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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Super Pheromone Liquid: More BH owners are moving from using those Canisters to Liquid !!!

(1 X concentration)

First they try those canisters but soon after they start to call for those liquid super pheromone (SP).

I have been monitoring this situation and of course they saw what happened when they spray the SP.

Two weeks ago received an order from Pahang and I started to ask why suddenly they are upgrading.

His reason is interesting.

As soon as he started to apply the canister SP the number of new nests markings increased sharply.

He claimed to have used 6 canisters of  H3N1 aroma but nothing happened.

The moment he changed to SP (canister) his BH changed and it seems that they were more birds inside and outside all the time.

This make him feel that it is time to upgrade using the liquid SP.

In another case was a story gathered from a BH owner based in Trengganu.

I received a whatsapp message asking for price for a liter of the SP liquid.

I answered and gave him the bank account.

He immediately remit the sum and gave me his postal address.

I can sense that there must be something unusual about what is happening to his BH.

After telling him how to use the liquid he responded as if he knows better then me.

"Pak Harry, prior to this I have installed many fake nests as per your advise in the whatsapp group and sprayed with SP using your canister.  I can see a very change situation,  There are lots of birds at the entrance hole and inside.  I am now afraid to enter my BH afraid I might disturb them"

He also added saying that he also paint his nesting rooms black like what I was telling the group.

This is something which you can learn a lot.

You need to try the canister SP first and once those birds started to show their positive response try to upgrade to the liquid form.

The liquid SP comes in either 1 liter or 5 liters.

It also comes in 1x concentration, 2X concentration and maximum 3X concentration.

You might choose the 1x and if they started to love it try to upgrade the concentration.

This special aroma was discovered accidentally and up to now many BH owners are claiming to easily populate their empty BH.

The best method to use them is to use it in conjunction with those fake nests.

Try to install as many fake nests as possible and spray or apply the SP liquid on them one by one.

I have make the following observations:

1) If you install say 100 fake nests and you did not apply any SP the number of fake nests tenanted is around 10-15%.

2) If you apply the SP liquid the tenancy of these fake nests will increase to almost 30-40 %.

Something unusual but you need to try the two.

(Install as many fake nests as you can and spray or apply with SP)

If you wish to increase the tenancy percentage try to upgrade the external sounds.

I believe you can perhaps push the tenancy percentage to almost 50-60%.

The more you draw these birds into your BH the more your chances are.

If you need to try in your BH please do not hesitate to call my phone number 017 7551318.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Raw Bird Nests Now is Slightly Above RM 3,000 !!!

The raw bird nests, from swiftlet birdhouses and not caves, price now is slightly above Ringgit 3,000.

As compared during those old days of fetching almost Ringgit 7,000 a kilogram the price is set to climb upward.

About 3 years ago when mainland China raised the issue of high nitrite contents the raw nests drop to almost RM 900 a kilogram.

It hang around this price for almost 2 years.

Immediately after the Malaysian Government intervention and negotiation with China the price drift slightly upward.

After both countries agrees with various conditions the price now moved upward to the current around Ringgit 3000  kilogram.

Malaysia now have at least 18 approved raw nests processing centers.

In the coming months I was told that another 5-8 will be given the certificate of CNCA approvals.

With the climbing number of raw nests processing centers plus the fact that there are a lot of small scale processing center buying raw nests, the raw nests price will increase to perhaps Ringgit 4000 a kilogram.

Market for raw nests now are getting very critical with lesser raw nests harvested.

There is a very strong indication that the amount of raw nests harvested seems to drop to an unusual quantity.

I have received many reports where BH owners are complaining of serious drop of nests found in their BHs even though the number of birds remained the same.

A very strange phenomena is happening out there and I hope those swiftlet will start to mate and erect more nests in the month to come.

On the bright side, the nest price will start to climb since the supply is lesser to accommodate the high requirements by those processing plants.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Carey Island BH: Finally Completed and Now Waiting For The Right Moment To Launch !!!

I took almost 14 days to wrap up the installation of nesting planks, sound system, CCTV camera system, the mist pump system, chicken coop mist maker, electrical shock wires and those owl traps.

Beside the above I insisted my workers to install those waste wood corners inside the three VIP rooms.

Each vip room is with about 200 fake nests.

Each fake nest was applied with specialized BH aroma.

A total of above 6 walls were erected creating 1 VVIP and 3 VIP rooms.

All were properly laid with doors to allow those swiftlet to make their final choice where to stay.

This newly completed BH is currently able to operate with two external sounds and two internal sounds.

I have selected the most effective and by looking at their reaction you know for sure they will be attracted to stay inside.

Let's wait for the best date which I have asked the owner to select.

I am very sure it will be populated within maybe two to three months.

If you wish to have a similar well perform BH let me know.

Call me at 0177551318 or write to me at

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Somewhere In Jerantut Pahang !!!

In a few weeks from today I might be visiting this old BH that is currently left unattended.

Both internal and external sounds were dead and the roof was blown away due to heavy storm.

What do you think can be done to salvage this BH?

I need to view from the outside and the inside.

