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Friday, May 15, 2015

Somewhere In Tangkak Johor !!!!

Another BH with a very strange phenomena.

This BH, according to the owner, have been operating almost 3 years.

The birds flew above the BH by the hundreds every day above its rooftop.

However up to the day that I visited the number of nest was zero.  Yes not a single nest.

Same with many failed BH this BH have nearly the same symptoms.

The BH design was nothing to be proud off.

The BH main entrance hole was not facing the east and also not towards the birds flying home path.

A very common error which I believed that be easily rectified.

My biggest hurdle will be the owner attitudes towards what I have recommended.

From the way the discussion was held I think he will leave everything to his worker who I think is not very well educated person.

I might need to work hard in order for all those changes recommended are installed as per my written recommendations.

The key to success will be the change in attitude by the building owner and not his worker.

He must carefully monitor his workers and make sure all those recommended things are implemented.

I will wait for his call if he needed some help.

My recommendation to his are as follows:

1) He need to cut those tall trees blocking his main entrance.

2) He need to relocate his main entrance hole to face the east and at the same time towards the birds flying home path.

2A) Drew a picture on how to install those external sound tweeters at the new entrance hole.

3) I insisted the installation of a hexagonal tweeter above the main entrance hole.

4) The roving area and its tunnel need to undergo some modification to allow those birds to fly in with ease.

5) The VIP room on each floor must be looked into.

6) The nesting rooms darkness were not right and I asked him to minimise those bright light coming from those exhaust fan's holes.

7) The nesting planks were too dirty and need some cleaning up.

8) The number of internal sound tweeters were unadequate.

9) No fake nests any where inside the nesting rooms.

10) Both his external and internal sound are old and not effective.

11) He need to monitor his BH temperature.  Something was terribly wrong with the heat felt inside.

12) The BH has no humidifier.  I reminded him to install some kind of mist making pump.

There were a number of things that I put forward and I hope he will carry out all my recommendations.

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