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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Way To Increase The Your BH Nest Population Using Gel Fake Nests !!!

My opinion about using fake nests as a tool to increase the number of birds population in a BH stays.

I always encourage people to utilize this simple gadget and thrust me that at least 20-30 percent will be occupied in the first 8-12 months after installation.

Fake nest to me is a kind of tool to lure those new couple that just entered your BH to quickly adopt it.

If they wanted to start a family they need to build up their nest.

The female bird will not allow her partner to copulate or F**K her unless she is 100% sure that there is a nest to lay her eggs within 8 days after fertilization.

In order to get her to quickly say go ahead he need to adopt a ready made real nest or in a new BH those fake nests.

If you are very smart in selecting where the fake nest should be located plus you spray it with an aroma, you will soon have more birds entering your BH as compared to your immediate neighbour.

One of my preferred type of fake nest is the gel fake nests.  They come in fully formed 180* shape and half shape 90* shape.

The plus point about gel fake nest is its soft and flexible.

It can be recycled if you know how to plug it out from a formed nest.

Have a good look at these pictures and look at how I managed to recovered a used fake nest.

First you need to allow the tenant of the fake nest to use it for at least two times.

The real nest above your fake nest will be much thicker and you can easily tear the fake nest out.

The fake nest with real nest on the top.

You can easily tear the fake nest out without damaging the real nest.

The fake nest looks clean except for some dust. You can reuse this fake nest.

The real nest remain intact to allow the bird to recycle it.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Most Effective Way To Guide Those Birds To Lower Floors !!!

If you are new and not familiar about those wild swiftlet you might have a big problem is pulling them to the lower floors.

Most people thinks that the birds prefer to stay on the upper floors and not the lower floors.

The reason being the upper floors are easier to find and short distance to fly.

However if you operate a three stories high building you know for sure that the lowest floors are cooler and darker.

More often than not they are more conducive especially the humidity range.

If from the beginning all the birds are staying on the upper floors, you might have difficulties to pull them downstairs forever.

A well designed BH is when from the first day of operation these wild birds are well distributed all over the floors.

If you erected one or two VIP rooms on each floor all the VIP rooms show signs of bird shit spots inside it.

How do you actually pull those birds downstairs?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your BH is designed with a proper aligned "Lubang Antara Lantai" or LAL i.e the opening to allow the birds from the top most floor to the lowest floor.

Try to ensure that the two holes is wide enough (minimum 6'X10') and are at a 45* inclination.

Assuming you erect you staircase along the wall you can in fact install a suitable numbers of wall mounted tweeters about 5-10 feet apart.

My recommendation is to use a wood with two Piezo tweeters either a 3"X3" or 2"X5" in dimension. (refer to sketch provided)

You need to start the installation at the top most and the next about say 8-10 feet away and the follow up tweeter another 10 feet until you reached the lowest floor.

The sound shall be your external sound.

Once the birds entered the main entrance hole they will follow the next sound until they reach the lowest floor.

Once they reach the lowest floor tweeters you need to think of the next thing to do.

Ask yourself : "How will they be lured into your VIP room?"

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Should Be Done First !!!

I was invited by a BH owner for lunch today September 17th 2012

He and wife drove about 2.5 hours from Kuala Lipis, Pahang  to KL and wanted some small advises.

They suspect that there is an unwanted tenant in their 1.5 years old BH that are chasing those birds away.

The last few visit they detected some body parts of young birds all over the floor.

The total number of nests was only 20 and only on the lower floor.

I wanted to help but but just listening to what they described I could not give the right answer.

My prediction was a rat that must have build her nest there.

I told them to install a cheap CCTV system with minimum configuration at the right location so that the predator is detected.

In the mean time they should put some rate poison plus traps to catch the culprit.

"Pak Harry I wanted to purchase from you those insect generation unit and perhaps upgrade the sound." he commented.

I stop him from doing so since his house is still having those carnivorous predator(s).

"I sincerely believed that you should look into removing the predator first.  If you spend any money to bring in those birds, it will be a shear waste.  I have a very strong feeling that they will not stay even they came in.  Unless the predators are removed."  I stressed my point to him.

This is something that all BH owners will face and they need to think carefully which one comes first.

