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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Delima How To Reply To A Simple Question !!!

"Pak Harry can I run my external sound on a 24 hours basis?" this was the latest question that makes me feel very difficult to answer.

What bothered me was what I say in Pasir Putih BH recently.

The owner invited me to visit his bh and looking forward for my long report.

What I say in this BH makes me wonder if external sound should be run on 24 hours or not.

The background of this BH owner on swiftlet farming is almost zero.

By shear luck he build his own design BH and he operated his BH with both external and internal sound ran on 24 hours basis.

The external sound uses two amplifiers.

One running during the day time up to 8:00pm and the second will run during night shift up to 7:00am.

During the daytime the external sound runs both those tweeters located at the entrance hole and the tunnel plus those installed inside his nesting rooms but at night only those tweeters inside will run the whole night.

The number of nests he collected was 78 pieces.

If you think that the external sound will make them crazy, how come they still erect those 78 nests?

Hmmm... I wonder if we should conduct some research on this externals sound playing arrangements.

Before this story crops up I remember talking to another BH owner from Dungun Trengganu.

He experience something similar.

He describe about his strange doings and I asked him to stop the external sound at night.

After just one week he called and said that the number of birds began to reduce.

"Pak Harry the number of birds entering my BH after stopping the night time external sound playing seems to reduce.  What should I do now?" he asked.

Hmm  something that I did not expected.

I gracefully asked him to reinstall the old method.

The next day he reconnect the cable and immediately those birds number started to climb.

A very strange thing and I begin to wonder if I should adopt this new method.

I finally replied to the first guy who asked about this to go ahead but keep me inform if their is any changes occur.

I hope those of your who happened to run your BH with the external sound runs on 24 hrs please write to me about your experiences.

Your feed back will be very useful for other BH owners.

Write to or sms to 0177551318.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sekinchan Swiftlet Are Responding Well To My Super Pheromone !!!

Remember the recent Sekinchan BH which I inspected?

The owner called two days ago and ordered 5 liters of the super pheromone liquid.

At first he wanted two bottles but I told him not to rush.

I visited his BH about a week ago and during the first meeting I brought two canisters.

I told him to try first.

If it works than you move to the second phase.

Well he tried and he love the results so far.

The number of fresh bird shits on his BH floor jumped dramatically.

Suddenly those old nests and dead markings come to life.

He showed me those fresh markings today and I can see the wide smile on his face.

"Yes Pak Harry, they are crazy with your super pheromone.  Just one week the number of new markings short up to nearly 20-30 spots."

Hmm now I know why he was chasing for the 5 liters bottle.

He have yet to complete the revamp operation.

From the look of it I told him that he have done a good job.

Once finished I am sure he will see more nests inside the VIP rooms.

I hope I can drop by to view his progress and report to all who read my blog.

What I like most is that the swiftlet specie found in Sekinchan are attracted to the super pheromone smell.

This attraction will be a plus point to his revamp operation.

Those who have yet to try my super pheromone please try to call as soon as you can.

Call 017 7551318,

PS: Today delivered a canister to another BH owner in Miri Sarawak. I will closely monitor his BH progress once he apply the liquid.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Perfect Prediction !!!

I am getting better and better everyday.

My prediction is getting more accurate as time goes by.

For this particular case was something like this.

I was in front of my computer and suddenly there was a BH owner who wanted to ask some question.

"Pak Harry I wonder if BH should be with partitions." his first question.

I tried not to make him scared and told him that it is a difficult question but from my observation those with partitions do better.

"Why." he was curious.

Well this is due to a much darker condition inside.  If you create a room at the back of your nesting room most birds will stay inside this room.

Most old BHs are without this type.

"But my BH birds stays in front of my 2nd floor which is brighter than the most.  I don't understand why?" he is getting more confused.

I know why his birds stays at the front area.

Can you tell me which side is your main entrance window is facing? West or east? Must me WEST?  I predicted.

His immediate answer was: WEST.

See I predicted west and he replied west.

Now he begin to ask more "WHY?".

This is one very good reason why I keep telling BH owners to try to learn as much as you can about swiftlet.

If your main entrance hole faces the west, your BH tenant will have problem to find their way out of the nesting room in the morning.

Remember swiftlet need morning light to guide them out of your BH in the morning.

If your main entrance hole is facing the west they will locate the best place to be in your BH.

