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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Beautiful Day At Swiftlet Garden !!!!

A few days ago something nice happened.

The swiftlet came in big numbers and they seems to be happy a very good time flying from one BH to another.

What caused them to fly around for nearly one full day is not well understood.

It could be the weather of perhaps something in their body that makes them loose interest in finding food but stay at this BH for the whole day.

I am sure if we carry out more reaearch of this special behavior pattern we can get more of them over.

What I enjoy most was to see them flying all over the BHs.

I took some effort to inform the owner and he pointed it to me.

"It must be due to your present and they might be welcoming me "

I could not argue about it but accept it as a blessing.

I think he was joking.

The real reason for such a huge number must be the nice weather due to some rain last night.

Please enjoy these photos and clips.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Something About The Use Of Super Pheromone In Pahang !!!

If you wanted to see more nests in your BH you should look into the use of Super Pheromone and perhaps Love Portion.

I have been following this whatsapp group that are active in trying new ideas.

In the beginning they were testing the love portion but soon they also introduce the Super Pheromone.

From what was tested using both the enhancing liquid the nests number shot up tremendously.

I have not tried the two together but I will as soon as I get my hand a bottle of Love Portion.

Right now I hold a sizable stock of Super Pheromone.

What you can do is either to spray the two on alternate spray basis or perhaps mix the two together.

One very interesting observation made in a BH in Pahang was to spray the two liquid one after another in a BH with a lot of nests.

The tester will spray those empty spots in between two existing nests.

The fist empty spot with SP and the next empty spot with LP.

He continued to do so on all the empty gap and see what happen within a few short weeks.

What he discovered was something very unusual.

All those gaps were filled with nest.

Pretty amazing and unusual.

For this particular exercise the owner used the two liquid in a high populated BH.

He was very excited about it and posted inside the group chat.

He claimed that with the setting of humidifier and application of the two liquid he achieved more nests with grade A shapes.

Let me see if this method is true and if you happen to test please inform me at

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Inspection of A Very Sick BH at Jeram Kuala Selangor !!!!

Today December 8th 2015 I pull myself to drive about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Jeram Kuala Selangor.

I was with a small fever but managed to pull up there to view a BH that was with no birds inside.

After conducting my inspection I came out with these observations:

1)  Sad to know that the owner was not very knowledgeable about how to properly manage his BH.  He was using external sound as his internal sound.

2)  He recently move from using his monkey house to using an opening on the rooftop.  Something which I think was not appropriate.

3)  He seems to use more then one brand or type of external sound tweeters.  I told him to perhaps opt to AG 35 tweeters.

4) One very reason why his BH was with very little visitor was due to a lack of external sound tweeters to pull those birds into the BH.

5) I recommended the use of the monkey house back and shut the top entry system.

6) What he need to do is to open a new entrance hole facing the bird's flying home direction and not the opposite.

7) Since the flying home direction is not towards the East I advised him to perhaps open a small window to catch the morning sun.

8)  The walls that were erected were not precisely positioned.  I told him to force all visitors that entered his BH to fly above the LAL.  Right now they are not due to improper walls locations.

9)  His BH nesting planks looks covered with dust or maybe fungus.  I recommended a cleaning operation.

10) He also need to remove all his internal sound tweeters and precisely located.  Current placement are not precised and wrongly orientated.

11) He need to install some kind of bait to lure those birds.  What I asked him to do was to install as many fake nests as possible.

From what I saw and his confirmation of hundreds of birds passing above his BH, I think this BH can be easily activated.

However he need to follow precisely to my recommendations.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Raw Birdnest Price Is Moving Upward And More People Are Coming Back Into This Business !!!

Never a moment I doubt about swiftlet farming.

It can be a very challanging business to be into.

However if you acquire the right knowledge about it you will find that those challenges are nothing as compare to its returns.

This business went into spiral downward when China stop the import of any type of bird nest into their country.

However due to some new development its price is moving upward to a certain degree activate the interest back.

Today alone there were many messages and calls asking for any training to give or wanting to buy new sounds and some came forward to ask for help in revamping their BH.

The price of raw nests is touching RM 3,500 per kilogram and I am very sure by early 2016 it will surpass RM 4,000 a kilogram.

A very good and bright future for all those who are directly or indirectly involved in this trade.

The raw nests prices started to move upward about 4-5 months ago.

It moved slowly up but soon after it started to sky rocket to RM3,500 a kg.

I am not very sure of any specific reason but there must be something to do with the output.

The amount of nests is not enough to cater for many buyers.

If the current trend continues progressively the light in the tunnel will be getting nearer to all.

I am hoping that there will be more people calling for Swiftlet Farming Seminars and BH site visits.

Plan to start advertising for Swiftlet Seminar soon.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kluang BH: A Phenomena That Were Caused By The Sound Volume !!!

(they stayed in the hall area and not inside the rooms)

Something unexpected by it happened just because of the internal sound volume.

I was busy with Swiftlet Garden revamp project when Mr Lim of Kluang wanted my help to check what was happening with his BH.

His main complain was that after the revamp operation the number of birds entering and staying surged quite a number.

What worries him was that these new tenants refuse to stay inside the two VIP rooms.

Yes they stayed in the hall area which he thinks that was not proper.

On my way home I detoured towards Kluang and met him to check what can be the problem.

Upon entering and listening to the internal sound inside all the rooms I suspected that the sound volume was the main culprit.

What went wrong was the internal sound amplifier was a bit not functioning to its expectation but at the same time the internal sound volume inside the vip rooms were too high.

The internal sound volume at the hall area was nearly too perfect.

I immediately adjusted the sound volumes at such that the hall area will be the least attractive while the vip room sound volume I reduced to a more attractive level.

Upon setting to the proper level I told the owner to keep his eyes on those CCTV camera he installed and let me know what happen.

Once landed in Kuala Lumpur he send a number of pictures telling me that his tenants are moving into the VIP room.

(They stated to move to the VIP room)

"Pak Harry now I can have a good sleep.  Thank you for your help"

The lesson from this exercise is something that you can use to lure these wonderful creatures to where you wanted them to by playing with the internal sound volume.

If you wanted them to enter or stayed at a specific area just make sure the internal sound volume is perfect there.

The rest of the rooms you should make it less attractive or lower in volume.

Another important lesson is about too high a sound volume.

This Kluang BH due to the use of AG 35 its sound volume when up too high.

When its volume is too high those birds don't like it.

Hope you will use this inside your BH.