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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Current Project Is As Kpg Bujang, Merbok

(Look at the walls with no ventilation holes)

My workers returned to resume works.

Just mobilized them to Kpg Bujang BH and started with drilling ventilation holes on the walls.

The next day after they arrived took them up to Bujang BH and started work.

This BH is a four stories unit and located in a Palm oil plantation.

While waiting for them to return I cleared the bushes and it seems that the land looks very fertile.

I have decided to plant some fruit trees and perhaps some tubers.

As for the BH my main target will be the top floor and the 3rd floor.

My main aim is to populate the two floors and do up the other floors on a later date.

Formalized the position of partitions and my workers provided the list of items to be purchased.

One main concern which I raised with my workers are those cement made sirip.

How are we going to attach those fake nests and wood crossings?

I let them do the thinking while I will assemble all the materials to complete the BH.

Once this project is completed I might take them to Bumbung Lima BH.

Tentative completion date will be about September 7th 2014.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sandakan BH Seems To Improve !!!

I text a message to this BH owner in Sandakan asking him about the revamp process.

"So completed?" I asked.

"Completed .. more birds than b4.. but still no nests.  Lots of bird shit on the floor than b4 too" he replied.

I was very glad that he took my visit report seriously and revamp the BH exactly to my requirements.

The only thing that make me a bit not very happy was that there was still no nests inside.

I push him that there was still something that might be causing the trouble: Temperature.

He admitted for not doing anything to monitor his BH temperature.

What I asked him to do was to install a data logger that can capture both the humidity and temperature at 5 minutes interval.

If he can capture these data he can check if the peak temperature is too high and the humidity too low.

In the event the two are prevailing he need to look into blocking those heat from the sun.

I hope he will keep me inform on the progress so that I can advice him on the next step he should do.

There no easy way to populate your BH but some hard work.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Power Supply Interruption Let Me Down !!!

After about one month the Lenggong BH was finally installed with an auto starter.

I wanted to install much earlier however due to the unusual power supply used in the BH I aborted.

The auto starter which was available at the beginning was suitable for a single phase power supply however this Lenggong BH was with three phase.

Since my workers went off for a long holiday I told the owner to hold on until they returned home.

Finally on August 23rd the gadget was put in place and operational by noon.

The BH after just three weeks were showing some good progress however the lighting were not very friendly.

It seems that during raining days the control box will trip nearly every other day.

Once down the BH will not be functioning.

The owner rushed up about four times and every time he drove up he will sms me asking to quickly install the auto starter.

I told him that I need to wait for my workers or maybe he can collect the gadget and arrange with some local electrician to install it.

He declined and wanted me to complete my job.

After getting the installation done and tested a couple of times he was satisfied and told me that hopefully from that installation date he need not rush up every time it trip.

I told him that he was lucky to accept my proposal to install the gadget.

The only bad thing was that he did not mentioned that his BH is with 3 phase power supply.

Some of the new nests found after one month after revamp:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Question: What Is Wrong With My BH Pak Harry !!!

(They only play between 8:00 am until 11:00 am, and not in the evening, why?)

Two days ago while driving to Temerloh, Pahang, I got a call from my representative staying in Tawau Sabah.

He seems to be pretty concern that in the evening those swiftlet simply do not play at his BH monkey house.

They simply swoop in without taking their time at the hexagonal tweeter or at the window.

"Pak Harry every morning from 8:00 am until 11:00 am many will play and play at the monkey house.  Most of them will enter the nesting rooms.  However in the evening the same thing was not happening.  They pass by and straight away zoom into the BH."  he explained.

His question was is that normal?

His BH was a three stories building located in the middle of a huge oil palm plantation.

Before I came for inspection the BH was more like a dead wood.

After following my blog for almost two years, the owner got the gut to call me for my expertise.

I took a flight and inspected the BH.

I was not at all surprised with what were inside the BH.

