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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Janda Baik: A Job Well Done !!!

The Janda Baik BH plank installation plus its sound system took me about 8 days to finish.

The BH was handed over to its owner yesterday (May 26th, 2012) and I finally packed my stuff plus my two workers back to Subang.

My comments on this BH on the top of the hill are as follows:

1) The BH design was a bit weird however it wall pretty well done.  The owner claimed that he designed it using his little knowledge plus some references made on the internet.  I told him that he could have done better if he understand more about those swiftlet.

2) The distance between the entrance hole to the nesting area was a bit too far.  The birds need to travel almost two stairs before arriving its nesting rooms.

3) The BH was said to be double walls thus the heat inside was okay plus the fact that it was located on a hill side. My two workers who stayed inside the house during the revamp works told me how cold it was at night.

4) The BH was a bit too short and it was pretty challenging to cut the light inside the nesting rooms. The partitioning walls need to be properly design to ensure that the birds will come inside the room but it needs to block the light to the maximum.

5) The total amount of nesting plank used was only 1400 feet.  The ceiling of each floor were installed with those ceiling boards and it make works easier.

6) The number of internal tweeters were closed to 320 pieces.

7) There were at least 25 cluster tweeters per floor.

8) The number of chandeliers were 4 pieces.

9) The total number of external sound tweeters was 25 pieces.

10) This BH was with the last tango system where a total of 8 power tweeters were used for high volume sound daily from 5pm till 7:30pm.

11) The BH was also installed with a total of 120 fake nests (180* and 90*).

12) I make special effort to install about 24 pieces of perfume garden bottles laced with raw nests.

13) The Mutiara aroma was applied twice before I left and told the owner to apply once a day for the next three days.

14) The Mutiara aroma was prepared at the BH.  They are freshly made and give a more strong smell.

15) The BH will be installed with those insect generating system.  The technique will pass over to the owner and it have be proven that the nest population can increase at a faster rate.

16) The Fendona insecticide were sprayed one time on the outside of the BH.

17) Two latest modelled chicken coop humidifier controlled by an auto sensor were installed in the house.

18) The sound amplifiers uses four units of my new solid state amplifiers.

19) I used Pukau as its external and Superbaby king as the internal sounds.

20) Activated those water drain around the BH.

I am happy that the revamp works was over within less than 8 days.

Now need a short rest before my next job, maybe at Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To Use Your BH Ground Floor To Lure More Birds Into Your BH !!!

Assuming that you owned a BH with two or three floors.

However due to some design flaws or weird circumstances your lowest floor was totally empty or very little occupants.

What can you do to utilize the empty floor so that more birds will come and stay upstairs?

My answer is :  Install an insect generating system.

What about an insect generator that can produce about 3-4 kilograms of insect per day?

So far two BHs have tried this idea and is showing results.

One of the owner was so amused with the number of birds that come to his BH even stop playing the external sound.

"Pak Harry I have started your insect generating system in one of my BH.  After into operation about 3 weeks the number of insects generated were good and every morning nearly all those birds will come to my BH.  They prefer to be without those external sound.  Should I stop those sounds?"

The exact telephone conversation from a BH owner who took my advise on the insect generating barn.

He wanted to build a separate building at first but he could not find the time to wait to test the idea.

He took my short cut method and installed abut four racks inside his BH.

Within  less than 3 weeks his BH rooftop areas changed considerably.

"Unbelievable Pak Harry.  Your idea really works." his first reaction after counting the number of birds started to visit his BH in Pancing, Kuantan.

Now every morning between 7:00 am till 9:00 am you will see hundreds of them above his BH even with no external sound being played.

"Pak Harry those birds seems to know where there are lots of insects and they will come for it. Free food." he said.

The second BH owner have something different but finally push the insect generating system into his BH ground floor.

"Pak Harry I started your the insect generating system in a small building beside my BH.  However they were so small and escape from the barn easily.  My nearby neighbours started complaining that suddenly their house were full of these insect.  So I moved the system into my BH.  It is working very well now and lesser complains from my neighbours. You can see those birds always on the roof top." he was explaining about his accidental move from outside to the inside.

