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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lukut BH: Finally Over And Now To Melaka !!!

(Lukut BH: The Hexagonal on the right and a Bazooka on the Left)

My task of revamping the LuKut BH was over.

Finally after 11 days the 1 1/2 stories BH was completed and handed over to the owner.

Last night met him for a cup of coffee and at the same time took a set of keys for his second BH in Melaka.

"Pak Harry when can I pay your final payment for my Lukut BH?"

I told him the revamp is over with but I need to inspect one more time this week just to make sure that the water and amplifiers are running to my designed methods.

I told him that his BH now is like a 6 stars hotel to those birds.

As long as those wild birds staying in the same area pass by his rooftop they will enter to check what's new and I am very sure they will be attracted to become his tenants.

The external sounds, two sounds system, have no problem to attract those birds.

The mini bazooka was in place directed to a water catchment area at the back of his BH.

Every evening those birds will play around the water areas and soon after will return home to roost.

If we can pull them over there will be a very great chances that they will enter and stay (if they like what they saw inside).

I told him to stay away from entering the nesting room for at least three months.

He still need to stop by to check if his sound system is running properly from time to time.

I assured him that within the next 8 months his nests population will double and maybe more.

What is lacking right now is his mist pump system.

The one installed by his previous consultant seems to be under powered and at the same time was installed without any specific purposes.

I am of the opinion that this mist pump gadget is one of the most essential gadget to keep the BH floor wet.

Remember the word I used " to keep the BH floor wet".

If you can focus on the floor areas where lots of birds are staying, the will be a kind of attraction to have those young birds to return home.

This tool will help to increase your BH population by luring those young birds hatched and raised in your BH.

Try to focus mainly on the rooms or floors that are with the most number of nests.

These nests need to be well formed and without any cracks.

The formation of cracks on your nests is more like a trap.

The moment the baby birds leg is stuck into it they will be dead.

This is one very strong reason why many BH that have lots of cracked nests the young birds are not returning home.

Its a shear lost of opportunity.

He agreed but at the moment I told him that I have activated his two chicken coop amplifiers so that he will be relieved from spending more.

Let him breath for a while before spending some more money on his BH.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tumpat BH: Pak Harry When Can You Fly Over ??

While driving home my wife and her mother home today from Port Dickson this BH owner from Tumpat, Kelantan called.

His question sound familiar.

"Pak Harry when can you fly up to KB?  I am ready to start the revamp operation".

I am not sure how to answer him but can only tell him that let me look into my schedule.

The Lukut BH revamp is about to finish and the Merdeka Jaya BH is my next but what now !!!

I need to get my schedule proper but would not like to disappoint these BH owners.

What I promised him was to fly up for two days and come back to look at the revamp works in Melaka.

This particular owner, Tumpat BH, seems to have enough with his current so called consultant.

However he cannot terminate the person contract due to the fact that he is his close relative.

"Pak Harry he is looking after three more BHs of mine and if I terminate his service who else can look after all my BHs.  It is not easy to find someone that I can trust but he don't know a thing about getting more birds inside"

He was right and the best solution is to engage him to revamp the sick BH with me to supervise.

Hopefully he will learn the tricks and perhaps revamp the rest.

I plan to use Subang airport shuttle service to fly up and down to oversea the whole revamp operation starting this Wenesday September 30th 2015.

Let see how things goes and I will report for my readers to follow. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Gemas BH: The BH Owner Called And Confirmed To Upgrade His BH !!!

He took only a few short minutes and confirmed wanting me to move up to revamp his BH.

I took almost half a day to complete my visit report.

He took less then one hour to confirm his interest to arrange for the necessary changes.

The owner called me on September the 24th and without hesitation asked me to move my workers down.

He must have too much of heartache with his under performed BH.

One very sure thing he told me was shy with all his friends.

All of them erect their BH nearly the same time and nearly all of them have more than 100 nests while his was 30.

He cannot take it anymore.

"Pak Harry I will arrange to erect the Monkey House as per your recommendation and installed them facing the birds flying home path.  Also will open a window facing the EAST for the morning light".

He wanted to make sure that I will come so he will proceed with the monkey house construction using some fabrication yard nearby.

It will be good for him and his under performing BH.

I can only do my part to help him with some of his problems.

I think his knowledge about swiftlet farming is no good.

I hope to try to persuade to learn some during my stay while on the upgrading job.

Looking forward to be in Gemas soon but I need to finish the Merdeka Jaya BH first.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gemas N9 BH: 4 Years Plus With About 30 Odd Nests !!!

While busy with Lukut BH revamp operation I was contacted by someone who happened to have used my expertise.

"Pak Harry my friend wanted your service.  Can you come to Gemas and inspect a BH?"

I obliged since he claimed that the owner was his close friend.

I told my worker about my trip and he continued with his job at Lukut.

Upon arriving Gemas I was asked to drive to Batu Enam, a small town with about 300 people I think.

Managed to locate the owner and he took me to his factory.

Upon entering the compound I realized that his BH was above his main office.

The main factory building was just beside the concrete building.

"Pak Harry my BH have been into operation for about 4-5 years and is not doing well as compared to all my other friends,  Please use your expertise to determine what can I do to improve the nests population."

