interest to swiftlet farmers.

A small hint, look at the fruits on all the tree trunks and how many colours are there?

The above picture was taken on June 19th 2012.

Before I go any further I need to inform you that all the trunks in this picture were from a single tree.

If they are the same tree how come the two of them were with ripe fruits while the other two were with green fruits?

Try to look at these pictures taken for comparison:

Let me try to give my opinion about the two different coloured fruits on the same tree.

The reddish coloured fruits were soft.

When you squeezed them open you will see lots of insects still staying at home and willing to fly out.  I think they need some initiation or push to fly out of their home sweet home.

There is a strong possibilities that they were waiting for the green fruit to be big enough for them to breed in them.

The key point is that the tree have this smart idea of how to maximise the chance to pollinate the flowers inside it's fruits.

Once these insects flew out of their home they will start to find a home to lay their eggs.

Remember before they find their way out of the fruits, they have already harvest adequate pollen and stored in a special sack located at their abdomen.

They need not find a partner to fertilize their eggs.

The moment they hatched from those special sacks the male will be the first to get out.

The moment those female warps climb out they will be fertilized by these male warps.

The female warps only function after leaving their home is to find another suitable fruit to lay their eggs.

Those green coloured figs fruits seems to ready to receive those female warps.

In this manner the chances to be fertilize is higher and the warps will continue the fertilization cycle.

See how smart those trees are?

We should be as smart as them.

By the way where do you think the brain of those trees?

I don't have the answer but I know we human do have a so call head and our brain is said to be more than one pound in weight.

So think carefully about this article.

Use you brain and be smarter than a Figs Tree.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Insect Barn Unit In Kulai, Johore Is Doing Well !!!

I got some interesting pictures and a video clip to share.

This have something to do with the insect barn that I was trying to promote.

I installed one unit in Kulai, Johore about 20 days and it was doing fine.

I took some pictures to proof my prediction that it will do well.

These pictures were taken in the dark and I was lucky that the iPhone 4S do have a flash bulb.

The brown coloured rounded or should I say mini rugby balls are the pupa where those maggot transform before turning into flying fruit flies.

You can see a lot of those white maggots climbing up searching for suitable location to transform into pupa.

Please enjoy viewing and watching.

I hope they gives you some idea what will happen when you start installing those insect barn in you BH.

If you wanted to try please let me know.

Call now at 017 7551318.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Plan To Sue The The Head Of Veterinary Department !!!

(Merry Biscuit Looks Like)
A very interesting story about how a BH owner tried the formulation of baby food for his young swiftlet.

"Pak Harry, I wanted to breed those swiftlet just to see if I can quickly populate my BH using those breed and release method.  What I did was to incubate the eggs and start feeding them with the so called "Government Food Formula". They printed in their website about this food formula using biskut merrie and egg white."

Okay what happened after using those so called formula?

"All my poor babies died.  A stupid formula and they dare to print onto their website.  I think I want to sue them."

He was only joking but the point is clear.  Never used those Biskut Merrie formula.

"They should at least tried them and see if the food really can make those young bird stay alive.  This whole episode make me very angry and upset. Stupid formula and it never work."

So what is your plan next.

"Well I still will go ahead but this time need to follow your idea of breeding the insect first and harvest and put them into a freezer.  Once the amount is adequate than I will reactivate the breeding system."

The lesson here is to avoid using those formula that was published by the Ministry of Agriculture. You will only end up with lots of dead babies.

The best is to get what those birds are being fed my their parent.  Yes insect.

I am sure there are people out there who are breeding these baby birds and there must be the right method to prepare their food.

Any one who is willing to share their experiences please?

Write your experience to

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What You Will Find In Seremban2 BH !!!

After more than 12 month this particular BH has one nest about to be half done.

"Pak Harry, can you drop by and take a look at what is wrong with my BH."

Yesterday I was with my boys to revamp the BH with those normal things that I usually am good at.

The only strange things that I have decided to install were:

1) Highway To Heaven:

A highway (path) where I installed special tweeters from the entrance hole areas leading those birds to the VIP room.  A very new idea that will help those birds to move directly to the VIP room.  They need not have to hop from one plank to another before reaching the VIP room.  It was something like an express lane.