It was something unplanned for but with the insect generating system inside his BH most of the insects will fly out of the BH via the entrance window.

Lots of birds will visit his BH and his tenants, those young birds, need not fly far to find their food.

He planned to expand the insect producing capacity from one rack to maybe three or four.

This BH is in Ulu Langat, Selangor.

So far the two BHs using my idea is working well and I will be expanding this services to other BH within my care one by one.

Those of you who would like to try this new invention please call 017 7551318 or email to

The cost to learn how to use this technique plus the mobile racking system and the preparation and mixing of those small insect food can be yours at only RM 2,500 ex Klang Valley for the first five customers.

The six customer onwards will have to pay slightly more.

You will be provided with three stacks of those mobile racking system, each consisted of 8 plastic boxes of 2'X3',  a 30 kilogram of insect food (premixed and ready to use) and a kilogram of those starter insect maggots.

The other option is to allow me to install the system for a trial period of 6 months at a marginal price of RM 1,500 within Klang Valley or 1 hrs drive from Kuala Lumpur.

For those BH outside the Klang Valley the extra cost to mobilize to site shall be subjected to negotiation.

If you are satisfied you need to just continue with the system on your own and pay the balance of RM 1,000.

Call 017 7551318 now to be the first five.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Create Hot Spots In Your VIP rooms !!!

A very interesting new discovery by my Blog reader from Vietnam.

"Pak Harry this is something that I would like to share with you and all your blog readers.  Create 'Hot Spots' in your VIP rooms by combining the use of your 'Chandeliers' and the 'Super Pheromone'."

As mentioned in my blog all that we need to do during the early phase of your new BH is to give everything what those swiftlet likes.

If they like 90* corners give it to them.

If they like tweeters, give as many tweeters as you can.

If they like cluster tweeters, create a number of these clusters.

If they like those chandeliers, give them some chandeliers.

If they like China dolls, give them some dolls.

If they like to watch EPL matches, put up a TV screen with Astro in your BH.

If they like the smell of super pheromone also get it onto the planks.

The above "if they" examples should be followed and I am sure more birds will be your tenants.

In this particular "Hot Spot" idea was to combine the use of Super Pheromone and Chandeliers.

The use of Super Pheromone is Vietnam is very effective, according to many of its users.

The same goes to the Chandeliers.

What happen if you combine the two in your VIP rooms?

All you need to do is to combine the two applications inside your VIP room.

Spray the super pheromone on those 90* corners facing the chandelier plus above it.

Focus on areas very closed to the chandeliers.

Have a look at the attached video clip just received from Vietnam.

There is no 100% guarantees that it will be effective in all locations but the two gadget is very effective in Vietnam so far.

If you want to get both the chandelier and super pheromone please call 017 7551318.

I will be very glad to help all of you with these two gadgets.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Something That Caught My Eyes !!!!

"Pak Harry, are there any new thing that I can apply to my BH?"

Hmmm...this same question seems to pop up off and on.

Some will even offer me to come to the town they stayed and everything will be on them.

They know that I always have something new that can help to increase their BH nest population.

I have invented or discovered the use of those "Chandelier" tweeters, "Kite" tweeters, "Wet Floor" using gunny sacks, "Super Pheromone" for nesting Planks, VIP rooms, "Mutiara Aroma", "Fake Nests" made of Pine tree leaves, "Waste Wood" corners, "Cluster" tweeters, "Last Tango" for louder sounds, "Solid State" amplifiers, "Perfume Garden" and many more.

So what is new Pak Harry?

I think this time I wanted to introduce this special gadget I called is as "Stampit" or stamp it.

The gadget was discovered recently and it is so new that I have not yet put on any planks in any BH.

The gadget is made of a normal stamp rubber and a packet of powder that is needed to be soak into plain water.

It is something like those stamp pad that you used to print your name or company address on your cheque.

If you are a smart guy you can easily benefit by using this gadget.

A good example:

New birds that entered your new BH will prefer to choose those 90* angle, 180* angle and planks just beside your internal sound tweeters to build their nests.  They don't like to build their nests on those flat surfaces.  Ask yourself why?