I took a few minutes to do my assessment and immediately after the inspection I listed all the wrong things found inside and list down the things that they should carry out.

Read this article: Tawau 3 stories BH with 30 nests.

After carrying out all the recommended list of items the nests started to grow and nearly all corners were with nests.

But now he observed something very strange.

Why aren't they playing at the monkey house in the evening?

After assessing his question I told him not to worry too much.

He should look at the nests growth more and not the behavior pattern.

I asked him is the nests growth doing well?

"Yes Pak Harry, the nests numbers are growing steadily after our revamp operation and followed up with your Pheromone application." he replied.

My explanation to him goes like these:

"Since your BH nest growth is steadily growing try not to be overly concerned on the flying pattern.

They must have been searching for food and so much so they do not return home early.

The flying pattern in the morning from 8:00 am until 11:00 am is good enought.

I am sure when they flew in and out of your BH they have already took note of how to enter your BH without the possibility of hitting those walls.

So in the evening they simply zoom straight into your nesting rooms."

He seems to be very satisfied with my answers and thank me for clearing his mind about his BH.

He felt weird that other BH owners experience the normal thing but not his BH.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you have any weird happening at your BH.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If Not Because Of A Break-in This BH Can Triple Its Nests Numbers !!!

(I suspect this BH owner broke into my client's BH and stole the sound that I used)

In one of my article about how after three months three BHs that was revamped one after another doubled their nests within three months.

I came to know that one of the three should have almost triple if not because of a break-in.

The BH that I was referring to was at Tok Dor Dungun Trengganu.

The owner said that some one broke the steel door and took away the amplifiers and the thumb drives.

I have a very strong feeling that the neighbor whose BH was about 150 meters away might be the culprit.

His BH failed miserably the moment this BH was put into operation.

The owner said that he has changed the door to a more solid unit and hope that it will not be repeated.

He keep saying that if there was no break-in the number should have triple.

I told him to continue applying those pheromone and at the same time make sure the sounds are not stopped for any reason.

I remember this BH was using KPOP as its external sound and SuperBabyKing as its internal sound.

I realigned the doors at the tunnel and at the same time erected a few partition walls to darken the floor and create a VIP room on each floor.

The nesting planks were personally cleaned by me and I applied the pheromone to my specifications.

A total of 250 fake nests were installed.

The number of internal tweeters were raised to almost 300 pieces.

The main entrance hole was widened and a hexagonal tweeter installed.

All those left over woods around the BH was burned to prevent any rats making their nests.

The progress of this BH after the revamp operation can be a good guide on what should be done inside any BH.

If your BH has say about 100 nests, you can easily double the numbers within three months.

Just let me have a look inside and tell you exactly what should be done to improve them.

If you wish to talk to the BH owner please PM me at 017 7551318.

I will be very happy to allow you to talk to him on what special things that I did for him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another BH With 240% Nests Increase Within 4 Months.

I am getting pretty excited with BH owners called to inform about their revamped BHs results.

This particular person owned 4 BHs.

One in Jenjarum and three in Ayer Putih, Kemaman, Trengganu.

I have been helping him with his upgrading of all the four BHs.

He called to say hello and have something special to inform me.

"Pak Harry the BH at Ayer Puteh now has 600 nests after following your revamp recommendations"  he said.

The number of nests on those fake nests now raised to 80.

This young man uses the 2X pheromone aggressively.

Why I said aggressive is the way he uses those pheromone.

First he started with those canister type.

Soon after moved to the liquid form but now he move one step higher by choosing the double concentration pheromone.

I asked him why he prefer the double concentration?

The effect is more effective.

After two applications they will erect nests on those spots.

His journey in swiftlet farming was not a smooth one but now after using my expertise he became more confident.

"Pak Harry please standby another 5 liters of the 2X pheromone.  I am left with one liter."  he said.

I know he is doing the right thing and his BH progress is the proof.

Try to learn from him and use the 2X concentration pheromone.

