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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why You Need To Get Your BH Inspected On A Regular Basis !!!

 (A typical BH with little nests and needed some kind of inspection)

This week alone I have three calls for some kind of BH inspection.

One from Kuala Selangor , one from Nibong Tebal and one from Melaka.

I also received a couple more email messages on some BH owner who have no birds or very few birds inside their BH after into operation for more than 1.5 years and 4 years.

The one in Kuala Selangor wanted me to quickly come over since he wanted to start some renovation works this weekend.

"Pak Harry actually I wanted to carry out the BH revamp myself but after doing some thinking I feel that it is better for you to come first and diagnose the actual problems.  Maybe I need to carry out more than what I thought.  If there are still more mistakes it will be a waste of time."  he told me on the phone.

Since he requested for it I picked up a date that is suitable for me to travel back from Maran just to inspect his BH.

The second BH to be inspected is somewhere in Nibong Tebal, Penang.  This owner called me more than 3 times and he finally confessed that he wanted me to come down this weekend to take a good look at his ailing BHs.

"Pak Harry please come down to Nibong Tebal and I wanted you to diagnose what is wrong with this BH in town and later I wanted you to inspect two more." I remembered his request made.

I told my wife about the trip and she told me that she would like to be with her parent when I carry out those inspection.

The Melaka BH owner is not very sure to go ahead or not to go ahead.  I wait for his decision to let me take a good look at his ailing BH.

The best was this email message from a BH owner in Perak.

He wrote his BH problem in Malay and attached a number of photos for me to make some kind of diagnosis.

I quickly replied telling him about my opinions and a few recommendations.
The best is still to let me inspect what is wrong and write a full report for him to carry out.

I told him the steps to be taken and I am sure he understand my reasons for it.

This was what I replied to him:

Mr H,

Thank U for the email.

Based on your information ie operating more than 1.5 years and only 2 nests, your BH is in a very critical situation.

Usually this thing happened when your BH design is not proper especially its darkness.  This is a very common mistake done by most BH contractor or by a DIY BH.

Those pictures send seems to show the tendencies.

My sincere suggestion to you is to do the following:

1) Get your BH inspected by a professional "Sifu" to determine what actually is wrong with your BH.

2) Make sure the "Sifu" who carry out the inspection come out with a written report on what is wrong and what corrections need to be done.

3) From the report try to follow all what he recommended and install them precisely.

4) Change the external and internal sounds.

5) Put back the BH into operation for three months.

6) Inspect the BH after three months.

If you do not carry out the above I think your BH will be sick forever.

If you cannot get the righ sifu please contact me for the inspection.  Call 017 7551318.

I will be most happy to help and I have been doing this special job to many BHs.

There will be a small fee to cover my traveling, petrol, toll and professional time.

This week I have two inspection jobs.  One in Kuala Selangor and one at Nibong Tebal.

Just take my advise and I am sure you are on the right direction.

Call me if you wish to get more explanation why your BH need a professional person to inspect it.

My phone is always ready for your 017 7551318.

Have a good day.


If you owned a BH and after so many years into operation with very little nests inside, I would say that your BH is not well.

You best choice is to get someone who is professional to inspect your BH and get a full written report from him.

Pay him a fee for his service and make sure you carry out the recommendation made by him.

My past experiences tells me that more often than not you will see some changes if the professional inspector is good in his work.

BH is like you having your dental check up.

Most people hate to visit a dentist but if you do not carry out your dental check up on a regular basis you will have lots of problems in your mouth.

If you don't know who to come and give you the prognosis let me know. Call 017 7551318

I am not a dentist but every night I sleep with one. (My wife is a dentist)

Take this advise and I am sure you will put your BH on the right track.

Jenjarom BH Visit After Doing Up The Revamp !!!

I decided to pay a visit to this one floor BH located above a shop house in Jenjarom, Banting Selangor.

The owner took my visit report seriously and revamped the BH word by word.

He and his workers were very surprised with the heat shield effect.

"Pak Harry my workers were skeptical about the method using your heat shield rolls and overlaid with those cement boards.  However after the whole operation the room temperature dropped by more than 1.5*C.  Now dropped to 28-29*C while before this it was above 30-31*C." he said.

I took a good look and was very very pleased with what he did.

Beside heat shield the back wall he installed the followings:

* He erected a number of partitions with doors in accordance to my visit report.  The front door a bit smaller as compared to the back.

* He installed more internal sound tweeters.

* I can see a sizable number of fake nests closed to those internal sound tweeters.

* He used those pole tweeters to pull birds into the three rooms by installed these tweeters on the door frames.

* I was very pleased with two wet floor system he erected.

* The chocolate tweeters were well done and precisely located.

*Those extension pvc piper covering the ventilation hole were long enough.

*The hexagonal tweeter was relocated precisely and mentioned in my report.

*He installed a number of power tweeters to act as his last tango system.

Almost perfect once I tweak all his amplifiers plus connect a new amplifier to used it as the last tango sound player.

I took more than one hour to select the best sounds, about 10, to be his latest sound collection.

The test went well.  Out of 11 ten were beautiful.

The birds began their migration action.

The roof top was full of birds during and after the installation  of the best sound from my collection.

After about five minutes while driving home he called.

"Pak Harry my father in law just called.  I already left the BH.  He saw so many birds on the rooftop and he asked me what actually happened.  I think your personal touch is working on my BH."

He was lucky to have met me and asked for help.

His past problem having wrong people to advise on how to improve his BHs performance is over.

Now with my support his own words are as follows:

"I think I can now built any BH and will no longer used the word failed.  I can safely confirmed that I can make any BH successful.  Thanks to you Pak Harry.  You are the only person who is genuine and willing to teach me with so much passion."