In this case they will stay near to the entrance hole area.

If you do nothing you will have a big challenge to populate your BH.

Try to open another hole facing the east if you can.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Mobilization Plan for Kulim BH Revamp Operation !!!

(The tennel from the entrance window to the various floors)
After delivering a big chunk of the required items I set this Wednesday November 27th 2013 as my mobilization date.

Yesterday while back in SP I drove up to Kulim to deliver another car load of nesting planks covers.

Got about 600 pieces specially collected from Banting Selangor and personally delivered to the owner.

I took some time to be with the whole family and they are looking forward from my mobilization date.

I have a chance to have another look at their BH from the outside and this was the comment from one of his son:

"Pak Harry the birds seems to know that you are around.  The moment you turned up there are so many of them.  It must be you aura. " he was teasing me.

They harvested some fish from the pond surrounding the BH.

"Pak Harry you can have some to take home." he said.

I was glad to taste the fresh talapia fish with scale removed and ready for the frying pan.

I was fortunate that their fruit trees are full of varieties of rambutan, passion fruits and chempedak.

They are making sure that I have a bit of each in my car.

A very interesting family and I told them I will be arriving on Wednesday and I am sure their BH will be a better place for those birds.

While at the gate the young man have this to say:

"Pak Harry my Dad have agreed to revamp the whole four floors.  Can you work out the list of materials to be ship in as soon as you can?" I was taken by surprised.

Okay in that case I need to prolong the revamp operation from 2 weeks to maybe 3.5 weeks.

This is going to be a very long job.

I might need to shuttle up and down for at least three to four times to organize those additional items.

It was a good decision and I hope my revamp operation will turn around the BH.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Selangor Swiftlet Farming: The Good News And The Bad News !!!

Selangor became the first state to legalize swiftlet farming.

That is the good news.

The bad news is the license fee is RM720 per year for the first 130 sq meters or 1300 square feet or below and plus RM100 for additional 25 square meters.

This will increase income for every local council by at least 7.2 million ringgit a year.

The bad new also is the duration of the license.  You need to move out, for shop house, after 3- 7 years.

More bad news is that you are given less then two months to submit your application.

Read this article:


Selangor became the first state to approve the granting of licence for the farming and operating industry of swiftlet nests through an intensive package offer that is fair to existing farmers and operators, with effect from 1 January 2014.

Executive Councillor for Local Government, Studies and Research, Datuk Teng Chang Khim, said that implementation of the policy was decided by the State Government Council Meeting (MMKN) after holding a dialogue session with associations and operators of the industry on 25 September.

He said that the implementation will be done through the enforcement of Rearing of Swiftlet and Manufacturing of Swiftlets’ Nest By-laws 2013 in all Local Authorities in the state of Selangor.

“In the consideration process, the state government took into account several factors including the interests and problems of operators, in addition to the interest of the public in terms of hygiene, disease control, sound pollution, negative impact on property prices as well and building a comfortable city,” he said in a press statement at his office here today.

At the same time, Teng explained several key points of the implementation of the licencing policy which needs to be observed by swiftlet farmers and operators as decided at the MMKN.

“All breeders and operators on agricultural land will be granted licence starting 1 January, 2014. Breeders and operators of existing business premises will receive licences starting form 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2016, while breeders and operators on paddy fields will be given licences from 1 January 2014 to 1 December 2020.

“For breeders and operators in business premises as well as paddy fields, they will be given incentives which includes licensing fees, free quite rent and assessment for five years at the new site if they move their premises to existing farming sites within the period the licence is granted,” he said.

Chang Kim said that the granting of licence is subject to conditions provided for under the by-laws and all operators and breeders have to submit licence application no lter than 31 December this year.

“Licence application for operation in business premises and paddy fields, whether existing or new, will not be considered after 31 December this year and all applications will be submitted to the relevant local authorities.

“We hope that with the granting of this licence, breeders and operators of the swiftlet nest industry in Selangor will grow in an orderly manner, thus benefiting the economic development of the state,” he said.

Found at:

This is what happened when a new Councillor who have little knowledge about swiftlet farming make his own decision.

He don't even know how many birdhouses are there in Selangor state and how many of them will be affected.

Many are not doing well and no one from the local council or the Veterinary Department are able to help them.

Those with no nest will suffer and only a few can survive with this new ruling.

They are not keen to help the BH owners but they are good in finding ways to kill the industry.