They don't do that because they are not attracted to these flat areas.  All in all there are nothing to lure them to build their nest there.

You need to think of something to lure them there.  The best is this "STAMPIT" or perhaps those fake nests. 

I first heard about this item when I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah however was not able to get my hands on it.

Now I do and I think I need to try before making any recommendations.

It might work but ......

I shall do the trial work and will make comments once it is proven.

If you would like to have a good look at the gadget please do so !!!

The product is sold at about RM90 ringgit.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Weirdest Among All BHs I Ever Visited !!!

The weirdest BH I ever visited in my entire life.

The sound system were literary made of PVC pipes.

I don't really know where this BH owner got the idea but we should give him an A plus for his strange idea.

Just imagine if this strange idea works, those piezoelectric tweeters factories will shut down.

The irony is that he never was a sound engineer.

I was busy preparing my stuff to finish a BH in Janda Baik when I received a call from a BH owner whose BH was in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

Kuala Krai used to be a hot spot for swiftlet farming. (In swiftlet farming terms a 'hot spot' is defined as a location when one can get about 700 to 1000 nests within 12 months).

"Yes what can I do for you Mr.L?"

I remembered one time he drop by at my shop and bought a couple of amplifiers.  Yes those Nikkodo 5201.

After that he got very excited when he said that the number of birds entering his new BH was about 60-70 birds.

"Pak Harry I wanted to have lunch with you like today."

Okay I told him.

During lunch he started talking about his problems on his BH.

"Pak Harry now only 500 nests less the two zeros (only 5 nests) and no birds are entering any more."

There must be something not right, I told him.

"Actually I did something unusual with my BH.  That was after the sound system were not functioning. Those wires were not functioning and I took a bold step to deploy my new and strange invention."

Hmmm......something interesting and I keep wondering what kind of invention was he talking about.

"I don't want to tell you now but you can come and see if you wish to."

I took his invitation to visit his BH and the moment I entered I was shock with words.

"What the hell are those PVC pipes doing on your nesting planks?"

At first glance I thought he was trying to cool the nesting plank with chilled water however at the tail ends of those pipe there were these cluster of 4 tweeters without the front nozzle.

I ask him what the hell are those pipes and 4 tweeters does.

"Pak Harry that was what I was trying to tell you.  My own invention which I tried."

Crazy ideas comes from crazy people.

All swiftlet farmers are pretty crazy and we laughed.

I told him in my entire life I have never seen such drastic way of using pipe as the sound medium.

He is crazy and even his closed friend admitted to me that this guy is crazy.

"Pak Harry what do you think we should do?" he then asked.

The best is to get rid of all these piping and go back to the less crazy idea.  Yes the normal 2"x5" tweeter about 1.30 each.

I will try to revamp to its original position and this time I will use those high quality wires.

It was a strange but interesting experience.

Those of you who would like to visit this BH please call 017 7551318 before I start the tearing down exercise soon.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Janda Baik: A BH above the rest !!!

Since finishing the revamp works on Bagan Serai BH, I mobilized my two worker to Janda Baik, Pahang.

The BH owner have been courting my services for more than 6 months.

I was first invited to take a good look at the unfinished BH and wanted my proposal on what to be done with it.

I put a short presentation to him and waited for his reply.

He took about three months to confirm.  All in all he was not well.

I told the owner about his BH location, a bit on the high side, on the top of a hill and pretty above the sea level.

Its BH internal temperature can go as low as 22*C.

There must be a kind of heating if that happened.  Or else those young birds might be frozen to death or turn into ice (literary).

Remember when those baby birds are young they are naked.  Not a single feather.

Any way my main task on this BH was to install those nesting planks, the sound system and creation of those VIP rooms.

The BH is a bit short about 40 feet long by 20 feet wide.

The way the LAL was positioned I feel that the design was not favourable to space utilization.

Too much space wasted and it was very awkward to erect those partitions.

Since there was very little choice I told him that I will do my best to revamp the BH.

Hopefully by end of the week it will be ready to be put on operation mode.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Possible reasons why Lamptoro tree is good for swiftlet farming !!!

Lamptoro tree is widely known among swiftlet farmer for its ability to draw birds to its canopy.

