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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Key Thing If You Want To Be A Successful BH Owner !!!

Most BH owners who are not successful in populating their BH has this same characteristic.

They are the kind that do not bother to value the important of their BH sounds.

Nearly all do not have the faintest idea about the important of external and internal sound.

They do not carry with them any of the sound around.

The only library of sound they have are those sounds in USB thumb drives kept inside a container.

They never bother to copy and safe onto their lap top or computer.

They don't have that sense of commitment to make sure that all those sounds are safely kept and can be made available anytime they wanted to.

They don't know which sound is for the external and which one are good for internal.

They failed make any effort to get the right knowledge so that these sounds can be optimized for the benefits of populating their BHs.

How about getting the right sound for their BH?

They pick from any friends or internet or relatives.

They simply have not idea on how to get the most effective sounds to be played at their BH.

A very sad and a big dilemma.

The end result is to own a failed BH.

Why can't they make some effort to learn on how to get the best sounds for their BH?

It is so taught to learn about it?

My advice to all out there please try to think rationally and try to learn everything that you can about the important of bird sounds and how to keep and use them.

If you need some help please call me for a cup of coffee.

It is worth every penny spend to be with me.

Call me now at 017 7551318.

Friday, May 30, 2014

He Keep Applying The Super Pheromone !!!

(More New Nests Once This Is Applied On His Fake Nests)

Last night was at Kota Kemuning, Selangor meeting a BH owner who has the luxury to use the Double concentration Pheromone liquid.

He actually purchased a 5 liter bottles about a few weeks ago and here is his stories.

He owned 4 bird houses.  Three in Dungun, Trengganu and one in Jenjarum Selangor.

What and how he applied the aroma is worth to know and follow.

His clearly stated advise are as follows:

"The only way to be successful in swiftlet farming is to work hard and get those birds stays as your tenant.  You cannot leave your BH just like that and wait for something to happen."

He got into swiftlet farming sometime ago and after having 4 BHs he simply could not find any person who would help him to populate his houses.

"Harry no one will give their advises but they only know how to pull you down except you.  I tried so many things but all did not work.  I met so many people who own BHs but not a single person who is generous enough to guide me.  I am so glad that I have met you and all your ideas and advises are getting those birds staying inside."

Prior to meeting me he could not get even 10 nests in each BH.

After meeting Pak Harry the nests inside are growing and now about to hit 200 nests.

"Every time I visited my BH I can see the improvements and more and more birds are staying and building their nests. Their favourite spots are on those fake nests that I installed as per your advise."

What this person did was to modify his BH as per my recommendations.

Change the external and internal sounds.

Install a lot of internal sound tweeters.

Install external sound tweeters to pull those birds to the back of each floor.

Install a lot of fake nests.

Apply the magic solution the pheromone every two weeks.

Please take note of this word "every two weeks".

He can see that they simply love the fake nests applied with the pheromone.

His preference is the dual concentration.

The price is reasonable but if every fake nest is occupied it is worth every sen.

His new tasks is to install more fake nests and allow those birds to use the fake nests at least two times.

All he is trying to say is that if your wanted to see result you need to work hard.

He visit all his BHs every two weeks and every visit he will apply the pheromone and install new fake nests.

He will not sit still and do nothing and hope god will send those birds.

He believed in hard work and use the right methods.

The best so far are those that he obtained from Pak Harry.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tok Dor BH Now Recorded About 300 Birds !!!

(Birds jump to 300 from about 200 within 1.5 weeks after revamp works)

Another interesting development after just 1.5 months after some tweaking.

I was a bit disappointed that the birds count was a bit low after my recent revamp operation.

This two stories BH used to house about 90-100 nests.

The owner wanted my expertise in revamping it and make it a better BH.

I took my boys to the BH and did some modifications.

Prior to this we revamped another BH owned by the same guy at Bukit Besi.

The number of birds jumped to 700 just after 1.5 months.

The result at the second BH was not very high but promising.

Prior to our revamp operation the BH was with about 200 birds and now jumped up to about 300 birds.

One very interesting thing that happened here was the abandonment of an old BH just about 100 meters away.

Yes nearly all birds left this nearby BH and the owner decided to shut it off.

Main reason being his birds abandoned his BH and move to this new BH nearby.

A rare occasion but it do happen if the new BH is with a much better environment and with those super pheromone, I think.

I have been pushing the owner to make use of the excess land around this BH.

