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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Can Be The Problem With A Newly Revamped BH !!!

At this time of the year when the monsoon is at its peak there are lesser birds around.

But there was this case when the owner wonder what was wrong with his recently revamped BH.

"Pak Harry I need your help.  My BH was recently revamped and there are no birds inside." his complain.

I told him to let me have a good look and see what can be the possible reasons.

I took half day with him and after reviewing inside I came out with the following points:

1) His internal sound was not fully functioning.
     He could not give me any acceptable reasons but claimed that it was okay during his last visit.
     I told him to correct that because if the internal sound is dead those birds will not be staying especially at night.

2) The floor was too wet in fact it was flooding.
     I told him to stop all his humidifiers until all the floors are dried.
     The wet floor will increase his humidity and soon there will be lots of fungus on all those planks and walls (made of wood). He need to mop the excess water.
3) The external sound tweeters were not found in several places.
     My observation was that he only focus on the door frames but nothing inside the VIP rooms.
     Suggested to him to get a few for each room and also the path where the birds flew in from the entrance window into the VIP rooms.

4) There were signs of nesting planks and wooden wall with fungus.
     That was not a good signs.  I told him to clean the fungus with Tanali Vinegar.

5) His internal sound amplifier overloaded. 
    It seems that he added almost 300 new tweeters but never upgrade the amplifier.
    The only way out is to install new dedicated amplifiers for each floor.
    Each floor will be controlled by two amplifiers rotating 12 hrs each.

After some serious talk he wanted me to he around to help him with his problems.

"Pak Harry do you mind to come on January 1st 2014 to help me with the operation?"  he asked.

There goes my new year day !!!

This is what I called as work hazard to be a passionate swiftlet consultant.

I should have said no to him.

Monday, December 30, 2013

What Happen To Serinti Nests When You Apply The Famous Super Pheromone !!!

An interesting test result send to me by a BH owner from Brunei.

This morning I received this interesting nest half made of those grass of dry leaves while the top was with saliva.

This BH owner wanted to experiment with my Super Pheromone and he sprayed on a Serinti nest made of grass.

After spraying the Serinti was forced to move out and the swiftlet took over.

His exact words: " I m experimenting using Serinti nest at my BH.  I sprayed it with the pheromone. the result ... in a span of few weeks this the result. "

The smell of Super Pheromone must be the cause of the take over.

As I always prescribed we need to carry out more test on the effectiveness of Super Pheromone and this test means a lot to all of us.

Those of you who have never tried the Super Pheromone please try it.

Maybe one day we might be able to convince more people to opt using this pheromone to increase the number of nests in their BH.

Those who have used and do have some interesting results please send your photo to me.

I am always available at +60177551318.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

This Time Of The Year Where Do Swiftlet Goes To ???

In Malaysia the monsoon season start sometime in late October up to late January.

There will be rough sea, heavy rainfall and pretty windy.

There will be lot of rainfall and flooding will be very common.

The food sources for those swiftlet will shrink and they need to go some where where the food are more abundance.

The point here is that where could be this place?

My prediction is up to the north where the weather is calmer and less rain.

The problem up towards the north the weather will be damn cold?

This year Vietnam's border with China received a heavy snow. So this might not be the right place to find food.

My bet is that they move southwards.

Maybe to Papua or Kalimantan.

One BH owner called yesterday and asked my opinion about the lesser number of birds inside his BH plus his neighbors.

"Pak Harry how come the number of birds are so little.  Are you experiencing the same?" he asked.

I think it is.

If you own a BH and observed the same please confirm this yearly phenomena !!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

One More Weired Thing That You Should Not Follow !!!

Remember yesterday's article about those hanging perfume garden?

The same "Sifu" insisted in playing 10 different external sounds in sequence.

What happened next was pretty interesting.

The "caretaker" complained that when the good sound was on there will be lots of birds but when the next sound (lesser effective) takes over the birds will run away like chicken seeing those hawks.

"He insisted to play 10 sounds in one thumb drive and the entrance hole will become havoc !!!" claimed the care taker.

I would think that the idea of playing too many sounds will cause lot of damages to your BH.

In the first place a set of good sounds should be first establisjed.

You can easily select by playing all the sounds one by one and see which of the many attract the most number of birds flying into the main entrance hole.

Once you have the list you can start planning which one to play and which one you will play next.

The word next is maybe 6 months from the date you played the first sound or maybe once you observed that the first sound become less effective.

Minimum period varies but three to four months might be the right timing.

Try not to play more than two good sounds.

Not 10 please.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Something That I Found To Be Very Weird !!!

I received a phone call from someone from Termerloh, Pahang a few days ago.

He sound to be in a very stressed and sadden over his so called "Sifu" who refused to pick up his call.

