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Monday, May 30, 2011

Reconditioning Of Your New or Old BH !!!

I was about to complete the revamp works in Ipoh, Perak and at the same time one of my blog reader dropped by to say hello.

That was about one week ago.

Yesterday I met him for the second time and what caught his attention was the smell of the revamped BH in Ipoh.

"Pak Harry, the moment I entered the Ipoh BH I feel as if I was in an old BH that has lots of young birds inside them.  Those Mutiara Aroma, you formulated,  was really good and working.  It smelled exactly as if I entered those BH with lots of birds."

What I told him was the term "Reconditioning" of BH.

If your BH is new or old but with no birds inside, you need to recondition the house with lots of aroma that can make the smell of the BH like being heavily populated.

The best for you to start with is to learn how to prepare the aroma yourself.

It is something very simple and very cheap if you do it yourself.  But if you are lazy you will need to pay a high price for it.

All you need to do is to make a date with Pak Harry and once you learned from him you will be a different breed of swiftlet farmer.

You see, to recondition a new or old BH say 20'X70' size floor, you need at least 15 liters of these Mutiara Aroma.  For two floors you need to fork out two 15 liters bottles.

That will not be enough.  To recondition you need to apply at least 3 consecutive times like the next day and the day after.

In total you will need at least 15 liters X 2 bottles X 3days = 6 bottle of 15 liters.

If you wanted to buy them it will cost you at least 80 ringgit per liter or 7,200 ringgit.

Can you effort that much?

If you learn how to prepare it yourself the cost is less than 10 rm a liter but to learn the proper technique you just call Pak Harry to let him show you how.

His fee is only RM 500 less one 15 liter bottle. Yes you will get one bottle of 15 liters Mutiara aroma for you immediate usage.

Once you have this ability to prepare yourself you can now prepare as many liters as you like and you can apply these aroma every time you visit your BH.

First you need to recondition the house.

What you need is a pump sprayer and perhaps a funnel.

To prevent the possibility of clogging the sprayer nozzle I advise you to filter the aroma at least one more time. Use those cloth filter.

You need to focus on the VIP room(s), the entrance area and the roving area.

Spray on the wall about 1.5 feet below the nesting planks and the floor.  Never spray on the nesting planks.

Once finished you need to also spray on the floor leading the path from the roving room to the VIP room.

For a first timer, you need to do this aroma reconditioning on three consecutive days, at least.

To make the smell more pungent and last longer you can consider the followings:

1) Apply two layers per application.

2) You can add about 1/2 to 1 1/2 a kg of ammonia bicarbonate inside the aroma liquid just before you apply them.

3) Try to make sure your rooms are wet all the time. Wetness will help to make the aroma last longer.

After the first spray you might want to continue the application every time you visit your BH for maintenance ie once a month.

For more information please call 017 755 1318

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tobacco Leaves Drying Is A Dying Business !!!

I was up early at about 4:30 am on May 27th, 2011.

The reason being I have an early inspection at a place about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

My special client in a Tobacco Leave Curer.

This sound very exciting.  The first time that a tobacco leaves curer interested in swiftlet farming.

I reached Sungai Ruan Raub Pahang on the dot. He was still at home.  After a cup of fresh coffee at one of the Malay shop just beside his land he came over to let me take a look at his piece of land.

I learned that the tobacco business was inherited from his grand father.  It seems that the type of tobacco he deal with is not for those cigarette making but chewing.

"Pak Harry only those old generation chew tobacco leaves and when these old people dies my business is doomed.  A dying business I must say and I need to look at various options on how to use the building and the land.  The best I think is swiftlet farming."

Just at the entrance door of his land there were four red bricks building that are unused and he wanted to try using them.

Since this is the first time I was not 100% sure if the building is a safe bet.

I quickly pulled my test gadget and test to see if there are birds around the land.

The owner was very amused with the respond from the gadget.  There were about 100 plus birds that responded and I am sure there are a lot more if the time was right.

After a 2 hours deliberation he let me continue my journey to Kuantan.

There is a very strong possibility and he need to perhaps modify the drying house accordingly.

Please enjoy looking at some pictures taken:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Can Be The Possible Reasons Why Those 500 Birds Not Building Their Nests !!!

"Pak Harry, after attending your Seminars and a few changes here and there, I managed to attract about 500 swiftlet to stay in my BH but I only have about 60 nests.  My problem is how come these birds are not building their nests?"

