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Friday, September 25, 2009

Temperature and Humidity Sensing Gadget In One !!!

I received a visitor from Jambi, Indonesia yesterday.

Prior to landing in KLIA he called to warn me that he needed some help to buy those gadgets for his two new BHs.

I told him please feel welcome to Malaysia and I will do my upmost best to look into his needs. (We Malaysians are not that bad except Nordin Top)

Picked him up at The Times Square and took him to a few electronic shops somewhere in Pudu that sells those items he listed.

Among the many I was introduced to this special gadget that is superior then the normal Hygrostat.

Main function of hygrostat is to more or less to keep the humidity of your BH within the set range of humidity you set on it.

It activate those humidifier(s) when the humidity is at the lower setting RH and stop when the higher setting is met.

But what if your BH have a severe problem due to those nasty high Temperature?

The conventional hygrostat will not be able to do much but you might need to switch to another gadget called The Smart Degree. This gadget will activate those humidifiers or coolers is the set temperature is reached.

Again when you use this smart degree box you will not be able to get the right humidity setting.

Since both are important you need to ensure that both settings must be complied to.

Yes you need to have both the temperature and humidifier sensing device to operate the humidifiers.

The best gadget that can perform this is called: HygroTemp Gadget.

I was given a briefing by the sales guy and very impressed with the way the gadget works.

Yes you can set the temperature and the humidity range and as long as the two setting are met then the humidifier will stops its operation.

Very interesting and as at today I am recommending that this new gadget should be one item that you should consider to replace to those conventional hygrostat.

Price is slightly higher then the hygrostat by about 60 rm.

If you are buying those ultrasonic humidifiers the use of hygrotemp is recommended. By doing so you your BH will have both within the required range.

Remember this is something new and you need to monitor your BH temperature and humidity regularly to ensure that the gadget perform. No guarantees but that was what the gadget can do.

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