They used to be a padi field but due to some reason the water source were shut off.

I urged him to open the land and built a pond about 100 feet by 50 feet or larger.

He can pump the ground water to fill up the pond.

He currently has a well with ground water nearby.

Will keep all of you posted with any new development about this BH at Tok Dor !!!

Note:  This BH experience the problem of dead birds with no head.  I suspected it was due to civets but no trace yet.  The owner has installed a civet trap and hopefully will catch it soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Visited Another BH In Broga !!!

(Broga BH)

Three days ago I inspected another BH located inside an orchard near Broga town.

This small town seems to hit the headlines many times.

The best was the building of incinerator but failed to take off after lots of demonstration by the opposition parties.

Recently there is this hill that are catching the headline again.

Many visitors are pouring to climb a hill every morning.

I saw at least 50 cars parked beside the road leading to the hill.

My inspection was completed after about 45 minutes at the BH.

I told the owner on a few things that I think need his careful attention.

The main entrance hole (top entry) was not at the east but on the opposite side.  To me this is a wrong design, I told him.

There is nothing much that can be done but this BH will face a big challenge to populate the areas furthest from the entrance hole.

My next point of concern was the lack of appropriate gadgets to draw birds to the BH rooftop especially at the main mouth of the top entry areas.

The so call hexagonal tweeter fell down a few weeks ago and was not re installed and it original position where it was mounted was also not at the precise location.

Even with the Hexagonal tweeter up and running I still feel that it was not adequate, I told the owner.

He need to do something more to draw more birds to his rooftop.

I suggested the installation of at least 4 power tweeters on two of the walls and connect to a single cable.

These power tweeters will be operated at a specific time of the day controlled by a Hager timer.

The way he mounted a number of external sound tweeters at the main entrance window was also not to my preferred choice.

I sketch a picture on how to install them and he must not use more than one brand or type of tweeters.

Currently he installed at least three types of tweeters.  Two Piezo types and one a coil type.  The one with the least resistance will be drawing most of the current while the high resistance will receive very little current signal.

This BH was designed with two ways on how those birds to fly from the top floor to the ground floor.

The first was a tunnel and the second was the LAL at the staircase.

The owner wanted to use both and they are not sure which one is the preferred path.

I told the owner choose one and concentrate is pulling them using one of the two.

All he need to do is to modify the window's size and perhaps provide with enough tweeters to draw them to the ground floor.

There was nothing to say about the internal decoration.

There was no VIP room on any of the floor.

The owner installed lots of internal sound tweeters and fake nests.  They were a bit excessive.

I need to complete the visit report and hope to send to the owner soon.

If you have some problem with your BH please call this number 017 7551318

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bukit Besi Dungun BH: Just After One And Half Month It Spiral Up to 700 Birds !!!

(Bkt Besi BH From 250 birds now at 700 birds after 1.5 months)

My next revamp project might be in Durian Tunggal, Melaka.

This small job will be completed within 7-10 days but I think there will be some problem with the Owner.

He is not willing to accept my pricing and proposed his own methods of raw materials purchases.

Well I am not very happy with his method because it will delay my job and we might need to spend more time waiting on raw materials.

Yesterday make a trip to Rantau BH and installed a additional humidifier.

While on the way to Rantau a caller wanted to know how to produce those small insects to feed his BH tenants.

I stopped my car and asked him precisely what he wanted me to tell him.

He introduced himself as an old school of person who owned an 8 years old BH with about 2 kilos of nests every month.

He came across the idea about insect breeding for BHs and searched the web.

Found my number and called me for some advise.

I told him nicely on how to use those ripe pineapples and sprinkle with some yeast.

If he wanted to produce a higher volume he should look into those Soy powder mixed with wheat flour but must erect a barn to house them.

By doing this he might be able to produce between 2 kg to 5 kg of fruit flies per day.

I did commented that after 8 years he should be harvesting more than 2 kilograms a month.

He should get some expert to inspect his BH and provide precisely what can be done to improve the monthly harvests.

The only expert that I can think of is at this phone number +6017 7551318

My another interesting news is the progress of Bukit Besi BH.

Just after about 1.5 months after my revamp operation the birds returning every evening swelled to about 700.

"Harry, Edi counted and approx 700 birds entered Bukit Besi BH and will check Tok Dor soonest"

Prior to my revamp operation the number was below 250 birds and that was about 1.5 months ago.

Do you want to know what I did inside the BH?