I remember him shaking my hand and refusing to let it go.

"Thank you and thank you Pak Harry"

I just smiled and told him that what I did was just a part of my objective to help to reduce the number of failed BHs.

I will do what ever I can just because I love swiftlet farming.

I hope one day when the BH is full he will remember the small things that I did for the BH.

Monday, July 29, 2013

A True Confession: In Love With My Sound Collection !!!

 (A nice picture to demonstrate about how a good sound works)

Today I was like a priest listening to a blog reader who happened to fall in love with my sound collection.

Every time he read my blog he will monitor the name of sound that I mentioned in my article.

Good example during these last few article I was talking about SuperVac, Selking, 

"Pak Harry I have a little confession to you about my sound collection." his first word.

"Ever since I got the sounds from you I dump those old sound into a bin." he explained.

"All of them are not as good as the one I got from you.  Your sounds are superb and unbelievably very effective,"  he started his long confession.

What is so special about them?

"It change my BH into a very active BH.  The best is to combined the SuperVac and SuperBabyKing while the next best is Selking with BabyKing." he tried to teach me his favorite two receipt.

What can be so good about them?

"Prior to this I used those SuperBaby as my internal.  The sound works for a few months and after that my BH nest population became dead." he explained.

With your new sound especially the SuperBabyKing the nest population now start to climb and you can see lots of birds inside refusing the leave the BH.

The BabyKing was also superb.  According to him.

The two external sounds have not failed him.

Your sounds are still the best of the lot.

All those old sounds are useless and not doing their job in my BHs.

"Thank you for your kindness to share with me and I am sure I will be in contact with you to inform about my two BHs."

A similar thing happened yesterday when I put the same sound at Jenjarom.

The owner and his father in law were speachless.

"I have never seen anything like this before."  he claimed

"In my entire life this is the first time I saw so many birds hovering and jumping into my BH." his comment.

He was just very lucky to have discovered me and we are good friend now.

In his own word to me:

"Pak Harry in swiftlet farming I have never came across someone who is so sincere and helpful to make a BH owner successful.  Now after meeting you and learning so much from you I can confirm that I will no longer fail in any BH investment.  Thanks to you."  he shook my hand and refused to let go.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just To Check A New Nesting Plank Aroma !!!

 (Soak the powder with plain water for 5 days before application on your nesting planks)

Whatever you wanted to say about me I don't bother much.

I love to test new things.

Every test that I carried out is just some way to find out if the new finding will help to populate a BH.

While putting the finishing touches at Paja Berenjut BH I got this idea of trying out a powder that was recently purchased from a shop.

It says that if you mix the powder with water for about 5 days and apply to those nesting planks, those swiftlet will quickly build their nests on the affected areas.

Hmm.. let see if it works.

I took half the packet and mixed it up with plain water.

Store it for about three days.

Since the revamp job was about to be completed I put aside the advise of 5 days fermentation but went ahead with the application.

What I did was to choose a suitable zone to be my research area.

A nice corner with about 8 planks about 3 feet long.

Took the cap off and used those paint brush to apply onto the nesting planks.

After a while the liquid dried up.

I hope to see some result during my next visit to the BH.

Give the product adequate time to proof itself that it really works.

If nothing happen I think I have done my part to prove something that not all those materials shown on the shelf can work.

However if it works well, I will the first to apply the same material on all the nesting planks.

Will report the outcome once I have the chance to visit the same BH in a couple of weeks.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you have any query about the product.

 (ready to apply)

 (I applied on the nesting plank surface facing the flying path direction)

 (One whole row about 3 feet lengh per piece)

 (Started to dry up)

 (It looks good and have this hamis smell)

(Drying up after about 15 minutes)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Electricity Supply Auto Starter Is Becoming A Must Installed Gadget In Every BH !!!

(Auto starter Model made by ABB)

I called it as AutoStarter.

It help to reactivate your BH when something goes wrong which let to your whole electrical supply system to shut down.

While waiting to count the number of birds returning to the Kemaman BH the storm was brewing.

I knew it will come and those lightning strike were closer and closer to where I was.

Less than 5 minutes a bright light shot into the sky and it tripped the BH.

It was lucky that this Kemaman BH was installed with an autostarter.

Within about 2-3 seconds the electrical supply came back into operation.

The sound came back and the light on the BH walls started to glow.

This looks like something common which will happen if those lightning strike around your BH.

The moment they came closed even without hitting your BH the electrical system will shut down.

The worst thing to happen is when your BH is on a piece of land with lots of iron one beneath.

I watched it happened and I think the auto stater saved this BH from becoming a dead BH.

There are a number of auto starter in the market and the best is to go for a model that will take more than 3 times.

Hager model can go up to 5 times strikes.

The model shown above can only take 3 strikes.  Yes you need to press the reset button to reactivate it back to zero.

If you do not reset it the system will stop its reactivation action.

There was another model called "Devil" which I saw at Ayer Putih BH being used.

It has a digital counter to indicate the number of times it has reactivated and it can reach up to 8 times.

This is much more reliable however the BH owner indicated that the model is no longer in circulation.

The cost to install a unit is about RM1000 to RM 12000.

The cost of the gadget is about RM800 -RM1200.

If you are staying very far from your BH you will soon realized that the money you spend on this gadget is worth every penny.

Every time it strike will cost you at least RM200 -RM500 to go over and reactivate your electrical system.

If it happened 10 times in 6 months you have saved RM 1200 - RM5000 of rushing to the site.

Remember a BH with no electricity is more or less equal to a dead BH.

So think carefully about what I wanted you to know and act wisely.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A New Tweeter Which I Called "Pole Tweeter" !!!