A sad case and I hope other state will not follow the same direction.


I was with someone who owned a BH in Sekinchan.

He said that some representative went to see the Councillor Chang recently.

Before they could open their mouth he said that he already know what they wanted to say and he is not interesting to listen to their views.

For as long as the those around your BH vote for my party in the next election we don't want to want hear your problems.

Such an arrogant elected representative who wanted to show how powerful he is.

He did not realized that there are more than 7,000 BH owners in Selangor, mainly Chinese, voted for the current Selangor Government.

Don't you think you should at least listen to their plights and problems?

The majority are not doing well and the license fee is just too high.

Imagine if your BH is 3 stories with 25 feet by 80 feet.

You have a total of 6000 square feet of taxable areas.

If the first 1300 cost you RM 720 you have a balance of 4700 sq feet to cover.

The total additional fee for the 4700 will be 4700/250 X 100 = 1880.

So the total you have to pay per year will be 720+1880 = RM 2600.

This is equivalent to about 2.5 kg of nests based on current raw nests price of RM1000 per kg.

Your BH must at least have 25 nests to be given to the local council per month.

If you can only harvest 1/3 of the total per month, your nests total must be at least 75 active nests.

If you have below this number you are in a very deep trouble.

The very bad new is that once your license expired on the 3rd year you need to move out (BH above shop houses).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

SuperBabyKing Superb Effect In Sandakan !!!

Yesterday I was busy chatting via Whatsupp with a guy who attended my Swiftlet Farming Seminar last November 9th at Eastin Hotel.

He send a thank you message after receiving my two parcels, one 20 canisters of the super pheromone and one was the superbabyking internal sound,

I asked him whether he has used the pheromone.

His answer was not yet but your Superbabyking is superb.

What do you mean by superb, I asked him.

His answer was something like this:

"I just played the sound inside and external already can see birds circling above the roof and this is afternoon time."

Hmm something weird and interesting.

This might be something strange but a good sign for his swiftlet farming venture.

I told him about the history of how SuperBabyKing came into being.

It was about four years ago and I was listening to this multipurpose bird sound called Babyking.

I noticed that the sound have a very strong effect to those swiftlet.

I also noticed that most BHs that I visited use the sound for internal and some for external.

The special thing about this Babyking was that it can be used both for internal and external.

So far there is no other sounds that can be used for both external and internal or vice versa.

So one day I wanted to improve the sound so that it can be more applicable as internal sound.

I know that for internal sound you need to have more of those baby sound making.

So I came out with this idea of modifying the Babyking to become SuperBabyKing.

What I did was to extend the baby sound three times longer and insert in Babyking.

That was how SuperBabyking was invented.

One fine day a BH owner from Yong Peng called.

"Pak Harry I wanted to ask you for some advice.  I counted the number of birds that entered my BH on a regular basis.  But what I notice was that the number that entered was like 95 birds at 7:00pm till 7:45pm.  My problem is that once the external sound was switched off nearly 90 of those birds left and only 5 stayed in."

"What do you think I should do?"

Remember I have just finished modifying the Babyking to become SuperBabyking.

I quickly advise him to change his internal sound to the new invention.

I make a copy and quickly post laju to his home address.

Within a few short days he installed the sound and the effect was unbelievable.

"Pak Harry I wanted to make a report to you.  After changing my internal sound to your new sound the number of birds that stayed in is the opposite of the previous time.  Now 90 stayed and only 5 will fly out once the external sound is off.  Thank you Pak Harry." 

I was very pleased to know the outcome and I think this superbabyking is a must have sound for all BH owners.

It never fail and I think the number of people using SuperBabyking is growing.

I am so glad and happy that due to my itchy fingers I manage to develop an internal sound that is useful for every BH owner.

If you need one please call me at 0177551318.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How Much Do You Know About Swiftlet Farming?

 (The nesting planks arrangement with 45* corners installed)

A very interesting story about a guy who wanted to buy meranti wood for his new BH.

Yesterday late afternoon I received a message from a BH owner who was searching for high quality nesting planks.

I have never met him but replied to him nicely.

During the message talk I asked him about his BH size and how many stories.

After that calculated the tonnage that he need to purchase.

Got him the price plus the cost to ship the planks to his BH location.

He was very happy with my prompt reply.

Well when the order was in place I begin to wonder how knowledgeable is this guy on swiftlet farming.

