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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Elevated VIP Room Idea Combined With Dual Entries Is Working !!!

(Dual Entries and Elevated VIP Room Ceiling)

I remembered visiting a number of BHs where those birds love to populate those nesting planks that are higher as compared to the normal locations.

They seems to prefer those that are at the staircase areas when the height from the nesting plank to the floor is the tallest or highest.

What I concluded was that these high places gave them a longer period of falling down during their copulation period.

Yes one of their favorite activity during making love is when the male make grab the female bird and they drop down from the ceiling to the floor below.

When they are about a few feet above the floor they will disengaged and fly back to continue doing the same copulation technique.

Yes it is during this falling down activities the male will penetrate the female but not all the time.

If this activity is done at a location where the floor is much deeper they will have more time to copulate.

This was where it hit my mind that if you should provide them the right design, elevated  ceiling, they might prefer to stay there.

About four years ago I came out with this design and managed to erect one for my research.

Now after about two years my hypothesis is right.

I was visiting this Karak BH and during my short visit on the top most floor I observed that those birds were hovering and sticking to the nesting planks where the elevation was higher.

Nearly all 90* corners were taken and I am sure this location will be their favorite nesting areas.

This special design have never been constructed before and if you wanted to know more about its benefits please call 017 7551318.

I am of the opinion that these interesting design combined with the dual entries system is one of the important key to populate your BH.

No one have came out with these interesting ideas but something that is beneficial should not be ignored.

Have a good day !!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Recommended Idea On How To Prevent Those Owls From Entering !!!

It will be a kind of disappointment when you found out that those owls are visiting your BH.

Once you can detect their white shit spots on the floor and those dark colored globules all over the floor your mind will start to visualize how they entered your BH and start catching your tenants one by one.

You will then become very angry and start making drastic and stupid decisions.

Stay calm and try to tell yourself that this is one small part of becoming a BH owner.

To me this is a kind of challenge that every BH owner will face.

There are many many more challenges that will be similar or may be more serious then this.

Good example when you inspect your BH your water pipe connecting your humidifier leaks and the whole floor flooded.

After two to three weeks with too high humidity your nesting planks on the affected floor are covered with fungus.

Or one day you entered your BH you can see lots of baby birds on the floor and you just could not understand what is happening.

Or maybe one day you entered your BH the whole sound system went dead and you can see that those bird shit spots on the floor are drying and the number of birds inside went to almost zero.

You have to be prepared for all these so called common problems and once they occur you need to know how to tackle them.

Try to stay calm and do not make any nasty decision without thinking about the consequences to your tenants.

Coming back to the owl problems you need to stay calm and list down all the possible methods to prevent them from coming inside of stay on the roof areas.

I have this small idea on how you might want to prevent them from entering your main entrance hole.

This single idea works if you do it carefully or perhaps combine with other gadgets.

This idea have been proven but just analyze the pros and cons.

The idea here is to prevent those owls from entering the main entrance window.

You know that they are larger than your swiftlet but they usually enter from the bottom part of your entrance hole.

However you know that your swiftlet usually will enter mainly from the top part of your hole.

So you make the gap of those steel wire or bar smaller while the top larger.

The wing tips of your swiftlet is about 10 inches so I recommend the top gap to be 10 inches or higher but at the bottom the gap should be smaller say 3-4 inches.

May be you should consider to install some sharp spikes or nails at the base of your entrance hole?

No matter what you have in mind try not to put steel bars or wires too closed to each other.

At the Cenih BH the owner opted for about 3 inches gaps and no bird can pass the gap.

If you wanted to get more information call this number 017 7551318

Or add the spikes at the base of the frame:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Owl Can Be Nasty But You Have To Think About Those Swiftlet too !!!

(Owls shit on the floor)

The two BHs I recently visited have almost the same problem.

The two owners claimed that ever since those owls visited their BH the number of birds staying went down drastically.

The first thing that came to their mind was how to block away the owls from entering.

Some goes to the extend of shutting down the main entrance hole to the minimum while the other got this idea of installing those steel bars about 3 inches apart top to bottom.