 ( A New Idea called Pole Tweeter installed on your door frame. )

Something new and very effective.

I saw how it works and the simple design can help you to draw more birds into your BH and your VIP rooms.

The idea is to arrange those 2"x5" tweeters in a row and each tweeter to be on the standing up position.

Minimum number is three and maximum number I leaved it to you to think of making it more effective.

I was on my normal BH visit at Ayer Jernih BH and it was here that I stumbled onto this strange tweeter arrangement.

The number of tweeters arranged in a long row was 5 pieces.

The tweeters were so effective and it draws lots of birds into this BH.

At first I ignored its existence but after the 45 minutes visit I can safely says that the simple tweeter arrangement was the key reason why so many birds entered the BH during my trial run.

I took the idea immediately and installed them at Paya Berenjut BH.

My workers initially was surprised with the new invention but they followed what I wanted them to do.

Told them to get three sets for the three doors inside the BH and one with four sets of tweeter for the main door.

It looks very good and I think you should give a try.

There are many advantages and one of them is that it will not block the flying path too much.

The cost is minimal as compared to using other expensive items.

Try it and help me to confirm that this is another new product that every BH must have.

I called it "Pole Tweeter" since it looked like a long pole once you finished assemble them using those steel band and cable tie.

Best of luck to those who wanted to try this idea and if you see it works let me know by sms to my phone number 017 7551318

 (A four tweeters pole type view from front elevation))

 (Back view)

 (Three tweeters pole tweeter from back)
(Another picture from side view)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Something That Will Blow Away Your Mind About Swiftlet !!!

 (Slitted Tongue in a Snake)

What if I say that there is a new evidence which can proof that swiftlet have slit tongue?

Their tongue are like those snakes with a split in the middle.

Okay Okay Okay you think that I am out of my mind.

What about this strange thing when a person says that he got evidences that swiftlet are polygamous?

Polygamous is the opposite of monogamous.

Monogamous is when the male have only one wife.

Then what do you think polygamous means?  More than one wife. In fact many wives.

"Pak Harry I have make a very closed observation and with have strong evidences that swiftlet are polygamous and not monogamous."

The moment I heard this sentence I became a bit numb in my brain.

How can it be.

All this while we have been taught that swiftlet are monogamous.

This is untrue and difficult to believe.

To me is "Okay let me see your proof."

I will be meeting this person soon and hopefully I can extract some data plus all his proof.

As for the slit tongue, I was at a meeting today in Serday UPM.

One of the attendee is a person who is about to finish his Masters Degree and he conduct detail studies on swiftlet.

He dissect  them and found that swiftlet tongue are split.  It might be difficult to see with your naked eyes but it is slitted.

I was a bit taken back but feel nice to know something new.

He claimed that most birds that eat insect catching them while flying have the same slit tongue.

This applies to Martin, Gigas, serinti and others same type.

Oh my God I getting a bit confused now. Feeling a bit giddy.

Got to stop writing......

Trans Migration Part 3

I have one more video clip to share when the neighbor's birds starts flying into a new BH.

What I did was to select one of my best sound to be played as the external sound.

Miracle can happened and I think that day miracle was in Ayer Jernih Kemaman.

Have a good fun:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trans Migration Part 2

When we entered the first floor this was what we saw after only 30 minutes.

The owner claimed that he has never seen so many birds flying on the lowest floor.

Amazing and he quickly invited his wife to come in and see.

This was how his wife got the first good kick and she immediately fell in love with swiftlet farming.

She dare not enter the upper floor but quietly sneaked out to view what was happening outside.

The moment she saw something unusual she will call her husband on the mobile phone.

Every time he finish his conversation with his once a "Hate" lady now became very excited over the whole episode.

"Pak Harry all this while my wife hates swiftlet farming but I think you have transformed her.  I think from now on my love life will be more exciting."  he smiled and thank me so many times.

Tomorrow there will be another clip as Part 3.

View this clip taken on the ground floor:

Monday, July 22, 2013

How I Assited A BH Owner To Trans Migrate !!!

 (More than two years with only 500 nests.  His next door neighbor is with more than 10,000 nests)

At first he thought I was just joking.

"Mr T I think if your BH is so closed to a fully occupied BH I can help you to migrate those young birds across." I whisper to him.

"You mean you can offer such a service?" he could not believe my word.

Well that was how a new friend who owned four BHs will very slow nests growth responded to my crazy suggestion.

He never believed me but I have nothing to be scared about.

I told myself if I fail at least I tried my best.

He owned a number of BHs.  At this particular moment I know for sure he owned four.

Yes I entered all the fours.

One was in Jenjarum and three others in Ayer Jernih about 15 kilometer from Kemaman town.

He knew that I was revamping two BHs in Kemaman.

He tracked me via my blog and continue to chase after me to visit his BHs in Kemaman.

With his continuous call I accepted his invitation and went to see one unit.

This was when the fun started.

His BH was beside a successful BH about 5 meters away.

The number of birds inside the successful unit was said to be in the 10 thousands.

Since he was just next door he wanted my help to see what can be done to get those young birds migrated over to his BH.

My first mission was to look around the BH outside and later inside.

The BH looks okay from the outside except for the cleanliness along the walls.

Internal I was very impressed with the simple design.

The designer used a pool and a door to pull the birds into the roving area.

The roving area was just a wall about 4 meters wide with an 4 feet opening to lead the birds into the nesting room.

The two LAL were well position however the whole floors were empty as usual.

Very common method and the designer refuse to create any room to block the bright light.

His mind is set.  He will not accept any other input for any improvements.