What I did next was to ask him to email to me his BH sketches so that I can give him some useful comments.

I told him that if he is not careful with the design and the internal partitioning those birds might not want to be his tenant.

Also reminded him that the percentage of successful BH is very low especially if he is new and very little knowledge about those swiftlet.

I wish he came to attend my swiftlet farming seminar.

But let see if he response to my request to have a good look at his BH design and internal partitioning.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Too Many Tweeters Might Not Be Good !!!I

I have this interesting observation to share with all my blog readers.

This strange thing was observed inside a BH which I visited recently.

The BH owner must have been very sore with those birds which flew in but refuse to stay inside.

What he did was to put as many external sound tweeters as possible at the main door connecting the monkey house tunnel and his nesting room.

I was a bit surprised with he action but after thinking deep I begin to understand how bad he wanted those birds to stay.

So he came with this idea of putting as many tweeters as he can around the door frame.

You can you try to think why he did so?

After having a good look inside and outside his BH I told him what was wrong with his BH.

It was not what he did with the those tweeters that makes those birds not to stay but it was more towards his BH brightness.

The nesting room was so bright during daytime that you can see all the walls in the BH.

He did not realize this mistake and he thought it was the sound system.

What we need to learn from this mistake is that he should have take some effort to learn more about what he wanted to farm.

If he have known that swiftlet pitch dark where to stay.

All in all they wanted to feel safe to start a family.

Remember they have this special gift to fly inside dark places.

This special gift is their echolocation ability.

Try not to repeat this same mistake and learn from this story.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sekinchan BH Inspection !!!

I visited this same place a couple of months ago and it was to answer a call from a blog reader.

He owned a BH with very little swiftlet activities inside.

"Pak Harry most of them only enter the roving areas and as fast they entered they rush out at the same speed.  They simply refuse to enter the nesting room"  this was his main problem.

After viewing all the things that he did inside I told him why those swiftlet refuse to enter his nesting room.
(Please count how many tweeters are at the main door of this BH?)

It was mainly due to his poor understanding on the effect of birds to his external sound.

When you play a good external sound those birds will be excited to play at those tweeters.  When they passed the tweeter and if you do not have any follow up tweeter a they will simply turn back towards the tweeter on the main entrance hole window.

The only way to pull them inside is to precisely locate your follow up tweeter along the flying path.

He followed my report and now his BH seems to being doing far better then before.

Okay how relevant is he to this new guy who invited me to visit his BH in Sekinchan today?

This particular person owned a pretty large BH above his shop house above a stone throw from the first guy.

They are related.  If fact everybody is related to each other in this small town.

After having some discussion with the first BH owner and his current progress he quickly phone Pak Harry to visit his very sick BH.

What he has after 3 years plus into operation only 10 nests.

His father engaged at least two "consultants" and both failed to fulfill their promises.

The first stop the owner from entering the BH for nine months.

You know what happened after nine months?  Nearly all the amplifiers were not functioning and no one knows about it.  Not a single nest.

The second "consultant" came in to "revamp" the BH.

Actually this so called 2nd consultant was a wire man. He knows nothing about swiftlet farming and he too could not produce any result, said the owner.

The owner took over the responsibilities and after doing a bit of revamp and applied some ideas learned from a famous blog, he managed to get 10 nests.

"Pak Harry I am better then those two idiots.  But I got to confess that those ideas were from your blog." he was making his confession.

The reason why he called me to come over is to get a knowledgeable person to explain why those birds refuse to stay even when they were so many that entered his BH.

He cannot understand why they refuse to stay.

After having some deep discussion with his dad and looking at the report in a Chinese newspaper, his dad gave the blessing to allow Pak Harry to come over.

I was very happy to be given the opportunity to check what was wrong with the BH.

My findings are as follows:

1) The BH above a shop house was big and the owner split it into two BHs in one.

2) The first unit with the most number of nests was using the monkey house entrance area system.

3) The second BH used a smaller entrance hole opened on the wall with not monkey house.

4) I was very impressed with the number of bird shit markings on the walls of the monkey house and the roving room.  The large number indicated that there were a lot of birds entered the BH.

5) One very big error why those birds refuse to stay have something to do with the darkness inside the main nesting room.  Though it was about 80 feet away from the monkey hole tunnel the amount of light was simple too much.