Both are good to block those owls but what about your tenants (swiftlet)?

Would these owl protection ideas affect your swiftlet from flying in?

Have you ever consider what it will do to your BH?

Do you have any other alternatives?

To make matter worst both owners did nothing to clean all those markings left on the floor and the window areas. (You need to clean and remove their smell)

This little thing might not looks important but it does change your BH activities.

For the sake of your BH you need to think first before you select your option.

Why don't you sit down and find out what are the various options you have to prevent those owls from entering again.

If you have the list in front of you, try to figure out which one is the best and ask yourself will they affect your tenants,

Can you think of the best way to modify the gadget so that when you install it will only affect those owls from entering and will not prevent your swiftlet from entering and leaving?

Think carefully and don't be so drastic until you shoo away your own tenants.

If you are not very sure call 017 7551318.

Maybe this fellow can give you the proper advise or perhaps he might have some new ideas on how to prevent those owls from screwing up your BH.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Natural Lake Nearby Might Be The Reason !!!

Visited one of the two BHs located somewhere at Karak.

The one erected closed to a natural lake is doing fined but could be better.

After almost one and half years into operation this BH shows a lot of improvements.

If not because of the problems associated with its sound system the number of birds might be more.

Thanks to the natural lake just beside it.

The dual entrance BH at Karak is showing many  positive signs.

I told the owner that the nest population can hit 300 nests within the next 12 months.

The reason being the BH now has a lot of birds with full shaped nests plus two times more as markings.

They are now entering the elevated section of the top most floor and there were lots of bird shit spots on the floor.

I designed this BH with an elevated VIP room at the back of the third floor.

I have a kind of gut feeling that there will be more nests if a proper grade is carried out.

My first task will be to upgrade the amplifiers to a higher and better quality.

My only problem here is that this BH is using solar power.  There are not many high rated amplifiers that operate on  DC current.

Each floor will have a dedicated amplifier.

The next will be to replace all those external sound tweeters that are faulty.

The two hexagonal tweeters might needs some kind of inspection and if not functioning need to be replaced.

I also plan to clean all those planks that were effected by fungus.  Not many but still there were a few.

I would combine the cleaning with the application of super pheromone liquid and I am cock sure there will be a very strong chance to see a better result.

The top floor room darkness need some attention.  The two connecting doors from the main entrance windows might need a proper walls to reduce the light intensity.

I told the owner about the implementation of force harvest. She was unsure about it but perhaps we should try.

The number of nests now are climbing higher and the time has come to harvest them.

I was a bit disappointed that the lower floor was empty and reason being the external and internal sound seems to have been disconnected.

During my Major Maintenance operation something have to be done to pull those birds downstairs.

I think this BH is doing well and better than the neighboring BHs.

At this juncture I need the owner's consent to proceed with a proper maintenance works.

You are welcome to visit the BH during the maintenance operation.

Call 017 755118 if you are keen to come and learn.

Monday, January 27, 2014

On My Way To Karak BH !!!

(Maintenace Time Line)

Last week  a BH owner from Karak wanted my recommendations on her BH 2014 maintenance schedule.

I mentioned to her that I will be free to drop by for a quick look at her BH and passed the maintenance agreement plus a timeline schedule.

The time line gave her a kind of major and minor maintenance job that is required for the year.

The major maintenance can be done three to four times a year while the rest of the month the BH shall be under the minor maintenance.

After into operation for more than 2 years the time have come to carry out some major inspection plus revamping of a few critical things inside.

My biggest concern are on the sound systems.

The amplifiers needs some kind of upgrade or renewed while all those external sound tweeters exposed to the hot sun and rain to be replaced.

I am very concern over those hexagonal and the last tango tweeters.

After 2 years I think they are either no more functioning or giving shrieking noise.  No more sound but those broken down sound.

I am sure many of those nesting planks are showing signs of fungus.  They need to be identified and cleaned.

The nests that are old needs harvesting.

