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Thursday, August 30, 2012

If You Are So Free Try To Do Something More Usefull!!!

I was on line and reading some messages received.

Then come a message from yahoo messenger from one person who wanted my advise about his free time.

"Pak Harry what do you think if I learn how to process those raw nests since I am very free?"

My answer to him was:

"I think you should think of using your free time to get more birds into your BH like insect breeding."

The issue here is if you have a lot of free time and a BH to manage, it is better to learn more on how to populate your BH.

List down all the things that can help to populate your BH and not trying to do the nest processing.

If you have a lot of nests it is another issue but if only one kilogram a month or less, I think it is better to outsource the cleaning to a qualified processing centre.

Try to allocate more time in improving you current BH so that the nests population increases on a reasonable percentage.

The whole idea of having a BH is to make it full within the shortest possible time.

You have very chance to fill it up if you don't do anything to improve its operation.

Give adequate time to learn more above swiftlet farming, learn on how you can improve the nests numbers, learn about insect generating system, learn about using the right external and internal sounds to pull more birds inside, learn about the use of VIP rooms, learn about the wet floor system, learn about how to breed and harvest those insects, learn about how to breed those young birds, learn about the best aroma for your planks, learn about those aroma for the walls and the floors and etc.

I think by the time you get yourself busy with the recommended list of things that you should learn, you will find that all your free time will be over.  Yes games over.

I have another interesting idea that he can spent his free time.

Come out with a small BH that is mobile and cheap for those poor fellows who owned land and lots of free land available at the back yard.

If you have a proven mobile BH you might want to set this BH at the back of these poor fellows and set a join venture with them.

The will allow you to use a small part of the unused land and look after it from predators.

Give them 50% of the harvest.

If there are reasons that you cannot continue just move the BH to another new location.

This will be ideal if you have some extra cash stashed in your Bank.

You not only get more BH but lesser cost in buying those land.

Beside owning more BHs you also help these poor land owners, especially local ethnic, to share the wealth given by our almighty.

There is always benefits when you share something with those who cannot effort to own one by themselves.

If you think this idea of mind is great please let me know.

I might have a suitable designed BH for such a project.

Call 017 7551318 if you wish to contribute to help those poor land owners.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Easy and Fast Enough To Get Eco Park Status !!!

If you are new in swiftlet farming industry you must be ignorance about last year ruling about using shop houses as swiftlet house.

The new regulation was that you are no longer allowed to convert your shop houses into BH.

There is a big possibilities that all those BHs located inside shop house will be required to be shut down in total.

If you continue with the operation you will be given summon on either on a daily or weekly or monthly depending on how strict the local authority governing your BH area.

Maybe not now but it will be once the time is right.

Just imagine having to pay RM300 - RM500  every day?

This action will make you bankrupt within a few short month.

The ideal way in avoiding this mishap is to own a BH on a piece of agricultural land that is closed by to your office or house.

Again what if the local council is against your action to erect a BH on your piece of land due to some complains that it was to near to a mosque or school or airport or residential area?

I think the best solution is to acquire a piece of property, a BH, that is erected on an approved land for swiftlet farming.

The idea here is to secure your investment in a safe haven.

This is where Swiftlet Eco Park come to be your rescue.

Before you buy a unit make sure the land title is with an approved letter from the local authority.

Get a copy of it and perhaps check with the relevant authority who issued the said letter.

There are not many legal or approved Swiftlet Eco Park in Malaysia.

If there is the cost per unit will be exorbitant.  The moment you look at the offered price you will drop dead.

Main reason being the developer believed that he is the only person who got it approved and getting approval takes a very long time and it was a pain in the neck.

However there are a few developers who are more reasonable.

One good example is the developer of Trong Eco Park in Taiping Perak.

They are looking at about RM688,000 for a four and half stories high.  A very unusual low price for an approved swiftlet farming project.

The first batch of 14 units will be open for sale this Sunday and I was invited to give a small talk to potential buyers.

If you are looking for a suitable place to invest, this is one of the best option so far.

I have a very strong feeling that once the main building is up and about to be put into operation its cost will easily jumped to RM900,000.

If they are soon be populated with swiftlet nests your property value will escalate proportionately based on the number of nests in your BH.

It used to be RM1,000 per fully developed nest however if it is only RM500 per nest it is still worth it.