One of the special reason why this tree benefited BH owner is that it has the ability to produce flowers on a continuous basis.

Once new flowers blooms there will attract many pollinating insects that will come and collect those honey and pollen.

One of the most common insect that come to visit this tree are those small bees called "Kelulut" and they come in sizeable numbers.

Look at this video clip taken a few days back.

In early morning these Kelulut bees will focus mainly on the newly blooms flowers.

What happen in the evening is something that you will be surprised.

I discovered something unusual about this Lamptoro trees.

I was closely observing those Kelulut flying all over the tree.

In the early part of the day their main target was those newly opened flowers however when the day passed noon time they seems to prefer visiting another part of the lamptoro tree.

Their new focus was to the base of the leave's branch.

It looks like a circular pool (node) and they were a bit wet.

This node seems to be generating a kind of nectar or sap that attract those Kelulut.

If one leave branch have one node, there will be thousands of these nodes that excrete those saps and attract lots of these small insects to visit them regularly.

Have a good look at these pictures and video clip.

The tree young shoots seems to be a favourite spot for aphids.

Aphids are those small insects that feeds on tree saps.

They can multiply at a very high rate and   sometime able to kill those young shoots.

In most cases they well like by those "kerangga" ants.

It seems that these aphids provide a kind of sugary water the moment those ants stroke them.

In returns the ants will give provide their care and protection to them.

There are instances where these ants will move the small size aphids to any young shoots that were formed.  They will in fact set a kind of aphids farm to harvest those sugary liquid.

When there are lots of aphids there will be a lot of predators insects that feed on them.

These predators are much larger in size and usually aphids are good grubs to take home to feed the predator's young.

One of the most common aphids predators is the ladybirds.  There are also those black coloured bees and many more.

When these aphids predators and those pollinating insects starts to visit the lamptoro tree top they will catch the attention of those swiftlet and others.

Have a look at these pictures and video clips to confirm my observation.

The observations were made on a young Lamptoro tree at Janda Baik, Pahang.

(A Nice Sized Aphid Eater)
 (Red Colored insect)

(A black bee collecting aphids to take home)

If you are very observant you will discover more interesting things that we usually take for granted.

My wish is that this latest article answers our question why Lamptoro tree attract those swiftlet.

It is all due to its ability to attract more insects to visit its canopy as compared to other trees.

You might want to start planting them but be careful.

They spread very fast.

Once they take their position and start producing those fruits they might colonize you land.

For more details please call 017 7551318

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Very Strong Chance Of Doing Some Researches In Collaboration With A University !!!

Finally I met a BH owner who happened to be a lecturer with a University.

He hold some Professorship and owned a Dr title.

A young man with lots of ideas what he wanted to do for our swiftlet industries.

"Pak Harry I have been doing a lot of research about swiftlet farming and currently embarking on specific studies on the use of aroma in attracting swiftlet." he told me.

His faculty provided him with the most sophisticated laboratory equipment and any liquid can be analysed using those chromatography machines.

He tested one of those popular canister aroma and it seems that the developer used some kind of citric based liquid inside.

"You mean there was some kind of orange juice in it?" I asked him.

"Yes, based on the results spit out by the chromatography machine." he answered.

Hmmm... this guy is getting way out of control.

The best is yet to come.

"I have taken the move to have my own BH so that I can conduct my aroma tests." he said.

He showed me the test BH however after 1.5 years the number of nests so far was not that high.

Hmm... I told him that I can try to help out.

His current plan is to revamp the test BH with my help and once done he wanted me to participate in his aroma researches.

He might push two of his student to take part in the study and once the study is successful he might be able to come out with a report on how those aroma are affecting the birds.

I gave him my thumb up and I will try to help.

The key point is that if his effort can help the industry why not.

I thank him for wanting to contribute something to swiftlet industry and hopefully his effort will eventually resulted in some new aromas.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Visit To A BHs Made Of Steel Structures !!!

"Pak Harry, how much is your fee to inspect a 1.5 years old BH with only 6 nests?"

My answer to him was "Affordable".

That was how I came to know a newbie who have been carrying out a couple of tests on swiftlet "Aromas".