You must put the removal of those pests that makes your birds scared as the first priority and after that install those insect generation, upgrade your sound and e.t.c.

Learn from this article and I am sure I am telling the truth.

I hope to be given the chance to visit this BH and do a proper inspection.

Will submit to him my written report after the visit.

With my visit report he should be able to move the next thing to do in order to improve the nests numbers.

Disclaimer:  What ever action you undertake after reading this article will be you own action. The writer will not be responsible of any results that will happen.  If you wish to ensure that your BH will get better result you need to arrange and meet the writer.  Call 017 7551318

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Effect Of Playing A Good External Sound Plus Insect Generation !!!

This is something that I wanted to share with all my blog reader.

When you get the right knowledge and follow the right advise you can soon be a successful swiftlet farmer.

This particular blog reader was very lucky to follow most of my advise.

He met me a number of times and took me to view his BH.

After following my advises plus using the recommended sound there was an immediate change.

After that he installed those insect generating system.

The moment those insects starts to generate he total rooftop were covered with birds.

Have a look at this clip and ask your self if you have ever seen the same activities above your roof top?

I told him again and again that he was lucky to have met the right person to give the right advises.

He is now a very happy person and I always hope that there will be more people like him.

What I Wish For The Coming 2013 Budget !!!

My sincere wish is for the PM to allocate say 30 million ringgit for the activation of dead BHs.

The amount can be in a lump sum or in stages.

I think there is such thing as reactivation of stranded housing or condominium.

Why can't we have an allocation to activate stranded BHs?

If the amount is allocated those who wish to apply must register with Jabatan Veterina.

Upon validation of their BH condition, the BH will be required to be hand over to a newly formed department where they will be reactivated.

The cost per BH will be not more than RM30,000.

With the allocated amount Jabatan Veterina can easily reactivate about 1000 BHs.

The amount spend shall be repaid by BH owner when the nests from their BH are harvested every month.

The payment shall be subjected to a mutual understanding between the BH and Jabatan Veterina.

The collected amount shall be reused to reactivate other BHs that were not being covered during the first phase of reactivation exercise.

How do you think about this idea?

Hmm... how can Jabatan Veterina be able to reactivate a BH when they themselves are not well trained to do so?

This is where the local expertise will come in.

The Veterina department can recruit or appoint a number of local experts that might provide the necessary coaching or training to Jabatan Veterina officers.

The Jabatan can firstly train at least one officer per state.

Upon finishing the first batch they can start another batch of officers as supporting staff.

If every state have qualified specialist that can help those swiftlet farmers, there will be lesser failed BHs.

This long term strategy will be of great help to the swiftlet farming industry.

Monday, September 24, 2012

An Interesting Video Clip On Borneo Swiftlet !!!

Have a look at this short clip and observe how cave swiftlet applied their saliva to build their nest.

Focus yourself from 1:42 to 1.55 frames.

See how the birds spits their saliva to build layer after layer to complete their nest.

An amazing structure inside the nest was also shown.

Learn from here and you can slowly understand more about them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Power Of Kite Tweeters !!!

I think I should make the latest report on how powerful are these kite tweeters.

A few days ago I visited a newly operated BH.  I was the one who revamped the failed BH.

Initially there was not a single bird shit spot on the three stories building.

After almost 1.5 years the owner approached me for my expertise.

After doing the site inspection and bird call tests, I told him that his BH was not properly or ideally located.

"You should have conducted the bird call tests and once you get the right number, about 200 -500 birds responding, then you build a BH." I told him on the first day after my test.

The test at his site resulted with only 3-5 birds. Too little and discouraging.

"Sorry Pak Harry I am new and knew nothing about such a wise suggestion."

A very common answer and there are thousands of BH owners who did the same mistake.

Anyhow I know I need to do something and I can only try.  The mistake was done and someone have to think of a way to pull those birds back into this BH.

What I told him was I will do my utmost best to help him out.

That started with revamping the monkey house areas, closed the old entrance hole, opened new holes at a new location, closed the old connecting door and open a new one, get a number of walls up, create a number of VIP rooms, installed lots of tweeters, fake nests, those humidifier, new sound amplifiers, good external sound, good internal sound and of course the kite tweeters.

After three long months, the birds started to move in.