Other interesting points about this Eco Park are:

1) It is located on an agricultural land that is surrounded by palm oil plantation.  Palm oil plantation usually have a very strong ability to lure lots of insects to its flowers.

2) Close proximity to the approved land there are a number of large water ponds that used to be tin mining land.  The usefulness of water to swiftlet farming is well known.  They don't only quench thirst but generate lots of insects in the evening and night.

3) The number of unit made available is limited to 14 for this 1st phase.  This number is very low as compared to many other Eco Parks. Easier to get them populated

4) The BHs are 4 and half stories high.  The height is to ensure that the entrance hole will be always above the palm oil trees.

5) Only the three top floors will be converted into swiftlet houses while the ground floor can be used for storage house or business outlets.

6) One of the very strong point about this project is when the developer, who is not highly knowledgeable about swiftlet farming, appoint Pak Harry as a resident advisor. Each owner will be required to use Pak Harry's service to renovate the BH subject to the options provided.

6A) The Eco Park shall be allocated with suitable space for Insect Barn Operation.  Each insect barn can produce about 5 kilograms of insect per day.  This will be the key attraction for those wild birds in the area.

7) There will be three options that will help those who purchased the BH.  The Basic option, the Economy option and the Five Stars option.

8) Each option will have its advantages and the cost for each vary about 20K to 35K per floor.

9) The owner can arrange for a maintenance contract to ensure that their BH are well looked after once put into operation mode.

10) For security monitoring purposes owners have the option to choose burglar alert CCTV package that will allow receiving of alerts if there are any intruder into the BH.

A very interesting project that you should not miss the free preview to be help in Taiping Perak on Sunday September 2nd 2012.

If you are keen to evaluate and be one of the owner please call

Mr Gordon Chew at 017 4711511 now.

I will be there to give my opinion and you will know better to buy or not to buy.

If you have the money, just book one unit and perhaps sell it later once the BH is completed.

You can easily gain about RM100K to RM150K in less than 6 months.

For more help call 017 7551318

Monday, August 27, 2012

Usage Of WAV Formated Sound !!!

All these years I was never moved in trying to use any other sound format except MP3.

The "lossy" MP3 format can actually change the actual sound quality due to its compression where lots of those so called not important data were removed.

In audio world the format normally used are classify into three types:

1) The Uncompressed or Original sound (WAV, AIFF, AU,PCM)
2) The Lossless format (FLAC, APE, WV, TTA, WMA Lossless, MPEG4, SHN)
3) The Lossy format (MP3, AAC, ATRAC, WMA Lossy, Mousepac)

I am not very familiar with the rest but only familiar with WAV, MP3, and WMA.

Most sound tracks available to be used in our BH are those of MP3 format.

This is mainly due to the type of amplifiers that are only designed to read the most common format ie MP3.

Once you purchase these suitable for MP3 amplifiers you are forced to use only MP3 sound format.

If you look up at the classification of sound formats you can see that MP3 is the most compressed and lots of losses.

When we term losses it means that more data are being removed in order to reduce the memory size of the actual song.

Please read this paragraph taken from Wikipedia website:

Lossy compressed audio formats

Lossy compression enables even greater reductions in file size by removing some of the data. Lossy compression typically achieves far greater compression than lossless compression by simplifying the complexities of the data.[6] This of course results in a reduction in audio quality, but a variety of techniques are used, mainly by exploiting psychoacoustics, to remove the data that has least effect on perceived quality. For many everyday listening situations, the loss in data (and thus quality) is imperceptible. The popular MP3 format is probably the best-known example, but the AAC format found on the iTunes Music Store is also common. Most formats offer a range of degrees of compression, generally measured in bit rate. The lower the rate, the smaller the file and the more significant the quality loss.

This is where we need to rethink of choosing the right type of amplifier(s) that can play those original uncompressed sound format.

No more MP3 type but maybe WAV format type.

I was very lucky to be approached by a local amplifier manufacturer who read my blog and contacted me in person wanted me to try his newly assembled product.

"Pak Harry the reason why I contacted you is because you are an inventor like me.  You have invented and introduced many new things in swiftlet farming industry and I think I am similar as an inventor.  My field is specially on sound system and solar energy."

He started sending his first batch of amplifiers and later another new model.

The best was the most recent.