I always preach about the rule of the thumb.  The basic rule to make those birds to like your nesting room area is to ensure that your room darkness must but such where when you stand 2 feet apart you cannot see each others face. Remember this very important rule of the thumb.

For this BH it was like you can see so far that you can kick a ball into the goal from where ever you stand.

6) The only way to get to this status is to reposition all his current partitions and make a room at the main connecting door between the monkey house tunnel and the roving room.  The next few more walls can be put into position to block those lights.

7) I sketched what I think is the best for his BH and he was very pleased with my observations and comments.

8) He did something that pull those birds inside the monkey house but might refuse to enter the nesting room.  The reason for this was the number of external sound tweeters he installed at the entrance door.  He lined up about 20-30 tweeters all around the door frame.

9) One bad habit that I pointed to him was the used of too many different brands and models of tweeters around the entrance hole and inside the BH.  The many brand and model will only make those with the least resistivity got the highest signal while the higher resistivity with be dead or make very little sound.

10) The BH was with very little gadgets to attract those birds attention.  No fake nests, no kite tweeters, no waste wood corners and the number of cluster tweeters were a bit too little.

11) A number of nesting planks shows some fungus signs.  I recommend a proper cleaning operation to be done especially those planks inside the VIP room.

12) One very positive strength which I pointed to the owner was his formulation of an insect generation system.  He have mastered a new technique on how to make the insect food cheaper.  What he told me was that he mix crushed waste rice with duck food powder 50-50 mix.  The two powder should be mixed with boiling water and stir well.  Let the mixture ferment for about one week before taking them up into the monkey house.  They seems to produce lots of fruit flies.

13) The main entrance hole was pretty big about 3 feet wide by 7 feet high and facing the east (not the flying path).  My plan will be to slightly reduce the height to 4 feet.

14) The owner opened an additional hole about 2.5 feet wide by 3 feet long on the roof of his monkey house. This hole allows those birds that flew in will fly out of the roof.

15) The number of ventilation holes were very few.  This was one of the poor design during conversion operation.

16) The amplifiers were not properly set and getting very little use of those equalizers.

Well I hope all what were not right can be rectified.

Let us hope that there will be lots of birds staying in this BH once being revamped.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just Follow My Recommendations !!!

Just completed my Sekinchan BH report and emailed to the BH owner.

I took about one and half day to complete with all the sketches and pictures attached.

What I did for him was to explain a few major errors which he and his former consultants did not realized.

His BH basic problem have something to do with the nesting room darkness.

It was so bright and I am very very sure it was the main cause why those swiftlet refuse to stay inside after more then 3 years into operation.

What I did was to explain why and how to reshape the BH doors size and the rooms that he need to realigned.

The moment he received the 26 pages report he jumped.

"Wow so precise and I can use it as my BH bible" he commented using wechat apps.

I replied telling him to read all my comments and recommendations carefully.

Use them and try not to refer to too many other "consultants".

Stick to my recommendations and I gave him the guarantee that within the next 3-5 months the nest number will hit around 50-60 nests.

His current nests number is 10 after 3 years on living in misery.

"Harry I know my dad is very fond of swiftlet farming.  When I was small he used to drive me up to Setiawan to view those birds flying above those BHs.  He wish to own a BH by himself at that time."

"What happened next was very demoralizing.  He engaged a "consultant' who converted our shop house and refuse to allow anyone to enter it for 9 months.  After 9 months not a single nest.  Just imagine how heart broken was my dad."

"After that he engaged another hopeless "consultant" who happened to be a wireman.  This guy also promised so many things but finally we fired him."

"That was when I told my dad that I can help to salvage the 3 years old empty BH.  I followed some of your ideas and within a few short months I got 10 nests.  See I am better then those 2 consultants. But I think it was batter to get you to come over.  After a long persuasion my dad took my advise and asked me to get your help".

That was the whole true story from a man who desperately wanted to populate his sick BH and his only wish was to make his dad happy.

I told him that I will try my best and I promised him that once I complete my report it will be something he can follow.

Deep in my heart I wish after he is successful he should help others around Sekinchan town.

There are at least 30-40 BHs around him and all were not doing well.

Go and help these desperate people who dump in their hard earned money into something that produce so little returns.

I hope he take my advise and follow up with me to do something to the Sekinchan swiftlet BH owners.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Photos From Miri Sarawak !!!