Now after four months there were at least 30-35 bird shit spots and many have resulted in nests markings and a few fully formed nests.

What caught my eyes, during my recent inspection, was the solid signs of bird shit below all the kite tweeters.

I installed about 10 sets.  Two in each VIP room and there was one room with four of it.

The signs is something like telling me that I need to use kite tweeters in every BH that I am and will be involved.

Remember kite tweeter is a very simple gadget that you can easily assembles yourself.

It is made up of 6 units of the 2"x5" tweeters and they are tied together to form something like those kite.

All the six tweeters can he held together using two steel band strips plus those plastic bands.

You need about two pieces per VIP room.

The wire to it must be from your external sound amplifier.

Try this and I can 100% assured you that it will be a hit.

Within less than 3 months you will see lots of bird shit spots below it.

Remember your external sound must be the best and you also ensure that those birds are guided into the VIP room you installed with the two kite tweeters.

This is a great gadget and I have been using it in almost all those BHs that I intervened.

If you need more information call 017 7551318.

I will help you with this marvellous invention.

Best of luck to your and your BH.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Look At These Large Maggots !!!

 Something very strange that I have never seen before.

 The size of those maggots that was inside the insect generating powder was huge.

 It was about ten times larger and I am not sure what flying insect produced such a big maggots.

 "It might be those from soldier flies." I commented.

 Yesterday I took some time to visit a BH in Karak, Pahang.

 This particular BH was revamped by me about four months ago and have been doing quite well even though it was not below the flying path. It was almost empty for about 1.5 years into operation.

 The owner met me somewhere in Kajang, Selangor and appointed me to be his advisor.

 I took the challenge and managed to turn around the BH within just four months.

 After about two weeks of revamping operation we put the BH into operation.

 Just three months the number of bird shit spots shot up to about 35.

 On the fourth month the number of nests observed was about 5+3=8.

 That was okay considering it was zero after 1.5 months into operation prior to my intervention.

 During my last visit I came about the idea of installing those insect generating system.

 I brought with me a set of those containers and a 5 kg bag of insect powder plus an insect starter.

 The mixing when smooth and we installed the container inside the monkey house roving area just below the entrance holes.

 After three week I came in and what we saw was something very strange.

 The whole floor, below the monkey house, there were lots of some moving creatures that looks like maggots about to pupate into flying insect.

 I have never seen these many and how come there were no insects, drosophila mrutu, any where in the room?

 I took a quick look into those containers and yes these maggots came from it.

 "Pak Harry what are these?" the owner asked.

 I was stunned and I wish I have the right answers.

 I do not know what it was. "It might be those soldier flies young one." I guessed.

 These are not the type of insect we wanted but they are just too big and I think that they can be a good source of protein for your Talapia fish or chicken.

Since there was not a single insect was found flying around I could not give the right answers to him.

I personally think it have to be from soldier flies but you never know.

 I told him to clean the floor up and perhaps the containers too.

 We need to stop the insect generation for at least one month before starting a new batch.

 This is to ensure that these same insects will not invade out insect generation soup.

 What happened in nature is something you might want to know.

 The stronger insects maggots once they invade the system will excrete a kind of slime that will kill their competitors.

 In this particular case the invaders slime kills all your drosophila maggots.

 They have won and overtake those drosophila maggots thus you need to be careful in your next mixing operation.

 Have a look at these pictures and learn something.

 This weird thing can happen to you one day.

Something weird on the monkey house floor?

Close observation it was a maggot???

This was where it was coming from.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How I Estimate The Number Of Birds Entering A Successful BH !!!

I hope you can remember where this BH was from.

Have a good look at the BH and those who have been following my blog will know the answer.

This BH was renovated and put into operation about 3.5 years ago.

Now it become the most successful BH in this particular town.  It is in fact the talk of the town.

I remember being contacted by the owner of the four stories building and wanted my help to turn it into a BH.

At that time I was not financially strong so I brought in my golf buddy to be the financier.

We got the BH up within 3 weeks with two of the top floors being renovated.

We put them together and put it into operation after that.

The BH now seems to be the true magnet of the town.

One day the owner called and asked me about his BH and how to estimate the number of birds that entered his BH.