Those that uses the fake nests are also due for harvesting.  Once the used fake nests are removed its tenants will return at the same spot to build on the plank.

I also would like to carry out the once a year forced harvest.  The idea is to jump start the nest population.  It is a kind of common that once you carry out the forced harvest the number of nests will jump by at least 20% or more.

Those areas that are still too bright need a kind of proper light blockages.

The BH needs some kind of insecticide spraying in the inside and outside.  I believed there are other unwanted residents crawling into the BH.

Well what I hope is that the owner will agree with the proposal and sign the short agreement prepared just for the BH.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Figs Bud Started To Shoot Out Leaves !!!!

(Try to see if you can find the figs tree?) 

Remember those Figs tree stems that I air layered?

After a few short days after harvesting, those young bud bloom with young leaves.

(A young bud) 

 (It started to Bloom)

I was happy to see them bloom and those young leaves looks nice.

I have posted a few to KK, Tawau and Kuching.

Two of the extras were given to UPM to grow at their faculty ground.

The rest was taken to Dengkil where I planted them direct to the ground.

There is where the problem starts.

The weather was freaking hot and the young rooted stems need to be properly shed.

I was thinking of what to do with very little things around me.

Well after looking at the surroundings I came to this idea of how to shed those planted young trees.

Why no break some branches from nearby tree and poke them into the ground so that those green leaves will prevent direct sunlight.

Hmm... not a bad idea at all.

Well after setting them up soaked the whole area with a number of pails of water and added a bottle of water water with one small hole in its cap.

The water can draw out and wet the area for some period of time.

This will help the ground areas to be wet for at least a few days before my next visit.

Well let is hope that the young tree will grow or else it will be wasted.

I need to plant more of these figs trees around this BH at Dengkil.

The owner take no notice of me doing this but I just wanted to give his BH a long term insect generating system.

If a few of these figs trees come into fruiting the number of figs warps will be in a couple of millions.

Those swiftlet will have a fine time to harvest their food.

Those who wanted to get some of the young figs trees let me know.

I will be grafting or air layered more in the nest few weeks.

It takes about 60 days or so to have enough roots for replanting.

Call me if you wanted to try having some around your BH.

My number is 017 7551318.

(I planted it at Dengkil but covered with some leaves)

(Now you can see where it is)

(A new idea to supply water to it)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Circular Monkey House Design Seems To Have More Problems !!!

While driving along a road in Sungai Patani I was attracted to view this BH with Minaret  monkey house structure.

I remember seeing another unit somewhere in Padang Serai.

It must be by the same consultant.

As you can easily observed the monkey house was erected for those birds to enter.


But if you look at the wall of the BH there is a window opened while the opening on the monkey house is shut.

Hmm .... the minaret now is no more working while the new window is the preferred path.

What can we learn from this pictures?

I think the use of Minaret might not be a good choice.

I also feel that the roof of your monkey house should be flat or a bit slant to drain those rain water.

It would prefer to use the square or rectangular shaped monkey house.

The monkey house must be properly located and not too big and too high.

Usually younger birds love to use the site entrances as compared to top entries.

Other advantages would be the sound can traveled longer towards the horizon and not towards the sky.

If you have hexagonal tweeter on the monkey house rooftop it would be better.

The sound will be shooting at all directions.

For this particular BH the minaret is dead or redundant.

Sad for the BH owner but I hope the so called consultant will no longer opt for this minaret monkey house design.

(This was the old picture taken a few months ago.  See no hole on the wall and the minaret looks cleaned and tidy)

(Now the mineret window were shut and hole opened on the wall)


(I zoomed in)

It seems that the minaret windows were lowered but still cannot bring in those birds so a new hole was opened on the building wall. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

My Trip To KK, Tawau and Sandakan Is Set on February 14th - 20th 2014 !!!

I am very happy to inform my friends in Kota Kinabalu and Tawau, Sabah that I have booked my MAS ticket to Sabah.

My plan is to fly on Feb 14th to KK and do some works before taking a connecting flight on Feb 17th to Tawau.

