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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Make Sure The House Is Wet When You Apply "MutiaraVigra" Aroma !!!

My own aroma invention using a formula given by a good friend from Penang. I called it as Mutiara Viagra (Penang island is The Pearl (Mutiara) of the East). Sorry my wife was against the use of people's name.

I was asked to try the aroma by mixing some weeds, bird shit fermented water and raw nests processing water.

I have heard about this formula before but never get to try it out.

All these while was trying out those so called aroma formulated by some wise guys who know how to milk my hard earned money for their so called formula.

Some uses those special fruits some use fish oil while others use duck egg's white and there are many who even used horse piss.

I guess the time have come to formulate my own.  Something simple, affordable, readily available raw materials and you can apply them inside your BH regularly without hurting your pocket.


Since it is so cheap I can apply frequently, in fact I applied more than three times inside the BH in Kuantan.  The birds likes it very much from the video clip taken.  If they hate the smell I don't think they will even enter the house.

I usually spray with a full container of 15 liters per session (For a single floor or 20' X 70').

Before this a15 liters of BH aroma will cost at least RM1500 ringgit since one liter is about RM100.  Now it is about RM 150 or RM 10 a liter. 

You can now see that I cut one zero from the original price.

I strongly believed that every BH owner should know how to prepare or formulate their own aroma at the most affordable price.

Those who wanted to try this special aroma please place your order about 3 weeks in advance.  Need to ferment those waters during that three weeks waiting period.

Minimum order is 1 bottle of 15 liters. A bottle is only RM150.  You need to come and collect yourself and they are pretty heavy.

If you bring your own containers I will cut another RM10 ringgit per 15 liters.

If you wish to learn how to do it the cost is only RM500 ringgit (one time fee to learn how to prepare them) together with one 15 liters bottle of the Mutiara Viagra FOC worth RM150. (Your actual cost is only RM350).  Once you know this formula you will be saving around RM1000 a month.

You need to make a special arrangement with me so that I can prepare those materials and equipment to ensure that you will learn the correct ways to prepare them.  Call 017 755 1318.

When spraying please carry out just before you leave the BH. I will teach the right method on how to effectively apply them.

Spray about 1.5 feet below the nesting plank up to about 2 feet above the floor.  Remember apply only on the cement walls and not those nesting plank wood..

You need to apply the aroma for at least 3 to 5 days consecutively.

Once applied you need to make sure your BH is wet all the time.

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