Something he added:  "Prior to attending your seminar my BH was nearly empty after more than 1 year in operation. You are my Saviour. Frankly at that time my ass was like sitting on a hot plate."

Something unusual that happened to one of my obedient disciple who have attended a number of my swiftlet talk from Temerloh, Pahang.

"Pak Harry I need your help to come and visit my BH and tell me what can be the possible reasons."

He was lucky since I was on the way down to Kuantan, Pahang to carry out routine maintenance on one of my JV BH.

On the way back to KL today I make a detour to Temerloh to see what can be the possible reasons.

The one and half story BH was on an agricultural land just beside those high voltage power line.

The house was made of those red bricks single layered and with no plastering inside and outside.

The entrance hole was facing the west.

The birdhouse dimension was approximately about 20' X 60'.

After doing some thorough inspection my conclusion was something that is nothing unusual.

1) The house was a bit to hot and little airflow. The heat was coming from the wall.

2) The nesting room was a bit too dry.  There was no humidifier or mist maker or water containers or drain or wet floor.

3)  The owner admitted that he was not using the right internal sound but ever since he changed to NBU (NoBodyButYou) the birds has begun to cling to the nesting planks.  Prior to this they were flying all over and not taking position.

My recommendations to him, if he wanted to see more nests were as follows:

a) He need to modify the internal sound so that the sound be made of more of the baby sounds.  Currently he was very sure that the sound I called NBU is effective.  However the sound is a bit to heavy with matured birds sound.  What I suggested to him was to modify the sound to insert more of the baby noise in between and let the ratio be 60% baby sound and the rest matured sound taken from NBU.

b) He need to reduce the heat coming from the side wall(s).  The best is to erect some kind of wall to prevent direct sunlight hitting the external walls.

c) The air in the house was a bit too stiff.  He need to figure out a way to make the air flow.

d) He have yet to introduce any humidifier.  The nesting rooms were a bit too dry.  My recommendation was to go for those 12 eyes mist make unit to be installed inside a VIP room located at the back of the floor.

e) I was very adamant about erecting walls at the back portion of the nesting room so that it will form a VIP room.  He can in fact erect two VIP rooms.

f) There was something that I can easily guess that he entrance hole was facing the west.  There were two nests very closed to the entrance hole.  The reason was that they need to go out early.  He need to open an exit hole at the opposite side of the entrance hole hole to allow the morning light to enter the house.  The hole must be not less then 1.5 feet wide and 3 feet long.

g) The hole leading the birds from the monkey house into the roving was a bit too small.  I advised him to make it slightly larger.  The best is 4 feet wide from the staircase but it would be better to widen it to 6 feet if he can.

h) If the opening of the exit hole and the inter floor area causes too much light he might need to cover up the opening that he opened connecting the roving and the nesting rooms.

j) I managed to tune up his amplifiers.  As usual the knobs controlling the treble, mid and low were all not right.

k) currently nearly 90% of the nests (about 60)  were build around the nest planks crossings.  I advised him to increase the crossings to quadrable the chances of getting more nests inside the house.

l) I continued with asking him to put extra effort in pushing those birds to start a family.  The best was to install at least 200 fake nests laced with duck egg white plus honey.

The owner was very happy with all the comments I made and he insisted to have a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shop in Temerloh (The Patin Fish City).

I came to know that he will be attending my seminar for the 4th time, this July 2nd 2011.  He is exceptional and I offered him to be my first swiftlet faming seminar regular club.  His fee will be 50% of the offered fee of all my future Swiftlet Farming Seminars after the July seminar.

"Pak Harry thank you very much for your very kind offer. Everytime I attended your talk I learn something new and when I implement them my BH improves."

(His SMS comment after reading my blog about his BH:

Pak Harry U r a super star....Tq n c u v soon....J n V.

I just read it n assimilated all solutions presented in te report. Am going to te site now to start correcting those flaws... Tq... U keep well... We need U Pak Harry.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Pull Those Wild Birds Into Your VIP Room !!!

"Pak Harry How can I pull those birds from the roving area into the VIP room?"

I alway treat swiftlet like a toddler who refuse to bath or go to his 1st year kindergarten.

You need to use every tricks in your sleeve to draw them from the roving area into your VIP room.

These list might be useful:

1) Make sure you take every effort to place adequate tweeters, playing external sound, along the walls, door frame and those chandeliers so that they keep wanting to move deeper into the house until the hit the last wall.