I might be doing a stopover in Sandakan on Feb 19th 2014.

For those of my blog readers who are from Sabah and Brunei please take note.

If you would like to meet me for a cup of coffee or perhaps visit your BH please call me at 017 7551318 for my scheduling.

So far I have a couple of people to meet and inspect their BHs but I think I do have some addititional time to see others.

Please be informed and let me know in advance !!!

The Edible Figs Trees At UKM Bangi Are all Dying !!!

(A very sick Figs Tree Attacked by Parasitic coint leaves crawlers) 

(It Used To Be)

I was on my way to Denkil and passed these edible figs trees inside UKM Bangi fencing.

I was shocked with that those healthy trees are now very sick and dying.

One was already taken down by the road builders and the other two are on drips.

Have a look at the pictures taken and judge for your self.

It used to be three healthy trees and now all the threes are dying (one already dead).

A very sad thing to happen and I parked my car beside the road to take a good look at the two still alive trees.

The bigger one was under severe attack from a parasitic coin leaves crawlers.

(The culprit might be these coin leaves crawler)

The coin leaves crawlers seems to grip onto the tree branches and will suck the tree nuitrients until the branch dies of.

So one by one the branches will die and rot away while the coin leave crawler will keep attacking those branches that are still alive.

If these crawlers are not remove the whole tree will be dead.  More like your lungs being attacked by cancer.

Very sad while the other partially alive tree looks like the original plant was long dead but from the base stem there is a new branch from it.

It was too closed to a new drain concrete and I think during digging it branches were affected.

The third, used to be the biggest and the healthiest, now is down and rotting away.

The place where she used to grow are now all covered with tall grasses.

It was unfortunate that it was too closed to the road construction.

Now the two still alive need some emergency treatment.

I am thinking of air layered those branches that are healthy and hopefully can transplant to another location.

Those who would like to have one air layered branch please call me at 017 7551318.

(Road widening beside the figs trees)

(Look at the trees now)

(One that was dead long time ago) 

(It Used To Be This Healthy.

(One dead too but there is a new tree coming out)

 (Fruits are dried)

(The young tree)

(Looks healthy)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Interesting News After The Chinese Authorities Signed Those 8 Malaysian Exporting Companies !!!

I have the following to share with all about the current situation with Malaysian Birdnests.

First of all the price per kilogram now have shown some improvement.

Those nests produced from certified BHs or should I say with RFID tagging and grade A can now fetch about RM 2,300 per kilogram.

This is a very good news since it used to be below RM 1000 per kg during the bad period or the very bad period about two years ago.

The only thing that I need to stress to all is that only those with traceability facilities will benefit from this so called new ceiling price.

Those without the traceability tag will have little benefit from this news.

The second important news is that the Chinese Authorities are looking at the purchasing of  raw nests (unprocessed nests).

Remember the export lisences signed were only for processed nests but not unprocessed nests.

However due to possible price repercussion the idea of selling raw nests to China is not well received by the Malaysian side (association members).

If the Malaysian side should in any case agreed, only those nests (again) that were harvested from tagged BH will benefit from it.

I believed if this should happened the price of raw nests will climb much higher. Hopefully with touch RM 4000 -7000 one day.

So those who owned BH and have not get their BH tagged please do so.

The procedure  is available at this website:

I was told that the fee to tag is FOC.

All you need to do is to visit the nearest Jabatan Veterina and arrange for the tagging.

They will come over to your BH and make the necessary arrangement.

Usually they will come with the TAG and installed.

By the time they finish inspecting your BH the TAG is installed usually near the main entrance door.

You will be provided with a kind of log book and a certificate.

They will also advise you on what to do and not to do before they chow !!!

There is more benefits if you can quickly get your BH RFID tagged.

However I feel that if your BH output is less then a few kilograms it will be redundant.

So if I were you try to start looking at how to increase the nests population and if you don't know how to call 017 7551318.

I will be very happy to come and have a look at your BH and see what can be done to improve the nests numbers.

Serious !!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Ara Tree at Bagan Ajam Graveyard Shed Its Leaves !!!!