"Well let me try to estimate them when I have the time." I told him.

Yesterday, since I was a bit free I went to the town.

Set there beside the main road, read some newspaper, wait for the right time.

When the time come, about 7:15pm I took out a manual counter and start my operation.

Let me ask you how to click the counter when there will be at any one time more that 5-10 birds jumping into the entrance hole?

You cannot click and count them one by one.

What I did was to use a method that will allow me to click one time every 10 birds.

The first step was to get the counter to 000000.

Now to check the precise timing when they start to really enter the BH.

Usually most of those birds that are playing above the rooftop will fly in and soon after will fly out.

What I did was to count the number that enter and deduct the number that flew out.

I will do this from about 7:00pm till I reach the time when the number of flying in is higher that those flying out.

The moment the net number of birds entering the BH is 10 birds I will click one.

When this precise moment occurred there is no turning back.  You know for sure that the returning home time has begun.

Now you need to focus you eyes to the entrance hole and you then count the numbers one by one up to 10.

Every ten birds is one click.

Can you imagine what happen when it was about the peak time?

Just imagine more than 10 birds jump in one time?

You are in fact clicking the counter as if there was 10 birds every 2 seconds.

A very challenging thing to do but very interesting.

After you can no longer see birds flying in due to the sky turning dark you look at the counter.

I was amazed when the counter figure was 350.

Times ten it was 3500.

What about the number of birds that came home late?  You add about 5% more or 175 birds.

What about those that were inside the BH before the rest start to come back home?  You add another 5% of the total you counted or add another 175.

The total now is 3500+175+175 = 3850.

Not a bad number after only 3.5 years into operation.

So if there are 3850 birds entering my rough estimate on the number of nests inside is about 1,900 nests.

If all are in proper shape and weight the total kilogram of nest is about 16 kilos (1900/120).

How many kilos can this BH produce per month?

Just take one thirds a month or about 5 kilograms.

That is okay and with price of RM 2000 a kg you earn about RM10,000 a month.

Maybe you should carry out force harvest once a year, I told him.

A very lucky owner and I am very glad that he decided to convert the empty shop house into a BH.

Not many people are as lucky as he is.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Like The Design But .......!!!

I think the use of a low noise making humidifier inside your BH is good choice.

The only way to get this type of gadget is to use those mist maker using those 10 -12 ultrasonic eyes.

Recently I received a promotional materials about a newly introduced product from nest amp.

Have a look at this photo send to me:

Overall the unit looks very nice and easy to handle.

It is pretty large and heavy.  You can imagine how to carry the unit up and down inside a three or four stories high building.

I wish that the unit comes with an auto sensor that will allow me to fix the humidity range that I wanted my BH be.

I have yet to receive the sale price but will look into it later.

The next that came together with the picture was a picture showing how those mist produce can be piped to various location inside your BH.

This is where a person with experience will tell you the truth.

I have done it before using another brand but nothing comes out of those pipe nozzles.

Only hot air.

So before you embark into implementing the suggested idea please take note of this remark.

I was the first to try the idea but it was a shear waste of money.

One the first day it will work however once the water started to condense on the piping walls, internally, all those mist that were pushed from the mist maker will continue condensing and only hot air will be push out of your pipe nozzles.

In the end your BH will be not become humid but filled with hot air.  The water that condensed will move back to the mist maker water tank or spill on your BH floor.

Trust me on this but if you think I am trying to tell a lie, just try and see.

Please take note that I am not trying to talk bad about this product but my sincere advise is to advise you that the piping method will not work so don't try it.

You use it as a stand alone it is okay.

To make it work much better I think you should operate it with an auto sensor.

For more detail please call 017 7551318

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who Should Be The Decision Maker?


Assuming that you have just put your new BH into operation and after a few short weeks you saw nothing or very little birds entered the entrance window.

Who should be the person who will decide about what to do next?

Is it you the owner, who forked out thousands of ringgit, or the "Consultant" who threaten you with his " I will not  guarantee"  if you choose to change anything inside the BH?

This was what happened to a BH owner in Sarawak.

He called and explained his position with his newly launched BH.

I was caught in the middle and tried to assemble some thoughts on how to tackle his problem.

I think the final decision should be on the shoulder of the owner.