"Pak Harry this latest black box have a unique ability to read those uncompressed sound format.  It will be crystal clear and those birds might love the sound better that the MP3 sounds."

This newly assembled box can play four different sounds example two internal sounds and two external sounds.

You are given some wire connectors to connect any of them to those Hager timers for timing setting if you wish to.

The moment I got hold of the new untested amplifier I took it to the nearest BH under my care and replaced those old amplifiers.

I managed to get those WAV formatted sound, my favourite is the Pukau2 revision.

Started its virgin operation and from what I can observed they seems to attract more attention of those wild birds.

The next point of interest is to see how this new gadget will help to improve the number of birds entering and staying for the night within the next three months.

It will be something interesting and after telling the developer the story he quip:

"Pak Harry I am prepared to assemble the configuration of the best amplifier for BH.  I need your feedback and if you have any preferred configuration let me know.  I can put them together in just one week."

A very interesting word and I am not going to sit on it but will get him to put together a set that will allow me to play those WAV sounds for my internal, external and the last tango.

If you wish to have the best for your BH, I think this will one of the best option.

Remember you need to know how to develop or get the higher quality sound format first.

There is no use to go into this gadget and still playing those MP3 format.

It defeat the purpose of changing the amplifiers.

For more details please call 017 7551318.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inspiring Chocolate Bar Tweeters !!!

Two different person with the same opinion on the effectiveness of my chocolate bar tweeters.

The first person was from Kelantan while the second was from Sarawak.

"Pak Harry, I have been following your blog and recently I introduce your chocolate bar tweeters inside my BH.  Yes it works and the new birds seems to be attracted and follow the path of those chocolate bar into the rooms."

A nice comment made by this Sarawakian newbie who happened to SMS to me his comment on my invention.

The second comment about the same gadget was from the same guy who treated me to his "Musang King" Durian when I was in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan recently.

"Hey Pak Harry, your highway chocolate bar tweeters idea seems to be more effective than your chandelier tweeters. The chandelier tweeter lost its function already !!"

The precise message send to me recently.

I am happy that these comments came from people who read my blog and install the gadget to see if they really works.

I can only provide the idea and if you want to see if it works try them.

If any of my idea should work let me know.

You can write or SMS to 017 7551318 or

It will be better if you can sent me any picture or video clip to proof that it works.

My idea is to share these findings with all those who are new and wanted to improve their nest population.

If my idea works let us share with them.

The more working ideas are generated and used the more we can full fill our dreams of having a full BH.

Best of luck to all those who are always willing to try new things.

Remember try and share some !!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Benefits Of Insect Breeding For Your BH !!!

I would like to write a bit more about insect breeding benefits with special emphasis on swiftlet farming.

In Malaysia swiftlet farming with insect breeding is in its very early stage.

Not many people have any idea on what kind of benefits insect breeding will do to their BHs.

Today I have an opportunity to have breakfast with a newbie who happened to be very fascinated with insect breeding for swiftlet farms.

"Pak Harry, initially after reading your blog on insect breeding I thought it was nothing more than a gimmick.  However after doing more research and attending Pak Agung's Seminar about insect breeding, I think you are right.  My BH nest population now is doing well, above my expectation, not only more nests but they are larger in size.  I can see that most of my tenants are larger in body size thus their nests are also bigger."

Pak Agung is a swiftlet farmer located somewhere near Surabaya who adopted insect breeding as his method to populate his BH.  His dedication not only bring more birds from his neighbours BH to his but he met  a group of demonstrators, about 200 of them, marching beside his BH who later ended their street demonstration to a Police station nearby.

Just imagine a group of demonstrators who start marching beside your BH,cursing at you, throw some missiles and they can become rowdy.

These people claimed that Pak Agung stole their birds away using a kind of magic portion however Pak Agung managed to convince the Police chief that what he did was nothing more than providing food to those wild birds.

After attending Pak Agung's seminar this Malaysian newbie came back and started his insect generating barn.

He later decided to breed these insect inside his BH, on the ground floor.

There is no turning back for the benefits he sees is worth the effort he put in.

For me we swiftlet farmer must take this as a good lesson.

Insect breeding is something that can help to populate our empty or stagnant nests in your BH.

Not only there will be more birds entering your BH but they will become well fed and larger in size.