2) The next thing that I discovered is to lace the floor with those sweet smell aroma.  Before making a path on the floor you must first spray adequate aroma (Mutiara Vigra is the cheapest) on the VIP room walls and floors.  Once that is done you can now spray the same aroma onto the floor.  Make the path as wet and about 2-3 feet wide.  Make sure the aroma path lead the birds from the roving room to the VIP room.

Look at these photos recently taken in Ipoh:

More Photos From Beafort, Sabah !!!

Have a look at some new photos just received from rakanwalit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being Blacklisted By Those Swiftlet !!!

Is it possible your BH being black listed by those wild swiftlet?

I have never come across such an event in swiftlet farming before but ..........

Usually those banks or money lander or IRS will black list you from taking any loan or travel overseas if you defaulted any loan or mortgage payments.

But this week I received the following:

Brother Harry,

May I check with you please, What you should do next when your BH seems to have been blacklisted by birds ( they don't bother to enter at all now although they did enter previously ) despite the fact that you have made some internal changes and sound changes as well ?

Thank you.

 Never experience such a drastic phenomena collectively done by those wild birds.

My opinion, might not be right always, on the possible reasons are:

1) There is or are some gross mistakes that the owner was not able to determine.  Usually the internal temperature, the darkness and humidity.

2) The next could be the sound played.  He need to regularly check on the external and internal sound that he is using.  The sound quality, the setting on the amplifiers, the sound distribution from the outside into the house and until the back of the house.

3) The tweeter arrangements at the entrance window might be causing the birds confused and don't know how to enter the house.

4) The flight path from the main entrance hole into the nesting room(s) might be too tough for the birds to fly in and out.  Once they entered and they cannot find their way into the nesting room(s) they will shy away from the house.

5) There might be a predator that must have scared the birds before.  The biggest culprit are owls.  Once they attack you BH they leave their marking especially droppings (shit) that give the bad signal to those swiftlet.  The area where those owl used to purge need to be carefully cleaned and spray with swiftlet aroma.

6) High time to get a professional who can evaluate the real situation and comes out with the most practical solution. Contact those whom you know can help to identify the exact problem and get someone to carry out the installation of the recommendations.

Another Transformation Work Completed In Ipon Station 18 !!!

After about 10 days the BH in Ipoh, station 18, was put back into operation.

The owner, Mr L, was very very pleased with the transformation.

Two visitors who dropped by to view the BH before handing over were intrigue with the amount of effort that I and my workers put into this Masterpiece.

"Wah so many tweeters and these special rooms are very thoughtful. I wanted to have the same in my BH.  Pak Harry I beg for you to come and vist my BH in Taiping."

The other visitor was very reluctant to drop by and after many invitation by Mr L he finally drop by.

The moment he entered the BH he nearly refused to get out of the house. He just cannot have enough during the first visit and he keep going up again and again.

"Pak Harry your one zone area has the same number of tweeters in my whole house of 30'X90' 4 stories high.  I am amazed with the amount of effort you put into this BH.  Next week I want you to come and visit my BH in Gopeng and recommend what I should do."

This two remarks were very common and I took it as a compliment.

My answers was : " I was just trying to do my utmost best for Mr L.  I hope he is happy with what I did for him."

The house was totally transformed and I was pretty sure those wild birds will enter the house and within some short month I hope there will be some bird nests in it.

Latest from the owner May 29th 2011:

 Hello Pak Harry,

This is M from the UK. I just called you earlier asking about the BH house drawing and the bird call gadget.

Thanks very much for the simple advice and we can keep in touch. Very most likely, one of my family members will attend the course first (and I will attend the course next time I come back to Malaysia).

And also please keep up with your effort to educate people on various of things related to the business.

Many thanks!

Have a look at these  new pictures:

Monday, May 23, 2011

From Pak Guss Of Lombok, Indonesia !!!

Remember this Amoh (pic) (the first white colored skin swiftlet farmer) who attended my Swiftlet Farming Seminar on May 7th, 2011?

He owned 4 BHs in Lombok, Indonesia and after learning the tricks about swiftlet farming he got hold a number of good external and internal sounds from me.

On the top of that he managed to carry across a number of amplifiers, tweeters and hexagonal tweeters.

Immediately after arrival he started his revamping works on one of the units which he claimed to have not a single birds entering for almost 2 years.

After following my instructions and follow up with phone he completed the installation and started playing those beautiful sounds.

"Pak Harry, I need to report to you what happen.  Now I am looking at the BH entrance hole.  I think more then 1,000 birds entered the hole right now.  This is the result of the knowledge you taught me and I never believed that it can be so powerful.  Thank you sir."