The owner set a target of 600 nests by end of 2014.

At the current rate of progress I told him that it will be a chicken feet or Kacang Putih (no problem).

The only thing that he should do is to follow all those guidelines provided to him.

One very important thing for him to do is to spray the Super pheromone on all those not tenanted fake nests once every month.

He should also move one step forward to start considering the application of 3X concentrated pheromone liquid on all his BH nesting planks especially those inside his VIP rooms.

He should quickly order about two liters of the 3X and apply on all the planks.

Within a few weeks he will see some strange happenings.

The birds will no longer be chasing after the corners and those fake nests but they will start to chose those flat areas on the nesting planks which he applied with the pheromone ( This is my prediction).

I will chase after him to give this liquid a try and see the result.

If that happen he need no longer wait till the end of the 2014 to get his 600 nests.

He should now look at something like 1200 nests within less than 8 months.

About 1000 % increase from its initial of 120 nests.

Possible but will be a miracle.

Lets try it out and I will be very happy to be the crazy guy who provide him with this great idea.

If you wish to help in applying the 3X with me please let me know.

Call me at 017 7551318.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Latest Snapshot On Pantai Remis Birds Monitoring System !!!

The latest snap shot and the figures indicated the followings:

1) Not much different from the previous week with the average per day of 219 birds entered per day (1535/7).

2) The lowest figure was 139 which was recorded on Friday

3) The highest figure was 341 recorded on Sunday.

4) The number of days higher than 200 are four (Sunday 341, Tuesday 268, Thursday 252 and Saturday 215).

5) The number of days with lower than 200 birds per day are three (Monday 147, Wednesday 173 and Friday 139).

6) For this particular week you can see that the higher and lower number seems to happen on alternate days.

Sunday                       high
Monday                     low
Tuesday                     high
Wednesday                low
Thursday                    high
Friday                        low
Saturday                    high.

A very interesting analysis and will continue to monitor and looking forward to evaluate the next week snapshot.

What I am looking at for the next few weeks (give about three to four weeks) are those number of birds entering will grow more and more and these figures will be above 200 (all).

Hopefully all will be above 200 and our next level after this will set at 250.  

See how long it takes the number to climb to 250 once all hit above or at least 200.

This exercise is interesting and the monitoring gadget do help me to plan ahead what I should do on every maintenance operation.

Now I have a target to achieve and it is much easier as compared to without the counter.

If this method works I fully recommend the use of the gadget.

Call me if you are keen to install at your BH.

017 7551318.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wrong Flying Path Design !!!

I was invited to inspect this BH in a town called Gadek, Melaka.

The two story BH was using the monkey house entrance system.

This trip was not planned earlier but during a brief meeting I was asked to take a look at the BH.

After inspecting the BH for about 30 minutes I told the owner my sincere observations.

1) I was very concern over the internal sounds used inside the nesting rooms.  The top floor was with this loud noisy sound while the ground floor was with Babyking with very little volume.
I gave the owner a helping hand by changing the internal sounds to SuperBabyKing and BabyKing and I reset the sound volumes.

2) The external sound was not that effective so both the sound for the hexagonal and the nesting rooms were standardized to a set of two sounds.

3) The setting of the treble and mid knobs were not right.  I reset the proper positioning.

4)  The last thing that I have a very tough time to explain to the BH owner was about the monkey house and the positioning of the two LALs (Lubang Antara Lantai).  I simply don't like the way the birds are forced to fly down to the ground floor.  I told the owner that it is not proper to make the birds to turn too many times before she can arrived to the nest location.  In total every birds that stayed at the lowest floor need to twist and turned at least 9 times.

We are suppose to make their life easier but not so complicated turning to all directions.

However since I do not want to upset the BH owner I asked him to see any good result during the next few weeks after I adjusted the sound volumes and the new sound used.

Hopefully their will be more bird shit marking and he need to quickly NKS the planks.

If he wish to further improve the BH I told him to call me so that I can re orientate the flying path to make it much easier and shorter.

I have some ideas on how to modify the monkey house areas and perhaps opening of a few walls and close a few doors.

He should be very happy to have me to view his BH.

The whole episode is just a lesson to learn and usually those with very little knowledge will make too many unnecessary mistakes.

If you own a BH and need some third party comment please call me at 017 7551318.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today Carried Out The NKS Together With A BH Owner !!!

Remember about my newest idea on how we can help our BH new visitors to quickly become our long lasting tenants?