I am sure if you breed these insect diligently for at least 4-6 months you will get the result.

I have a very good experience using insect breeding my self.

My sincere observation was that within less than 3 weeks  after starting  insect breeding one of my research BH it got a massive 30% increase in the number of birds entering the house during late evening.

Remember I am talking about birds population but not nests population.

More birds means more nests within the next few months.

This is within about 3 weeks.  What if after 12 months?

I will continue conducting this research and if insect breeding helps to increase the population, I will be the first to recommend that every BH should have insect breeding system at a part of your new BH.

If you already have a BH without insect breeding, my recommendation is to try to find suitable place inside or outside for insect breeding.

You can order the insect generating powder easily and mix it with normal water.

For easier start up you can also purchase those starter insects during your start up.

Trust me on this for I am here to help you with your BH problems.

One common problem is in populating your BH with birds.  Insect generation is one of the many methods.

For more details in getting the insect food or proper design of insect breeding please call 017 7551318.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How I Enlarged An Entrance Hole by 30% !!!

(Enlarged entrance hole with Black Paint On its Perimeter.  Look at the hexagonal tweeter placement.)

There are many ways to make those swiftlet feel comfortable in entering a new BH.

One of the way is to make the entrance hole larger or looks larger than before.

The reason why you do this is to allow those wild birds to come to the entrance hole and feel easy to enter and fly out if they feel unsafe.

They can enter in in single file or in a large group with no fear of feeling trapped inside.

To those who uses deep tunnel to distribute these visitors to all the floors the best is to have a window that is high to allow those birds to fly at a sharper angle towards the respective floors.

What I did in Parit Buntar Perak was something that you can to learn.

First I open the main entrance hole wider by hacking the side (1 foot) and lower part (1.5 feet).

I then install a wooden frame made from excess nesting planks.  The wood frame will be easier to install those tweeters.

To make this entrance door looks larger my worker pain the entrance hole perimeter with black paint.

The paint lining was about 8 inches wide.

This painting works makes the entrance hole looks larger by 16 inches to it side and 16 inches more to the height.

From far those birds will have the impression that the window is pretty wide and safe to fly in and rush out, in case of feeling threaten.

This widening method will be a useful tool for your BH.

The are a few problems associated with enlarging the hole especially owl entering and too much light.

These two issues can be easily resolve if you know how to.

If you wish to know more write to

(Initial size of Parit Buntar BH, Small and Bare.)

(My worker hacking the window.  First the side frame,about 1 foot and later the lower frame, about 1.5 feet)

(The perimeter of the rectangular hole was painted with black coloured paint. It looks larger and bigger than before.  The hexagonal tweeter makes the entrance hole more desirable.) 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Natural Nest Foundation Slipper Made Of Raw Nest !!!

(The Nest Foundation on a 6"x6' slipper wood)

If you think that Pak Harry is now out of new ideas, you are not right or totally wrong.

I think there is something new that I can say it came from my thick headed brain.

I called is as the "Nest Foundation Slipper".

This interesting new idea came about when I was soaking those raw nests to be used for my next BH revamp project.

While stirring those wet soggy nests in a container something strike my mind.

"Why can't we use these soft raw nest to act as the foundation to attract those young birds to start building their nest?"

Well I keep thinking on how to create those mould onto say a piece of nesting plank wood about 6"x6".

There must be some method to make the mould but what can be the best option which can be easily available, cheap and can be folded to the required shape?

While visiting a shop selling those bakery material supplier I saw these trays made of a very thin aluminium.

After touching it and feel its thickness I think I have found the answer to turn it into a mould.

Yes I can cut the aluminium tray into strips about half an inch wide and make some cut to allow the material to form the shape I wanted.

I managed to get my workers to cut a few pieces of those nesting planks into slipper about 6 inches by 6 inches.

I used those hot glue gun to get the shape I wanted and hola the moulds were ready to receive those soft fermented raw nests.

Using a small tweezers I filled the mould with the raw nest.

After finishing I let the nest to dry and once dried remove the aluminium mould.

Oh yes it looks exactly like the base of a nest.

What I need to do now is to screw the slipper onto a selected location on the nesting plank.

Now under trial and I hope if those birds likes them I will be the first to manufacture this interesting idea.

There is nothing better than inventing something new.

You might want to try this but if it works please let me know.

