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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comparing Two BHs With Little and Lots Of Ventilation Holes !!!

If you wanted to own a BH which one do you choose to have.

A BH with lots of ventilation holes or the one with very little ventilation holes?

I will choose the lots of ventilation holes and not the little.

One obvious reason is that your BH air flow will be much better as compared to the little number.

I visited two BHs recently about one week apart.

The unit in Tanjong Karang was with very few ventilation holes and at Isab Kuantan with a lot of ventilation holes.

The Tanjung Karang BH while inside you can feel the stagnant air inside.  No movement and you will feel as if your body is sticky and wet.

Within a few short minutes you will find some excuse to walk out for some fresh air.

If the BH is properly ventilated you feel rather cool and less sticky.  Your stay inside is more pleasant and you have the desire to carry out your inspection.

Have a good look at the two BHs and try to count the number of ventilation holes on their walls:

There was this interesting stories in Vietnam about a large number of birds found dead in it.

The strange incident kill about 5,000 birds inside a cramped BH with more than 100,000 birds inside.

The moment the BH was provided with proper ventilation system the number of dead birds inside dropped to below 4 a day.

This particular case might be isolated but once your BH is totally occupied you need to provide a high air flow to replace the contaminated air.

Well if you BH is ready with those ventilation holes you can easily open those holes that were shut initially.

If there are no adequate holes you might want to start opening new holes on the walls.

Another method is to attach a number of exhaust fans onto those ventilation pipes.

What if there is an electrical supply failure?

You might think something quick to solve your problems.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How To Force Those New Birds To Your Lowest Floor !!!

I have been watching these interesting new ideas which I applied to a few BHs that I was asked to revamp.

What I have in mind is to force those new birds that entered your BH from the monkey house down to the lowest floor.

No one have taught me about how to do this but with my thinking cap switched on I think I might have the answers.

One of the most difficult task in revamping any sick BH is not how to increase the number of nests in it but I think the challenge is how to get them to the lowest floor.

There is no use to bring them in and they only stays on the top most floor.

If you can master the technique in bringing them down and perhaps to a specific location where you wanted them to build their nest, you will be a great legend.

Okay let me list the list 10 important things that are crucial in this special task.

1) Your BH must be lined from east to west.

2) The morning light must be able to reach the lowest floor.

3) The positioning of your LAL must be proper.

4) The size of your LAL must be big enough.

5) The correct positioning of external sound tweeters along the wall.

6) The volume of the external sound should be loudest at the bottom.

7) There are proper rooms inside your BH.

8) Place a box to guide those birds from the roving into the top floor  and down to the lower floors.

9) You need external sound tweeters inside the Vip rooms.

10) Internal sounds must be the loudest on the lowest floor.

I will touch on each subject matter as I go along.

At the moment try to think of why I listed the above as very crucial if you wanted your tenant to go down stairs?

Take a piece of paper and try to write down why those points are crucial.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More New Markings In Gambang Pahang !!!

The Gambang JV BH seems to progress very nicely.

I visited the BH on Friday April 19th 2013 alone and inspected the BH for any new development.

One thing for sure was that there were lots of bird shit spots on the floor and the saliva markings on many of the fake nests were very strong.

My guess was about 20 new markings within less than three months.

The number of birds found flying inside was more than 20 and I think this is a breeding season.

This is where I applied the super pheromone liquid on all the new markings.

I used the brush technique.

I will pour a small amount inside a small container and use a 1" paint brush to apply at least two layers on and around the markings.

Those that were on those fake nests I will apply on the fake nests too.

I hope within the next few months these markings will transform into real shape nests.

You should try using this special technique and see if those swiftlet will respond like what I have observed.

Once the liquid pheromone is in place and the tenant returned in the evening or daytime, the smell will cause them to produce more saliva.

This is where they will quickly lay a thicker layer of saliva and will get the nest completed at a quicker rate.

The female will lay her eggs once the nest is ready to receive her egg.

She will lay her first second egg within two days or less after the first egg was laid.

My perception is that once she laid her first egg, the two birds will be your permanent tenant forever (until they die).

Remember your responsibility is to lure as many birds as possible into your BH and once they entered you have to get them to build their nests as quick as possible.

Once the female lay her first egg, the couple will be yours on a permanent basis.

Super Pheromone can help you with this process.

If you apply it correctly and regularly you will be able to secure your visitor to become a permanent tenant.

You have this opportunity to try it out by getting a liter and apply it with a small brush.

If those swiftlet species in your area response to this liquid you will soon see the acceleration of your nests population.

If you wish to try please call 017 7551318 or email me at

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Interesting BH At Jalan Kuantan Gambang, Pahang !!!

A nicely erected BH but the owner seems to have decided to shut its operation.

I was planning to visit a BH in Gambang Kuantan last week suddenly a call came asking for my help.

"What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Pak Harry I need you to visit my BH just at the back of my house.  It was put into operation in July 2012 and have very little birds inside."  He answered.

I remember meeting him a couple of times in Kuantan when he was a committee member in a coop board.

The plan was set to take a good look at his BH and it looks very nice from the outside.

A two stories well finished with lots of ventilation holes. The BH was well painted on the outside.

I hope the inside was okay.

The view inside was as expected.

The BH was very small about 25 feet by 15 feet and each floor was about 8 feet in height (floor to ceiling).

The nesting planks were three steps and there were a number of bird shit spots on the ground floor.

After about 40 minutes inside I told the owner about what I think was not right about his BH.

1) The main reason why those birds were not staying on the top most floor was because of its brightness.  The entrance area was not covered to block the bright light.

2) There lots on ants on the floor and the ceiling areas.  Most of them were on the ground floor.  I have a very strong feeling that they are staying in the BH and need to spray some insecticide as soon a s he can.

3) The location of his BH LAL or the opening on the top floor to allow those birds to move the lower floor was a bit small and wrongly located.

4) The external amplifier used was something that I was not happy about.  It looks so filmsy and not suitable to run on a 13 hours basis.

5) The hexagonal tweeter was too high and not properly located.

6) I was not happy with the number of external sound tweeters placed in the BH.

7) The number of internal sound tweeters was okay however the three steps nesting panel makes the installation to be very awkward.

8) The nesting planks were barren without any gadget like fake nests to encourage those swiftlet to stay.

9) The grass and bushes around the BH were creeping onto the BH walls and that was not a good signs.

10) Due to no electricity supply I was not able to listen to the type of sounds used in his BH.

11)  No partitions or rooms since the BH was too small.

The good news were as follows:

a) There were a number of bird shit spots on the lower floor.

b) Two of the spots seems to show signs of markings.

c) The internal temperature looks okay.

d) The number of ventilation holes seems to be the reason why the BH was not so stiff.

I wrote a three pages report on my observations and recommended a few things that will help to activate his BH.

I hope once he review my recommendations he will carry out the various things to reactivate his 80K BH that came from his EPF fund.

Best of luck to him.

I told him that if he wanted my help to bring my boys to activate his BH I will.
(The ants on the ceiling areas)

(They eat away those saliva)

(The floor were full of ants)

(Three tier nesting planks)

(From the outside it looks so nice and colorful)

(The entrance hole was elongated about 1.5 feet X 4 feet)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Happened When Those Palm Oil Trees Blocked Your Main Entrance Hole ???

(Just estimate how far is the palm oil tree from the BH walls?)

One big problem that will happen very soon for this one story BH at Tanjong Karang is the blockage due to those palm oil trees.

The BH was too closed to those trees and I guarantee that withing the next few months the leaves will block the main entrance hole.

"Are you the owner of these tress?" I asked the BH owner.

"No it belongs to some one else." he answered.

Hai ye ye...... this was not a good answer.

What came to my mind was to move the main entrance hole to face the BH roof areas.

If this can be carried out you can be assured that there will be no palm oil tree that will grow tall and block the entrance hole.

The roving areas will continue to allow those birds to rove before they enter this BH.

I think there are no other alternative but to re locate the entrance hole to face the roof areas.

The only problem that I am facing now is how to force my workers to cut the tall section lower and increase the front wall.

The roof need to be slanting to the back.

This will assure me that the during heavy rain the water will not cause a water curtain preventing those birds from entering.

A real challenge but I am looking forward to get the go ahead instruction by the owner/UPM.

Friday, April 19, 2013

This Might Be The Casper (Ghost) in A BH !!!

(It looks Like a Cloud)

I am not sure what this flying object was.

The owner of this BH located somewhere at Raub Pahang asked my opinion what can it be.

Since it moved at a very fast speed I cannot exactly tell him what it was.

It might be classified as Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in his BH.

Those who wanted to see the real clip please have a good look at this clip send to me via whattup apps.

I am sure you might have your own interpretation.

It might be a bat.

It seems that it will fly out at a very high speed at dawn about 7:30-8:00pm.

Enjoy the clip and try to to worry too much about it.

I just wanted to share it so that we can learn everything inside a BH.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roughly 30% Increase After Forced Harvesting !!!!

(My Force Harvest Team)

A very good result after a forced harvesting exercise.

I used to recommend force harvesting on many occasions.

Many who believed in it but many disputed my idea.

Recently I make the recommendation to a BH owner in Bukit Selambau with the help of some graduates from UPM to help out.

He agreed to give a shot and the tasks was completed within less than two hours.

After the forced harvest the BH was shut out for 2 months and recently I took some time to inspect the number of nests in it.

I was expecting something like 150% increase however my rough estimate was only about 30%.

I planned to have the graduate student who is conducting his degree papers in swiftlet farming to come over to carry out a careful inspection.

All those nests that were harvested were back to its original location however there were a few that switched locations.

About 10-15% changed locations and what pleased me most was the number of new birds that came in to built their nests on a number of those fake nests.

At least three couples used those fake nests.

I am sure there were more if carefully inspected.

My current plan is to organized a detail inspection on April 30th 2013.

The actual number of nests increased plus those on the fake nests shall be recorded and loaded on my blog.

My main objective is to encourage the special method to optimize the number of new nests in your BH.

If your BH now has say 100 nests, once you conduct the forced harvest, the nests number will increased to 130 within less than 2 months.

Please be careful when you carry out the job and try not to kill those young birds and the eggs.

I have now a group of people who can baby sit those young birds plus an incubator to ensure that the affected eggs are hatched.

We also have come out with the appropriate food preparation for those young birds.

At the present moment the young babies once they reached 45 days old, are being released inside special BH with a releasing room.

Call 017 7551318 if you wish to boost the number of nests by 30% after just two months.

(Note:  We do not guarantee but usually the number do increase by about 20-70%)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tanjong Karang BH Infested With Owl !!!

Today April 15 2013 I was invited by some scientist from a Local Agricultural University to look at a BH that the owner have surrendered to those owls.

Started at about 10:00 am and reached the BH at about 11:00am.

It was a one story building about 30 feet X 45 feet and about 20 feet high.

The BH was in fact build on an abandoned fish farm cement pool.

The owner initially thought that it was a much easier investment as compared to rearing fresh water fish so he opt for swiftlet farming.

After a number of must with some success the BH was infiltrated with those common owls that uses his BH as a play ground.

The owl shits and those animals balls were found and many places.

The white colored shit were common on many part of the building.

His way out was to stop the sound and find a way to catch the owl.  Until this moment he could not find one.

After the inspection works I told him about his bh health conditions.

A bit on high temperature and too bright.

The owl issue can be easily solved but the heat inside his BH was not good.

The inner walls were above 33*C and the air inside was above 30*C.

He confessed that he used two layers of cement boards with a 2 inches thick styrofoam sandwiched it between.

It was not the right thing to do and the only way to cut down the temperature is to prevent direct sunlight onto those walls.

That can be done easily too but my next big problem will the heat from the ceiling.

Hmm... this is one common mistake by many newbies who think they know better than others.

If he should engaged a knowledgeable Sifu I think he will not be in this tight situation.

My only task now is to submit my full report to the Scientist and I would say that this is not a very simple job.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Activate And Accelerate Nests Building !!!

All you need to do is to brush a layer of Super Pheromone liquid on those spots that were used by your tenants.

If you used the Pheromone Spray pray twice but if you are have the Pheromone liquid use a small cake brush to apply it.

I just wanted to show the way to apply the liquid using liquid form.

I am more satisfied using liquid as compared to using those canister spray.

If you use liquid you are 100% sure that those pheromone will be properly applied and you can see the wetness on those spots.

The spray especially when the bottle is about to finish the making will be less visible and sometime only gas will come out of the nozzle.

What I did was to firstly try to locate the number of fresh bird shit spots on each floor.

Once you have them in you mind you might want to start from one location and move to the next in a proper sequence.

Use a strong ladder to climb and make sure the ladder is properly opened and locked.

Move the ladder to those active spots and climb with a small container with the liquid plus the cake brush.

Inspect the spot carefully and see if their are any markings.

If there are you can start to apply on it and around it.

Usually these fresh spots are at corners or above or near the internal sound tweeters.

Apply not only on the spot but also those areas that are favored by your tenant.  A good example is the corner covers or a fake nest near by.

Once you finish doing that move to the next and make sure the container are well secured.

Have a good look at these pictures taken before and after applying the liquid.

Let us hope that by next visit the birds will spit more saliva and become your permanent tenant.

I also applied the liquid onto a nest which was half done.

Let see what happen after applying the liquid.

Enjoy reading and viewing these photos:







Beside corner cover, the fake nest too.

Factories Inspection For Export To China !!!

A great news about the inspection operation being currently carried out by Chinese Authorities.

Yes 15 companies will be inspected and once approved they can start having their processed nests exported into China directly.

The Star reported on April 10th 2013 page N9.

If this goes through it will be a great milestone to all BH owners in Malaysia.

What if the final result failed?

It will be a disaster and there will be more goods in our store rooms or many will not harvest their BH nests.

There was a strange report about 2 of the fifteen factories have declined to be inspected (I was told on the phone by someone yesterday.  Note this might not be true.)

Something very unusual and weird.

If you have been approved by the Malaysian Authorities and suddenly when our Chinese Authorities wanted to carry out their inspection, the two suddenly decided not to go ahead.

The rumors that I heard was that the Chinese Authorities wanted all these factories to totally comply with their set of requirements.

It is not a matter of the nitrite level but more than that.

One of the biggest task was to reduce the bacteria counts to a minimum which calls for a dust free environment.

If that was what the Chinese Authorities wanted it will be a big blow to all the 15 companies.

Some one in the market said that the chance of getting any of the 15 to be approved is negligible but I would say that let the us wait for the final result.

This might be the reason why the two decided not to proceed.

Any way one out the the 15 factory owner told me that everything went well with factory inspection but the result will be finalized once all the said factories inspection were done.

"Inspection was OK, no results on the spot, need to wait till they complete all and give final report."

They need to wait for the final result from the Authorities.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Which Side Do You Think They Will Start Building Their Nests???

I am a kind of observant when I saw something related to swiftlet farming.

Its a matter of curiosity and wanted to know deeper about this gifted bird that use their saliva to erect their nests.

Yesterday I entered inside a newly launched BH to apply more aroma plus checking the sound system.

During the short visit I managed to inspect the old nest plus any new markings on the floor (bird shit spots) and of course any saliva markings above it.

The old nest was still in operation and the tenant was still using it.  The fresh bird shit spots below it proved that they still are using the nests.

Deeper inside, on the top most floor, there was one newly laid saliva and the second was at the middle floor.

I quickly used those aluminium ladder and took some pictures.

The two new markings have this peculiar characteristics.

Both seems to be above and on tweeters and it started on the left hand side.

This observation conclude that they start building from the left and move to the right.

Hopefully they will do it a continuous method or they might later jumped to the right side and later meet in the middle?

Something which I am curious about.

I hope these findings will be useful to all who wanted to know more about swiftlet.

We need to learn more about them and if everyone contribute their findings it would be fantastic.

Friday, April 12, 2013

They Can Smell Your Body Odors !!!

A very interesting event which tells me how strong are swiftlet sense of smell.

Yesterday I was at home watching some activities on my PC of a BH in Taiping, Perak.

I was not actually watching those CCTV cameras all the time but once a while.

Then suddenly I saw some activities inside.  Those four bubbles indicator turned yellow indicating there were many movements inside this BH.

I was informed later that the owner received a visitor from the Majlis Perbandaran who wanted to enter his BH for some inspection.

He allowed him to enter and inspect his BH.

After a short inspection he left hurriedly to maybe prepare his visit report.

This was what happened after he left.

During the morning time the owner changed his external sound and I was the one to gave him one last week.

What happened was that those birds responded and entered his roving area but the moment they entered the door into the nesting room they turned back and refuse to enter.

Many came and all did the same thing.

"Pak Harry after changing to your new external sound many birds responded but they seems not to fly inside but just inside the roving.  The moment they entered the nesting room area they will quickly fly out.  Your comment please."

Hmm.... I think they must have picked up the odor from the inspector and himself.

Prior to this they will fly straight into the vip rooms.  Not a 100% but 20-30% will.  But why suddenly they cut short their trip inside?

I responded to him that the only new thing that happened was his visit upstairs together his visitor and his wife.

Who know both were using some kind of perfume or deodorant or hair cream?

Well the only thing to do now is to wait for a few days so that those smell will be cleared.

Let see what happen after a few more days I told him.

The lesson from this experience is that try not to enter your BH too often.

The moment you entered your body odor will be stuck to the walls and those smells will not welcome new visitors.

Think carefully how frequent you should enter especially when your BH is a new unit.

I recommend a 100 days minimum.  Use CCTV to watch any movement in your BH and stay out as long as you can.

Yes you can visit the data room but try not to venture inside.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Should Plant Those Eatable Figs Fruits !!!

I was browsing around the Cold Storage Supermarket in Bangsar and I saw a tray of fruits that looks like Figs.

In the beginning I thought it was something else but after closer inspection my guess was right.

Wow Figs fruits sold inside a supermarket.

I wanted to buy maybe 10 pieces but ......

The moment I inspect the price tag I was shocked.

"RM8.99" a piece of fruit.

My goodness this is more expensive than an apple or an orange.

Well I put back the 8 and took only two.

One for me and one for my wife.

Just for testing.

On the way back home I was thinking so hard about it and I begin to think about planting it in myself.

Why not?

If you have a tree with just 200 figs fruits it will be worth at least RM1,000 (say 5 rm a fruit).

If I planted 10 trees I can easily make RM 10,000.

How about 20 trees?  RM 20,000.

Not a bad idea.

Maybe should try to get a few trees first and later propogate them for a plantation.

I think if we combine with a bird house this will be an interesting idea.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Good Assessment Of A Well Designed BH !!!

"Pak Harry I have a new BH and after into operation about 8 months I found that most of the nests are located on the top floor.  Very little on the middle floor and nearly zero on the ground floor.  What do you this is wrong with my BH."

A very simple question that explained a BH situation.

You can easily pin point what is wrong with this person BH.

Try to guess what can be wrong?

Yes the number one thing that can be wrong is the location of the LAL (the opening on the floor to allow birds to fly down to the second and third floor).

Both LAL openings were not properly located.

The person who designed or erect your BH do no have enough knowledge about the important of having these LAL at the right location.

He is not ready to be a consultant or your Sifu.

I have always compare these wild birds as your toddler who will find every excuse not to carry out what you expected from them.

They need to be guided and lead to where you want them to stay.  Placing the LAL at the wrong location is your biggest mistakes.

They will not find it and will not go down to the lower floor.

A good BH is when a BH owner tells you something like this:

"Pak Harry, after one year my BH now has about 150 nests.  Nearly 60 percent of those nests are located on the ground floor about 20-30 percent on the middle floor and the rest about 10-20 percent are on the top most floor.  What do you think about the performance of my BH?"

The moment you hear this type of description you should smile at him and say these words:

Let me put my describe a bit  about your BH:

1) Your BH is doing well and above average.  The number of nests inside after only one year into operation at 150 nests is a very high number.  I feel that you are a lucky person since the location of your BH is at a right location with lots of birds passing by.  Your BH might be below their flying path.

2) One very interesting point that I wanted to tell you without visiting your BH is about the proper location of your LAL.  The two holes must be in a straight line.  The moment those birds entered your monkey house they can fly direct to the lowest floor.  They are not in a ziz zang position like many other BHs I have visited.

3) I think one of your entrance hole is facing the East.  You might have more than one entrance hole but the hole facing the east allows the morning sun to shine downwards thus allows those birds staying at the lowest floor to find their way out easily.

4) Along the staircase connecting the three floors you have installed proper number of external sound tweeters to pull your visitors down to the lowest floor.

The moment you finished this little explaination his answer will be something like this:

"Pak Harry how the hell do you know so much when you have never visited my BH?  You are right every point you described were correct."

These kind of prediction is nothing new to me and I wish those of you who read my blog please try to digest the points mentioned above.

If you wanted to be a successful swiftlet farmer try to know more above the location of the land, the location of your LAL, the direction of the entrance hole and so forth.

The only way to get your BH successful is to do the right thing from the beginning.

Trust me on this and I can assure you that you will have a very high chances to be a successful BH owner.

If you need more advise please call 017 7551318.

I am here to help the industry and I for one never claimed to be a Sifu or a Consultant.

I am still not experience enough use the title even with the so many articles I have been writing.

Maybe one day I will ........

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Interesting Story From A BH Owner !!!

This morning after sending my wife to work I went to meet someone who wanted to get three good external sounds from my collection.

He claimed to have attended my Seminar and recently operated a BH in his hometown located some where in Johor.

"Pak Harry I am so glad that you continued writing and all your writing motivate people like me to be on the alert on what to do with our BHs." his remark.

After passing the thumb drive with three external and one internal sounds we sat for a cup of coffee at Coffee Bean, Bangsar Village.

"Pak Harry I invested in a BH together with a few partners and one of them is my family members.  What actually happened was that my brother insisted in using a 'Consultant' who according to him operates many BHs and one of the many has lots of nests inside.  He refused to listen to other people's opinions and wanted his only elected Consultant to be our reference.  Since I was his younger brother I followed his idea but inside my heart I know it will be a big mistake" he started his story telling.

So what went wrong with your BH?  I asked him.

"Well after more than 6 months nothing happened and not a single nest inside. Most of these birds that entered stayed on the top floor with no nests and very little came downstairs. As usual you can guess where the LAL was at.  It was wrongly located and the worst thing was that he never followed my sketches especially where the LALs should be.  He followed his so called 'consultant and open the LAL far back in the middle of the BH." he really sounded very disappointed.

I told him that it is hard to be a younger brother because more often than not the elder brother will also think that he knows more than you, the younger one.

"I also told him that the internal sound was not proper since there were no baby sound at all.  He was using maybe an external sound with no a trace of baby sound in it.  Do you know what happened? The bird shits were all over the floor and not building any spot like shape." he complained.

"After reading your blog and attended your Seminar I feel more comfortable and knowledgeable but he refuse to listen to me. However now after failing to get any nest inside he slowly begins to listen to me." he retorted.

I told him a story that happened not long ago when I came to know a person who now reside in Kota Tinggi, Johor.  His name was Mr T.

The story was something like this:

I met one blog reader in Setiawan and we were talking about the most successful BH at Kampong Koh, Setiawan.  What happened was that the current owner by the name of Capt A a retired Police Officer, can easily harvest notjing less than 100 kg a month. The four stories BH consisting of four shop houses linked together was full to the brim. However when he was asked to build a number of BHs nearby his BH he failed to populate them.

So I begin to ponder why is it so. If his BH is the most successful unit in the whole town with 100 kg a month output how come he cannot populate other BHs that he erected or revamped?

The answer was given to me by this Mr T in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

I went hunting for him for some advise and after getting to know him  I came to know that the Kampung Koh the most successful  BH was originally his and his partner Capt A.  That particular BH was designed and build by him and not Capt A.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances he sold his share to Capt A and moved to Kota Tinggi leaving Capt A with 100 percent share.

So you can now understand the simple reason why Capt A is not able to populate other BHs.  It was Mr T who designed it and not Capt A.

Coming back to this Mr J of Johor issue I told him why his brother's Sifu might be somebody similar to Capt A. I might be wrong.

You what?

Every time we asked them to explain something they will shut you up by telling you that he got so many BHs that are successful and don't ask any question.

So there goes another interesting story that might teach you something.

Remember not all "consultant" are bad but you need to understand that many are.

So my sincere advise is to do what is the best thing for all your hard earned money.

Be on your own and learn as much as you can from someone whom you can trust.

Someone who is willing to share his knowledge and experiences, might be a good person to qualify as your adviser.

Have a good day.....

Latest: 15 Swiftlet Nests Processing Factories are under inspection by Chinese Authorities !!!

Latest development on export of process nests from Malaysia to mainland China.

A reliable source indicated that about 15 factories that were approved by the Malaysian Government are being or soon be inspected by the Chinese Authorities.

The 15 companies are said to be from different part of Malaysia.

It was also make known that about 3 months ago Dato Ong Kah Ting was appointed at the direct negotiator with the Chinese authorities.

With this new development we hope that the market will be lifted and more people will enjoy the benefits in that swiftlet farming activities.

Just hope that the election will bring more cheers to all in Malaysia......

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Failed Attempt But Never Give Up !!!

Have a look at this failed attempt but I am sure the frog will get the dragon fly if he continue trying:

frogfail2 from Alexis Madrigal on Vimeo.

I Went Hunting In Darkness !!!

One of my own idea on how to use the "Super Pheromone" liquid is to be the anchor liquid.

What I meant was to use the liquid as a stimulation to encourage those young birds to quickly built their nest on those spots that they have occupied.

There are three types locations that you might want to apply the pheromone to:

1) The location on your nesting planks that show signs of fresh bird shit spot on the floor just below it.

2) Any signs of saliva markings even they are just a sign of saliva with fresh or even dead bird shit spots on the floor.

3) Those clear markings that have a thick layer of markings but the bird shit spot on the floor looks like dead.

All the three above are great potential to lure your "visitors" to become your permanent tenants.

You know that if there are bird shit spots on the floor, dead or active, the place you have above them were at one time being occupied by those birds.

They become dead because the left the place for some reasons that you might want to try to identify.

However by using the liquid pheromone on them you will increase the possibility to reactivate the nest building operation.

It might not be the same couple but maybe a new set of couple.

So yesterday I embarked this interesting hunting for any markings on the nesting planks in a BH at Karak.

I was very happy to locate quite a number of prospects and applied them with the liquid.

What I did was to pour a small amount into a container and used a small cake brush to apply the liquid.

My hope is to see these stagnant markings activated.

Let us hope that this new and interesting research works.

The idea is to introduce a new method of using this super pheromone liquid to quickly populate your BH.

The moment they entered that are forced to stay once they land on the spot where you applied the liquid.

This new technique if successful will be something which I would like all of you to try.

A very new and interesting idea and who knows it might work.

If you need the liquid please call me at 017 7551318 and now I have managed to repack them into one liter containers.

Each liter is RM 300 ex Kuala Lumpur (Promotional and only for the first 5 orders).