As I spoke to him and poking some interesting questions I discovered something that might be of special interest to all swiftlet farmer.

This person who called me was trying to help the many BHs that failed to produce any result or should I say sick BHs.

However after getting the so called "Sifu" from a Northern state (the one closed to Thai border) he managed to convince many BH owners to try the so called new methods.

This same "Sifu" was the guy who did more or less the same thing in Tawau and Semporna.

Read this article about what I discovered inside his sales brochures at:

Read that part where he copied nearly 15 pictures of mine.

The cost to upgrade was pretty high but the promised was unimaginable.

However after one to two years nothing happened and this poor guy who was the mediator was under fire from those BH owners (11-12).

I told myself to take a good look at what this sifu did and may be diagnose why those BHs are not showing any positive signs.

The moment I entered this so called new designed BH I was shocked.

Just looking at how he installed so many tweeters and each tweeter was with this so called special bottle of aroma self hanged with a steel wire.

Oh my god, the ceiling became like a jungle with so many traps and I bet those birds are not willing to risk their wings from being hooked onto those steel hangers.

I was speechless for a very long seconds and  just shook my head.  What was this sifu trying to do?

Just plain crazy and I totally disagree with the way the ceiling were decorated with so many tweeters, perfume bottles and those fake nests.

Since I was not in any position to do anything I told the guy to perhaps to redesign the BH.

I think it will be a very long way to go and I am not sure if I can be of any help.

Now the "Sifu" went into hiding and I think they will chase him with those "Parang" or long knife if he should turn up at these places.

Enjoy the pictures taken yesterday:



Please try not to follow this design or idea.

If you do you are taking your own risk and the risk is zero nests.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cenih BH Underwater !!!

(The water went up to 8 feet above the floor and about 4 feet below the ceiling)

Remember the BH at Cenih Kemaman, Trengganu which I revamped last three months?

It was under about 8 feet of water.

The worst flood ever happened in the area.

The Kemaman river overflowed and the whole area was about 10 to 15 feet deep underwater.

Luckily this BH was on a hill about 5 feet above the flat area.

The data room was totally under water and all the electrical items such as his amplifiers were drowned.

Have a look at how high the water was inside his ground floor.

He was lucky that his ground floor ceiling height was 12 feet.

The water went up to 8 feet and he has 4 more feet to hit the ceiling.

Just once the water level came down before he can dive in

Water residing

Water level markings inside his data room

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Some Interesting Ideas That Were Done In SP BH !!!

After finishing the revamp operation of a BH in SP I will be free for at least three to four weeks.

Can take a good rest for the year end and my two workers will be heading home for a short break.

I think this year I have the most number of BHs being revamped.

Nearly every month I have one BH to be revamped.

Just hope next year 2014 will be as busy as this year.

My last job was in SP and I took about five days to realign the BH.

These were the things that I did:

1) The monkey house area was the first place that was modified.
     My first was to install a hexagonal tweeter.
     The next was to reduce the size of the entrance hole from 10 feet wide by 4 feet high to only about 3 feet wide by 4 feet wide.
     The monkey house now has three entrance windows.
      Each was installed with a new set of external sound tweeters.
      I also installed two sets of power tweeters for my last tango sound system.

2) The connecting door from the monkey house roving room into the nesting room was enlarged to about 4 feet by 6 feet.  A wooden frame was installed around the door.

3) Immediately after the door I erected a room about 10 feet by 10 feet to block the light from polluting the nesting rooms.

4) The flying path from this small room the two floors nesting rooms is now realigned.  I wanted to force those birds more to stay downstairs.  These birds are lazy and will make very little afford to fly downstairs if we do not guide them.

5) The top floor VIP room was enlarged from about 20' wide by 10' length to 20' by 20'.  Now the room is twice the size and easier for those birds to fly in a circle.

6) The nesting planks were cleaned with Tanali liquid and applied with a layer of pheromone liquid.

7) All old fake nests were removed and new fake nests were installed in a predesignated manner.

8) The area with the most number of bird shit spots will have the most number of fake nests.

9) Downstairs the VIP room were rearranged and a new partition was erected.

10) The number of cluster tweeters were increased and currently each floor has at least 30 sets.

11) A set of two chocolate tweeters were installed to pull those birds to the far end of the VIP rooms.

12) I have allocated a special line to push the external sound to be played on a 28 hours basis.

13) All amplifiers were upgraded to tecknik BZ 106 and 204.

14) The MCB box was changed to a new set.  The old unit were giving problem due to aging.

15) A auto starter in case of interruption was installed together inside the MCB box.

16) The monkey house was installed with a light and a timer.

17) Nearly all the cluster tweeters and chocolate tweeters were installed with half sized silicon fake nests.