He opened the main door and allow me to carry out my inspection.

By looking at the building externally there was nothing much to comment.

The main entrance hole was originally opened on the wall however during the visit it was shut.

The current entrance hole now was the monkey house with one window about 3.5 feet wide and about 4 feet high.

The LMB was facing North towards the Batu Enam town.

You can guess which direction the birds are flying home in the evening.

Yes the flying home path in on the opposite side.

So before I entered the BH I have already identifies two major issues.

One the LMB was not facing the East.

The second flaw was that the LMB was facing the opposite of where the birds are flying home in the evening.

I was not very impressed with the self made hexagonal tweeter since it was wrongly located.

Upon entering the data room I saw that the whole BH was with three amplifiers.

One for the internal sound, one for the external and the other unit was non functioning.

Most of their sound controlled knobs were not properly set.

My next observation have something to do with the nesting rooms.

The "consultant" hanged a number of ceiling boards all over the place.

I am not sure what was in his mind but I don't quite agree with this weird idea.

All his internal sound tweeters were in what I called sleeping position.

They should be in a standing position.

All 90* corners were covered with straight wood.  If I should repair this BH I will remove all of these corner cover woods.  Why cover them when those facifagus simply love them.

Most of the 30 odd nests were on the lower floor and the top most floor.  The middle floor was empty.

The BH internal walls and floors looks very dry.

I proved to the owner by showing to him a number of nests that were having cracks on them.

He deployed one chicken coop humidifier on each floor.

Well managed to jot a number of observations and I will be sitting quietly to prepare a report that will help the owner to improve the nests population.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Swiftlet Garden : I Was Welcome Into The Family !!!

(Where I will be from October 2015 till March 2016 or longer)

Two days ago while driving around in Lukut N9 to find a place to stay I received the confirmation from Mr E that he wanted me to mobilize my staff ASAP (As soon as possible).

I think he likes me and I hope my relationship with him will remain for as long as I survive.

The moment he met me a few weeks back he likes me.

May be he knew more about me and what I can help him with his upstream operations.

Or maybe he simply love to have me as a friend.

I did not forced him to like me but thing is going towards where it should be.

I told him to focus on his downstream while let me help him with his upstream operations.

He is very advanced as compared to so many other BH operators or perhaps those who operate their own processing centers.

He moved at a faster pace and I am not sure if the rest can follow.

He managed to extract those active Glycoprotein from raw nests.  At least 18 so far.

He also have engaged a number of Professors to study how these Glycoproteins can benefit human being.

So far the researches conducted managed to prove that these Glycoprotein can be use to prolong the life of any Cancer patients (Grade 4), Stem Cell activator, Arthritis cure and Menopause delays.

His circle of friends seems to be powerful in signing him to start the Ecopark in Johor and I am sure they have a very high expectation on his abilities.

He got the Ecopark going and now the time have come to get someone like me to boost the Ecopark productivity.

I reminded him to concentrate on the down stream and let me the person to look after his upstream.

He wanted me to revamp about 9 operating BHs and there will be 2 new BHs that need my personal touches.

My current plan is to complete the Lukut and after that the Medeka Jaya.

Once that are done I might be able to move down to Sedili, Johor.

Looking forward to be a part of Mr E family and let us hope that my little contribution will ease his bottleneck.

This Ecopark is out of bound to all except me and my workers.

I am sorry that I will not be able to invite any one to come and see what I will be doing.

Well if you are serious let me schedule some other place to view or visit.

Call me at 017 7551318.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Merdeka Raya BH: Owner Wanted To Extend My Services !!!

 (This was the sketch I gave to him)

Well after confirming my renovation job at Lukut, the same owner wanted me to move to Merdaka Jaya in Melaka.

I am not sure if he will allow me to take a short break.

What I heard from him was that he have proceeded with my idea of installing a Monkey house with two entrance hole above his main entrance areas.

"Pak Harry I have completed the monkey house as per your design.  Please mobilize to Melaka immediately after finishing the Lukut BH." exactly the word he used on me.

(Picture showing one of the widow opened at the monkey house)

Frankly I am not sure why he needed my service so bad.

Hmm may be I am good and he thinks that I can reactivate his BH.

Very lucky to be well accepted by many BH owners in the Country.

Right now my schedule will be very very tight.

His main problem with the BH in Melaka was the number of nests on both floors.

After examining his BH I told him that his BH is difficult to enter.

If I am one of those birds around his BH I will not be happy with the number of twists and turns to make before reaching the nesting rooms.

If Pak Harry feels so those birds will say the same.

What I planned to do is to open a new door and at the same time rearrange the partition walls.

One new door will be opened and one to be relocated.

One very taxing thing to carry out will be to remove a wall made of bricks.

I told him that I need to rent a dump bin to throw away all those bricks.

Since he wanted to spent as little money as possible I advice him to focus on the top floor.

The ground floor will remains as it was however will fix a number of tweeters to force some of them to go down.

Once the number of nests touches maybe 500 he should revamp the ground floor ( my sincere advice to him).

He know too well that I was trying to help and no more than that.