He use those 1.5" brush to apply the plank aroma.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Very Strange Phenomena Found Inside This Temerloh BH !!!

I was invited to visit three BHs in Temerloh Pahang today August 24th 2014.

These BHs seems to be facing some kind of nest population growth problems.

One common similarity of all the three were the use of the same consultant who copied a number of my ideas but went too much with his wild ideas.

It started a number of about three years ago when a so call consultant hailed from Perlis with some title "Doctor" in front of his name.

His skill in convincing people to follow his method is superb.

Nearly 12 locals were dragged into swiftlet farming using his untested ideas.

All the 12 BHs in this small town were closed to empty for a number of years.

I was discovered by one of the group leader and asked to help in reactivating them.

This was what I asked the leader to do.

During my lunch break with him I forward my request on the first thing he should do.

"Can you delete all those teaching from Dr?"

He agreed with this simple idea.

"If you want me to help you with all these failed BHs you need to follow my method."

Let me describe to you what are those strange things found inside the 3 BHs visited.

1) Hanging Aroma Bottles:

The three BHs were with this hanging perfume bottles.  Lots of them and I think they block birds from flying closed to the nesting planks.

The perfume was nothing more than those raw nests added with Pandan leaves smell.

Some of these bottles were wet with the aroma and they become sticky.

What happen after this is that they will actually capture those birds.

One bird was trapped onto the sticky bottle.

(A dead bird stuck to the bottle)

(Hanging bottles)

2) Fake nests made of Clay.

The consultant seems to be obsessed with the deployment of fake nests.

He uses this fake nests made of clay.

Nearly every internal sound tweeter there will be a fake nest on the top and one perfume bottle hung at the bottom.

One very strange thing that I suspect the clay fake nest was the culprit was the number of young bird carcasses on the floor.

One of the three inspected BHs have this strange baby birds drop onto the floor.

There were more than 15-20 carcasses and a few were still alive.

I was asked on the possible reasons why they slipped and fell onto the floor.

My pass experience tells me that they will drop down due to two reasons:

a) When they were running away from predators.  Usually those Geckos.

b) When their parent did not bring food home for at least three days.  They will be so hungry that causes them to release their grip onto those netting of the nest and crawl out of their nest.

The two reasons were not applicable in this BH.  The weather was okay and food were abundant.  There was no gecko found in the BH.

This was when I begin to suspect the clay fake nest.

I took one of the fake nest that were with tenant using it.

It seems that those swiftlet did very little work in creating those netting for their baby to grab on them.

With no netting when those babies wanted to poo they slip down onto the ground.

My suggestion to the owner was to remove all these fake nests.

That might stop the death of young birds.

(Young bird on the floor)

(This was the fake nest that were slippery. Look at the amount of saliva that were used.)

3) Too many internal sound tweeters and fake nests.

The number of internal sound tweeters and those fake nests were just too many.

The owner were forced to use more than 4 units of internal sound playing amplifiers.

The tweeters were not well located and those fake nests were making the tenants lazy to produce their saliva.

One of the BH was with not a single nest but all its tenants were using those fake nests.

My description to the BH owner was "They stay but refuse to pay their rental fee?"

On the part of the BH owner they don't actually understand the basic function of those fake nests and how to remove them once being occupied.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Within 3 Months These BHs Double Its Nests Population !!!

These three BHs were revamped and the results were outstanding.

The owner called yesterday and confirmed that all the three BHs now doubled its nests numbers.

I was on my way to Temerloh Pahang and this BHs owner called me that he has just inspected his BHs in Trengganu.

I remembered being engaged by him to upgrade the BH about three months ago.

With my experience workers we upgrade the nesting planks crossings, cluster tweeters, fake nests, additional tweeters, installation of hexagonal tweeters, re aligned the partition walls and etc.

After the operation I told the owner that his BH now is in a superb position to double its nests.