I took the whole morning to be with him since I was on a two days trip to Kuantan.

After following his car for about 20 minutes from Kuantan city centre I landed in a kind of agricultural land, divided into about 1.5 acres lots, with a bungalow house on each lot.

Hmm ... a very interesting development scheme.

"How much was the land with the Bungalow unit?" I asked.

"Only RM250,000 Pak Harry" he answered.

Does those fruit trees came with it?

Yes, according to him.

While talking to him about his land I can see a small BH made of steel structure with a monkey house entrance hole system at the back of his bungalow.

"Pak Harry, what I wanted you to do is to look at the BH and tell me what can be done to improve those bird's nests numbers."

I took a short walk around the building and took some pictures.

Hmm..... not a bad design (from the outside) but how come the owner sound as if the unit is not doing that well.

According to him the BH was build by a company that deals with heat insulation system using those cellulose.

Hmm.... how come an insulation company become a BH expert?

No wonder only 6 nests after 1.5 years (I was saying quietly in my head).

The dimension was 20 feet width by 40 feet long and 8 feet ceiling height. A bit too short to me.  It would be better if the total length is 60 feet (I feel).  If too short the BH nesting room can be a bit too bright if the partitioning walls are not well designed.

The first room was the data room about 4 feet by 4 feet in size.

There were three amplifiers.  Upon checking it seems that each was playing a different sounds.

One sound for the external and two sounds for the internal.

The moment of truth was when I entered inside.

There were only 6 fully formed nests and 3 markings.

Hmm... what can be the reasons why those birds refuse to stay as his permanent tenant?

After about 40 minutes of diagnosing the possible problems I listed to him a few very important points.

1) The BH was well constructed however the contractor who erected the BH have very little knowledge about the birds sensitivity to the light. The room temperature was okay. The walls were made of two layers of MGO boards and in between a heat cellulose layer were laid.

2) The rooms were  a bit too bright and most of the light were coming from the entrance hole. The other main reason being the BH is a bit too short.

3) The walls erected to protect those light were not ideally located.  He need to realigned a few of the walls plus to relocate the entrance window, I told him.

4) All the ventilation holes were not covered with any 90* elbows with an extension pipe. If you look from the outside the elbows were at the outside not the inside.

5) There were a number of gaps that were seen to allow light to penetrate the nesting room.

6) His nesting planks looks as if there were some dust or fungus on them.  He need to clean them up using those fermented raw nests water.

7) The number of tweeters and fake nests (5 pieces) were not adequate.  He need to increase them.

8) The humidity machine (1 unit only) was using a normal timer.  I told him to upgrade it to those automatic hygrometer sensor. The best is to set the humidity at 88%RH. He also need to increase the number of humidifier from one to two.

9) All the sound amplifiers were not properly set.  It was timely to upgrade those sounds once the BH complete its revamp.

10) The entrance window location was facing a neighbour who have no mercy on him.  I advised him to reposition his external sound tweeters and perhaps look at opening a new window facing the opposite direction.  The old entrance hole will be without any tweeter.

11) He should have opted for the last tango system. The last tango can be used for about 30-40 minutes during peek period and the sound can be a bit louder than the normal sound volume.

12) The hexagonal tweeters needs to be reposition and those tweeters facing that particular neighbour needs to be detached.

13) I also suggested to him on the use of those super pheromone.  The best is to apply the onto to those fake nests newly installed.

14) There were enough room to install those insect generating containers.  I was referring to those yellow cake plastic containers that can be stacked on each other.  If these insects are breed in the roving area below the monkey house entrance it will draw more birds to the BH.

15) The external sound seems to stop and the monkey house area only.  To pull more birds into the nesting room I told him to install those chandeliers playing the same external sound.

After the visit I sat down with him to put a report about 13 pages.

He promised to look into it and come out with his next move in the next few days.

He keep telling me that at least now he can understand all the problems his BH is having and a possible ways to correct them.

"Pak Harry, you are the first or perhaps the only person who can explained in details on what my BH is facing and you put to me the correction methods. No one have ever attempt to do this in a professional manner."  he keep thanking me.