"Pak Harry one of my biggest task is to convince my "Sifu" to be like you.  He refuse to consider any new things that can help to improve my BHs.  He closed his mind in total and I am getting desperate to improve my nests population."  his main complain.

Well the final decision is in his hand and not the "Sifu".  He owned the BHs and if he wanted to move forward it will be his decision.

After telling him my opinions I tried my best to convince him that if he can master the knowledge he can easily migrate those young birds from his successful neighbor's BH to his.

"What do you think I should do?" he asked.

My answer to him was:  "Revamp your BH to add all the things that those young birds likes and play a set of good sounds."

I showed him my weapon for a small test.

The moment I played my choice of sounds the birds from his neighbor started to fly out of the house in a matter of minutes.

From just a few flying over turned to a few hundreds.

"I cannot believed what I am seeing now.  My CCTV seems to show so many birds entering the BH and you have just transformed my wife from being a "Hate" to "Love" swiftlet farmer."

"Pak Harry from the first day until today we have never seen so many birds within a few minutes coming out from that BH into our BH.' he was still in shock.

That was what I whisper to you earlier.  I can trans migrate your neighbors birds into yours.

Remember this is just my story and I would like to remind all my readers I am no magician.

What I did was nothing more than learning the birds weakness and take advantage on them.

Enjoy the clips and I am sure you too will be amazed with what can be done for your own BH.

Call me if you think you wanted to get the same trans migration technique done.

My number is 017 7551318 or write to me at

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On My 61st Birdthday !!!

The first thing I did on this special day was to read all those messages from my friends and blog readers.

Quite a number who email and SMS their messages.

The best of the lots were:

Dear Mr.Harry,

Sebelumnya saya mau mengucapkan Happy B'Day,semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu.
Ternyata Pak Harry sudah 61th ya?
Pak Harry,tadi pagi saya coba lagi suara SuperVac dan hasilnya sangat bagus dari pagi sampai sore banyak burung keluar masuk RBW.
Untuk suara tarik Void saya pakai super Vac dan didalam nesting room juga saya pakai beberapa tweeter suara supervac yang hidup 24 jam apakah itu sudah benar?
Suara inap pakai Babyking sangat keras..
Saya harap Bapak tidak bosan membalas Email dari saya.
Email Google saya ada masalah jadi say meggunakan Yahoo mail Pak.
Terima kasih Pak Harry.

He sound like an Indonesian and was fascinated with one of the sound he recently purchased.
My translation:

He wished me happy birthday and hope that I stay healthy always.  He tested the new sound called SuperVac and the result was outstanding.  From morning until evening lots of birds flew in and out of his BH. He indicated that beside on the roof areas he also used the same sound on the doors and inside the nesting room.  His problem is using the Supervac on 24 hours.  He wanted to ask my opinion about it.
The next message was how lucky this person is when every morning he wakes up and turned his computer on.  His main blogsite will be Pak Harry:
Terus berkarya pak.  Asal buka internet mesti buka blog pak harry untuk baca cerita baru mengenai burung walet.  Banyak yang say pelajari dari blog ni. tqvm pak harry. 
Continue your writing. When I open my internet I will be logging on Pak Harry blog site to read about new stories on swiftlet farming.  I learned so much from you Pak Harry and Thank You Very Much. 

Another message just received:

Translated from Vietnamese laguage:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY Master. I WANT HIS incoming best wishes when he was 61 years old. I WANT TO SAY THAT HIS MEMORY WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART. As a father, revered mentor. He himself energized Energize ME AND BECOME , farming LOVE PASSION AND YEN, overcome failures, delayed unnecessarily TECHNICAL INFORMATION OF THE ORDER guns are "PRIVATE PROBLEM ".
    And I'm very happy BEEN ADVISED THAT WITH MR. SOME OF MY BIRD HOUSE nests has increased from about 50 to more than 300 after using pheromone SUPER liquid. I WILL SEND THE LATEST PICTURES OF YOUR BIRD AND FOLLOW THE CONCEPT.

This Vietnamese blog reader used my Super Pheromone liquid and it works very well pushing his BH nests up from 50  by 600% to 300 nests.

Looking forward to receive his BH photos so that I can share will all my readers.
Many others but I need to assemble all those things for Maran BH revamp Project.
Thank you to all.
Hope to continue doing what I like best.
Just hope one day I will perfect the methods to ensure that no BH will fail.

Oh yes I remembered to renew my driving license.  This time I extended it for 5 years.

My Birthday Special Sales !!!

It is a good time to look into upgrading your sound library.

Just ask yourself when was the last time you change those external sound at your BHs?

Two years ago or may be three years ago.

My observation is that if your sound is not getting the right response any longer try to change them.

The use of a new and effective sound will make a big different to get your BH back to its track.

All you need is a constant large number of birds hovering on your rooftop and will fly in and out.

Some will surely adopt your BH while others might decide soon.

It used to be my "Black Cloud" that will provide that sort of environment.

Now I have a new set of sound collection that will help you to bring more birds into and above your BH.

The best now, based on a very recent test conducted at Jenjarom Banting Selangor, are as follows:

1) SuperVac
2) Selking,
3) SuperAces,
4) Pukau
5) Black Cloud,
6) Marvelous cloud,
7) KPOP,
8) NBU,
9) Super Jerantut,
10) Diamond

The ten sounds is for sale at a big discount for the next few weeks. This is more like my birthday holiday sales.  Call me for the discounted price (unbelievable).