He parked in all his saving into the BH however if there is no birds entering from day one until a few good months, he should quickly do away with his so called consultant.

Before he terminate his so call contractor he must be smart.

What I proposed to him was to carry out a kind of bird counts.

I asked him to spend some time in the evening to count the number of birds that entered the entrance hole just before darkness.

Keep the number in his diary and carry out the count every week or two weeks to see if the BH is doing well.

If by any chance the number of birds are zero or negligible for so many weeks he can then choose to tell the consultant that his service is no longer required.

The thing here is that if you wait for another six months to cover the so call warrantee period it will be a total disaster.

However you need to provide adequate evidences that there is something wrong with the number of birds entering your new BH.

All in all you might still need him as a friend later however your investment must be your prerogative to do what you think is the best for yourself.

I told to be tactful but must be strong enough to choose the right decision.

I never meant to create any enemies between the two parties but ........

If you face the same dilemma I think you should do the same.

Before you wanted to be independent try to accumulate enough knowledge about swiftlet farming.

Maybe attend a few good seminars, read as many books and articles plus visit a number of operating BHs.

Call 017 7551318 for more details.

Newbie From Kuching Sarawak !!!

A swiftlet farming newbie from Kuching Sarawak met me yesterday.

He wanted to seek my advise on his plan to help his father to build a BH on a piece of land in Kuching.

"Pak Harry I have been following your blogspot for more than half a year now and recorded your phone number into my mobile phone.  Really wanted to meet you in person to ask a few advises." he said.

His concern was how to educate his father who wanted to quickly build a BH on a property belonging to the family.

"Have you carry out any bird call test on the piece of land?" I asked.

His answer was no.

Oh oh that is no good.  I told him.

He bought from me a test gadget and I told him to precisely carry out a number of test but before going it will be better to conduct a kind of trial run first.

"You need to learn how to operate this gadget.  My advise to you is to locate a BH that is doing well and test the gadget about 50-100 meters away either on a field or open areas.  Once you switch the gadget on push the sound volume to about 9:00 am.  Immediately after that focus your eyes on the sky above the gadget."

Look at what will be the reaction of those swiftlet in the sky especially those from your neighbours BH.

They will come and start flying above the gadget.

Look at the behaviour, the flying patten, the size, the hight they circled, is it clockwise or anticlockwise and etc.

If you increase the sound volume to 10-11.00 am what do you think will happen?

"Once you have the idea how the gadget will perform you can now proceed to your farther piece of land." I advised him.

When you carry out the bird call test you need to focus on a few of these things:

1) How fast the birds appeared when you switch the sound on?  Is it a few seconds or a few minutes?

2) Keep a good count of the birds that came and hover above the gadget and how many minutes.

3) You need to observe which direction they are coming.  Is it from all the direction or from a few specific directions.

4) How far are they flying up above the gadget?

5) Do they fly at a fix hight or move up and down?

6) Look at the size of these birds.  How big they are.  If they are big in size then there are plenty of food around your land.

7) Look at the flying pattern.  Are they moving in one direction or mix.  Do they mainly move in an anticlockwise or clockwise?

8) You can pull them lower if you wave a piece of cloth or leave branches to them.

9) Look at the different body colours.  Their main body, abdomen and the back of their tail.

10) Once you run the gadget for about 15 minutes try to switch off for about 10 minutes and restart.  Check the activities again.

11) You can also use the gadget to detect their flying path.  Test during evening time.  Put the sound on and wait until there are at least 20 birds and switch the sound off.  Watch where they will fly towards.

The results obtained from carrying out the bird call test will give the rough ideas what you consider next.

a) If there are very little bird responding should you find a new piece of land?

b) If the number of birds was marginal what will be best sized BH should you build?

c) If the test call brings thousands of birds what shall be the optimum sized BH should you build?

d) Which direction should you place the BH in respect to the flying path and the sun movement?

e) Where should my BH entrance hole(s) will be facing?

f) Which precise location should I open the entrance hole if most of the birds are flying on an anti clockwise or clockwise?

g) Should I use the side entry or top entry.

h) Can I open both?

i)  Should I build a four stories or three or two?

You should be able to get the right answers to the above if you wanted to have a good start in swiftlet farming.