Well I told him humbly that I just happened to use a lot more of my engineering background and whatever I try to explained are based on my professional mind.

I have my profession at stake and I do not want my engineering degree to be queried.

He happened to be a professional himself and currently hold a Dr. title and teaching in one of the University in Kuantan.

After finishing the report he promised to confirm with me his next steps but be assured that all those recommendations will be acted.

I feel so glad that at least this trip was beneficial and I hope his luck with change soon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Newly Completed BH Stranded With No Nests !!!!

It is a very sad case when you come to know about a failed BH and the owner surrendered !!!

It was put into operation about 8-10 months ago and have not a single nest.

The cost to build the building was more than RM70,000 and right now it became a white elephant.

The actual reason being the BH was wrongly designed and the owner have very little knowledge about those swiftlet.

I received a call about a few weeks back about this stranded BH and the owner wanted me to take a look at it.

Since I planned to visit the town closed by to the BH I accepted her invitation.

The first thing I did when I reached the main town I met the owner and she guided me to the BH.

From the outside the BH looks okay however internally there were many big signs that the consultant or contractor or the owner herself clearly have little knowledge about what those birds love to have.

The size was about 20 feet by 40 feet and 30 feet high.

Main mistakes discovered were:

1) The entrance hole was facing the wrong direction.  It was towards the morning flight path and not the opposite.

2) The three nesting rooms, one room per floor, were all too bright.  A very awkward design with the nesting rooms half done and totally exposed to the tunnel bright light.

3) There were two exhaust fans but not a single ventilation holes. The temperature and humidity was not within the standard range.

4) The top most ceiling was not layered with cement floor but only those zinc sheet.  This might be one of the reason why the internal heat was way too high.

5) The staircase or in this case the ladder to climb from one floor to another was so dangerous.  If you want to climb up you are putting yourself in a dangerous position.

6) The external walls were with cladding using those zinc roof layer however there were little gaps with the cement walls.  The heat accumulated on the zinc surface can be directly transferred to the wall thus defeat the whole purpose of heat isolation.

7) The sound system seems to be shut down thus this BH is not in operational mode.

8) The way the nesting planks were installed were very unreal,  Each floor there were only about 15 pieces and about 10 feet long each.

9) The tweeters numbers were very few however there were some bird shit spots on a few of the tweeters.

A very strangely constructed and renovated BH.

In my mind I can conclude that the person who came out with this BH design was ignorance.

Ignorance about what a good BH should be designed.

I was asked to reactivate the BH but I told the owner if she wanted to be done the cost to do so will be pretty high.

I considered it as a major revamps.

We can only use the outer shell but the rest need to be taken down and rebuild.

It might cost something like RM25,000 and I am not it the position to fork up the cost just because someone make the mistakes.

This is one case where a person with too little knowledge about swiftlet build her own BH.

The end result is bad and the cost to revamp is high.

It might not be her mistake in total but she should have got the right person to construct her BH.

Learn from this article and try to give yourself a chance to build the rightly designed BH.

Try to learn and gather the right knowledge plus try to visit at least 5-10 BHs before dumping in your life saving.

If you don't know how to call 017 7551318.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bangan Serai BH Initial Design and After Following My Advise !!!

I would like to put some record about the Bangan Serai BH.

Initially the BH was using a small hole on the rooftop but after my site visit I told the owner to change

After my small advice it became like this:

( from side view)

Later the owner reconstruct to this with a monkey house with four windows:

The modification was mainly due to the following observations.

The BH was a bit too short and was also a bit too tight.

The initial design using a top entry to me was not proper for this BH. The opening was too small and the BH was located very far from any residential houses.

The location of the LAL was also not suitable.

I told the owner that my gut feeling is to use the monkey house with four side entries.

He followed my idea however I was very concerned with the high temperature inside its nesting rooms.

I told him to consider putting up a kind of protection shield around the house to prevent direct sun light.

The lesser the sun rays hit the walls the lesser the wall temperature will be.

If the proposed method failed to cool down the internal temperature he might consider my next idea of erecting a new wall inside using those bubble sheet heat shield and covered with cement boards.