I also need to look at the BH orientation.

Need to find out its main entrance hole, its facing east or west.

Need to also check the condition of all those nesting planks and perhaps look at the orientation of every floor.

Where the birds are currently staying and where are the LAL holes.

There seems to be no partition on those floor seen in the pictures given.

The number of air ventilation holes are too many and were not covered with any extension pipes.

Just by looking at these pictures I can guess what can be the main reasons.

First it have to do with the brightness.

If there are no walls and those air ventilation holes are not properly covered you know how bright the nesting rooms will be.

I can safely predict that the LAL is not properly located.

Once this connecting hole is wrongly located those birds will have a very tough time to find the way down to the lower floors.

 The nesting planks seems to be too wide and thus reduce the number of nest per square foot.

The walls looks like the BH must be at least 4-5 years old or more.

The grass is creeping on to the walking path and this is a sign of neglect.

This must be the roving area.  

I am sure if I am able to enter and take a closer look there will be plenty of errors that need to be corrected.

The key question is that do you think the owner is prepared to upgrade the BH?

If he wish to reactivate he need to follow what I recommend him to do.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Carey Island: They Gathered Every Everning Above A Figs Tree !!!

While driving out of the Carey Island BH, I saw a sizable number of swiftlet flying around and above a big tree.

It must be a Figs tree, I told myself.

Well there is nothing wrong to stop and perhaps go near the tree and check what is so special about the tree.

Before checking on what brings those birds to the tree I need to confirm that it was a figs tree.

First I look at the leaves but more important is its fruits.

The size, where they come out at and make sure when you squeeze open the middle portion have this kind of tips with its minute seeds.

Those tips at one time are the flowers.

Figs tree do not flower on its branches however the tree will straight away bear fruits and inside the fruits are where their flowers grow.

To pollinate each flower stigma some kind of insect have to perform this duty.

This is where figs warps come into play.

Upon reaching a flowering stage the fruits will emit a special odor that will attract those pollinators.

The figs warps will start laying their eggs inside the figs fruits and upon maturity these young warps will perform the translocation of pollen grains to all those stigma found inside the fruits.

Once the tips of those stigma are pollinated the seeds will grow and ready to be spread all over the forest.

The figs warps when they are ready will find their way out of the fruits through a tunnel bored by a male figs warp.

They will move to other figs trees to perform their duties and the cycle never stop.

What other insects do you think are colonizing a figs tree with a lot of ripe fruits?

I can imagine a lot of them.

They came because of those smell brought about by the fruits.

First they are usually being consumed by birds.

Every morning you will see hundreds of birds will come to feed on those ripe fruits.

You will see a lot of their feces on the leaves.

These rotting feces attract a lot of insects beside those ripe fruits that falls to the ground.

Please enjoy these pictures taken while I was conducting some kind of curiosity walk below this Figs tree.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Carey Island BH: The Top Floor is 3/4 Way Done !!!

The newly erected BH is currently under my care especially in the installation of nesting planks, about 4 metric tons, sound system, humidity system and the fabrication of VIP rooms.

We focused on the top most floor and as at today the floor is almost ready.

The nesting planks were all installed, the VIP rooms (2 rooms) were all erected after the installation of two walls.

I have also erected two more walls to force those wild birds to fly above the LAL hole.

No more short cuts but they are now forced to fly above the LAL hole.

This will help to force them to fly downstairs.

I have a short discussion with the caretaker that he need to strategies to populate the lower floor up to about 300 nests and after which he can alter the bird's flying in path by removing a few cement board partition walls.

He saw what I showed him plus I carefully explained to him why and how.

Every bird that entered the BH have to fly along a specific path and during which there will be a number of external sound tweeters which will force them to fly to the VIP rooms located on the lower floor.

They either will fly to the left or right VIP room.

The top floor VIP room seem to be shaping up nicely.

I took a lot of effort to clean the planks and installed those external and internal sound tweeters.

Once they were in place the installation of fake nests and aluminium wire mesh come into play.

After a knee cramped operation I manage to installed almost 250 fake nests plus about 100 wire mesh.

Enjoy the nice pictures showing you what were installed to attract the attention of those new couples that enter the BH.

If you wanted to learn more or know more call me at 017 7551318

There is a seminar on July 23rd 2016 which you should not miss.

Once you complete the seminar you will be a very different person swiftlet farming wise.

Just drop a not at

Carey Island BH: The Owl Trap Catches Not One But Two !!!

Just what I expected when I installed one unit of the owl trap at this newly finished BH which I am now installing the nesting planks and sound system.

The signs of owls entering the newly constructed can be seen all over the floor (near the entrance hole).

They seems to bolder to enter deeper into the BH not only on the top floor but along the staircases and the middle floor.

The moment the owl traps arrive I instructed my workers to install at least one unit at the LMB wooden frame.

The following morning I was the first to open the main door and entered to inspect the trap.

Well from a far it looks like the trap captured one.

However upon closer inspection the trap caught two.

A very unusual occurrence but I was delighted to know that this trap works.

Let me share some of those pictures taken.