If you cannot get the right answers please try to attend some seminars on swiftlet farming.

The best will be those that are conducted in English and held by Pak Harry.

There is one on November 3rd 2012 at East Inn Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Call him at 0177551318 for a seat.

If you wish to get more exposure try to ask Pak Harry to arrange for a Swiftlet Farming Tour after the one day seminar.

You will see more and learn lots more new things.

Remember out of 10 swiftlet farmers 8 are not successful.

You cannot be in the unsuccessful group but in the 20% group that are successful.

All that you need is to know what you are doing and how to be a successful person.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Translocation: Spiritual Intervention !!!

A very interesting video clip that shows an event that could have been a disaster.

The clip originated from China when a cyclist was safe by some white coloured figure.

There is no way the cyclist can be alive if not help by the white light.

Have a look and see if we can believe it or not:

If you take some time to slow down the clip perhaps frame by frame you might see something like these pictures.

First there was some kind of light coming from the right.

 When the light reached the middle there was a man in black.

Then suddenly the cyclist was translocated to another position.

The best was when the van driver came down to inspect and suddenly there was a black figure that walk back to the same place where he came from.

A very unusual and this guy who can travelled that fast is more like those super flash being.

How Many Do You Think The Number Of Birds Will Respond To A Bird Call Test ??

One very common question that I always being asked is:

"Pak Harry during the bird call test, how many birds will be a good number before we proceed with our BH construction?"

My frank opinion:

"It depend on how serious you are with your money.  I have conducted many tests.  The lowest was about 4 birds but the highest was about 3,000 birds."

Have a good look at this video clip:

After switching off the test sound for about 5-10 minutes we played it again and the same numbers turns up right before our eyes.

We repeated the same after another 5-10 minutes.  The same number turns up.

If you wanted to part with you hard earned money how many birds should be your safe bet?

For a new comer into this swiftlet farming business they will feel okay with maybe 50-100 birds.

Do you know why they think that is already good to part with their hard earned money?

The answer lies on your exposure.  Yes one time experience in your lifetime.

Yes they have never in their lifetime experienced something like what I have seen.

Let me tell you that if by chance you conduct a bird call test and one of your test gives an unusual result like 3000 birds responded, your final figure to be labelled as safe will not be 200 or even 500.

I have seen it happened in front of my eyes and I think there are possible sites that can give you the same or more number of birds responding to your Duress sound call.

It is a matter of having that first experience your perception will be totally different.

As such before you fix that magic figure try to put a bit more effort to keep conducting your testing at different locations.

If you think that I am lying try this idea.

Call me and let me bring you to the exact location where the unusual test was carried out.

Bring along your test gadget and let me prove to you that there are places where you can get as many as 3000 birds.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you dare to challenge my proposition.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Three Visitors From Surat Thani, Thailand !!!

I was very surprised to receive a group of Swiftlet Farming enthusiasts from Thailand.

This particular group, consisted of three expatriates, originated from Holland, New Zealand and Australia.

Yes they were originated not from any Asian countries but from .....

They are whites and all three married to Thai ladies.

It was not my intention to say that swiftlet farming is only for Asians but for everybody indeed.

The three flew in from Surat Thani, Thailand and I picked them up at LCCT yesterday, late afternoon.

I was very surprised and keep telling myself that this is very very unusual.

Base on my record I think there was one more Dutch guy who has his BH on Lombok Island.

After getting their names I took them to a BH in Hulu Langat, Selangor.

My main reason was to show them a three stories BH that was recently put into operation and the owner now is using those insect generating system to get more birds into his BH.

We were given the permission to enter the BH only to view the lowest floor.

The three was very excited to look at the internal designs especially the positions of the two LAL which was in a straight row.

The VIP room was their next unheard of before.

The floor was with those insect generating system and it smells a bit pungent.

The nesting planks orientation was unique according to them.

The next important thing to look at were the orientation of those tweeters.

They also surveyed two barns that were erected to breed insects and young birds.

After the short trip I took them to a Hotel closed to my house.

The day ended with a heavy meal at a shop closed to the hotel and I was up with them until 10:30pm.

It was a heavy day I did my best to explain to them all the things that I they need to prepare when building their BHs.

