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Friday, April 17, 2015

Highly Potential Super Grade BH !!!

On my recent trip to Trengganu visited this BH located somewhere closed to the Trengganu Stadium (Collapsed Stadium).

The owner became very agitated when his BH has only 15 nests after operating for 3 years.

The BH miserable performances is not helpful with his family relationship.

He should have used the land to build some home stay houses which at least he can earned some income.

Well after spending some time inside his BH I told him something which stunt him.

"Your BH have a very strong potential of producing Super Grade bird nests" I informed him.

What do you meant by that?

Based on the shapes and sizes of those 15 nests found in his BH I told him that his tenants are large and have a very strong ability to produce large shape nests that once done they can fetch the Super Grade nests categories.

Super grade are those raw nests that are large (four fingers), thick and if his BH is properly managed they will be ivory white.

These Super Grade fetched a price much higher than the standard grade A.

Current price of grade A is around RM 1600, super grade might be as high as RM 2400 a kilogram.

We are looking at a RM 800 per kilogram price different.

His BH seems to be located below those Super Grade bird's species flying home path.

The only big problem was his BH location (in the middle of a residential area).

I let down my list of things that I found inside which he might want to modify.

I told him that my recommendations are based on a BH on an agricultural land without any loud mouth neighbors.

1) The first thing he should do is to relocate his main entrance hole direction towards the flying home path.  Current his BH main entrance hole is facing the opposite.

2) He need to install a hexagonal tweeter.  Once installed he need to think of the best method how to time the sound so that it will not affect his neighbors.

3) The old entrance holes (he opened two) need to be shut off so that the amount of light entering the monkey house area is under control.

4) His BH uses this 45* slope flying in path.  Once the birds entered his monkey house they need to make a 90* turn towards the staircase whole Lubang Antara Lantai is beside it.  The amount of light coming down from the monkey house is simply too much.  I recommended a kind of partition on the top most floor just to block those bright light.

5) The three nesting floors were simply too big and not advisable at the moment.  What I wanted him to do is to shut off temporary the two floors and concentrate on the ground floor.  The ground floor seems to be their preferred floor with the most number of nests at the moment.  The room temperature and humidity were more friendly to those wild birds.  Once the ground floor is populated to about 500-1000 nests he might want to reactive the other two floors.

6) The current floor plan (ground floor) need a kind of reorganization.  He need to erect a few walls and remove those that are blocking those birds flying path.

7) His BH nesting planks need some cleaning.  I think he should learn how to clear those dust, footsteps markings and fungus. I plan to coach him on what to do.

8) I will also would like to see that all those corner covers be removed.  These 90* corners are the number one choice of those birds.  Blocking them is like asking those lovely birds to go away because I don' like you to stay in this BH.

9) He need to increase the number of internal sound tweeters.  I told him that I am very unhappy that the number of internal sound tweeters were too little and at the same time not precisely installed.

10) He know that his 30 odd tenants love those fake nests.  Nearly half of those nests were erected on the fake nest and the rest at 90* corners.  I recommended that he should installed at least 300 fake nests.  Each must be precisely located and not every where.

11) His sound system seems to be very bad.  The data room was cluttered with too many rubbish.  His amplifier setting were all wrong and at the same time arranged poorly.  I need to get an upgrade system for him.

This BH if he follows all those recommendation will be easily populated, I told him.

My guarantee to him was that within 10-12 months he should have at least 60 new nests.

Yes now only 15 but I think he can easily reach 95 within the next 12 months.

He need to listen and follow my prescription and try not to listen to too many advisers.

Let us hope that he will get where he wanted with his BH.

I am just trying to help.

Call me if your BH is facing the same problem.  017 7551318

Yah, like wife no longer in good term with you after you erect your BH.

Some very nice pictures obtained inside and outside of his BH.

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