2) A "Tweeter Crossing":

This is something new that I wanted to test for quite some time.  The main idea is to create a lot of sound using lots of tweeters at a specific location inside the VIP room.  I select a join where I feel that if I were those birds that will be the location that I wanted to built my nest.  Each straight line cluster will be made up of 5 pieces of 2"x5" tweeters.  Have a look at the first installation:

The rest were nothing and I love to list them down so that you all can learn from it:

a) The preferred nesting areas for those birds was selected and shall be converted into a VIP room.

b) The nesting planks inside this VIP room were given the right touched up with cluster woods and cluster tweeters.

c) The room was installed with tweeter crossing, located at the end of the VIP room.

d) The "Highway Tweeters" will leads those birds from their entry point to the end of the VIP room.

e) A number of waste wood corners were installed at selected locations.

f) Aluminium fake nests will be the main type of attraction in the room.

g) There will be about 20 bottles of specialized aroma hanging on the nesting planks.

h) The room will be installed with a humidifier controlled by an auto sensor.

i) The VIP room floor will be laid with those gunny sack treated with bird shit water.

j) This BH will have an insect generating system which can produce about 1.5 kilograms of insects (peak Period).

k) Special lighting to attract those generated insect will be installed at the entrance area.  It will be switched on at a selected time where those birds can easily reach the BH.

l) The entrance hole area will have about 6 pieces of power tweeters to pull those birds inside.

m) On the roof top there will be two hexagonal tweeters that will make the BH more attractive.

n) The "OohLaLa" sound system will be incorporated to make the BH more attractive to those birds.

o) The "Last Tango" will not be exception.  It will be installed to get more birds attention during peak periods.

I just hope that these new ideas and invention will perform to my expectation.

Those who would like to visit the BH please call 017 755 1318.  There is a small fee to view the interesting invention.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The "Chocolate Bar" Guide Tweeter System !!!

One of my strange ability is to discover new things that can help to populate any BH.

Many are in the form of gadgets while some are good sounds and some of it in a whole system.

My newest and latest is a product I called it as "Chocolate Bar" tweeters.

It is made of 4 X 2"X5" tweeters arranged in a single row.

This newly discovered gadget is proven to be very good in leading your tenant from the entrance hole to the selected areas where you want them to stay.

It is something like those guide lights you see on the airport runways.

When a new bird entered you BH they have no idea where to go but if you are smart you can pull them to any part of your nesting rooms using these "Chocolate Bar" tweeters.

All that you need to do is to install a row of these Bar tweeters in a row starting from where the birds enter your BH and ended at your selected location.

Try not to have too many selected locations.

For a beginner try only one set.  Chose a location which you know the birds have  difficulties to reach that location.  My best recommendation is the middle floor at the furthest sport in one of the two VIP rooms.

Lay one Bar every 5 feet until the final destination.

At the final destination you need to put maybe 2-3 more of this Bar tweeters.

Remember you need to connect the wire of all these tweeters to your external sound amplifiers.

Use the right volume to get those birds to be attracted to the sound.

Let it run for about 3-5 months and see what happen.

Trust me this new idea will work and you can then try to expand the use of this Bar tweeters technique in pulling those birds to any spots that you wanted them to be.

If you should try and it works please share your experiences plus photos.

Send it to

(Look at the two nests at the final destination?)

If you need any helps please call 017 7551318.

This new ideas might be something exciting which you can include in your coming BH maintenance.

Get at least 5 to 10 sets ready before starting your work at site.

I think it will not take more than 2 hours to install and wired them up.

Best of luck to all those who are following my blog. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Please Copy This Installation Made On The Nesting Planks !!!

Do you think your BH now is superior than your next door neighbours?

If your BH is properly done with all the features that will attract any birds that entered you BH, I think the answer is yes.

Just compare these two pictures:

 (Before My Intervention)

(Look At The Transformation)

Which one do you think you BH falls into?

The first picture looks very bare, little tweeters, no cluster tweeters and no fake nests.

Do you think this will be something that those birds will be attracted to?

What if you upgrade your ceiling to look more like the second picture.

There will be lots of tweeter, clusters, 90* corners, 130* corners, fake nests, maybe perfume garden and so forth.

At the end of the day you know you BH is better than your neighbours.

The two pictures above were actually the same spot before and after my intervention.

I was asked to revamp this BH and I took lots of trouble to make sure I put in as many gadgets that will make those birds to stay.

Most failed or sick BH have the empty syndrome.

All in all the so called "Consultant" are ignorance about the behaviours of those swiftlet.

They never have the list of things what those swiftlet likes and dislikes.

They keep doing the same thing over and over again.

You as an ignorance person have nothing to say.

At the end of the day your BH is empty and who was at fault?

Emm emmm, not the "Consultant" but you.