I am referring to this idea about Nest Kick Start (NKS).

Please read these two articles:

You Have To Assist Your Tenants To Build Their Nests

Lets Get Ready To NKS

Today I managed to teach a BH owner to carry out the fake nests installation closed to those active markings.

I visited the Pantai Remis BH and one of the owner turned up to help me with the NKS job.

Before he arrived I have prepared about 50 fake nests with two screws ready for installation.

When he arrived I explained to him on what NKS is all about.

This was what I try to convince him why NKS is a vital tool.

You see when you owned a new BH you are totally dependent on those birds from other sources (BH or caves).

Usually they new couple that entered your new BH are those who are very young and usually they never have much experience in nest building.

Their saliva glands are still virgin and they might have difficulties to erect a full spec house to start a family.

This is where a BH like you should come and help them by providing them with a temporary nest structure.

What you should do during your every visit try to bring with you at least 30-40 ready made fake nests, a screw driver, a ladder and a canister of super pheromone.

Try to look for any new bird shit markings on the BH floor and once found try to locate where those birds are staying the last few nights.

Their bird shits must be fresh and if you are lucky you can see some small saliva or feather markings on those the nesting planks.

Once you have found this you need to prepare your aluminum ladder and climb up to install at least one fake nest.

The best is one at the right hand side and the other on the left hand side of the markings.

Once fixed you shake the Super pheromone canister and spray at least two sprays onto each fake nest.

You can locate all those markings and each provide them with an option for them to quick start their nest.

The NKS primary objective is to anchor the new couple to erect their nest and lay just one egg.

The moment the female laid her first egg this couple will be yours until they die.

Yes for as long as there are not disturbances in your BH they will continue to stay in your BH no matter how many times you harvest their nests.

The Pantai Remis BH owner was very excited over the exercise and he volunteered to carry out all the installation by himself.

I remind him that for the next few week he can come and check the progress.  If they are still no signs of marking on the fake nests he need to spray one more time with the Super Pheromone.

I wish I could tell him to upgrade the canister to using those liquid form.

(The first set was fixed on the left of the saliva marking)

(The second was installed on the right)

(Once set spray with the Super Pheromone)

First It Was The Processed Nests And Now A Glimmer Of Hope On Raw Nests !!!

Taken from the star online news found at:  

PUTRAJAYA: A glimmer of hope has emerged for the export of local bird’s nests to China as the authorities there are now open to talks over the entry of raw, uncleaned bird’s nests from Malaysia.
“China has previously rejected all such discussions,” said Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
He said the latest development was expressed to him by his Chinese counterpart during Ismail’s trip to China last week.
“To all swiflet farmers and bird’s nest entrepreneurs who worry about not being able to export their products, there is now hope,” Ismail said after the ministry’s monthly staff gathering here yesterday.
“China has agreed to enter into a discussion with us and we will send our officers to follow up on this,” he added.
China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has allowed the re-entry of cleaned bird’s nests from Malaysia after lifting a two-year freeze on the product.
The ban, which was lifted on Dec 25 last year, was put in place in July 2011 when cleaned bird’s nests from Malaysia were found to contain excessive level of nitrite.
The Malaysian bird’s nest industry is a lucrative sector, which saw some 250 tonnes of bird’s nests exported to China before the ban was imposed.
On a separate matter, Ismail highlighted an urgent need for more young people to participate in agriculture entrepreneurship.
He said only about 15% of the country’s 800,000 farmers consisted of youngsters.
“The rest are mostly above 60 years old,” he pointed out.
“If the young do not get involve in agriculture, there will be no one to take over when the need arises,” Ismail said.
“We will then face a great challenge in increasing our agriculture output and reducing reliance on imports.”

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Wrong Design To Have Glass Windows On Every Floor !!!

(Those glass windows are hot and heating up the BH temperature)
A silly design job.

I was puzzled with what this developer was trying to do and wanted to prove.

He installed on every floor two glass widows about two glass frames each.

Each frame was about 1.5 feet wide by 3 feet high.

One was on the wall facing the morning sun and the other was facing the sunset.

Each floor there were two of these.

The heat generated by the glass frame was only blocked with a layer of plywood about .5 cm thick.

If you check the temperature on the plywood surfaces it hit about 36.8*C.

(Reading taken using laser gun thermometer on the plywood covering those glass windows)

This is one of the core heating element in this BH.

In addition to these six glass window heaters the BH was erected with one layer of wall.