He was not amused since he saw very little movement from the start of operation.

I told him to keep an eye on the three BHs and see what I meant.

After three months, yes three months, all the three doubled its nest numbers and at the same time there were a lot of new markings all over the nesting planks.

All the 90* corners were taken up.

If not because of burglary, the burglar stole all the BH amplifiers at Tok Dor BH, the BH should have triple nests increase.

I am so glad that I have discovered the right formula to help all sick BHs.

(Bukit Besi)

(Tok Dor)


This simply proof that those revamp operations were correctly done.

He took almost two years to get the first batch but I took only 3 months to double the number of nests found before my intervention.

The thing that I did were tested and proven.

Now we have the technique on how to improve any sick BH.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you have problems with your BH.

If I can do to these three I can also do the same at your sick BH.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Land Around Bujang BH Is Now Planted With Fruit Trees !!!

The land around Bujang BH now is being planted with a few fruit trees, Figs trees and some vegetables.

While waiting for my workers to return to Kuala Lumpur, I make some time to plant a number of fruit trees around the Bujang BH.

Every time I make my trip to Sungai Patani I will stop at Sungai Buloh leprosy center to purchase as many fruit trees as I can.

My favorite are these:

1) Ciku
2) Ambra
3) Delima
4) Soursop
5) Magic Berries
6) Nona
7) chilies
8) Terong
9) Papaya
10) Banana

Planted three figs trees obtained from SP air layered tree.

In the mean time I went to Karangan to deliver some BH items and during my visit the owner help in proving a few tapioca stems and pineapple young shoots.

Getting very interesting and exciting.

My biggest problem are those weeds .

They have started to grow after the clearing works.

Might need to apply those weed killer or else in no time they will take over the whole land.

Have make some inquiries about this tree hormones that are said to increase the tree size by 50%.

The seller will meet me soon to deliver a few liters.

Just have a look at these pictures taken recently:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Today August 21st 2014 Activities !!!

My schedule today was to be at Fakulti Veterinar to meet someone running the Center of Excellent for Swiftlet.

I went there very early since I was scared of the possible jam along the way.

However it was a smooth ride and I was already there at 10:30 am while my meeting was scheduled at 11:30am.

Pull my full scarp paper and start to jot down all those things that I needed to carry out for the day and the day after.

The guy who arranged for my meeting came about 11:10 am all the way from Sungai Buluh Hospital.

We sat down at the foyer for a few minutes until the Professor greeted us.

The meeting went well and I took the opportunity to voice my reasons in meeting them and I hope they will take my request seriously.

I was pushing on the SOP for swiftlet breeding and releasing at those poorly populated BHs.

I admitted that I have some experiences working with another group but unfortunately they could not complete the SOP.

If everything goes as plan I will be receiving their call to start delivering another 100 or more swiftlet eggs.

I spoke my next Swiftlet Farming Seminar on October 4th and they would like to attend to listen to my talk.

I was also invited to be a guess speaker in their nest swiftlet farming forum in November 2014 at Merriot Putra Jaya.

One another issue I received a call from a new blog reader who wanted to test the Super Pheromone.

He was not sure to proceed or not to.

He called and asked for my opinion.

This was where I spoke to him about how most BH owners are short changed.

I proposed to him a few things on how to make the Pheromone more effective.

One of my advice was to increase the some volume in the room loader as compared to the rest of the floors.

His answer was as expected: " Pak Harry my BH sound system is straight forward.  The sound volume cannot be changed."

Well this was what I told him that you have been short changed.

The so called consultant who installed your sound system never provide the necessary extra to allow you to maneuver where those birds will stay in your BH.

They might be ignorant but how about doing something yourselves?

The best is to combine the super pheromone with the louder sound and those fake nests.

I hope he understood my recommendations.

I told him that if he use the pheromone just by spraying it might have lesser effectiveness.

The best way to make it work faster is to think of all the ways to pull those birds into the room that he just applied the aroma.