Pretty shocked to know that the Ara tree which I air layered when bald or shed its leaves.

I was not very sure the reasons why but it scared the hell of me since I could not find any other similar tree in the area.

The only lucky thing was those stems that I air layered seams to have a new bud that I believed are the young shoots.

I quickly cut them and stored into a pail with some water.

Managed to take back home to Kuala Lumpur and tomorrow will ship them out to a couple of people who ordered them.

One to Kuching, four to KK and two more to Tawau.

Still got a few left and if you wish to get one please let me know.

If no one ordered I will sent them to Dengkil to be planted by a BH owner.

Call me at 017 7551318 for the ara tree.

This tree produces more figs warps and usually their fruits grow up to the branches.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Redundant Ventilation Holes !!!

They were not helping the BH but causing more big trouble inside the BH.

Yes I was referring to these redundant ventilation holes on the walls.

Each floor all the four walls were with two of this brick ventilation holes.

From what I can interprete is that the "Consultant" have not idea what he was trying to do.

He damaged the BH but allowing lots of light entering the nesting room.

The 4 inches PVC pipes ventilation holes were doing a good job but these bricks with a wide opening were a disaster.

Please think carefully before you allow such a mistake to happen in your BH.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A 20 feet X 20 feet and 10 feet high per floor BH !!!

Today inspected a small BH with not a single nest after into operation for more than 12 months.

The "Consultant" went missing and I think he has not a single clue what swiftlet farming is all about.

The BH was a big disaster and horribly designed.

If you let this BH to run for another 10 years it will still be empty.  That is how bad the BH was designed.

I just don't understand how this person can have no guilt after making the owner pay to him all the money and not a single birds came to stay.

He have not a single clue what those birds likes and dislikes and dared to erect a BH.

While talking to the owner I make a serious comment that he should make a police report.

These were some of the wrong things inside:

1) The BH size was a bit too small. Once it is small it will be very difficult to reduce the light to the minimum.

2) Beside those light from the main entrance hole this BH has two types of air ventilation holes.
Beside the standard 4 inches pvc pipes the consultant also install those flower bricks ventilation hole that brought in so much light into the nesting rooms.

2A) The main entrance hole was reduced to about 1.5 feet  wide by 10 inches high.  This was a bit too small.

3) The BH is with a single wall.  This is a big mistake because the BH nesting room temperature will easily hit above 34*C.  If this BH has any number of birds inside and if the room temperature hit 34*C its tenants will leave.

4) There were signs where the BH has been regularly visited by owls.  The number of shit markings and the smell is not helping the BH at all.

5) The nesting planks were widely spaced about 2.5 feet apart while a good BH should used about 1..25 feet apart.

5A) There were no wood crossings used.  Not a single of them were deployed.

5B) I was very unhappy that there was no fake nests too.

6) The number of external sound tweeters were not more than 8 pieces.

7) No hexagonal tweeter on the roof top.

7A) The LAL was wrongly positioned and very small.

7B) There BH was very dry with not humidifier provided.

7C) Not a single partition on both floor to block those bright light.

8) The number of internal sound tweeters was less than 20 pieces.

9) Both the external and internal sounds were not proper.

10) One big issue which I do not wish to inform the owner is the high voltage cable line just above the BH.  The magnetic field generated by these high voltage cable might effect those birds GPS system and might misguide those birds.

All in all I was very upset to know that are so many of these  low knowledgeable "Consultants" or "Sifus" who are out there to damage the industry.

Just imagine if this same consultant is currently erecting one similar BH a month all over the country.

Oh mam this is no good.

I hope if you should read this article and is about to built your own BH please be more careful with your investment.

If you need any help of advise please call 017 7551318

Right now I am stuck with the unfinished BH and the owner is not willing to fork out any extra money to help the BH.

(The main entrance hole was shut to the minimum)
(The monkey house was very small)
 (Nesting planks so wide apart)

 (The LAL not inkling idea where)

 (The Owl shit)

 (High voltage cable just in front the entrance hole)
(Look how closed are those high voltage cable to the BH?)

