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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tanjung Karang Revamp Operation Finally Over !!!

(The two bazookas were located closed to each other.  One facing the flying path home and the other directed to a BH with the most number of birds)

After almost 10 days the three floors were completed.

The rooftop and its Monkey house was the first area that was upgraded.

The water ponds were cleaned, dried and later flooded with fresh water.

The monkey house now is with those hexagonal, power, pole and bazooka tweeters installed.

Once done and played with two different external sounds the birds were all over the BH.

The third floor was our next target.

A number of partitions were taken down and the connecting doors were reduced to about 3 feet wide.

The internal tweeters were rearranged to have more of those cluster tweeters.

To pull birds into the floor a number of external sound chocolate tweeters were introduced.

I did installed about 150 fake nests on the floor.

Two humidifiers activated using high end humidistats were installed.

Tested and they work perfectly.

On the 6th day we moved to the middle floor and the floor seems to have to many rooms and its connecting doors were too big.

A few of partition walls were taken down and selected doors were reduced to 3.5 feet wide.

The internal sound tweeters were rearranged with lots of cluster tweeters.

I created two VIP rooms and both were installed with lots of those polystyrene fake nests.

The rooms now looks very attractive to lure those wild birds.

Three chicken coop humidifiers were installed with a humidistats auto starter shared among the three units.

Tested and all the gadgets were running well to the preset RH%.

This BH has been into operation for almost 4 years and the BH seems to be very dry.

I told the owner to set the humidity a bit on the high side to help creating the wet environment.

I did wet the walls and the floors with cleaned water a number of times.

The wetness here seems to be under control.

The lowest floor was a bit less problem.

We got it done a ready on the 10th day and a few unnecessary partition walls were removed.

My staff created the VIP room arrangements and it looks fined with me.

We also installed 3 chicken coop humidifiers control by one humidistats.

Tested and runs perfectly.

A few buckets of Mutiara aroma were used to make the BH smell nice and attractive.

Poured some of the aroma on the walls and mixed it into the humidifiers water containers.

This BH will now become the best and well ready to be populated.

I predict that within the next few months it will doubled in its nests population.

The owner father keep begging me to help him to populate his BH.

So far he saw with his owned eyes how those birds were flying to the BH and entering the BH.

If he is lucky he will one day get his 10 kg per months target.

If you have a similar BH nest population problems call me at 017 7551318.

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