The next day I took some time to show them all the gadgets that I feel they should looked at and soon after we went to Kepong KIP to view another BH that have lots of birds inside.

The moment I entered I told them to be quite and wait until those birds flew out.

I showed them the new amplifiers, the VIP rooms, the wet floor system, the fake nests installation, the insect generation system.

All in all they got what they came down for.

They will be leaving tomorrow and I wish them the best.

A very interesting group of Amoh who wanted to own one BH each.

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Next Project Will Be At Bachok, Kelantan !!!

My next BH project will be in Bachok Kelantan and my schedule is to start it on September 26th 2012.

This particular project is to furnish a newly erected three stories building on an agricultural land.

The owner was pretty excited to get the work going on ASAP however due to the festive season my staff took a long leave.

They will only be back by the September 25th and I told them to get packing so that the next day we can start in the morning up to Kelantan.

Another 7-8 hours journey and I am not very passionate with this this very long journey.

Three of my friends in Kelantan already says "Welcome to Kelantan" but I told them to wait for me by the end of this month.

Base on the scope of works I might need to be up there fro at least 3 weeks.

Three floors to be furnished with newly purchased nesting planks, about 3.5 metric tons and immediately after that will install those sound system.

There will be at least one VIP room per floor.

The owner wanted my wet floor system to be installed on each VIP room.

He also wanted a set of my insect generating system be put in place while the building is under renovation.

He seems to know quite a bit of things about swiftlet farming.

A very positive thinker and I hope all his hopes and wishes will materialize.

What I hope to achieve is make his BH as the most desirable BH in Bachok, I mean for those birds.

Will see what happen and in the mean time those who are living in Kelantan, this will be a good time to come and visit the BH during its renovation.

You will get the chance to learn a lot and if you wanted more try to be free for a few days to work with my workers.

Call 017 75511318 if you are new and looking into learning something.

There will be some fee levied and it will be worth every penny.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Good Signs After Using A New Sound !!!

Mina The Kpop Singer

How do you evaluate if the new sound you played is good for your BH?

The answer is not because it draws lots of birds to your rooftop but after a few short weeks their are lots of bird shit spots on your BH floor.

I am the type of person who love to try new ideas plus of course new sounds.

Anything that can be used to attract more birds to enter and later become my permanent tenants is what I go for.

A few weeks back I tested this new sound I called "Kpop".

I wish I could have called "Gangnam".

Never mind I will spare this name for my next best sound.

The Kpop was tested in a BH in Gambang near Kuantan Pahang.

The moment the sound was played the responses were exciting.

However I dare not make any conclusion unless my next visit shows lots of bird shit spots on the floor.

After about three weeks I took a trip back to check if there were any improvements.

The answer is yes however it could have be much better if the electrical supply was not disrupted.

There was a trip and no sound for at least one week.

I need to get those auto restart system install new week.

Even with the disruption I can see at least 15 to 20 new bird ship spots on one of the favourite floor (middle floor).

These new spots gave a very good indication that this Kpop is working.

After putting the electrical power back I played the same sound and hope that there will be improve results within the next few weeks.

In the mean time will visit a supplier of those auto starter for this BH.

Will go into details on what is this equipment and its latest development.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another BH Being Burglarised !!!

"I think our BH is flooding Pak Harry."

I received a frantic call from a BH owner who received a written complain from his tenant renting a shop below his BH.

Quickly make a trip to Kuantan and went inside to check what can be the cause.

I remembered during my last trip I have already shut down the water supply to the whole BH floor.

How come the tenant still complain that his shop is facing with water dripping from her ceiling.

Upon arriving I open the front door and guess what?

I did not switch the light on but the nesting room was very bright.

It puzzled my mind and I went straight in to check where the light was coming from.

"Oh my god, the roof made of zinc was opened and I think the whole house was burglarised."

The thief entered the same spot as the previous occasion.

He left his swigging rope at the entrance and all those nests were gone.

This was the main reason why the BH was flooded with rain water.

"Pak Harry it has been raining in Kuantan lately and every time there was heavy rain the tenant downstairs complain of water leaks."

I was very disappointed but we need to shut off the roof and get a plumber to find ways to stop those rain water to ruin the BH.

