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Friday, October 30, 2015

Kluang BH: Owner Wanted To Share What He Saw At His BH (Back View) !!!

I just wanted to share this video clip received from Kluang BH owner.

I told him that he was lucky but he reply not that way it should be "I am lucky to have met Pak Harry".

Look at this clip and you can imagine how many will enter this BH.

Owner claimed that Kluang today was raining earlier and now those birds became super excited.

They have been playing on the roof for almost 35 minutes.

Good luck to this owner.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kluang BH: Final Layout With One VVIP and Two VIP Rooms !!!

(Current layout with VVIP rooms inside the main VIP room)

During my first visit to this BH above a coffee shop, I was very disturbed with the way the BH layout was done.

It was more like doing it cheaply and hope for the very best.

After almost 6 years the nests inside seems to be stagnant and maybe in reverse gear.

The BH was very dry and many young birds were trapped at those cracks.

I told the owner how and what I felt about his BH.

"If I am those birds I too will find another place to raise my family".

The BH was with no water source and not a single humidifier machine.

Six years without any drop of water inside.

However I told him that he was very lucky to have discovered me.

Might be another case of "God Sent" phenomena.

Once inspected I wrote my visit report for him to digest.

I pin pointed what his BH was facing and what will happen if he keep it going without doing any thing.

Once he digested  my report he (less then two days) called and told me that he has made a decision.

He wanted me to mobilize to site on an urgent basis.

I thought he will throw away my report and keep doing nothing.

My idea about what should be done inside his BH were as follows:

1) He need to quickly bring water into his BH.  He was supposed to do it himself.

2) I will install a mist pump system with 15 nozzles and wet his BH floors.

3) I noticed that his BH floor layout was not to my requirement.  There were too few partition walls and most of the nesting room areas were too bright.  I told him my initial idea,  The main nesting room which was divided into two rooms need to be realigned and I prefer only one main room.

4) However I came out with a new idea to create a VVIP room that will be where those birds will love to stay.  Yes inside the main VIP room at one of the wall I erected a smaller room that will be the center of activities soon.

5) The front part need to be modified and suitable walls to be erected to prevent those bright lights.

6) One part of the nesting floor was suitable for another VIP room.  This became the second VIP room.

7) The hall area which will also be a good nesting areas is in the middle and larger then the two VIP rooms,

8) The open roof area was not properly installed with the right type of tweeters.  I told him that I will install at least one hexagonal tweeter, one mini bazooka and four water proof tweeters.

This BH will be the most up to date BH and I believed all those birds staying closed by will move in soon.

The evident is very clear.

On the first night it already attracted at least 400-500 birds.

Have a look at the floor layout.

(Original layout)

(Proposed Layout)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kluang BH: There Were Plenty Of Signs That The Birds Love Fake Nests Inside !!!

(A full nest on a fake nest made of paper)

Kluang BH revamp operation is over and I handed over the BH to its owner yesterday at about 3;00 pm.

I was dead tired and started my 4 hours journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Before leaving the BH the owner came and installed a cctv camera.

Well I think it was a good decision if he wanted to see what is happening inside his BH.

For this posting I wanted to touch base on how to detect what those birds likes in a BH.

Prior to my revamp works I will take some time to observe where those birds likes to make their nests.

Do they prefer inside those rooms or outside the room or very closed to the main entrance hole.

Do they like those fake nests (if the BH owner installed them).

Do they like 90* corners?

How many of them erect their nests on the straight plank areas?

And many more that come to my mind.

One observation made at Kluang BH were those fake nests made of paper.

The owner must have learned from a blog or a book.

He cut a small piece of normal white paper and fold them up into fake nests.

He stapled them directly onto the nesting planks.

I counted the number at around 30 pieces.

Out of 30 I saw about 10 pieces were occupied.

Very impressive.

10 out of 30 is 1/3 or 33,33%.

What do you think will happen if he install say 100 pieces?

If you use the same percentage of 33.33% he might harvest about 33 nests.

I think 33 is a better number as compared to just 10 pieces.

