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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Latest 2 Stories Dual Entries BH Design !!!

After many good weeks I have finally got my architect to finish the most beautiful BH with all the necessary features that will get all those swiftlet that fly above or around into the BH.

Once they entered they will be given the best features that will make them to feel at home, safe and with minimum stress.

This new design have the following features:

1) The design is based on  an optimum size of 25 feet width by 75 feet in length.

2) I choose two stories but it can be easily elevated to be a 3 stories.

3) It has a two types of entrance holes, the top entry type and a monkey house with not less than 2 windows.

4) The VIP room of the top most floor, located at the end of the room is slightly elevated to allow those wild birds to have longer air time for their foreplay.

5) I have specially included a pond about half the size of a badminton court at the front of the entrance holes. The pond can be used to breed marine insects.

5) The Top Entry will be a tunnel from the top most floor till the lowest. Main reason is to allow those insects produced by a specially design insect barn to be introduced into the BH.

6) The monkey house tunnel will provide not less than two entrance holes.  The main entrance and the secondary entrance.

7) The BH is designed with an insect barn that can easily generate about 5 kg of insect per day. Internally the insect barn consisted of four different rooms, interconnected with those 6 inch pipes plus about 6 racks to hole those insect soup (food).

8) The design comes with a 3D model where you are able to view section by section and able to rotate the picture at different angle.

9) To those who need 2D CAD drawings, for submission to local council, a set is available.

10) Simple view of the front, top, side and back elevation is also available for your scrutinize.

11) You can opt to have all the package or choose a combination that suite your budget.

Suitable for individual unit or put a few and form an eco park.

For those who have a piece of land you can just plug in the above design into your plot of land and turn it into an eco park.

The most beautiful with all the jeweleries and gadget to attract those birds into it within the shortest possible time, subject to bird call test result.

Those who have the intention of getting one please email your interest and I would be happy to provide the cost of owning this very state of the art drawing.

Call 017 755 1318 now.........

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pak Harry,

Would like to thank you for your possinate seminar 2 weeks ago. It is better then attending seminars far away in Indonesia. You tauhgt us about the resistence of birds wanting to stay in bird house and how to oveercame them. Thanks for the informative and affective tips. Thanks pak. I will sign up to ettend your next seminar in July.