The heat coming from nearly all the walls (facing the sun) is almost 35*C.

Simply outrageous and unfit to be a BH developer.

I told the owner about these finer points and I firmly advised him to quickly do something.

"The main reason why your tenants, about 300 of them base on bird shit spots on the BH floors, are not paying you their rental fee is because your BH is too hot."

If he did nothing to reduce those high temperatures he will continue running a BH with little nests forever.

Those swiftlet like wanted to spike you for not giving them the right environment so they stay free of charged, I told him.

To cut down his cost and test my prediction he finally decided to go with one floor first.

However I promised him that all the six glass window will be covered with those bubble sheet heat insulator.

I told my workers to measure the glass sizes and cut the bubble sheet precisely.

Using double sided tapes I will make sure no heat will pass through the shield and into his BH.

I hope by doing so his BH will have six heaters sealed and ceased to function.

The six will contribute at least 1-2 *C drop in temperature inside his BH.

Can you imagine all the 26 more BHs around this BH?

All are facing the same problem.

I think the developer should reboot his knowledge about swiftlet farming.

Other BHs showed the same flaws.

(This unit has three glass windows on the top floor and one each on the lower floors.  Remember the same will be seen on the opposite wall)

(A layer of Bubble heat shield will help to reduce the heat inside)

(How the window from the outside looks like)

(All the three glass windows are covered)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Might Be Facing A Serious Problem Soon !!!

(One BH just at the Back)

I think soon there will be a big war between two BH owners.

Remember the 27 BHs in a big orchard about 27 acres of land.

Each acre is with a BH, a water pond and a few trees (cocunut, rambutan, mango, dragon fruit, jackfruit and Petai.).

I was informed that the developer sold each acre at 900,000 ringgit.

He must have bought it at about 15,000 per acre and sold at an astonishing 900,000 ringgit.

The BH should not be more than 400,000 ringgit and he pocketed about 485,000 ringgit each.

So total should be around 27 X 485,000 = 13,095,000

This developer is really good in convincing about 27 poor investors into believing that they will be rich within just a few years.

From what I can see was that there were only about 500-1000 birds flying around in the evening.

How can you catch them into your BH?

The only way out it so upgrade your BH so that your BH is the best among the rest of the BH around you.

While unloading some goods from my car one BH owner with his son drop by to ask what I was doing.

I was hesitating but soon I told them that all the BHs in the orchard are wrongly built with a single wall.

If what I saw in the BH that I was asked to revamp is true than there is a good chance to pinch all of the birds to a BH with a heat insulator and all the floors are installed with additional tweeters and fake nests.

I told the person what I was doing and if he wanted to see the exact thing he should drop by this Satuday.

He took my message and promised to drop by.

My problem now is that he might want me to move over once I complete the current BH.

His BH is just the other side of the current BH about one fence away.

This is no good and I just don't want to start a war.

He is facing nearly the same syndrome.  Got a lot of bird shit spots but with very little nest inside.

All the while when I was talking to him he reaffirmed that the developer owned a number of successful BHs.

I keep telling him that those might be by chance but now the one that he sold are not right.  A single wall BH is not right.

We shall wait and see this Saturday if my predicament comes true.

"Kepala Pusing"  for me but I need to help if I can.

(This BH just at the Front)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Finally The Rantau BH was Completed !!!

(How it looks like before the revamp operation)

The Rantau BH owner came to say goodbye and during our conversation he was constantly looking at his BH top entry hole.

"Wah now there are more birds on my rooftop as compared to the rest of the BHs.  My wife also said that it seems that only these few days she saw lots of birds flying above our BH."  his nice comments.

The total work scope was completed and I am happy with what was done inside and outside the BH.

We did the followings:

1) A new hexagonal tweeter was installed with six AG 35 bullet tweeters.  They seems to attract more birds as compared to the old unit.

2) The top most floor was temporarily closed/sealed so that all the birds will stay on the second of the 1st nesting floors.  My main reason was to let them stay at more conducive environment so that they will quickly erect those nests.  The top most floor was too hot for any couple to event want to erect a nest.

3) The 2nd floor walls were insulated using bubble sheet foil which were later covered with cement boards.  The wall temperature on all the covered surface now is at 29*C.  The floor room temperature now is hovering around 28-30*C.  Prior to this the wall temperature was around 34.5*C.

4) The room partitions were rearranged and now when those birds entered the floor (2nd) they will have two VIP rooms to choose.  One VIP room is on the far left and the other on the far right.