Sent any photos to

(The aluminium foil glued to a piece of wood)

(The raw nest being inseted in between the foil)

(Dried and ready for foil removal)

(Once foil being remove, those glue marks will be cut and removed)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wet Floor System Can Reduce Those Noise From Your Chicken Coop Humidifiers !!!

A BH owner who seems to appreciate my idea of installing those wet floor system in his BH.

"Pak Harry I am of the opinion that by having the wet floor system I can switch of my chicken coop humidifiers.  The only set back is that I need to water the sand every three weeks."

A nice comment made by a BH owner whose BH was revamped by me and my workers about 1.2 years ago.

I remembered designing his BH with two partitions to block those light from the entrance hole area.

The second partition was to create the VIP room.

Inside the room I created a walking path and to both the left and right I created those wet floor system.

What he needed now is to wet the sand on a regular basis.

Initially he uses those auto wetting gadget but it was not properly functioning.

On many occasions the gadget will cause flooding and once that happened his tenant downstairs will be calling for immediate actions.

By adopting manual wetting of the sand every three weeks he can now rest peacefully with no more flooding calls.

One very interesting comment made by him was where those birds prefer to stay.

Nearly 80% of his tenants stays inside the so named VIP room. It was my idea and he thank me for coming out with such a marvellous idea.

"Those swiftlet prefer your VIP room Pak Harry.  I think the like to hide behind the wall which are much darker or perhaps the wet floor provide the coolness and high humidity."

What I did for him was nothing more than doing something that I was cock sure that those birds likes the dark room.

The wet sand not only helps to retain water but when those fresh bird droppings landed on the wet surface they will be wet and emit bird shit aroma.

This natural smell will make your BH smell much better and very attractive to those new swiftlet that entered the BH for the first time.

Another big benefit of using this wet floor system is that the wet sand will not breed mosquito.

All that you need are a roll of plastic sheet, about 15 bags of fine sand and water.

You need to lay the plastic sheet on the floor properly to create something like a pool about 5 inches deep.

Pour those fine sand and level them to about 1 inch thick.

You can than sprinkle those tap water on the sand. Make the sand wet.

It you wanted to add more power to your VIP room try to sprinkle some fresh bird shit on the wet sand.

If you wish to have this idea install please call 017 7551318

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Reports On Super Pheromone Effectiveness !!!

This week alone there were two users who got immediate results after using my recommended "Super Pheromone".

"Pak Harry do you know something?  If you can catch those swiftlet in your BH try to smell it.  The bird's smell is quite similar to your "Super Pheromone".  That might be one good reason why those swiftlet loves your Pheromone."

I was surprised with this new statement.  Maybe the next time I am inside my BH I will try to catch and test their smell !!!

This particular person showed me a number of photographs that he took after using my "Super Pheromone" to prove his points.

I was pretty impress with his willingness to share this special information.

The next person who was desperately searching for the same product was my BH equipment supplier.

I was on the phone with him telling me about what happened during his last trip to Cambodia.

"Pak Harry I was asked to search for the supplier of this blue coloured cannister called "Super Pheromone". This guy in Cambodia indicated that the product is very effective there and he need to travel 60 kilometres to Ho Chi Min City to get one. When I search in the internet, I came to know that you have them."

Now I know that this product if properly used can draw more birds into BHs in Cambodia.

Prior to this I have adequate proofs that it is very effective in Sabah, Sarawak, Vietnam and now Cambodia.

How about Peninsular Malaysia.

You need to listen to this interesting story from a newbie whose BH is in Kota Sarang Semut Kedah.

"Pak Harry, after reading you blog I installed those fake nests.  At first they were not that effective.  Once I applied your Super Pheromone, many of them were with nests.  It seems to be effective here in Kedah."

I begin to acknowledge that this marvellous product is beginning to show its effective every where where there are swiftlet.

The main point is how to make it effective.

You cannot simply apply it here and there in your BH but I would rather make a proper plan on how to optimize its effectiveness.

Let me give you some guidelines:

First you must make sure those swiftlet do enter your BH.  You can get them in by using external sound plus have some power tweeters to pull them to your BH.

Your next step is to ensure that your BH is micro habitats is within the range.  Most important are its darkness, temperature and humidity.

Your BH must have adequate number of external tweeters to pull those birds from your monkey house into your VIP room (nesting room).