If you wish to buy per piece basis the price will be  as follows:

1) SuperVac                      800
2) Selking,                        650
3) SuperAces,                   600
4) Pukau                           600
5) Black Cloud,                500
6) Marvelous cloud,         500
7) KPOP,                          500
8) NBU,                            400
9) Super Jerantut,             400
10) Diamond                     400

As for the internal sounds I only have the following to offer:

1) SuperBabyKing (kaw kaw)     350
2) BabyKing (sure stays)             350
3) SuperColony (great stuff )       350

If you wish to do well try this two combinations:

a) External sound SuperVac with internal sound SuperBabyKing   only RM1200.

b) External sound Selking with internal sound BabyKing   Only RM 1200

I can guarantee that the two will work and improve your nest counts.

Make sure that the volume are right and there are birds around your BH.

Call me at 017 7551318 now !!!!!!

July 22nd 2013 Is My Birthday !!!

Getting old day by day and I did not realized that I am no longer that young man who can climb those roof top or those ladders to install tweeters or fake nests.

Yes I will be 61 this coming July 22nd 2013.

Almost 13 years of my life I have got myself into swiftlet farming and never a day without anything to do.

Initially I hate swiftlet farming. For record purposes: I hate it very very much. No one wanted to help you when you are in trouble with your BH.

Those days I was pretty disappointed when the so called "Sifu" refuse to help out to reactivate my ailing/sick BH.

His washed his hand and refuse to answer my calls.

It was during those bad time that I started to use the internet to find information about how to look after ailing/sick BH.

The truth was that during those days, 2006, no one wanted to write or share about how to manage and populate a BH.

No one wanted to talk about their BH since this particular business was a P&C (Private and Confidential).

This feeling of very desperate and disappointment pushed me to the idea of starting a blog that concentrate on how to manage and run a BH in a proper way.

I also wanted to discover any new techniques or gadgets that can lure more birds into any BH.

I know many will not like my idea but deep inside I think there are many who will be very happy to learn what I discovered.

With my Mechanical Engineering background I know more about those technical things that be useful in my writing.

I decided to activated this number one on the net blog called: "" on October 1st 2007.

My first topic was:  "What is so Good about Birdnest Farming ??"

I exaggerated the story a bit to convince myself more than my readers.

Nearly everyday after that day I keep writing a suitable article with the hope that some day some newbies who have little experiences in swiftlet farming be my followers.

After a few months the number of followers grew but some become more like my enemies.

Ya some just hated me for trying to expose too many information about swiftlet farming on line.

They started a big war on me and started to find all kind of faults about me and terrorized me on the net.

I nearly succumbed to their tactic but there were a number of followers who wrote something nice back and urged me to continue writing.

An elderly reader called me one day and asked why I stop writing for more than one week.

"Pak Harry are you okay? I miss your daily article and if you are not alright can I send you some Viagra? Please continue to write because I cannot start my day without reading your new stories."

I told him about my situation and he told me not to be bothered with those negative elements that looks at the negative of me.

"Pak Harry what you have done is something noble.  You wrote about your experiences and findings.  You do not criticize others.  All the things that you wrote help us who own BH(s). This industry is so confidential and you are the only person who dares to write in full details accompanied by beautiful pictures."

With this particular person's motivation I changed my mind and started to put more into my writing.

I set my objectives on why I should continue blogging and as long as I follow the objectives set I shall not be bothered with what other people wanted to say about my blog or me.

Until today I have never looked back.

The particular person who criticized so much about me went hiding and I am sure by now he realized that my objective is to help this interesting industry.  He stop his blog site, removed it from the net and stay out of the industry.

I am also very happy to see many more blog sites about swiftlet farming are now on the net.

If every blog tells us something interesting and new I think it will be something good for all.

They key point here is that I activated the idea of sharing about our findings.

Deep inside me I know that there will be more people who will follow my foot steps to write about their own version about swiftlet farming.

If you are one of the new blogger please look at your objective and try to make sure you will not be swayed to another direction.

Never try to talk bad about fellow blogger.

I will be very happy to receive your email for any thing to enhance your writing.

Just drop a line of two to this email:

Remember I am 61 years old and I am not here to find a punching partner.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paya Berenjut Test Result !!!

wanted to share some interesting video clip that was captured during one of the many test conducted before putting the BH back into operation.

I wrote in detail about what were carried out and you can read them at:

In the event you wanted to know more just call Pak Harry at 017 7551318

Enjoy the clip and I am glad that you enjoyed viewing it:


Friday, July 19, 2013

Birdhouse Makeover At Paya Berenjut !!!

(Have a good look at the result during one of my sound test)

While on my way back to Kuala Lumpur I called this BH owner whose BH above a shop house was upgraded with all those ideas that I have in my head.

I added a few new and interesting ideas inside this two years BH with only 15 nests.

A small unit about 20 feet wide by 60 feet long by 8 feet high

The short length make life very difficult to get the right darkness.

"Thank you for trusting me and my workers to revamp your BH and the keys are with Uncle Ngah at Cenih." I told him

"No Pak Harry I am the one who should say thank you and not the other way round.  I am truely grateful and fully satisfied with what your have done and they look so nice and ready to start rolling." he answered.

There was nothing in my mind during the revamp operation but my thought was on how to make this short in length BH to be the best along the row.

There were four more BHs along the same row and I need to make sure that this particular BH will be the most attractive to all the birds flying around the area.

After careful study on the BH plus what was done prior to my intervention I came out with something that make the BH the best and become one of my favorite.

The list of things that I carried out were as follows:

1) Heat shield the back wall since it was facing the hot evening sun. The room temperature used to hag around 30*C plus but now drop to about 28*C plus minus one.

2) The three partition walls were replaced with something new and its doors were precisely located.  Those birds can now take a very easy flow from the main entrance hole to the VIP room. The three walls were also designed as such the amount of light coming from the main window were to its minimum.

3) To further control the light source I came out with adding another wall forming a kind of box around the main top entry area.  The box was allocated with a window about 4 feet by 5 feet.