Message received from John of Miri Sarawak.  He was very delighted when after using my idea of super pheromone and fake nests works well in his BH.

Date: November 16th 2013.

Message number 1:

Hi Pak Harry, as promised I am sending the photos taken inside my BH this evening.  Happy to know that Swiftlet like the fake nests sprayed with Super Pheromone. Plus your SuperVac and Babyking showing more and more birds flying in and out of the BH each day. Inspiring !!!

Second message:

Thank you for sharing your ideas and valuable experiences in your blog.  I have learn a lot of new things from your blog. I tired your crazy ideas. Some does works some still waiting for result eg. fake nest made of steel plate.  Hahaha sound crazy bit who knows it may work later.  May God always bless you with good health and great success in your undertaking.

He send the following photos:

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cementery Figs Tree !!

The figs wasps chasing around the figs fruits.

They must have came out of the fruits.  The moment they came out they will try to mate.

The fruits will ripe and fall down to the ground.

This time around the fruit flies will start their breeding cycle on the ripe fruits.

So you have two sets of insects breeding on and below your figs tree.

Please enjoy the video clips below:

One more with the view of the whole tree.  If you look carefully you can find the followings:

1) The fruits are all over the branches.

2) The fruits are ripening and turning black.

3) The whole tree was filled with figs wasps flying all over the place.

4) The tree is not that tall but full of fruits.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Figs Tree With Plentiful Of Insects!!!

I was a kind of killing my time while waiting to meet a friend in Penang on Sunday November 17th 2013.

What I did was to visit a Figs tree located somewhere at Bagan Ajam, Seberang Prai, Penang.

This Figs tree is at a fringe of a Muslim cemetery but its branches can be reached from the fence dividing the cemetery and a highway.

I used to visit this one very often and one more about 50 meters away.

The 50 meters away went dead and the whole tree which was about 50 feet in height was without a single leaf.

I parked my can at about 200 meters away and walk with some tools to air layered the branches.

The moment I arrived I was very pleased to see the tree with lots of figs fruits ripening.

When there are figs fruits there will be insects.

The whole tree was actually filled with insects.

Just imagine they also crawled on my legs.

I took some pictures and video clips to share with my blog readers.

The best thing that I did was to propagate the tree using air layering technique.

With a knife, aluminum foil, cable tie and a wet grassy material I managed to air layered about 12 branches.

Within the next two months I should see enough roots for propagation.

If you are interested to purchase the rooting branch please let me know.

It will be for sale at RM 50 a piece.

You can just dig a hole in the ground and bury the rooting part.

With adequate watering the branch will start to produce new shoots within a few weeks.

Call me at 017 7551318 and in the meantime enjoy the clips and pictures provided.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pasir Putih BH: Why Don't You Plant Lots Of Figs Trees !!!

I was explaining to this BH owner about planting those Figs trees.

"Your BH is on a very nice piece of agricultural land but I think the land surrounding it are not properly used.  Why don't you plant as many figs trees as possible?"

He took sometime to answer and his reply was that he is not sure which of those fig trees are suitable for his land.

He knows about figs trees but have no idea that it can serve as an insect generating trees.

I told him to Google figs trees online or perhaps figs wasp he might be able to learn why figs trees can help to generate those insect.

I wrote a few articles and also provided many interesting pictures that shows how those figs wasp breed inside the fruits and when they matured they will be flying all over the tree top.

The best is the specie that have their fruits right up to the highest branches.

If that happen those figs wasp will be flying on the top most areas or around the tree leaves.

The land surrounding his BH seems to be not properly utilized.

The most was to have those long grass to feed those cattle belonging to the neighbors.

I told him to search for the right figs tree and do those tree propogation either by air layering or fruit branch cuttings.

He can learn these techniques by watching some of those video clips found on you tube.

Once their roots are ready he can plant them onto his land about 10-15 feet apart along the fence but not too close with the BH.

The best is this particular figs tree that produce their fruits on branches.

November 2013 Swiftlet Farming Seminar !!!

There were only nine participants and it went well.

Three from "Sandakan", two from Vietnam, two from The Phillipine, one from Dungun and one from Manchester UK.

We have one "ahmo" (white) from UK who wanted to conduct a research on swiftlet farming in urban areas.

Two from the Philippine dropped by when they discovered about my Seminar while having their honeymoon in Malaysia.