You also make sure you have a reasonable number of internal sound tweeters installed ( 1.5 pieces per square meters).

You now install about 100 to 150 pieces of those fake nests.  These fake nests must be installed about 1.5 to 2 inches away from your internal sound tweeters.

Get about 2 cannisters of this wonder pheromone (Super Pheromone) and spray on all the fake nests.

You are now ready to receive those swiftlet.

Start your external sound and see how many will enter and refuse to come out of the BH.

Try to count the number of birds entered your BH before the pheromone application and after one to two weeks try to recount the number.

There will be some increase and I can assure you that within the next one month the number will jump by at least 30-50%.

You must not easily gives up if the response were not to your anticipation.

The best you could do is to reapply the Pheromone again after one month period.

Try to apply the pheromone in the morning say 10:00am.

Those who have tried and failed to produce result, I would suggest that you get someone knowledgeable to inspect your BH and get his audit report.

There must be something that causes those birds not reaching the nesting room.

If they reach they will be lured to those fake nests laced with this special aroma.

If you don't have any person to do the audit call 017 7551318

Look at all these fake nests with tenants.  All of them were populated due to the Super Pheromone.

Trust your "Sifu" because my work is to get the best solution to draw more birds into your empty BH.

This particular "Magic Spray" do give results if you know how to use it effectively.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Small BH With Little Nests !!!

I was given the opportunity to visit a BH about 20 feet x 30 feet x 3 stories high at Kota Sarang Semut, Kedah during this weekend.

A very interesting BH with very interesting problems.

After more than 3 years into operation this BH managed to secure about 40 nests. Not bad for a DIY operator.

Base on my inspection this BH could have done better if it was properly designed with lesser light polluting the main nesting rooms.

I was very surprised with the number of nests collected with such bright light inside the nesting room.

The light came mainly from the monkey house and those wrongly designed ventilation holes.

One very interesting observation made were where most of these nests were.

I was not surprised that the owner claimed that most of his BH nests were on those fake nests.

"Pak Harry, initially they did not respond to those fake nests.  However after spraying them with your Super Pheromone, they started to occupy most of them."

The owner claimed that he have been following my blog for almost two years now and begin to realize that there was something not right with his BH.

The nests number stop climbing and he could not determine what was wrong with it.

The best was to get an outsider, someone he can trust, to drop by to check on what can be the possible reasons.

The only person that he was confident with was Pak Harry.

"Pak Harry, frankly I started this BH with zero knowledge and after following your blog I begin to learn so many things.  I tried some of your recommendations and most of them works very well.  However I personally believed that there are major problems than needs a knowledgeable person to analyse my BH problems.  The right person is you."

I got this remark from him after I asked him how he came to know about Pak Harry.

As I mentioned earlier his BH could have done better if he knew on how to block those bright light from polluting his nesting rooms.

Other important issues were as follows:

1) The hexagonal tweeters was not properly located on the roof. He confessed that he just started using the hexagonal but give little attention on where to be located and precisely how high above the roof.

2) The external sound tweeters installed on the entrance window were not proper.

3) The monkey house tunnel seems to be constricted by two cement slabs about 2.5 feet wide each.

4) The light from the monkey house was not properly blocked.  The partitions used were very loosely done and he was not sure where the door to bring those birds into the nesting room to be located.

5) The BH ventilation holes were wrongly designed.  His contractor seems to have little idea on the right choice of ventilation holes selection.

6) The BH nesting planks looks very dusty and need some cleaning.

7) Nesting planks needs to be installed with additional wood crossings.

8) Current tweeters installation were not proper with no cluster tweeters, bar tweeters and kite tweeters to pull those birds into the nesting rooms.

9) The cable used were not the right type and the installer seems to have very little ideas on how they should be done.  Lots of cables were hanging without proper clips securing them properly.

10) The number of fake nests were too little.  Currently more than 30% of all the fake nests were occupied.

11) The number of internal sound tweeters were also too little and not to my expectation.

12) The BH was a bit too dry.  The humidifier used were too little and not automatically ran.

13) The Amplifier used were not properly set and the volume was too low.

I pointed out to the owner that his BH should be okay if all my recommendations are taken seriously and correction done as soon as he can.

I will be happy to help in giving my advise on what I feel appropriate.