I think the makeover looks more attractive to any swiftlet flying around the area.

Tested the sound with last tango sound on.

The monkey house now is the most attractive to those birds in the area.

I am very glad to have spend the time to upgrade this BH and I think all BH after into operation for some time need some kind of a booster.

Revamping your BH might be the answer.

Call me if you think you wanted to see more birds outside and inside your aging BH.

The number to call is +60177551318

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The New Use Of Silicone Fake Nests !!!

While in Kulim I was looking at fixing those fake nests onto the internal sound tweeters.

The idea was from Mr Dung of Danang Vietnam.

In the beginning I wanted to use some sort of glue to fix the styrofoam onto the internal sound playing tweeters.

My workers saw what I was doing and he suggested why don't you cut the silicone fake nests into two and used the lighter to glue the nests?

Hmm not a bad idea.

This was how I started fixing the silicone fake nests onto the internal cluster tweeters and external sound chocolate tweeters.

Let see if those birds will quickly use the fake nests on these tweeters.

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Newbie (He looks like Jason Day the golfer) From Pahlawan Island, The Phillipine !!!

Just about two days after stumbling onto my swiftlet farming blog, he called and wanted to meet me.

This was the case of a newbie from Pahlawan Island of Philippine.

He told me that he has been serving  a number of years in the middle east but now moved to Singapore as a service engineer.

What prompt him to think about this new venture is about returning back to Pahlawan after being out of the country for so long.

"I wanted to bring back something to Pahlawan and I think swiftlet farming will be ideal." he said.

He took a bus to Kuala Lumpur and called me this morning Saturday December 21st 2013.

"Pak Harry I am already in KL and would like to meet you to purchase the test gadget" he told me.

I told him to wait until about 10:30 am and I will fetch him to show him how to conduct the bird call test.

I took him out of Kuala Lumpur and proceeded to Dengkil. Selangor.

The test was very successful and he was trilled to see the number of birds hovering above my car.

"Simply amazing and unbelievable." he keep commenting about the result.

I gave him some nice tips and I am sure he will able to get more birds to response to his call test.

Have a look at some pictures and video clips taken today.

After a simple lunch I took him to the bus stand for his trip back to Singapore.

He planned to travel home with the test gadget this 24th December.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

When Those Silver Hawk Pay A Visit To Kulim BH, What Happened Next !!!

A very interesting event that I will remember for a very long time.

I was revamping a BH in Kulim, Kedah.

This BH was about 5 minutes drive from Kulim HiTech Industrial areas.

Nearly every day I will be at site watching those birds being attracted to the main entrance hole.

One very bad thing that happened was when a hawk came scooping those swiftlet just when they were playing at the main entrance hole.

This usually happen during late evening about 7:30 pm.

The owner complained that nearly every day the bird of prey will capture his tenant and he will not tolerate the nonsense.

He claimed to know a sharp shooter who happened to be his brothers son.

The moment he saw the hawk he phone his sharp shooting to be at his BH.

This was what I saw after a loud bang.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pak Harry Your Figs Stems Grew Well And Fruting Now !!!

(The proud Figs tree owner Mr Fung)

It was about one year plus ago that I received a small order of rooted Figs stems.

The person who ordered was from Tawau Sabah and he have yet to own a BH.

He owned some palm oil plantations. (No BH yet)

He must have read about my writing about the benefits of planting Figs trees to breed those figs warps.

The tree once bare fruits will usually become a kind of insect generator.

There is a kind of warps that breed inside the fruit and at the same time they pollinate the flowers that are found inside the figs fruits.

The tree and those figs warps work together.

I was made to understand the figs fruits have a kind of sag or special container for the figs worm to grow.

Once they are fully transformed into flying insect they will perform their duty to pollinate the flowers found inside the fruit.

By doing so they help the fruits to bear seeds and these seeds will help to propagate the plant.

The more the fruits and more will there be those figs warps.

(It used to be this size about 10" long) 

However in this particular case the tree owner cannot trace any figs warps.

This could be due to no figs trees nearby his newly introduced plant.

"Pak Harry I think I need some help.  I need to bring those figs warps to Tawau.  Can I fly in to KL and please take me to the tree you took the stem from and see if I can collect some fruits with figs warps inside." he said.

I told him to send some pictures and he did.

Wow there are big and according to him he used those fertilizer for his palm oil tree on his figs tree.

One year plus and it started to bare fruits.

He plan to fly in sometime in February 2014 to hunt for those figs warps.  I will be driving him around.

If you want to join the fund please let me know.  You might learn a lot of thing from this person and some from me.

Join the fun.

If you wish to plant figs tree please let me know.  call me at 017 7551318