Use those sound to lure them inside and let them stay inside.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Karak BH: After 2 Years Into Operation Mode I Can See Some Improvements !!!

Just wanted to share something which I was trying to compare.

I was going thru the old and new files and discovered some old video clips.

The first was taken way in 2012 and the second was recently taken in August 2014.

What I did was to compare between the two and see the excitements at the entrance holes.

Have a look at the two and tell me if you think there were some improvements.

Taken in late 2012:

Taken recently in August 2014

I am honored to be involved with this BH but I must say that it was not an easy task.

The BH is situated deep inside a rubber plantation area and the access road were not proper.

Every time I visit the BH my car will be scratched by those twigs.

The pot hole on the red clay road were also not helping.

The owner seems to have this thinking that since I was engaged to erect the BH I am oblige to look after it forever without any fee to cover my expenses.

The number of nests are growing and I hope it will reach the target soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Monkeys Are Damaging Those Figs Trees !!!

(This young shoot was plugged away by those monkeys)

Pretty upset to know that those young Figs trees at Kapar BH were being chewed by those wild monkeys.

The owner did warned me about the monkeys nuisance.

They seems to be roaming around the area and will eat anything chew able.

The best are those fruit trees and their young shoots.

This was what exactly happened with my Figs trees.

All those beautiful young shoots were plugged away and not the tree have to start all over again.

Disappointed but will not do harm to my spirit.

This time around I have decided to cover the trees with coconut tree leaves.

Cut about two for each plant and make it into a fence to protect the young shoots.

I pray hard that it will work.

If still eaten away, I might advise the owner to get those wires mesh to protect all the six young trees.

Let see what happen during my next trip to this BH.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Calls Asking For Me To Get To Their BH Locations !!!

(One of the BH in Termerloh with so many tweeters hung with those so called aroma)

Two more calls asking me to schedule my time for another inspection services.

One was from Tawau Sabah and the second came from Termerloh, Pahang.

Each has three clients that have some kind of interest to use my expertise.

The Tawau trip will be land inspections plus viewing inside a new BH.

The Termerloh visit  have something to do with BHs whose owners were conned by a so called Dr from Perlis.

All the tree BHs were not producing adequate number of nests after nearly 2-3 years into operation.

The organizer planned to have me over this week end and make a full investigation how to reactivate them.

Anything that can be done by them they will be done themselves and those that need my personal touch will be carried out by me and my workers.

I think this will be another fun time to see how these BHs were designed and hanged with lots of those so called aroma.

Will write a report on each BH once visited.

My main intention is to lay out all the mistakes so that all of you can learn and avoid those mistakes.

The Tawau trip will be scheduled soon and hopefully in early September.

I will fix the trip and will let you all know when I will be going.

If you wish to join any of the above trip let me know.

Come and enjoy the fun of visiting lots of these new places.

Nothing can be more exciting then to enter or visit those places and see what I do there.

Call me at 017 7551318.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kapar BH: Sound Distribution Seems To Be Affecting This BH !!!

On Friday August 15th 2014, I dropped by at Kapar and  inspected a BH with weird entrance hole location.

The owner allowed me to hold to the BH keys and told me to drop by any time that I am free.

I took the task to revamp this BH about 3 months ago.

My intention was to carry out the NKS (Nest Kick Start) operation.

The NKS is my pattern right idea in helping a new BH with little nests to quickly populate it.

Please read these two articles:

NKS 1:  Lets Get Ready To NKS !!! 

NKS 2 :   NKS: You Have To Assist Your Tenants To Build Their Nests !!!

I was tracing for any new bird shit spots on the floor and at the same time any saliva markings on the nesting planks or internal sound tweeters.

The owner joined the operation since he wanted to learn more about the NKS idea.

What I discovered was the pattern of nests marking on this particular floor.

It seems that there were more markings and more nests at the hall as compared to the VIP room.