One unfortunate thing that happened was that one of the Vietnamese participant changed his plane ticket and rush back home since the Haiyan storm was approaching his hometown.

Other than that the seminar went well.

Beside me giving the talk for the whole day, I managed to get the two Vietnamese who happened to be my old student to talk about their extra ordinary success in swiftlet farming.

The one from Danang showed how he started and came to Malaysia to learn about swiftlet farming about 2 years and 3 months ago.

He knows nearly nothing about swiftlet farming but after learning both theory and practical from Pak Harry he now is one of the most successful swiftlet farming in Vietnam.

One of his recent project secured 2000 birds within 9 months.

A very very happy student and I hope he will do well in all his future project.

I am very grateful to have them back in KL.

The next day invited them to Melaka to view a BH that was recently modified.

All that came were impressed with the amount of effort put into the BH.

I am glad that they learn so much and hopefully more will attend my next Seminar.

I schedule to organize one more in February 2014.

Call me for your seat booking.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Super Pheromone: More Test Results Soon !!!

This week the number new users are climbing by at least 5.

One is from Manjung, Perak, Two from Vietnam, one from Sandakan, Sabah and one from Balik Papan Indonesia.

The two from Vietnam attended my recent Swiftlet Farming Seminar and order one bottle of the 5 liters bottle.

The one I am very excited about is the order just shipped to is the Balik Papan Indonesia.

This BH owner is not new in using my recommended product.

He tested two of my favorite sounds and after 3 months his BH nests number climbed from 50 to 80 which is 60% up.

Now he wanted to move one step further by spraying my "Super Pheromone".

Just try to read this email massage:

Dear Pak Harry,

Apa kabar?Semoga sehat dan baik,saya mau menyampaikan perkembangan Bh saya, setelah menggunakan Baby King dan Super Vac selama 3 bulan jumlah sarang bertambah dari 50 sarang menjadi 80 sarang,itu saya periksa satu bulan yang lalu,dan sepertinya burung jg tidak bosan dengan super Vac,tiap hari ramai walet keluar masuh Bh.

Pak Harry apakah saya bisa mendapatkan super pheromone,bisa dikirim kekalimantan? Berapa harganya..

Terima kasih Pak Harry..

Mr. A


Dear Pak Harry,

How are you? Hope you are healthy and well.  I wanted to share some news on my BH progress after installing your BabyKing and SuperVac.  Within 3 months the nests number grew from 50 nests to 80 nests.  I did the counting about one month ago.  From my observation the birds seems to continue liking the external sound SuperVac.  Everyday many will fly in and out of the BH.

Pak Harry how can I get your Super Pheromone?  Can it be courier to Kalimantan? How much is the price each?

Thank you Pak Harry


Mr A.

I think his enthusiasm to move to the next level to apply the super pheromone is important to me.

I quoted to him and he responded by paying the full amount into a nominated account.

The ordered items will be out soon and I am looking forward to hear more interesting news to be shared with all.

How I wish he will capture some pictures to support his report.

As for the Vietnamese users one came from HCMC and the other from Danang.

Both went for the double concentration liquid.

I am pretty sure the outcome will surpassed the previous application result in Vietnam.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pasir Putih BH Inspection !!!

I was given the opportunity to visit a BH in Kelantan on Monday November 11th 2013.

This was just after my Swiftlet Farming Seminar on November 9th 2013 at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

The one day Seminar went well with about 9 participants.

On the following day I took a few of them to visit a dual entries BH in Melaka.

On the next day I took a flight to Kota Baru, Kelantan and the owner was waiting for me at the airport.

He took about one hour to reach his two years old BH with about 78 nests so far.

Prior to this BH he was a bat blind about swiftlet farming.

However after serving as a college administrator in Ipoh he fell attracted to swiftlet farming.

He came back to Pasir Putih and erected this 3 and half stories BH on his father's land.

He attended one Swiftlet Seminar in Kota Baru but after that he use the internet to gather all the information required.

His comment about current active blogsite is as follows:

"Pak Harry I think you are the only person who is still active blogging, the rest went dead or missing in action."

He covered lots of my article and decided to have my opinion on what can be done to improve his BH nests population.

I took two hours to be at his BH.

These were my observations and comments:

# The BH was not bad and with very little knowledge about swiftlet farming he seems to have chosen a nice design.

# To have 78 nests after two years into operation with no proper knowledge in swiftlet farming to me is acceptable.

# His BH do have several flaws but I would like to say that he was lucky to have chosen the piece of land that have lots of birds flying home and flying out to search for food.