5) The VIP room ceiling were decorated with more internal tweeters, fake nests and internal sound tweeters.  Now these tenants will have more than 350 internal sound tweeters to choose.

6) The number of fake nests installed was almost 400 pieces and all were sprayed with super pheromone liquid.

7) A number of nesting planks were applied with super 3X pheromone in liquid form using normal brush.

8) The external sound tweeters pulling those birds down from the main entrance door to the lowest floor were properly installed.  This time any new couple should enter the main door they will be easily find their way to the lower floors.

9) The BH now will run three types of sounds on a 29 hours basis.  There will be two internal sounds and one external sound.

10) The entrance hole area now has four power tweeters that are activated at 7-9 in the morning, 12-2 pm and 5-7 pm using a Hager timer.  This is my "Last Tango" sound arrangements.

11) The sound used for this BH at the present moment are Pukau, BlueStar & Jango (external) and Superbabyking and NBU for internal sounds.

12) The Mutiara Aroma was prepared about 7 days ago and ready to be used.   Mixed the three solutions and filled the humidifier water can.

13) Only one humidifier was installed since the old units (3) were dead.

14) The ventilation holes were all cleaned and cleared of debris.  Each pipe now is with an elbow and a 1 foot pipe extension.

15) The floor was cleared from all old bird shit spots.  This will help during my next inspection.  Any new bird shit spot on the floor will be fresh and from sure tenants.

16) I did a bird count job two days ago and the number of birds that entered between 7:30 pm -8:00 pm was about 53.  I will use this as my guide.

17) The lowest floor was left as it was except that I install a fake nest on every tweeter.  This will help those who prefer to stay downstairs to quickly build their nest.  After installation the fake nests were sprayed with 3X pheromone.

The BH now looks tip top and ready with a much lower temperature of the middle floor.

I advice the owner to monitor the nests population and once the number hit 300-500 he should allocate additional fund to complete the top and lowest floor.

A very satisfying work and I feel so happy to see the smile on the owner's face.

His BH rooftop now is nothing to compare with the rest of the BHs around him.

There are more activities and I am sure some will migrate to his BH.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you need some help with your BH.

(Insulation of the single layered walls)

(How it looks like after the installation works and the temperature on this new wall is about 29*C)

(The glass window being covered with bubble shield foil)

(Now the three windows looks silvery)

(Close up view of one window)

(The nesting planks with cluster tweeters and lots of fake nests.  Those red markings are stickers to indicate that these planks were applied with 3X pheromone liquid)

More & More People Are Trusting The Super Pheromone !!!

(This wooden BH owner is moving to the 3X concentrated liquid pheromone)

Once they tried they are hooked to it.

Their BH changed dramatically and they will be asking for a much better formula.

I have been experiencing this new storm where more satisfied users are asking for a higher concentrated Super Pheromone.

These same people started with the standard concentration and soon after they will use the 2X concentration.

Now they wanted the latest that is the 3X concentration.

Why this sudden request?

I think they are seeing the unusual happening in their BHs.

The guy whose three BHs are in Kemaman and one in Jenjarum recently tried the canister pheromone.  Once used as per my recommendations he soon realized that more and more fake nests he installed are occupied.

Within less than 3 months there are strange happening.

He soon called for the  Super Pheromone standard liquid concentration.

He is no longer concentrating on the fake nests alone but started to apply on the nesting planks.

He found that once he applied twice the result become better.

During one visit he saw at least 60 fake nests were occupied.

He soon asked for the 2X concentration.

This time he wanted to use it on a more aggressive mode but I am not sure what he actually have in his mind.

Will need to talk to him on a more regular basis.

Another group that have upgraded their pheromone concentration order was this organisation that owned about 100 BHs in Sandakan, Sabah.

They (3 of them) attended my last Swiftlet Farming Seminar and after listening to my talk they realize the important of apply those techniques to lure the wild birds.

I stressed to them the important of fake nest and the super pheromone.

They took my advise and now they are asking for the 3X canister type and I recently shipped to them.

They also started with the standard concentration and within a few months moved to 2X.

The result shown after using was unbelievable and they keep talking about what they are up to.

I have a very strong feeling that after each application their BHs changed to have more new markings on the nesting planks and a lot of new bird shit spots on their BH floors.

Just imagine running 100 BHs and each are doing better and better every month.