My reply to him was very simple.

Mr Guss, I am very glad that what I tough you and the rest are useful. You proof to yourself that it works and I hope the rest too.  Good luck to you and I am very happy for you.

I am not trying to brag on something that I voluntarily did. Yes I push every single thing that I learned and gathered during my 8 years of research and hard work to all my seminar participants.

I prefer to share those findings with all who attended my seminar and I believed the moment they finished the one day talk they will be a better person.

They deserved the best and they should know everything that will help them to be a better swiftlet farmer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Immediate Results And They Love It !!!

My last trip to Kota Kinabalu Sabah and Miri Sarawak has already showed good  results.

Today received two very important reports:

1) Pak Harry after repositioning of those tweeters and changed the cabling connection both entrance holes are doing well.  The birds are entering both holes.  They no longer enter only one hole when you left.  At the same time after just a few nights we saw many bird shits below those chandeliers and other tweeters.

2) The visit report on the DIY BH was submitted to the owner and he was very pleased with your hand written 17 pages report.  The owner indicated that your report was easy to follow, practical, concise and will cost very little to repair as compared to those unscrupulous contractors who claimed that they are the "Sifu" (more than RM20,000). He was so pleased that he will pay your fee which you requested plus some some token of appreciation (less then RM 1500)

From Miri, the retired school teacher send an email with a video clip showing so many birds hovering above the entrance hole.

Pak Harry, 

Pleased to share with u this recording at Yakin yesterday  evening! Do u think they are the tenants already? They seem to play at  the entrance only and didn't enter the nesting room yet at this time 
(6.15pm).... they normally will enter straight into nesting later at 7  pm. P/s: I have received the parcel yesterday . Tks. 

My sincere advise to him was to start working on the recommended rectifications. Just follow my visit report and attend to those that will draw those birds into the house.  

If he can try to stop playing the sound I provided (FOC) temporarily and put it back once the renovation is completed.

Start doing it yourself with perhaps a helper.  Once you have done it up then see what happen.

He was thrilled and I am too.  I am sure he will start those revamp works soon.

The thing that is important to me most is that my hard works do show results.  Not all the time but most of the time.

One Possible Reason Why Those Birds Refuse To Enter Your BH !!!

What can be the possible reasons why those birds refuse to enter the entrance hole even the sound draws so many to the hole?

I discovered something by accident during my last trip to Beaufort, Sabah recently.

It was rather strange to see those birds responding pretty well with my good external sound however not one entered the entrance hole.

In the beginning I thought it must be the volume but after reducing the volume they still refuse to enter the hole.

This observation was done when I was at a BH in Beaufort, Sabah.

When I arrived I took some time to look at various things that were fixed by my friend's workers.

They screwed about six large tweeters at both the two entrance hole in the monkey house. All the six tweeters were at the outside of the entrance hole and not one in the inside.

I was not very fussy about the orientation but what happened next make me realized that they need to be very precise where to put them.

After setting up those amplifiers I told the owner's representative that I would like to test the sound system.

When one of my precious sound was played I can see a sudden surge in swiftlet responding.  What surprised me was that not one bird entered the hole.

Oh God, now what !!!

I shook my head in disbelieved and started to use all my experiences to figure out why they behave so unusual.

Even lowering the sound volume they refuses to enter. It seems that they refuse to enter both holes.

Why, why and why !!!

Hmm......there must be something not right with those tweeters arrangement.  Somebody up there keep telling me and I think he was right.

I immediately stop the sound test and got hold of those workers up to the monkey house.

To test my prediction I told myself I decided to rearrange only one window and keep the second hole as it was.

What I did was to reduce the number of tweeters to four but they were moved deeper into the monkey house.  Currently they were screwed too far outside the window.

After getting them precisely where they should be I resumed the test.

This time they started to move in, only the adjusted window,  but not many.

I told my helper to lower the sound volume. Immediately when the volume were lowered to a reasonable level nearly all rushed in.

However the other window with no adjustment simply did not attract any to enter.

The lesson from this is that you must be precised where to install those tweeters.

The birds have the tendency to go to those tweeters and if they are too closed to the wall perimeter they will not enter the BH.

Beside proper tweeter's positioning the sound volume need to be carefully adjusted.

Too high the volume will bounce the birds away from entering the hole.

You need to keep learning and precision on all these small things might be the reasons why your BH are empty.