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Friday, July 19, 2013

Birdhouse Makeover At Paya Berenjut !!!

(Have a good look at the result during one of my sound test)

While on my way back to Kuala Lumpur I called this BH owner whose BH above a shop house was upgraded with all those ideas that I have in my head.

I added a few new and interesting ideas inside this two years BH with only 15 nests.

A small unit about 20 feet wide by 60 feet long by 8 feet high

The short length make life very difficult to get the right darkness.

"Thank you for trusting me and my workers to revamp your BH and the keys are with Uncle Ngah at Cenih." I told him

"No Pak Harry I am the one who should say thank you and not the other way round.  I am truely grateful and fully satisfied with what your have done and they look so nice and ready to start rolling." he answered.

There was nothing in my mind during the revamp operation but my thought was on how to make this short in length BH to be the best along the row.

There were four more BHs along the same row and I need to make sure that this particular BH will be the most attractive to all the birds flying around the area.

After careful study on the BH plus what was done prior to my intervention I came out with something that make the BH the best and become one of my favorite.

The list of things that I carried out were as follows:

1) Heat shield the back wall since it was facing the hot evening sun. The room temperature used to hag around 30*C plus but now drop to about 28*C plus minus one.

2) The three partition walls were replaced with something new and its doors were precisely located.  Those birds can now take a very easy flow from the main entrance hole to the VIP room. The three walls were also designed as such the amount of light coming from the main window were to its minimum.

3) To further control the light source I came out with adding another wall forming a kind of box around the main top entry area.  The box was allocated with a window about 4 feet by 5 feet.

4) Upon completion I was still not satisfied this force my workers to add a sliding door to reduce as much light as I can.

5) I added a number of tweeters at the top entry hole areas.  The first was a kite tweeter and six power tweeters too.

6) Two original tweeters (hexagonal and mini bazooka) were reorganized to maximize their effectiveness.  They were relocated.

7) I discovered this new method to arrange those external sound tweeters at all the four doors in the BH.  I call them as "Pole Tweeters".  I will write in detail about how I discovered and how effective they were.

8) The number of internal sound tweeters inside this BH was quadruple or maybe more that 4 times. My mission was to allocate as many tweeters to provide greater choices to all those birds that entered this BH.  I used lots of "cluster tweeters".

9) My favorite gadget are those fake nests.  Added about 200 pieces in many shape and materials made.  Some were industrial plastic and some were sponge while other were aluminum.

10) One new thing that I deployed is a set of 24 hours external sound playing tweeters.  It consisted of two "chocolate tweeters" and two "cross-leg tweeters" inside the main VIP room.

11) Sprayed all the fake nests with "Super Pheromone" liquid.

12) Carried out a kind of research on a new aroma that was recently discovered in Muar.  Applied with those brush at a row of nesting planks.

13) Install the wet floor system in the VIP room.

14) Mobilized about 8 bags of fresh bird shit taken from a BH in the same area.

15) The best external sounds selected were the "SuperVac", "Selking" and Pukau.

16) The best internal sound deployed were the Babyking (daytime) and Super Babyking (night).

17) The last tango sound system was also tested and installed.

18) Mobilized owner's mist maker into the main VIP room and was controlled by a auto sensor.

19) Activated an insect generator using bread, condensed milk and ripe bananas.

So glad that I broke my own record in finishing the conversion within 3.5 days.

The owner wanted my help to cover the glass window with heat shield materials and we did that with very little problems.

The best part of the who operation was to clean up the mess that were left around and inside the BH.

I recommended to him not to keep anything inside his BH since they tend to become the nesting place of common predators like rats, cockroaches and ants.

We removed about 3/4 ton of debris and swept the floor many many times to reduce dust inside the BH.

Upon completion the BH looks tidy, clean and attractive to any visitors (human or non human).

It was a great pleasure to complete another masterpiece.

I am sure those birds will love to stay.

We tested just one night and the number of fresh bird shits on the floors were considerable.

I showed those spots to the owner and he could not believed his eyes.

That was only one night test.  What if we complete and let them familiarized for three months?

Call me if you are interested to know more or maybe revamp your BH now at 017 7551318 or write to

 (Heat Shielded Back Wall)

 (More Cluster tweeters)

 (Fake nests installed very closed to those tweeters)
(Another view)

(Find cross leg tweeter in this picture?)

(What about chocolate tweeters?)

(The Bazooka, mini one)

(The home made hexagonal only three)

(A kite tweeter installed above the top entrance hole)

(The three installed side by side)

(A set of pole tweeters)

(The sliding door to block the light)

(Applied special aroma on the nesting planks, testing)

(The mist maker moved into VIP room)

(The wet floor sprinkled with fresh Birdshit)
(The insect generator using bread, milk and bananas)

(Just one night lots of fresh bird shit spots on the floor)

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