Nearly 80% of those internal sound playing tweeters at the hall areas were with nests or markings.

I asked the owner if he observed the same?

His answer was yes and he asked me why?

I told him to do these things:

First I asked him to listen to the sound.

I specifically asked him to compare the sound volume at the hall area and the sound volume at VIP room.

He quickly took a walk around and he came back and confirmed what I wanted him to know.

"Yes Pak Harry the sound volume in the hall area is louder than the VIP room." he confirmed my theory.

I quickly told him that it should be the other way round.  The sound inside the VIP room should be louder and the Hall area lower.

I told him that once we finished the NKS operation on the top floor we shall check or perhaps correct the sound distribution.

After completing the NKS operation I took him to the data room and I told him exactly what I wanted to do and asked him to climb up to check if the reverse happened (sound volume).

What I did was to switch the cable that was connected to the left side of the amplifier outlet to the right side and vice verse.

He came down and told me that yes now the sound inside the VIP room was louder as compared to the Hall areas.

I stressed to him why I wanted the VIP room sound to be louder.

My main reason was to teach him something about those swiftlet behaviour.

When any new couple enter your BH they will immediately locate the loudest playing, clearest sound, tweeter.  This will become their favourite spot in the whole house, unless something is not proper (too bright).

If there is a group of birds that entered at the same time, the leader of the group will take the loudest making sound tweeters.

His macai will take the next tweeters with the loudest sound.

So if you wanted them to occupy the top floor you make your top floor sound to be the loudest.

Soon once you are happy with that floor you can then concentrate to pull them to the next floor.

Just by manipulating the sound volume you can actually push them where you want them to make their nests.

If you think that I am lying just try this simple idea and proof that I am wrong.!!!!

Let us bet on this and I think you will loose.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you wish to know more about why they love those loud sound.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Karak BH: Something That I Wanted Not To Remember !!!

In 2012 I was awarded a job to erect this BH in Karak and promised to complete the job within 7 months.

Since I was not familiar with the construction and deals with hardware suppliers I appointed an old friend with some experiences in BH construction.

He was from Segamat and the BH was in Karak.

He started well but along the way he was awarded another job in Johor.

This was when my problem with him started.

He channeled some or most of the monies that was supposed to be used for Karak BH to his new job.

Every time he called he will be demanding for money.

Some time he threatened to abandon the job if he is not paid within 24 hours. WTF.  24 hours notice is simply unfair I told him.

I never paid late and all previous payments were based on the agreed payment schedule.

In the meantime the weather was not very friendly either.  Nearly the whole 7 months during the construction period it pours and pours.

Some of the days nothing can be carried out when the rain went haywire.

The road leading to the BH was getting clogged with pits and one land owner, in between the main road and the BH under construction, started a war on me and my contractor.

He erected a steel gate and pad locked the steel gate until we do something about the road.

In the beginning I ordered about 12 trucks of crusher runs but after showing some improvements the land owner was still not satisfied.

He locked  the gate again.

This time he demanded another 10 lorry loads of crusher run.

My budget went crazy and if he demanded so I will be running at a big loss.

I took some gut to talk to the BH owner and told her about my situation.

I pleaded with her to negotiate with the rough guy or else I will stop work.

She decided to talk to the land owner and agreed to order another 10 trucks of crusher run, paid herself.

The situation improved and those heavy loaders managed to enter with those bricks and cement.

The BH contractor gave more problems and finally completed for me to install the nesting planks and sound system.

Well when things looks good the solar system was not performing to the required specifications.

It stopped very often.

The supplier recommended for an upgrade from one panel to two and added another battery.

The BH now is doing alright but the time have come that some thing have to be done about the BH humidity.

With solar system there was not adequate power to operate those humidifiers.

My recommendation to the owner was to install a number of water ponds on each floor.

I hope I can be of help but the nests numbers are now getting better and better as compared to the other BH very closed to this BH.