4) Upon completion I was still not satisfied this force my workers to add a sliding door to reduce as much light as I can.

5) I added a number of tweeters at the top entry hole areas.  The first was a kite tweeter and six power tweeters too.

6) Two original tweeters (hexagonal and mini bazooka) were reorganized to maximize their effectiveness.  They were relocated.

7) I discovered this new method to arrange those external sound tweeters at all the four doors in the BH.  I call them as "Pole Tweeters".  I will write in detail about how I discovered and how effective they were.

8) The number of internal sound tweeters inside this BH was quadruple or maybe more that 4 times. My mission was to allocate as many tweeters to provide greater choices to all those birds that entered this BH.  I used lots of "cluster tweeters".

9) My favorite gadget are those fake nests.  Added about 200 pieces in many shape and materials made.  Some were industrial plastic and some were sponge while other were aluminum.

10) One new thing that I deployed is a set of 24 hours external sound playing tweeters.  It consisted of two "chocolate tweeters" and two "cross-leg tweeters" inside the main VIP room.

11) Sprayed all the fake nests with "Super Pheromone" liquid.

12) Carried out a kind of research on a new aroma that was recently discovered in Muar.  Applied with those brush at a row of nesting planks.

13) Install the wet floor system in the VIP room.

14) Mobilized about 8 bags of fresh bird shit taken from a BH in the same area.

15) The best external sounds selected were the "SuperVac", "Selking" and Pukau.

16) The best internal sound deployed were the Babyking (daytime) and Super Babyking (night).

17) The last tango sound system was also tested and installed.

18) Mobilized owner's mist maker into the main VIP room and was controlled by a auto sensor.

19) Activated an insect generator using bread, condensed milk and ripe bananas.

So glad that I broke my own record in finishing the conversion within 3.5 days.

The owner wanted my help to cover the glass window with heat shield materials and we did that with very little problems.

The best part of the who operation was to clean up the mess that were left around and inside the BH.

I recommended to him not to keep anything inside his BH since they tend to become the nesting place of common predators like rats, cockroaches and ants.

We removed about 3/4 ton of debris and swept the floor many many times to reduce dust inside the BH.

Upon completion the BH looks tidy, clean and attractive to any visitors (human or non human).

It was a great pleasure to complete another masterpiece.

I am sure those birds will love to stay.

We tested just one night and the number of fresh bird shits on the floors were considerable.

I showed those spots to the owner and he could not believed his eyes.

That was only one night test.  What if we complete and let them familiarized for three months?

Call me if you are interested to know more or maybe revamp your BH now at 017 7551318 or write to

 (Heat Shielded Back Wall)

 (More Cluster tweeters)

 (Fake nests installed very closed to those tweeters)
(Another view)

(Find cross leg tweeter in this picture?)

(What about chocolate tweeters?)

(The Bazooka, mini one)

(The home made hexagonal only three)

(A kite tweeter installed above the top entrance hole)

(The three installed side by side)

(A set of pole tweeters)

(The sliding door to block the light)

(Applied special aroma on the nesting planks, testing)

(The mist maker moved into VIP room)

(The wet floor sprinkled with fresh Birdshit)
(The insect generator using bread, milk and bananas)

(Just one night lots of fresh bird shit spots on the floor)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Good Question On Which Sound Is Good For Your BH !!!

This early morning received a call from a newbie who designed and operated his own BH by just learning from the internet.

He was amused with the Chinese Daily report where the title was something like "Swiftlet Doctor who help to save billions."

Ever since he read the article he followed my blog for some time and confirmed that what I wrote was right and after testing a few ideas of mine he decided to call me.

"Pak Harry I actually needed your most attractive sound.  My BH is in Kuala Selangor and I have above 60 nests after operating the BH for almost one point five to two years."

"I think right now my BH is almost similar to what you have described in your blog.  I followed most of it. I have installed your wet floor ideas and I believed the time have come to call you to ask for some good sounds.  I lack practical experiences."

He agreed to my advise that even if the external sound is good and lots of birds came in and play plus entered the main entrance hole there is no guarantee that they will stay and build their nests.

Everything will be dependance on how well they accept your BH.

Usually they will enter and perhaps fly around your BH to familiarized with your BH flying in path.

If they are not ready to start a family they might not stay for long.

However if they are already with a spouse and ready to start a family they might explore more by coming in to stay inside for a couple of days or weeks.

During their first few days of staying they will move from one location to the other to determine how safe is your BH and how easy to come in and fly out.

Good example if your entrance hole is facing the East they will move deeper inside.

However if your main entrance hole faced West they will tend to stay around the entrance hole where they can fly out in the early morning much faster.

They will check your BH temperature and humidity range.

If too hot and too dry they will abort your BH.

If you used the wrong internal sound they will also abort your BH.

What about if your sound system always stop half way?  No sound for one week or more? They will leave even after the signs on the floor were with thick shit markings.

If they smell something unusual like a human being entered the BH too frequent, they will also cabut (fly away).

Then again if your BH have too frequent visit by birds of preys like owls and hornbills they will be scared and will move out too.

So no matter how good is your external sound there is still a lot of areas which you need to be careful about.

This is where Pak Harry comes in.  He will be the best person who can give you the actual synopsis on your BH health condition.  His visit will be will a full report on what is wrong with your BH and what should be done to rectify it if he feel wise.  Call him at 017 7551318.

You can rectify on your own or if you want precise revamp you can ask his workers to help you out.

Coming to a good sound I told him to consider getting at least three of my best sounds (external).

My suggestion was the "SuperVac, Supper Passionate, Marvelous Cloud and Selking".