They were lucky to have met me and I have been helping them with lots of new ideas and how to apply them.

Another DIY BH owner is from Keningau Sabah.

"Pak Harry itu aroma liquid ada stock?" he asked me recently.

He contacted me on numerous occasions and ask for many advises.

Recently was his amplifier setting.

I replied and I make him happy.

After using the canister pheromone (3 canisters)  he now is looking at using the liquid form.

I asked him about how effective is the pheromone in his BH.

"Yup memang berkesan tambah lagu cara pak harry ajar setting suara luar dan dalam.  Now lagi efectif  burung banyak tinggal buat saya malam susah tidur ingat buurng banyak ::-)"   one of his reply.

He can no longer sleep well thinking about his BH nests and birds ????

At one time he nearly gave up the DIY BH and now he is having a kind of nightmare
with too many birds inside after applying my ideas and laced with super pheromone.

He will be getting one liter of the super pheromone liquid and I am sure he got his reasons why he moving from the canister to liquid.

The newest is this BH owner whose BHs is in Papar. Sabah.

This morning received this note from him and in my last sms to him I told him that I will be visiting Kota Kinabalu next month.

"Hello Pak Harry, sorry for the late reply.  Just back from Papar last night.  Spending my time there since Sartuday. Looking forward to see you next month.  I would like to test your latest pheromone.  Bring one gallon."

If you read his last sentence you know why I said that this guy is another person who have tried and saw the immediate change in his wooden BH.

I remember my first meeting with him.

He came to my hotel and wanted to buy the Super Pheromone and I offer him those canister with no blue cover yet.

He soon discovered the changes in his BH.

He continued with another batch about two canisters.

I sense that there are something that need my help.

I called him and told him that I wanted to visit his BH and review what can be done to improve the nests numbers.

He arranged to have his partner to pick me up since he was in Miri attending a Seminar (work).

I gave him a full report on what to be done in his BH and soon he followed my recommendations.

I asked him to get more partition walls done, more fake nests and apply the super pheromone regularly.

During my last visit to KK I spend one day with him at his BH.

I brought with me a liter of the pheromone and we carry out the cleaning and application of the standard concentration formula.

Now after three months or so he wanted my latest formula.

"Hello Pak Harry, sorry for the late reply.  Just back from Papar last night.  Spending my time there since Saturday.  Looking forward to see you next month.  I would like to test your latest 3X pheromone.  Bring 1 gallon."

He is asking one gallon.  Do you know how much it will cost him?

I am sure there is something unusual that make him to go for such a huge quantity.

I have a very strong feeling that he is seeing more new markings and maybe lots of new nests inside.

If these people are seeing some strange thing happening after the application of the Super Pheromone, I think you should follow their foot steps.

My experience tells me that if a product works all these people who used it will start asking for more.

If the product is not showing any signs most of them will shy away from calling you.

Trust me that this special aroma will change your BH.

Call me and let meat 017 7551318 and I will advise you on how to use it effectively.

We now have a miracle product that can transform your BH.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fourth Day At Rantau BH !!!

Today May 15th 2014, is my 4th day at Rantau BH.

The revamp is doing very well and I have to admit that those birds seems to fall in love with the what I and my worker did at the main entrance areas and the staircase.

They seems to be scouting the rooftop at 5:00 pm every day.
That the time that we stop work and start to play those wonderful sounds.

I think they were a kind of getting some kind of a kick every time these sounds are played.

Today during the hexagonal tweeter installation, at around 5:00pm, the number of swiftlet gathered around my workers was about 200-300.

Anyway we need to tell them to hold on for a few more days so that I can finish up the revamp works.

The most tedious was the insulation of all the walls.

As at this evening 8 out of 12 was done.  By tomorrow I think these 4 walls should be completed.

The first VIP room was completed in total.

The insulation walls with bubble sheet material was done, internal tweeters installed and I help my boys with those fake nests.

It looks very impressive and just wait when the external sound is played.

The second VIP room should be up and completed within the next two days.

I got a few visitors to come and view on Saturday.

My next plan will be to shut the top floor and move all those birds staying up there to the two lower floors.

The insulated floor will be the best and the nearest.

The lowest floor is a bit too far down but cooler.

I just cannot wait to see how all those birds that comes in will experience something new and they have never seen before.

If all of them likes what I did I can safely says that all those neighbors will be have a very tough time.

I think they will vacate their old home and reside inside this unit.

Have some pictures taken during the four days there: