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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marvelous Cloud In Sibu !!!

If you have not purchased the Marvelous Cloud, my advise is to better do it now.

This is because the price will not be RM600 by end of this month, June 2010.

While in Sibu I tried to see those "Foo Chow" language birds.

Before trying I was very unsure of these species found in Sarawak. They might not understand the Marvelous Cloud language.

Well to my surprise they did respond and marvelously.

Click this URL:

The moment I set the sound to play, more numbers rushed to the entrance hole.  They keep entering the hole even though the tweeters were not properly arranged.

I wanted to know their actual condition while flying into the house.  I asked the owner to allow me to take a look at their flying inside.

He opened the main door into the house and what I saw was something that I expected. Lots of those birds inside the house and a lot more on the top of the roof.

Just marvelous and I am sure he realized that.

What I Did In Sibu, Sarawak !!!

Arrived in Sibu, Sarawak on Friday 25th, 2010.  Mr Tiong was there waiting for me with his pick up truck.

He told me that in Sibu, every body who owned a pick up truck has at least one BH.  I was not surprised at all.

Met with his Boss Mr Chia and we talked about swiftlet farming.  Tested the round bullet tweeter using his 1st floor office.  Not bat there were a number of birds responded.

Managed to check into Li Hua Hotel located beside the Rajang River (one of the biggest and longest river in Sarawak).

The moment I checked in met an old friend who bought a sizable number of BH equipment for his two new BHs.

Wanted me to have a good look at two of his BHs and I did.

The next day went to Sarikei, another town about 45 minutes drive. I was accompanied by one of my disciple who attended three of my Seminars in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.  He drove all the way from Kuching just to accompany me during my trips.

In Sarikei, met Mr David who was about to put his new BH into operation this coming Tuesday.  I told him about what additional things he need to do.

Came back to Sibu with two more guys waiting for me to purchase a few of my good external sounds.

At night have dinner with Dr. Koh.  He attended my Bintulu Seminar some 8 months back.

The next morning have breakfast with a old friend who operated a BH in town.  He seems to still some nests population problems.

At noon a young man with a huge factory building that was idle.  He was carrying out the revamp operation to turn the idle building into two BHs.  One with the top entry while the other with side entry.

His contractor was around and I advise them to do the needful plus removal of all those walls used as bed rooms for his factory worker.

After lunch hour was invited to a 6 months old BH with only two nests.  Got my thinking cap on and wrote the list of things that he should do.  His BH is a big gold mine, I told him.  What he needed is to quickly upgrade the BH using some new gadget, add some more tweeters and create those VIP rooms.

In the evening met a old friend who handles his Company's project in Papua New Guinea.   He is looking into the possibilities in erecting a BH on those land situated closed to those rivers and coastal areas. His company owned a resort in New Guinea.

Just go to this website and you might want to take a honeymoon holiday there:

URL address:

The following morning managed to meet Mr L who owned the Green BH in Mukah.  Breakfast with him and wife.  Managed to put a few suggessions to increase the nests population.

There were a few interesting things that I discovered during this trip:

1) One BH owner indicated that all those aluminum plate make fake nests using clip-on gadget works very well.  nearly all that he purchased from me were totally taken up.  My advise to him is to add as many as he can.  He can DIY.

2) I tested my Marvelous Cloud at one of the BH converted using a Semi D factory lot located just beside Rajang River were well received by those Swiftlets.  The number of birds responded was simply "Marvelous". This sound do attract those birds of "Foo Chow" origin.

3) Even with many warning from the local authorities is Sarawak, there were many new BH being erected or converted in both Sibu and Sarikei.  The urge to own a BH by every individual is so great and I would say that if you happened to be a Chinese but do not own a BH, you are not qualified to be one.

4) What surprised me is the number of young people going into this BH business.  Nearly 50% who met me in both towns were young people below 50.  Some are very young graduates with only 2-5 years working experiences.  Who said that swiftlet farming is only for those who will retire or retired people?

5) If you are a Sibuan (lived in Sibu), try to take focus on Tanjung Manis.  This particular new town will be better then Mukah.  In a few month there will be a newly constructed bridge linking Sibu to this new place.  It will me another Swiftlet Farming haven soon especially for Sibu people.

6) Rajang river is wide and very long.  To me this water source is a big plus for swiftlet farming.  If you are a Sibu resident and a newbie and wanted to start a successful swiftlet farm, try to locate your BH as closed as you can with this river.  Face your entrance hole towards the river.  If you can trace the river it passes both Sarikei and Sibu town.  All those successful BH are closed to this river or facing it.  Remember water source is vital in swiftlet fooding and water supply.

Welcome to the most exciting industry and I am sure with proper guidance and knowledge the people in Sibu and Sarikei will be successful.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Open Wide, Make It Big !!!

One of the most common problem with a new BH is why those swiftlet come and play at the entrance hole but refuse to enter!!!

I have be asked and on many cases watch these will birds just refuse to enter those entrance hole all the time.

We do not know the possible reasons why they behave as such but we need to find solution.

I believed they are not familiar with the new house.

Even with a very good sound if the entrance hole is not big enough they will just fly around the tweeters and move away.  On some occasions only a handful will enter.  This might be only 10 to 15%.  We want to pull in 60% to 80% of them.

What do you think you can try to do?

My best recommendation is to open up the hole bigger.  Make it as big as 4 feet by 5 feet or maybe be 5 feet by 6 feet.

This might work but what about the internal air temperature and humidity plus those bright light?

Put this aside for the beginning.  What you wanted in the begining is to bring those birds inside.

Once they got used to your new BH you cal slowly reduce the entrance hole size.

Try this idea and I can guarantee that it will work.  Yes they will enter in larger percentage but there is no guarantee that they will nest in your new BH.

At least you give me them the benefits of the doubts when they get themselves familiar with your BH.

Friday, June 25, 2010

An Insect Breeding House In The Making !!!

Every time when I got the news about something new that my blog reader loves to share, I will be there as fast as I can.

I just would love to explore and report any new  things that are special to all who loves swiftlet farming.

This time I received a call from a BH owner in Klang and told me that his insect generating barn or hut is about to be ready.

The hut was about 10' X 12'.  There were four rooms each have its own door.  The room were interconnected with air pipes about 4 inches in diameter.

I was well ventilated and there was also an air intake pipe each.

I am not sure when it will be ready for use but the owner informed me that the door will be installed soon and a full time worker will start the insect breeding immediately after that.

The insect generating materials will be coming from Indonesia and it will produce a special insects that are suitable for those young birds.

Hopefully by next month we might be able to pay a visit to this location.

I plan to conduct my Seminar somewhere closed to this hut and hopefully will get those who attend my Seminar be able to come to the site.

This new way of generating insects plus hatching those eggs will be something new to many of us.

The only way to get the necessary knowledge is to come to the site and see for yourself.

Those who register for the August Seminar will have the opportunity to visit this newly constructed insect breeding hut.

Trust me, you will get the first hand experience in the breeding and hatching those swiftlet eggs.

Make A Point To Install Those Hexagonal Tweeter !!!

When your new BH is a stand alone and located inside a plantation or an orchard or on a Padi field, you can actually get more attention from those Swiftlets by using the Bazookas and Hexagonal Tweeters.

There are more then one type of Bazookas while the Hexagonal tweeter is a cluster of 6 to 8 tweeters that you arranged in a circle.

The mid range bazookas, 2 units each, should be installed inside the house with about 5 inches of its mouth facing the sky.  This will give a boost to the coverage distance.

The next most important is to install a hexagonal tweeter just above the entrance hole but not too high.

I recommend that you position the hexagonal tweeter exactly at the middle of the entrance hole on the roof top and it should not be more the 2.5 feet above the roof top.  If it is too high then those birds will ignore the entering of your BH.

Basically the function of the hexagonal tweeter is to spread your external sound played to various directions.  If you opt for the side entrance your external sound will only be transmitted to one direction.  As such you might miss those birds flying at the back or the two sides of the house.

This will be not a good thing to happen to a BH.

You need 100% of all those birds within the reasonable distance to come over to your new BH for inspection.

If all that passes by stop over to check on your BH, there will be a stronger chances that your new BH will have some tenants.

My strong recommendations is never run a BH without these Hexagonal tweeters.  You can either purchase the ready made or you assemble your self.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bentong BH On Generator Unit !!!

Today make my way to Bentong, Pahang to attend to a stress call from a BH owner who happened to build two stand alone BHs deep inside thick jungle about 1 to 3 kilometers from the main road.

One was recently completed while the other need one more months to finish.

I was engaged to provide some professional advises on both units.

The owner hailed from Ulu Tiram Johore but now resided in Puchong, Selangor is very new in swiftlet farming but I think he is infected by "Swiftlet Virus".

He seem to be looking at building at least three more new units and I don't think he will stop after that.

Even with not electricity he put generator set to run his BH.  By the way I was informed that he specializes in the supply and rental of generator set company located in Puchong, Selangor.

The only problem, a very serious matter, is to take every word from him main contractor.

I told him to quickly do the right thing before it is too late.  The completed BH was okay on the building construction however the finishing to pull those birds inside was too loose.

It is like taking your kid on his first day of school without his shoes on, not pants and proper shirt.  Where is his school bag?

"But Harry, my contractor claimed that he have erected many BHs and all of them were doing OK?"

Doing OK might be one nest but he should take over the BH and make the necessary upgrading.

The first signs of something was not tight was when the external sound was so soft and with too much echo. Well it was full to maximum level but the output was too low.

There was no hexagonal tweeter on the rooftop and the number of tweeters in the house was only about 60 (three stories high?).

The first thing that I did was to install a hexagonal tweeter which I happened to carry with me.

Then I swabbed the amplifiers.  I told him that I wanted to ensure that the sound at the entrance hole and the roof top will be loud enought.

The moment I played the Marvelous cloud, those birds were unstoppable.  There were at least 300 birds came from god knows where.

The owner was very relieved and I told him there are still a lot of things that his new BH requires.  As far as I am concerned he need to upgrade everything inside and I volunteer to make the BH the best in Bentong.

I hope he accepted my offer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Do Those Light Weight Bricks Mold Looks Like ?

I was looking at those nice pictures taken recently.

Among the many I choose this list of pictures that might help to improve knowledge for all my blog readers on those light weight bricks manufacturing.

The machine builder took me to a work site where one of their machine were located.

I was amused with the mold that they constructed.

Each mold were made of steel frame and put together using those easy opening latches.

Inside the frame there were a number of smooth finished metal plates that will formed the bricks.

Enjoy your self with these worth seeing pictures:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good News For Sabahan !!!

Guidelines on Swiftlet Farming

Date: 21/06/2010

The guidelines on proper swiftlet farming in all the 24 districts in Sabah will be issued before end of the year.
Sabah Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor said the ministry, with the cooperation of Government agencies, like the Wildlife Department, was in the process of formulating the guidelines.

“I will call a meeting with the departments and agencies involved soon to fine tune the guidelines before they are given to swiftlet breeders,” he told reporters after opening the ‘Bah Futsal Kita’ carnival, organised by the Sabah Broadcasting department and Telekom Malaysia Berhad on Saturday.

Last April 8, State Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai announced a ban on swiftlet farming in the town areas on grounds that the activity posed health and environmental hazards as well as public nuisance — Bernama.

Found at: 

Very Relieved With Jerantut Revamp Works Being Completed !!!

Just arrived home after the 3 hours drive from Jerantut to Kuala Lumpur.

Managed to complete the revamp works and the BH now has many new extras that will be much more different from any other BH in Jerantut Town.

I managed to do the following, exactly to what was in my visit report:

1) Create a new entrance hole.  Prior to this the BH was with a top entry but now it has side and top entries.  I was not surprised that there were more birds entering the house using the new side entrance hole.

2) I created three VIP rooms.  Two on the first floor and one on the top most floor.

3) The number of internal tweeters was increased by almost 300 pieces.  Most of these tweeters were installed inside the VIP rooms.

4) All the VIP rooms now has at least three external sound tweeters.  In fact the main VIP room has a Happy Hours Corner with 9 additional external sound tweeters.  Hmm ... now you can pull those birds to the back of the room.

5) The number of fake nests were about 150 pieces.  I wanted to trap those lazy couple to quickly start their family.

6) To pull those birds down from the entrance hole to the 1st floor I arranged a reasonable number of square tweeters on the walls and along the staircase.  This proof that those birds can be easily maneuvered to where ever we wanted them to move towards.

7) Yesterday I carried 8 sacks of 25 kilograms ammonium bicarbonates.  Most of these sacks were placed inside the VIP rooms.

8) I also took the trouble to bring with me 6 bags of fresh birdshits.  Yes they are a marvelous in making those swiftlet feels at home. Now the BH smell wonderful, swiftlet's wise.

9) To provide the proper humidity I placed about 6 soundless humidifiers on the top and 1st floor.  I used those digital timers to run each of them.

10) Both entrance hole were equipped with two stainless steel bazooka.  Those birds simply love the external sound coming out of the bazooka.

11) Using my BabyKing as the internal sound while for the external what else?  My black cloud, super Jerantut and marvelous cloud.  Three in one.

12) I wanted to test the use of those canister aroma.  Installed about six sets and so far the smell is sweet.

13) One interesting aroma that I brought into the house was those swiftlet eggs that I wanted to hatch.  Now I break each of them and let them rot in the bird shit bags.

14) To minimise those spiders, cockroaches and ants, deployed the Fendona.

15) Added a self made hexagonal tweeters on the rooftop just above the new side entrance hole.  The birds seem to very attracted to the house now as compared to before this.

Am very satisfied with the responds showed during the test run.  Those birds seem to be flying in with no problem at noon time.

Hope to see some interesting result by three weeks from now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Answer Is A Good Sound !!!

"Pak Harry, my BH is situated in a very crowded area with many successful BHs.  How can I attract those birds to stay in my BH?"

My frank answer was get a good sound !!! A set of good sounds will be of great help, I told him.

This is why I always reminded all my blog readers to start a sound library and get you hands on all the good bird call sounds available in the market.

If you are in the middle of a very crowded place, example in a walet central, you only ammunition will those good sounds available in your collection.

Yes, start your collection even prior to having your BH up.

One more important advise is to purchase those sound from reliable sources.  If the person you are dealing with is respectable and with video clips to support the birds reaction when the sound being played it will be much better.

Even it is good in one place it might not be at your location.

To avoid wastage you might want to perhaps have the person with the good sound collection to come over and conduct the sound test one by one using your BH sound's system.

Pay him a fee and let him test all those good sounds in his collection.

While he did the testing you do yourself a favor to observe the reactions of those wild birds.

Everytime he changes the sound ask him to shout the new sound name and if any particular sound is effective you shout for him affirmation on the name of the sound being played.

You need to have a small note pad and a pen to scribble what you saw, how many birds responded, how many minutes they started to surface and do they enter your BH entrance hole.

Give your rating for each sound.

Once he have completed with all the sound that he has, you can then choose which one to be replayed.  Yes play those that you rated the best.

Play them for the second time to reconfirm their effectiveness.

Once you finished and they do bring lots of birds to your BH and most of them started to enter the entrance hole, you can then purchase them.

Start with at least three of the top sounds and the rest you can consider at a later date.

Adopting this technique will safe yourself a pretty amount of money. You can be sure that the sound you just purchased were good and effective at your BH.

It will better if the sound you have selected can pull all those birds that are frequenting your neighbors BHs.  Just imagine you got one or two that when you played all the birds in the vicinity will drop their interested in going home but come over to your entrance hole?

Remember you current technique by buying from  a third party who claimed that their sounds are effective can be a big waste of money.  The chances of each sound to be effective at your BH is slim.  It could be just 20%.

Since a good collection of sounds is one of the most important part of your swiftlet farming activities, my suggestion is to allocate a reasonable amount of fund to it.

Good example:  If you forked out RM400,000 to build your BH, allocate at least 3 to 5 % towards starting up your sound library.  Remember an expansive new BH without good sound  being played will be like a dead body.  No heart beat, not blood flowing in their system can be translated as a dead BH. Oh dear !!!

Make the right decision and start your sound library immediately !!!!

Taiping Swiftlet Farming Seminar, June 19th 2010 !!!

The Seminar went as planned.

We have a small crowd but we have a good time.

Two of the participants were from Cambodia and they seem to be taping the whole actions.

The highlight of the seminar was the bird call test conducted at the Hotel Car park.

The moment the Duress sound was switched on those swiftlet gathered and the number was above 500 within less then 5 minutes.

At the end of the test those birds in the air was flying too high.  I took them down by my special understanding of those birds.  Yes use a piece of black colored cloth and wave towards them.  Within a few seconds they started to fly down to the ground.

I keep asking a few of them on what they feel after the seminar, all told me that they now felt that they have gained so much and thank me for sharing.

My motto was to give as much as they can chew and all questions posted were answered with every knowledge that I have.

I felt good to see that this group of student will one day be a successful swiftlet farmer.  If they need any help I will always be there for them.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Economic Model

Found at:

Malaysia - Farming and funding

17 Jun 2010

The thriving swiftlet farming industry is set to help the nation realise the New Economic Model (NEM) goals, especially in creating a high income society.

The bird nest export that fetches RM1.5 billion in annual revenue is a big contributer for the nation's economy, and it is one of the trades that provide quick returns.
Moreover, the capital outlay is relatively small and the returns can be realised within a short period.

Swiftlet farming involves an initial capital between RM10,000 and RM30,000 to set up a bird house on a 10 feet by 15 feet site, minus the cost of purchasing or leasing the site.
If the investors think of joining the ranks of the big players in the industry, than the initial investment can be anything between RM250,000 and RM600,000.
In states like Melaka, Penang and Sarawak, shoplots have been modified into 'bird house' to get a slice of this lucrative industry.
The bird's nest soup is highly nutrious and said to contain elements that contribute to the "fountain of youth". It is also said to improve blood circulation and in mainland China its consumption is linked with one's status in the society.
It is also a delight savoured by the elites in the Arab world.
Realising the bird nest industry's potential to the economy, the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry through Agrobank has set aside RM67.7 million to finance swiftlet farming.
Agrobank's Managing Director Datuk Ahmad Said noted that the move is in line with the government's effort to boost up the people's annual income from AS$7,000 to AS$15,000 as underscored by the NEM.
Ahmad noted that the special fund will enable at least 2,000 potential entrepreneurs to venture into small scale swiftlet farming costing between RM10,000 and RM30,000 while enjoying an interest rate that is as low as 3.75 percent.
Industry observers note that the loan from Agrobank will allow entrepreneurs from all races to participate in the trade that is currently being monopolied by Chinese entrepreneurs.
Ahmad pointed out that the raw bird nest could fetch between RM3,000-RM4,000 per kg and the processed ones can go up to RM12,000 and the high prices is helping the industry to thrive.
It is reported that at present there is about 50,000 swiftlet farms all over the nation.
In enticing the poor to participate in the trade, the government also launched a grant worth RM5 million to enable 500 poor familes to undertake swiftlet farming.
Under the grant, selected families (those earning below RM450 a month) will be provided a bird house worth RM10,000 that is to supplement the family's income.
In a media report dated 11 Feb 2010, the Veterinary Services Director General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin stated that the department would identify the poor families to be enlisted in swiftlet farming.
However, the lucrative industry that started with the migration of the swiftlets from Indonesia over the last 10 years is yet to settle the regulatory issues.
The 1GP guideline for swiftlet farming set by the Veterinary Services Department is yet to reach the cabinet for approval.
The Agriculture and Agrobased Industries Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar had previously stated that the 1GP that would serve as the standard for the industry had been finalised by the ministry's officials and would be brought to the minister's attention.
Apart from the Agriculture and Agrobased Industries Ministry, swiflet farming also involves three other ministries - Health Ministry, Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, and the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
What is certain, like what the industry players hope, 1GP will be implemented immediately to address issues relating to establishing bird houses within city limits that contributes to odour, noise and risk of diseases.
Apart from maintaining the status as the leading producer of the bird's nest in Southeast Asia, the fund and guideline will help propel Malaysia into the forefront of the trade in less than 10 years time.
At present, the main market for the bird's nest is China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore with Malaysia earning a reputation as the producer of good quality bird nests after Indonesia and Thailand.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New External Sound: Super Jerantut External Sound

Just discovered another interesting sound while testing a few new sounds in Jerantut, Pahang.

Place your cursor and Click Here: For Super Jerantut In Action

The actual event that takes place was something like this:

I took the challenge to revamp a pretty new three stories BH located in a town called Jerantut, Pahang.

Well there were a few BHs surrounding the building that I was working on.  During my test using Marvelous Cloud the next door BH owner happened to observe how effective this new sound was.

He came over and introduced himself as my blog reader.  I greeted him and asked him if he has read about this new sound.  His answer was yes.

Once realizing that the sound was so effective he quickly find a way to purchase the sound using a third party.  The next few days I realized that he got a copy from the third party and I was a bit disappointed.

Well since that day all those birds flying within the sound range were all over at his BH.

Since I could no longer retract the sound I told myself to find an alternative to pull those birds back to the BH which I was working on.

After testing a number of sounds, I manage to find this new sound which I now called: "Super Jerantut"

The effectiveness was very clear.  Those birds that used to be crowding the neighbour's BH, using Marvelous Cloud, now are getting the attention.

Added with four stainless steel bazookas and one self made hexagonal tweeters, the Super Jerantut was the favorite in Jerantut. 

Highly recommended to those BH owners who have started their sound library.

My list of good sounds now are as follows:

a) Black Cloud (External Sound).
b) Marvelous Cloud (External Sound).
c) Super Jerantut (External Sound). 
d) Baby King (Internal Sound) 

These marvelous collection will do good to your BH.  All are tested and proven to be effectived.

If you wish to get a 30 sec clips of all the above, let me know.  The price for SuperJerantut will be only 500 for the first 10 buyers.

List of buyers will be posted here:

1) Mr Chong (Jerantut)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been Away In Jerantut, Pahang And About To Complete Revamping A BH !!!

By now you can guess why I have not be able to sit down and write for the pass four days.

Yes I was at a site in Jerantut revamping a BH that was recently build with no signs of bird shits in the house.

The owner decided to quickly do something and I was given the tasks to pull those birds inside the BH.

I took up the offer for four very good reasons: 

1) Firstly I wanted to proof my theory about the effect of externals sound that will normally guide those birds to anywhere in a BH if you locate the tweeter properly.

2) My second reason is to proof that if you have more then one VIP rooms in a BH you can easily populate each room by manipulating the internal sound volume in these rooms.

3) My third reason is to locate a new sound that is effective in Jerantut and name it as Super Jerantut.

4) My fourth reason is to prove my theory that have dual entries will give the population growth much faster as compared to single entrance system.

All in all I am very keen to continue with some research works that will helps the swiftlet farming industry.

The owner has been very helpful in my endeavor and on many of the days I was toiling with my workers he was there to hand his hand to finish up those works.

The job took about two weeks and I managed to have two workers at site during the period.  On Monday call for some reinforcement to help in the wiring of more then 250 new tweeters installed.

So far the following were carried out:

a) The BH, initially with one type of entrance hole, now have two entrances.  One the top entry type and the new hole is the side entry.

b) The two entrances were build as such that the birds will not be flying from one hole to the other directly.

c) The number of tweeters to pull the birds from the two entrance holes were increased.

d) Two stainless steel tweeters were installed on each entrance area.  They were directed towards two different direction.

e) A hexagonal tweeter was erected and installed on the top of one of the hole about 2.5 feet on the cement roof top.

f) The BH now has three VIP rooms.  One will be the main room while the two additional will be used to test the preference of the sound volume.

g) The main VIP room was provided with the "Happy Hours Corner" where about 9 external sound tweeters were installed.

h) The renovation works only target the two upper floors.  The lower floors will not be touched.

Result so far:

1) Found a new sound from my sound library that was very effective to get all those birds flying nearby to respond.  I will call this sound as the "SuperJerantut".  The moment the sound was played those birds will flocked to the entrance hole and the hexagonal tweeters.

2) Using the CCTV camera, we can observe those birds in action.  They seem to behave like those young kids going with their parent to a shopping mall and then wanted to get something.  The moment the answer is no they will behave very weir and sensitive.  All we need to do is to find out why they are not flying downward to the VIP room.  Once that is done, use those external sound to guide them to the final destination.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Do Those Birds Keep Flying Above BH Under Revamp !!!

Three strange occurrences that happened while revamping BHs.

This few days been busy with two BHs revamping works.  One in Jerantut and the other in Teluk Anson.

The very strange or perhaps funny were the number of birds visiting the BHs while we were carrying out the revamp works.

Both units, at some specific time of the day, will have hundreds of swiftlet flying above the BHs especially closed to the entrance holes.

(Note: The background sound was from the neighbor's BH)

I wonder what makes them so attracted to the revamp houses.

While trying to understand the possible reasons received a call from someone who happened to revamp his BH in Kedah.

"Pak Harry, can you advise me why there are so many birds above my BH?  I am doing some revamp works inside and they seem to be cicling above the house and some would even enter the BH with no sound being played."

Well I told him that those birds must be watching your activities in the house.  Every time you passed the entrance hole or on the roof top they must have suspected something is happening inside the house and they wanted to defend the house.

Or maybe they are looking forward to enter the house to reside in them?

Hmm... what can be the possible reasons?

No matter what the reason might be, the number of birds circling above your BH indicates that your BH is going to receive lots of visitors as soon as you complete the revamping works. This is a very positive sign.

Using Red Light At Entrance Hole Area !!!

While in Teluk Anson one evening I saw this special BH located on the top floor of a shopping complex.

At first I paid very little attention to it however the number of birds entering the window was the highest compared to the rest of the windows at the same floor and the same building.

How come this unit attract a very high number as compared to the rest?

It might be due to her operational time or maybe the light that the owner used to be different from all the rest?

Hmm .... I think it could be more towards being different.

The BH entrance area was red.  There was a red bulb inside the entrance hole area.

I managed to snap a few pictures and I would like to share it with my blog reader.

There is not special reasons given for the use of the red lamp but maybe those light allows those late comers to easily identify which house they are staying.

Just imagine 20 different entrance holes in the same building and playing more or less the same sound.  How can you identify which hole is your home?