Latest SMS from him:

"Pak Harry, From Sunday till today, everyday raining.  This morning my caretaker say that around 20 birds go in and out of the BH"

Overall, he was lucky to seek my advise.

The first visit was timely and I managed to identify the possible faults and asked him to correct them.

What I hope is that the BH will do well and once day he can start another unit (he told me so).

I need to monitor this BH closely and continue assisting him to ensure that those birds have little complains about its internal temperature and humidity.

Now the look of the BH with sun light shield layer:

Just look at the number of birds flying around the monkey house after two days into operation.

The owner used steel frame covered with green coloured orchid plantation mat.

For better efficiency I told him to use double layered.

It looks good don't they?

It Was An Amazing Result !!!

Look at the above pictures taken about two days ago.

These video clips showing a high density swiftlet activities is how a good BH and well located should look like.

You can see heavy birds activities playing around those tweeters and entering the entrance holes.

These clips were taken two days ago during my short trip to Parit Buntar for a small assignment.

I was on the way to Parit Buntar Perak and have to pass the recently completed BH in Bagan Serai.

Since I was passing by I told myself to stop by and have a good look at the final touches on the heat insulation of the building.

Due to a cool weather there were lots of birds around.

What happened next was amazing.

Those birds must be trying to show off to me that they simply like the sound I installed.

I was involved in the rectification of the BH plus installation of nesting planks, its sound system and the selection of proper sounds.

I asked the owner to cover the outside wall in order to reduce the internal temperature.

The number of birds gather was not less than 200 and I was so carried away with the magnificent views I nearly forgot about my Parit Buntar appointment.

"Pak Harry I am now waiting for you at Parit Buntar BH which you are supposed to visit today.  Can I know how far are you from here?" the person on the phone asked.

I told him to give me a few more minutes for me to take a few more video clips to use in my blog,

I have a very strong gut feeling that this BH will be doing well. (You might think otherwise).

As long as the internal temperature is within range and no disruptions by the owners or local council I think there will a sizeable number of tenants soon (very soon).

"Hey Sir, I am at your Bagan Serai BH now and it is full of visitors." I told the owner.

The owner was so excited and wanted to know more.

The result is mainly due to its location.

There were plenty of birds around and any good sound will draw them over.

My advise to all, please try to choose the right location before deciding to build your dream BH.

If you are not sure how to call 017 7551318.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Recycle Your BH Bird Shit Smell !!!

(Exhaust air intake)

I love ideas or surprises on something new that I have never thought before.

This particular person is a bit too carried away with his second BH.

He owned two BHs now and the third unit will be up very soon.

The first BH was a bit problematic with lots of mistakes due to the facts that he totally left everything to his so call failed consultant.

Now he learned from his stupid mistakes and got some one who he can ask freely about every thing under the sky and he will answer with professional explaination.

The person he meant was "Pak Harry".

He took one year to study everything that can help to boost his 2nd swiftlet BH.

He even came out with his own idea.

This particular idea is something simple but make some interesting sense.

Normally when you need to circulate air inside your VIP room you will open lots of ventilation holes in the room or perhaps blow in fresh air using suction fan.

Other might choose to suck the air out and let fresh air be suck into the VIP to replace the vacuum chamber.

What happened to the air filled with those bird shit smell?

They are normally blown out to the atmosphere.

What if you channel these bird shit smell air be push to your entrance hall area?

This is what I am trying to exposed.

You might be able to recycle the bird shit smell back into your BH by pumping the air to the front of the BH so that it will be mixed with fresh air and return to the VIP room where the air was generated.

In this way you will allow the whole house be blown with the smell again.

Yes you recycle the smell and at the same time bring in fresh air inside.

If the air happened not to enter the rooms, due to air flow direction of the day, the air will be push out to the entrance hole.

The smell can help to pull more birds into your BH.

Genius.  I told him about his new method of removing the hot air in his VIP room.

From clearer understanding please refer to the attached pictures:

 (Exhaust fan stationed on the VIP room wall)

 (Exhaust fan box on the outside wall)

 (The 4 inch pvc pipes leading the air to the front)

(The outlet located at the front near the entrance hole)