What I was trying to teach you all about fake nests are the followings:

1) If you installed let say 10 pieces for a trial and the result is say 3 pieces occupied within say 1-2 months, you know that you have a 30% chances of getting those birds on all those fake nests.

2) If that is the result, I recommend that you install more fake nests.  How about increase it to 100 pieces?

3) If you installed 100 and 30 of them are occupied don't you think you are not richer by another 27 nests?

The lesson here is to study their behaviors and put more if they love something.

Fake nest is a simple gadget that will lure those young couples to be your permanent tenants.

This BH now has about 200 fake nests installed.

So I estimate that within the next six months about 60 of them will be will tenants.

If this BH owner is lucky maybe 100 of the 200 will be occupied.

Let me monitor its progress and report for you all to think deeply about this simple idea.

(Nearly all 90* corners were installed and at the left or right side of those tweeters too)

Note:  Try to learn where to precisely install them.  If I were you try to spray super pheromone of them on a regular basis.

Have a good look at some pictures recently taken inside Kluang BH.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tasik Glugor Penang BH: Something Went Bad After 6 Years With Only 20 Nests !!!!

I was reminded about going to Tasik Glugor for a BH inspection.

The person who arranged attended my Swiftlet Farming Talk way back in December 2014 at TH Hotel Penang.

Unfortunately he was unable to be with me and when I was on the phone with the BH owner he too was on the way to Kuala Lumpur.

After about 5 minutes the owner called me to tell me he badly need of my views about his BH and arranged to have his worker to meet me up.

I told him that was fined with me and make a 35 minutes drive to his BH.

This BH is very closed to a padi field but both 4 sides were with residential owners.

A very negative point since he have to be very careful with the external sound loudness.

I also discovered that his main entrance hole was facing the South.

My preferred direction is towards the morning sun (East).

Based on the wrong LMB facing direction 80% of 20 current tenants were on the top most floor and the 3rd floor.

His biggest nightmare was the frequent visit of barn owls.

His workers confirmed of catching 4 of them and they still visit the BH off and on.

The owl shit/urine markings were all over the monkey house walls.

I was surprised that these markings were not properly cleaned by the owner.

Usually the urine smell of these owls are prohibitive.

The number of tweeters both internal and internal were not that many in fact not adequate.

There was no gadget to attract those young couples to stay.

Everything that you can see are similar to all those failed BHs.

It is sad that the owner came to a dead end and don't know what to do now.

His only hope is on me to come out with how to salvage or reactivate his BH.

I know the methods to reactivate but the surroundings will be a great challenge.

What I plan to modify are as follows:

1) I need him to focus on only two floors.  The top most floor and the 3rd floor.  Main purpose is to keep his revamp cost the barest minimum.

2) The best choice right now is to relocate the main LMB to face the padi field.  There are lesser residential houses thus allowing him to play a bit louder external sounds.

3) The two affected floors need some kind of realignment.  I think the current walls are not properly put at the right place.  They need to be relocated or perhaps remove in total.  I will come out with the possible solutions.

4) The number of internal and external sound tweeters inside this BH need some kind of increment.  I am looking at installing about 1 internal sound tweeter per square meter.

5) More external sound tweeters to be precisely located on the walls, doors and nesting planks to draw as many birds as possible to fly to the extreme back of the nesting rooms.

6) One core gadget to be made available inside those nesting rooms will be the fake nests.  They will be installed to the ways of swiftlet liking.  Once install will spray super pheromone liquid on each of them.

7) All nesting planks need cleaning and apply with super pheromone 2X liquid.  First I will clean them with mild salt water and once dried will apply a layer of super pheromone.

8) The best way to attract many birds inside this BH is to install as many AG 35 tweeters as its internal sound tweeters.  Will propose to the owner to have about 100 pieces for his benefit.

9) The current amplifiers looks very old and timely to upgrade both the external and internal sound playing amplifiers.

10) One very weird observation at this BH was the response from swiftlet using many of my external sounds.  They give zero response except for KingKongDewa.  I am not impressed however another test have to be conducted.