 (The two types of ventilation holes)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Try To Use The Monkey House If Your Top Entry System Is Not Working Well !!!

I have a number of experience working with a number of BH owners whose BH have problem in nests population.

Most have very little idea what can be the reasons why but I strongly feel that there is a simple method that can turn around their BH.

What I feel they could do is to change their entrance hole design.

I have tried this technique at a number of locations and the results are positive.

The idea is to erect a monkey house on your top entry system.

The best is to use those steel structures covered with cladded zinc roof.

Get those contractor who cut and well steel for your gate or house doors to come over to measure your top entry system and ask him to give a quotation.

Get at least two or three steel fabricators to view and submit their quotation.

The height of the monkey house should be about 6 -7 feet high above your current opened areas.

Allocate adequate opening for the birds to enter preferably a window about 3 feet wide by 4 feet high on every side.

Cover two and open two initially.

The one to open as the main entrance hole is the one that face their returning flying path.

Once you have the monkey house erected install the right number of external sound tweeters plus at least one hexagonal tweeter precisely above the main entrance window.

I can safely say that once you change to this new entry system you will have your nests number increase.

What is so special about erecting this monkey house system?

First is the reduction of light polluting your nesting rooms.

The monkey house provide a kind of curtain to block more that 80% of the light that are entering your BH.

Once your nesting room is darker those birds will feel more comfortable and less stress.

One other reason have something to do with the young birds behaviors.

They love to play around the monkey house  areas.

Once they are attracted to your external sound played they will start to circle the monkey house and start searching for the main entrance hole to enter.

Upon entering you will see some common behavior where they will start to play inside the monkey house and flying in circle too.

Once they are used to this structure they will find their way inside your BH.

I have used this technique before and they works well and I am sure if you have a similar problem this idea will he of great use to your BH.

Just trust your gut feeling and take this advise and prove me wrong !!!!

Call me at 017 7551318 for details explanation on the right size and how to mount those external sound tweeters, hexagonal and bazookas.

Remember I am here to help and it this suggestion works it will be a great benefits to the industry.

The industry needs helps and this is one of the method to help.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Small Chit Chat With A Family About Swiftlet Farming !!!

It is very interesting but sad to know how BH owners keep to themselves and refuse to share their findings.

I received a call from a young man who wanted me to deliver a canister of the Super Pheromone.

I did not realized that he brought with him his dad and mother.

I have never met them before but I was very excited to see the whole family was there just to meet me in person.

After a short introduction I came to know that the young man mother has a sister who operated a BH about a few feet away from their BH.

"My sister have met you before and after meeting with you her BH now is doing well and harvesting about 1 Kg a month." she was stressing a point here.

"What have you told them until they suddenly have a much improved BH compare to before meeting you." she wanted to know more.

At first I could not remember who she was referring to.

After some time I remembered a couple I met me about 1.5 years ago asking for help about their BH.

They met me because their BH was not performing well and at the same time some strange visitors were leaving some dead swiftlet on the floor.

I suspected it could be due to either rats or owl.

I might be wrong but they told me that they have someone to shoot some hawks after my first meeting.

Beside this small advise I told them how to get more birds to enter their BH plus getting them to use a few of my good sounds.

Now they have improved however they give very little advise to a relative who have the worst number of nests among the many in the same row of shot houses.

This was how I came to know that this family have a relative who did not share much about what they did with their BH.

Anyway I was very glad to have met the whole family and we sat down almost three hours talking about what could be the problems with their BH and what they should try to do.

Beside the Super Pheromone I advised them to perhaps relocate the hexagonal tweeter, make their VIP room darker, install more fake nests and at the same time change the external and internal sounds.

If within a few months there is no improvement just invite me to visit the BH.

Well I stressed to them that my main mission is to help the swiftlet farming industry especially the upstream sector.

I am here to help and if given the chance I will be very glad to give a helping hand.

Call me for any advise or your BH inspection.

My number is 017 7551318.