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Friday, November 19, 2010

Triangular Shape Fake Nests !!!

I happened to visit a friend house today and he was very keen to show me something unusual.

At first I was not that keen to see what he has in mind but if the product is something new, I would love to analyze and perhaps try them out.

One of my philosophy is to give everything that will attract those wild swiftlet to stay and build their nest in your BH.

Good example if they like corners give them corners.

If they love tweeters, give them as many as you can.

If they are lazy and prefer to use those fake nests then give them those fake nests.

Usually the fake nests that I am familiar with are those made of plastic or rubber or silicone.  Most of the time their are the half cup shape.

What I got today was the shape of a triangle.

"Pak Harry this is for those 90* corners.  They love corners but if you can accelerate their decision by providing them something that can make them to stay it will be of great help"

I could not disagree with him.

I think let me try a few in one of the BH that is new and another that already have about 400 nests.

See how this new gadget will help to stimulate the nest population increase.

Those who would like to buy some please let me know.  Minimum order is 5 and each is RM 3.20 only.

I only have 50 pieces and you need to wait if this batch is taken up.

Call me at 017 755 1318 for more details.

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