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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Plastic Chain: Cheapest Method To Reduce Corner Nests Syndrome !!!

Never came to my mind about using this very in expensive method on how to force those swiftlet to build their nests on those flat areas.

I was invited to attend a gathering held at Kg Laut Trengganu recently.

In fact I was given a slot to talk about things that can help these BH owners to improve their BHs.

One of the speaker before me talk about his experiences in running his BHs.

During his talk he mentioned about how he used this plastic chain to force his tenants to move from corner areas to those flat areas just beside the corner where they used to have their nest.

A very impressive idea and I am very glad that I attended this gathering.

I met this person who gave his talk many years ago in Kuantan.

He came to pick me up to view his BH.

He was fascinated with my idea on VIP room.

He observed exactly what I wrote about VIP room.

Due to his enthusiasm he picked me up and showed me his BH, without being asked.

Now he owned at least 7 BHs each about 80' X 25' X 3 stories.

During his talk he shared this special idea which he installed at those 90* corners.

What he did was to purchase this plastic chain sized about 6 inches long and flatten the last piece using heat and press.

The flatten part will be drilled with a hole to insert a 1.5" long Phillip head screw.

He will then install the chain dangling at those used 90* corners.

He reminded us that the chain must not me fixed tight to the 90* corner but let it dangle.

If fix tight to the corners those birds that return to the spot will erect their nest on the chain.

If dangling those birds that return to the same spot will feel very annoyed with the chain and they will move to the flat area with no hassle.

So when this happened you now have 180* shape nest.

This to me is a brilliant idea and at the same time very cheap.

The cost per 6" long plastic chain is less then RM 1.

I am impressed and will deploy this idea into Belara BH.

Will show how the chain is fixed once done at Belara BH.

You can copy this idea and see what happen.

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