Give me a chance to teach you what I know about those swiftlet and see if you can improve your self more by attending my coming seminar on July 1st 2012.

The knowledge you gain will be worth every dollar.

You also will have a chance to visit a stand alone BH that have various features which you might want to copy.

Call 017 7551318 today.

Insect Food: Awesome Prima Diptera !!!

You will soon see this insect generating food product in the market. Some modification is on the way on the title of the product.  It should be insect food and not swiftlet food.

It shall be packed in a 5 kilograms bags and the cost is only about RM 40 -RM60 per kilogram.

A locally produced product and can generate about 4 kilograms of insects.

The insect food is added with selected Protein, Carbohydrate, Vitamins, Essential Minerals and Preservative.

What you need to do is to mix the powder with about 15 litres of plain water.

Mix the powder thoroughly to ensure that all those powder blend smoothly with no lumps powder in them.

All you need is about 20 minutes to prepare and pour the liquid into your insect generator boxes.

Stack them inside or outside your BH and within 10-18 days you will start having lots of insects flying around.

If you wish to buy those maggots as a starter please let me know.

You only need about 500 grams of maggots inside a mixture of insect food.

The moment they metamorphosis into drosophila these insects will quickly lay their eggs onto the insect soup prepared.

By using these starter insects you will get a faster and sure results.

Will start to sell these product to all shops that are distributing swiftlet farming equipment in Malaysia.

Have a good look at the drosophila maggots ready to be used as starter insect.

Those who would like to test the product please contact

You will get a 5 kilogram bag of the insect food and a 1/2 kg of the insect maggots at only RM 350.

Only for the first 5 orders.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Interesting BH Design !!!

I happened to pass an old BH with very little birds flying above it.

What really caught my eyes was the special design where both ends were with a monkey house.

This bird house was situated some where closed to Bujang Valley in closed to Merbok, Kedah.

Four stories but I am not sure how old the building was in operation.

It could have been better if there were lots of birds flying above or around the entrance holes.

Just directly in in front there was another BH nearly square in shape with four entrance windows.

All the four windows were on located on the same spot on the four walls of the building.

I have this strange feeling that there four BHs in one.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Insect Generating System In Karak.!!!

(Insect Generation System In A BH)

Another BH under my care was recently upgraded to have the ability to generate about 1,5 kilograms of insects per day (peak period).

It only take about 45 minutes to get the system up and running.

The owner joined the fun in the preparation of the insect food.

He got so excited and could not wait for the result.

I brought along with me the portable set complete with the insect generating powder plus it starter (maggots).

The moment I arrived I inspected the BH and located the best place to put the set in action.

I then start with the food preparation. I was using two separate pails.

First get about 10 litres of water into each pail.

I would then get those vitamin, minerals and preservatives to be premixed. In this way the ingredients will be well distributed in the soup.

Once ready I will start with the first batch of about 2.5 kilograms of insect generating powder.

Stir the mixture until all those clumps of powder were smooth.

Add the next batch of insect powder until a total of 5 kg were added.

Stir and if the mixture is too thick add some fresh water.

Stir until you can feel that the mixture is smooth and no lumps of undissolved powder in the mix.

Test the mixture thickness by lifting a handful and released them through your fingers.  The mixture should be able to flow down smoothly.

Once ready move the pails to the selected location in the BH.  Bring those yellow racks with some holes already drilled at its sides.

Lay all the racks on the floor and filled them with equal amount each.

Make sure you leave one empty to be used as the cover.

Once the soup were evenly spread you now pick some maggots and put them into each pail.

Stack the boxes on each other and cover the top with the empty unit.

The starter maggots will be you first batch of insects to be generated by your system.

Once they turned into flying insects they will be fertilized and those females will start laying their eggs.

Each female can lay about 400 eggs during their life.

If your starter maggots was about 1000 of them there will be at least 500 females and 500 males (approximate).

So if all the 500 females are fertile they will generate about 500X400 eggs = 200,000 new insects.

If all the new insects that were generated continue to lay eggs you can imagine the number that will be inside your BH.

It will be very productive if you have another unit within about 10-20 days after the 1st unit was put into operation.

Main reason being during their peak period you can get more insect to lay eggs inside your new set.

If say 100,000 females start laying 400 eggs you will now have about 40,000,000 new insects inside your BH.

Minimum is 1 set but you might want to go for 4 sets.

One set can produce about 1.5 kilograms of insect per day (during peak period).  With four units you will have about 6 kilograms of these high protein insects complete with Vitamins and minerals inside them.

For more detail on how to start one please call 017 7551318.