He will consider my offer and will keep me informed.

He seems to be the second person who read the newspaper article, followed my blog, tested a few ideas of mine and called me for some advise.

The first person was from Jenjarum who happened to have the newspaper cuttings for my reference.

I remembered him showing the cutting and it was given to him by his father.

"Pak Harry my dad showed me the newspaper cutting and I told him that I am about to have lunch with this Swiftlet Doctor."  he told me.

He must be very proud to be the first person who read the article and met me on the following day.

I will be meeting him in Kemaman tomorrow to review his Kemaman BH.

He believed there are many things inside that are not right even though there are 500 nests inside.

I am truly honored to be invited to another BH but this time I think the owner wanted to test if I really know my stuff.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometime BH Owners Can Be Very Sacastic !!!

This is a true story on how you can be deeply hurt after helping to populate a BH for a care less owner.

I was on my routine operation looking after a BH.

The owner was a bit upset.

She feels as if what was done were not good enough for her.

"How come I only have 30 plus nests while my cousin brother have 50 plus nests?  He started his BH nearly the same date."

There was another BH in Pahang whose owner came with this claim:

I asked him " How your BH performance now?"

"Pak Harry 3 years after your revamp operation the BH now is with 400 plus nests.  I am not very happy because by brother-in-law's BH have 450 plus nests."

Never appreciate what was done for them and always wanted more but with very little effort.

He used to offer me dinner every night when I was in his town but now never even want to meet for a cup of coffee.

 This is something a person like me have to bear and keep that painful experience deep in my heart.

The thing here is that when their BH does not perform all the blame will be on you.

However if their BH does well all the credits was them and not the person who came to help.

The lady owner have her BH on a piece of agricultural land also in Pahang.

Before her BH was erected I conducted a test to check on the number of birds responding to the Duress sound.

The total number was not more than 80.

Her recent count was 88 birds came to stay in her BH.

The point here is that all those birds, in fact 8 extra, came in and become her BH tenant.

More than 100% entered and took residence in hers and I think she should be very proud of that.

If she wanted to get more she need to wait for those birds inside to multiply.

I am no magician to direct birds from other BHs to flying in.

This is what I always recommend to properly choose your BH location.

If your call test resulted in 1000 birds and if Pak Harry can pull in 100% plus into your BH what do you think will happen?

However if you bird call test showed only 20 birds there is very little thing that can be done unless you wish to spend some extra money to "Translocate" those breed birds.

So those of you who wanted to be successful in your swiftlet farming venture try to be a bit nice to your advisor.

Choose a location with lots of birds responding to the Duress sound call.

If you need my expert advise please call me at 017 7551318.

Don't worry I wound have any grudge on you or anyone else even if they stab my back.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kemaman BH: Ground Floor Lunch Break Visitors !!!

 (Note the background sound is natural sound made by those swiftlet)

This video clip was taken just after our lunch break.

We put the external sound for those parent to enter the BH to feed their babies however the rest followed inside.

They seems to like the BH and both floors were filled with about 100-150 birds.

An unusual thing to happen and from that day we never played the external sound during lunch hours.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A New Job At Paya Berenjut Kemaman Trengganu !!!

At first I wanted to decline the mini job but looking at the condition of the BH I decided to take up the job.

A mini size job to rehabilitate a poorly performing BH at Paya Berenjut, Kemaman.

The owner is the same who owned the two stories BH at Cenih Kemaman which I wrap up last Wednesday.

While doing my round with him he asked my opinion on this first unit he converted to start learning about swiftlet farming.

He rented the lot for a sizable cost and after more than 1.5 years the number of nests hover around 15 nests, according to him.

I took a short look at the BH and pretty impressed with what he did inside.

His basic understanding about brightness was a bit on the wrong side.

It seems that he used those gadget to check on the light intensity but my six sense tells me that the nesting room was a bit on the bright site.

What I told him was that those books he read must not be always right.

I prefer to use my method of measuring the light intensity.

No gadget but just get two person to stand about 2 feet apart and they should not be able to see each other face.

A very simple technique and it works all the time.

If there is no one with you to stand two feet apart use those pillars or walls.

The idea is to get the right darkness and if I am not wrong my method is the most appropriate.

To reduce those light polluting the nesting room I plan to erect a kind of a box around the main entrance area just below the top entry hole.

Erect a box and allow only a reasonable amount of light towards the nesting door connecting the roving area and the nesting room.

Those light escaping from those 4" diameter ventilation holes pipes need to be tackled.

There is a strong reason to perhaps heat shield the back wall facing the west.

The nesting planks needs more tweeters and fake nests.

The current hexagonal tweeter need to be precisely located.

I plan to upgrade the external sound amplifier.

Those surfaces that are reflecting too much light into the nesting room shall be painted black.

I will test all the good sounds in my collection and use the one that attract the most number of birds into this BH.

There is a big chance of activating an insect generating system using those breads and condense milk added with slices of ripe bananas.

To wet the floor I am thinking of applying the wet floor technique.

All the above should be ready within 1-1.5 weeks from Monday July 15th 2013.

The owner seems to be very pleased with my recommendation and I look forward to finish the job on time.

Predators (Big Birds) Protection: Just In Case They Came To Visit Your BH !!!

During one beautiful evening I was watching those birds returning home into a BH.

A neighbor who happened to stay about 200 meters away from the BH came for a small chat.

We were talking about things that we did with the BH and when the word owl was mentioned he told me this interesting thing.

"Don't worry everything was taken care of." he smiled when he said that.

I asked him what do you meant by that?

"Well we have taken care and in fact our method is very very effective." his smile was getting broader.

I wonder what he meant by that.

"Oh we used chicken heads laced with some kind of drug that will prevent them from exploring further."