# His choice of using those light weight bricks as walls on the second and third floor might be dangerous when the hot season starts.  The nesting room temperature might be above 30*C.

# He chooses the monkey house type and its main entrance hole was facing the north.  No entrance hole facing the east (morning light).

# Once those birds entered the entrance hole they have to make a left turn towards the door leading to the lower floors.

# The LAL holes (two of them) were not precisely located and the chances of birds populating the lowest floor might be a big problem.

# The most unusual thing that I discovered was his idea of running his external sound for 24 hours.

# The number of external sound tweeters on each floor was about half the number of internal sound tweeters.

# The number of internal sound tweeters was about 60 per floor.

# The nesting room area have no VIP room(s).

# There was nothing to attract those swiftlet to stay in his BH.

# The internal sound he used was not a common sound and I told him to change.

#His external sound was also giving a kind of noise that makes his own tenant refusing to enter his main entrance hole.

# He uses two set of low end amplifiers.

# He have little idea about the effect of using too many brand of tweeters on the same cable.

# There was no gadget to reactivate the electrical system once tripped.

# He should have done something like planting those figs trees on those empty space around his BH.

# The BH perimeter was not well done.  He should have those cement walk path erected.

# He erected a steel cover that extended the main entrance hole forward.

# His BH have not be visited by owls.

# The nests distribution among the three floors indicated something unhealthy is going inside his BH. A good BH have the most number of nests on the lowest floor and medium number on the middle floor while the top most floor will be the least.  This BH have the most number on the top most floor and the lowest floor.  The middle floor was the least number.

I promised to write my full report for his revamp operation.

This report will tell him the exact thing to do plus sketches and pictures.

I hope after his revamp operation the nests number will move up by 100 percent.

To those who own BH and have not been performing well call 017 7551318

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Insane Idea On How To Get Them To Hear The Internal Sound !!!

So you think Pak Harry in insane or mad or he is carried away.

Well well well.

He is not what you think because there are others who are worst than him.

During my recent Swiftlet Farming Seminar, I took the pleasure to request one of the Seminar participant to relate his success stories.

How he started and what he have achieved so far.

At first he was reluctant but after persuasion and my encouragement he came forward.

He relate how he started and how he stumbled onto Pak Harry blog.

He was initially blank about swiftlet farming but his desire to learn was so great that he enrolled into one of my seminar and stayed back in Malaysia for one week to follow me around.

That was 2 years and 3 months ago and now he is a very changed and successful person.

He became one of the most successful BH owner who recently set a Vietnam record in getting 2000 birds inside his small BH within 9 months.

He was very humble and keep stressing about how much he learned from me.

Among the many things that I saw on those slides was this piece of chandelier tweeter and he glued those fake nests on every tweeter.

He glued the fake nest onto the internal sound tweeter.

See what happen with the fake nest.

Those birds lock them onto the fake nest and their face is facing directly to the sound source.

Unbelievable and very insane idea.

 He did mentioned that he sprayed the fake nests with super pheromone.

Call me if you wanted to know more

Harry 0177551318.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kulim BH Design !!!

After writing the visit report of a BH located at Karangan, Kulim I though to myself about the design that it uses.

"Harry, don't you think this BH design is not as good as the one at Sungai Rambai or Bruas?"

"Hmm may be the Cenih BH design is better than all the rest?"

" No no the one in Maran is better?"

"I think the best is still in Bruas"

The above keep playing in my brain and I think there must be a kind of method to gauge which design is better than the other.

My personal feeling for the best design is one that have the ability to bring the most number of birds at the shortest possible time.

The nest population inside this super design BH must be the one which have the most nest at the lowest floor, medium nests number on the middle floors and the least nests number on the top most floor.

Based on the above I prefer the one in Bruas, Perak.

The BH in Kulim failed to comply both the main requirement plus the second criteria.

The 30 nests inside this BH was mainly on the top most floor.

About five on the third floor, two on the first floor and three on the lowest floor.

No, it seem like as if those birds have difficulties to find the lower floors.

As such I would like to disqualify this particular tunnel design.

The best is the LAL on the floor and the flight path at an angle downwards.

So if you are new and wanted to start your own BH please think about what the above criteria and maybe you should think carefully before beginning the BH construction.