After submitting my visit report and talk to him about those issues he thank me for being so honest.

He knew about some of them but prefer to have some one that can confirmed what he knew earlier.

I hope he will attend to the BH quickly and I think he can double the nests number within the next 6-9 months.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Make A Longer Lasting Perfume Smell !!!

(A container filled with fermented raw nests water with drilled cover)

Another interesting idea of making a new BH smells good.

This idea was carried out before and pretty similar to those perfume garden.

The perfume garden method uses smaller bottle by this new idea is to use a larger container which can stored about 500 millilitre of "perfume".

The selected containers were not placed on the nesting planks but on the cement walls.

The best perfume, from my point of view, is the fermented raw nests.

Get about 3-5 raw nests (the dirties or broken nests) and soak them for at least 5 days.

Use about 2.5 litres of plain water for soaking.

Once ready drain the raw water into a separate container.

Take those soft nests ready to be placed inside those plastic containers that were screwed to a piece of 6"x6" nesting planks.

The containers should be about 1.5 feet below the nesting planks.

Insert the soft raw nest using a spoon or a pincher evently.

Once that is done you can pour water into these container so 3/4 height.

Cover the containers  and make sure you drill holes on the covers.

The smell of these fermented raw nests will make the BH smell better to those swiftlet and they might feel less stress or more at home.

No guarantees but all you need is some good ideas.

Good ideas comes from Pak Harry

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(Where to install them)

(On the walls of the VIP room just below the beam)

(Three per wall is good enough)

(At close range how it looks like)

(Make sure there are lots of holes to allow the aroma to be released)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's Do Some Fishing Of Swiftlet In Your BH !!!

(My Idea of Fishing of Swiftlet is to locate their favourite spots and lay as many fake nests as possible .  Spray your favourite pheromone on these fake nests.) 

Can any one tell me how to fish swiftlet?

I am sure you will be saying that I am a joker.

However I recently come out with this interesting idea which I think you might want to consider or perhaps follow my interesting idea.

This crazy swiftlet fishing idea came out during my revamp operation of Parit Buntar BH.

My workers and me took about 6.5 days to complete the straight forward renovation.

During the final few days of the operation that I asked my workers to carry out night inspection inside the VIP rooms so that I can roughly know where those swiftlet prefer to stay.

Well what I did during this trial period was to play one of my favourite external sound after we stop work for the day i.e after 6:00pm until 9:00pm.

The internal sound was also my super favourite the Superbabyking.

My intention was to evaluate if those birds have difficulties in entering the new design and which area do they like the most.

I believed with the new flight orientation they will have some spots which will become their favourite area to stay.

On the the first day of the test, my worker reported that there were about 8 birds staying and most of them stayed together at one location.

The second night the number went up to 14 birds and they still stay nearly the same spot where there was one single nest with a grown up baby.

I took a closer look at the precise location and check the number of bird shit on the floor (picture attached)

There was no doubt about it and inside my mind I told myself to do something to force them to stay there forever but with their nests.

I needed a plan to push them to stay and this was what came to my mind.

If there is something that will attract them it shall be either those pheromone or fake nests or both.

My final plan was to use both. The fake nests plus those special pheromone.

I still have a pack of those aluminium fake nests and a bottle of the Super Pheromone.

Quietly I climb the ladder and started the installation of all the aluminium fake nests and later spray all with the super pheromone.

I have a strong feeling this will work.

The only way is to know if this fishing operation works is to wait until my next visit.

If this fishing idea works I would suggest that all of you out there should try this marvellous idea.

Yes you can fish them to immediately be your tenant.

My fishing idea is nothing more than look for those spots that they love to stay and quickly lay some kind of bait to get them to "Bite".  The word " bite" means they will quickly build their nests and lay an egg.

Once they lay one egg they will be your permanent tenant forever.

The very interesting about using fake nest is that the young couple can shorten their building of nest time.

Once they have found the fake nest (ready to receive eggs) the male can persuade his lady partner to start the mating process.  Once mated she will lay her eggs within 8 days.

I might be wrong but what if I am right?

Just think about this interesting idea and sleep on it tonight.

For more details call 0177551318.

Remember this, there is no one out there is willing to share his ideas but Pak Harry will.

(The only nest in the house with one baby)

(The fishing method is to set as many fake nests applied with aroma)

At another angle.