Oh my god this is a bit cruel.

However I came out with a mechanical gadget that will make them scared from entering the BH.

What I did was to deploy a spring loaded clamp that will make them think twice before entering the BH.

The best location to install this gadget on a wall inside the roving room area.

Just look at the wall and try to figure it out where will be the best place for these owl to land if they ever entered your BH.

It should not be too far from the main window but not too closed too.

Have a good look at the gadget plus I still believed to have those spikes on the main entrance door frame too.

Beside owl there are cases where those hornbills or enggang venturing inside.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Humor: Never Bit Those Nipples !!!!

I was reading this newspaper article and I think there is a very big lesson from it.

Read this Google translated version with little amendments:

BEIJING, July 12 - Spending baby nipple biting her breasts while she was breast-feeding her child, an eight month old baby boy was injured as a result of being stabbed 90 times by her mother with scissors.

Baby is lucky to be alive and had received 100 stitches most of the face.

The incident occurred in Xuzhou, east China's provinces, Jiangsu, where Xiao Bao lived with his mother and two of his uncle who earn a living by selling recyclable goods.

During the incident one of Bao's uncle found the baby lying in a bloodied state not far from their homes and rushed her child to the hospital.

The victim's mother later admitted he stabbed his daughter use scissors because the baby was biting her breasts nipples during breastfeeding.

Neighboring local governments urging victims care of the baby, but authorities were unable to do so, because the authorities could not confirm whether the suspect was suffering from mental problems or not and baby involved can still guarded by two of his uncle. - AGENCIES

Lesson here is that if you make love tonight try not to bite your spouse nipple.

If you do you might experience the same being stabbed 90 times.

He he he.

Bringging Those Swiftlet From One Floor To The Other: It Is Easier Say than Done !!

(They avoid flying low since they have a kind of distorted legs which will not allow them to jump)

I am not trying to make you feel discouraged or angry with any bad decisions you made on your BH LAL location.

Not: LAL refers to the connecting hole or door between the higher floor and the lower floor.

It you have made the right choice in selecting the proper location to open the LAL you might want to know that those birds will have the final say.

For the new BH at Salak Tinggi Sepang Selangor I wish to share my problem with the exact thing about pulling them into the LAL.

Yesterday during my free time (I am having a small fever and running nose after returning home from Kemaman) I dropped by to change the external sound at Salak Tinggi.

The owner installed a three channels CCTV camera and I was using it to know how many birds will enter the BH with a few different sound.

Tried a few and the best for this BH with a lot of birds entering was the "Marvelous Cloud" and "Super Vacuum" .

They entered the roving room and started to head towards the door connecting the room to the nesting area.

They came in and flew above the LAL.

Yes the LAL was right below where all the birds will fly inside and outside.

What disappoint me was that not a single bird came downstairs.

All seems to fly to the back of the top floor and none showed any indication of flying to the lower floor.

This can be a good lesson to all about how important is the selection of LAL in your BH.

Remember even you put it at the right location with 100% birds flying above it does not mean that any will fly downstairs.

Just imagine if you select a wrong location?

It will be a bigger disaster.

The only thing that I think can make them to come done are the followings:

1) Give them a few more weeks and see if they will start exploring the lower floor.

2) Control the sound volume of the lower (louder) floor and the upper floor (lesser volume).

3) Try to have a separate cable line for tweeters installed around the LAL frame. If you do try to get the external sound louder.

4) The last resort is to erect an enclosure (temporary) around the LAL and force the first batch of birds to the lower floor.  This would mean that your BH is not opened in total but only the lower floor.

I add a few more ideas but for the moment the above are something that might activate you mind to think of any other ways to lure those birds to the lower floor(s).

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Tale Of Two BHs Back To Back !!!

      (Two BHs in a row.  The one at the back is using water spraying on the wall to cool the BH)

While repairing the Kemaman BH I remember asking the owner about the second unit just at the back.

The interesting thing that I happened to watch was the number of birds visiting this BH as compared to the one that I was repairing.

Most of the birds around will fly to the front unit and a few, the left over, will be visiting the BH.

There must be something not right with this replica.

I wondered who was the owner and why they are spraying water on the wall.

The answer was something like this:

"Pak Harry the owners of that BH are some investor who have extra money but have little idea about swiftlet farming. They build it and keep their finger crossed.  If they are lucky they will see some result but if it does not perform they will have an empty BH."  his response.

The BH was erected and put into operation about 6-7 months ago.

Main problem was the gap between the two layer walls.  It was too small and not insulated with any insulator.

The only was out was to install a number of water nozzles spraying water from a nearby lake about 5 times a day.

The walls looks wet all the time but a bit dirty with some kind of growth.

My main questions were:

Does the system works?

What if the pump failed to work?

What if the electrical supply failed?

What if the weather is so hot and the pond dried up?

What kind of monthly electricity bill is the pump consuming?

On the long run will this system works without any distruption?

I don't really have the answer but I think the method used is not a very good choice.

There are so many other better method and one of the method was the use of heat insulation technique which I have recently deployed inside the BH just in front of it.

My next point of concern was about the direction of the main entrance hole.

It was facing the west and I think by now all my blog reader knows the answer what will happen inside.

Those birds if they stayed in will not populate the back area.  They will stay as closed as possible to the main entrance area to get the early morning light.

There was one more thing that I was concerned about.

There was no hexagonal tweeter in front or at the back of the BH.

If you installed a hexagonal tweeter on the roof you will be able to get the attention of more birds to come over.

I guess the owner might want to do something like what I did with the one in front.

We shall see the result and compare which one will out perform the other.

Enjoy some pictures taken while walking around the BH.