It was a very demoralizing day but I told the BH owner that those birds will come back and he need to look into preventing the same thief from coming into the BH again.

Disgusting ......

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Insect Generation In A Small Scale !!!

During my last trip to Kelantan I was with one of my blog reader who operates a BH nearby where we met.

He was the one who brought those Musang King durian as a special gift for helping him with a number of advices that works.

During our conversation he asked me is if there was any new idea that might help him with his BH.

"Hmm why don't you look into insect breeding?"  I told him.

Initially he thought I was joking but after looking at my expression and my explanation he became very keen to start one.

"I give you this new idea that can help you to test my idea.  Take a few loaf of gardenia breads, a tin of condense milk and some water."

What should I do with it?

"Mix them up and put in inside your BH."

I reaffirmed that I have tried before in a small scale and it works.

Okay Pak Harry I will try.

After trying the formulation for one week he could not get those insects  to breed. It was too early.

He called on a number of occasions and I keep telling him to continue trying but this time perhaps get some fruits like pineapple or banana into the BH.

Today he send some photos and sms messages.

Pak Harry at last those breads & condense milk start to show lots on maggots.

What he did was to add a few pieces of those ripe bananas into the bread mixture.

This is something new.  I did not ask him to mix the ripe fruit into the bread soup but he did it on his own.  This creative idea help in creating a new formulation that might be useful to all swiftlet farmers.

You need to put a lot of water Pak Harry.

The bread must be soaked properly until they are soft.

The best he said was his introduction of ripe bananas.

It was after getting those bananas into the mixture the maggots started to show signs.

He got his free breads from a coffee shop which normally will throw away the end and the front of those bread loafs. (Another creative method to obtain free discarded bread).

Well those of you who wanted to breed these drosophila in a small scale please try the new formula.

I do not promise anything but for testing purpose it is okay.

For me if you wish to go on a larger scale use my insect generating powder.

Call 017 7551318 for more details.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A BH With 4 Entrance Holes And About 14,000 square feet in Size !!!

I was given the chance to visit one of the largest BH in Penang and my good friend who invited me says be prepared.

"Pak Harry please bring along with you your GPS. You might be lost inside once you enter this huge BH."

A very strange request but maybe he was just joking.

The moment I arrived I looked up and it was sizeable because the owner combined about four to five shop lots into one building.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked him.

"Look I think this BH is too big for me to handle.  I want you to help the owner on what is the best things to be done in order to get it populated." he answered.

Deep inside my heart I think he must have a tough time to configure what to do with such a massive BH.

"Let me have a look but no promises." I told him and the owner.

After taking a short trip inside and up on the roof, I realized how big it was.

He was pretty right that I should bring my GPS system.

The owner erected so many partitions until he himself cannot find his way out during the first visit.

The moment coming out I took a deep breath and admitted that this is really unusual and very confusing.

Where did the owner learned his method of erecting those walls?

After some introduction I told the owner that I need to sleep on it first and perhaps come again to have a second visit.

Within one week the owner called me up and ask me about his BH.

"I will be going back to SP and will spend half a day with your this Saturday." I told him nicely.

On Saturday last week I was right on the dot.

This time I told myself to take a longer time inside the BH.

After reviewing all the rooms, the monkey house and the rooftop I told him that I shall prepare a preview and a visit report for him to consider my opinions.

He was so happy and put lots of hopes on my recommendations.

I am sure I will have some interesting ideas on how to help him with his BH.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amplifier That You Can Change Your BH Sound Automatically !!!

Something new and you might want to try this out.

"Pak Harry I send you my latest gadget that allows you to automatically change your external or internal sound one a daily, every two days, every three days, every four days, every five days, every six days or weekly."

Hmm it sound interesting and challenging.

The gadget was just put into operation last week and I learned about how to used it only yesterday.

As mentioned earlier the guy who developed these so called solid state gadget loves to experiment with new things.

He specializes in solid state amplifiers and solar system.

This latest gadget was put together with a set of timing and what he wanted to do is to arrange my choice of sounds appropriately.

Once the selected sounds are arrange in the way I wanted it to run the system will take over switching them to the predetermined time or days.

Very simple and interesting to apply.

I will be setting the system up and hopefully it will be put into test this week.

Those who would like to have one please call 0177551318