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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kinarut BH: After Installing The Mist Pump And I Quietly Change The External Sound !!!

(checking the reason why the pump was not working)

I took almost 3 hours to install the mist pump 25 nozzles only on one floor.

Prior to that we stop by at a hardware shop to buy some accessories for the mist pump.

I told him that we need a nipple, white tape, wall plugs, screws, pliers, white tapes, and a few more items.

The BH was not very cleaned.  The floors were all full of bird shit.

I told the owner to clear them to the middle thus will make life easier to install the mist pump motor.

Before I started on the pump installation I asked his worker to install the plastic pipes about 4 feet above the floor.

Told him how to do and follow up once a while.

With the owner with me I help him to choose the right location.

First it must be near to the water pipe.

Second was the electricity supply.

Mounted the pump system and did the connection to the water main hose pipe.

Once done tested the pump system and to my surprise it was not pumping.

Hmm I am sure the electrical connection is not working.

After adjusting the power supply wire connector it works.

The next thing to do was to connect the water from the mist pump to the hose.

I told the owner that I have selected where those 25 nozzles should be installed and when ready I ask him to switch on the pump.

The water from the mist pump started to flow from the nozzle holders.  The nearest holder will experience the flow.

Once the holder is flush I started the nozzle installations.  Did the installation one by one until all were functioning.

A few holder were giving problem to receive the nozzles.  Remove faulty units and install new one.

The mists were all in good shape and the owner seems to be very happy.

Once done I came down to change the external sound.

I deployed the sound "Super External" to see how those birds reacted.

They seems to be rushing into the BH.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Kinarut BH: After 3 Years The Number Of Nests Touches 10Kg !!!

A very solid reason why you should consider investing in Sabah.

I was in Sabah two weeks ago and was invited by a group of newbies who wanted to learn about swiftlet farming.

The 4 days trip was mainly to inspect a number of lands that were purchased many years ago for swiftlet farming.

The owner of these lands seems to have in mind to have as many BHs as possible however have yet to erect one until today.

After two days of looking at his land bank I took one day off to visit this 3 years old BH located in Kinarut.

The BH owner wanted my help to install a mist pump system.

He learned from a friend who owned a BH in Kota Belud, Sabah that the mist pump can help to double his BH nests count.

I was asked to carry a set of the mist pump along and help him with the installation.

Managed to finish the installation within a few short hours and tested all the nozzles.

What makes me feel very happy about this Kinarut BH are the followings:

1) The BH was erected on a hill about 3 years ago.  I came to test the location and I remember the number of birds that responded to "Duress" sound was only about 20.

2) The bird count was a bit on the low side however the owner insisted to go ahead since he already purchased the land.  His three other partners also insisted that he should proceed with it.

3) After proceeding with the initial two stories he asked my opinion of adding one one floor.  He proceeded since he was using a top entry lift shaft design.

4)  The bh have many interesting and unique gadgets which was invented my me.  One of them was those kite tweeters.  I can see at least 2 pieces in every VIP room.

5) He installed many internal sound tweeters.  And with it he needed to install additional amplifiers to support the tweeters.  Each floor has its own amplifier for internal sound.

6) During the initial stages he install lots of fake nests made from polyfoam.  The birds responded well and nearly 90* were occupying the fake nests.  Once the number of birds hit 400 nests he removed most of these fake nests.

7) After 3 years the number of nests now hit 1000 nests.  He claimed that he can no longer count them.  Every month he is harvesting about 2-3 kg a month.

8) He wanted to increase the nest numbers and I told him to wet the floor.  This is how to lure those young birds that were raised in his house to return to the spot where they were hatched.  This was the main reason why he instructed me to bring a long a set of mist pump.

9) He claimed that he saw a similar system being installed in a BH in Kota Belut and the owner confirmed its effectiveness.

10) My opinion is the same.  The mist pump if properly installed and run about 4-6 times a day will help to wet the BH floor and at the same time encourage those young birds to return after taking their first flight.

After the unit number one, install only on the middle floor where the number of nests was the highest, he already told me to bring one more unit during my next trip to KK.  He wanted to install another unit on the top floor.

The number of nests exceeding 1000 nests withing 3 years is a very good result in Malaysia.

I told him that to get 500 within 3 years in Peninsular will not be easy to achieve.

The good new was that there were a few more BHs that I was engaged in Sabah is hitting the same number of nests after 3 years.

A very fascinating place to own a BH.

Come to Sabah and you will see this result.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A New Method On How To Populate Those 90* Corners !!!

A few weeks ago received this strange pictures that resembled a kind of wire netting installed to cover those 90* corners.

I was asked about it and I think this gadget is something new but we need to explore its effectiveness.

After zooming closely I can see something installed inside.

A tweeter with no tweeter cover.

The person who installed this fixed a tweeter playing those internal sound before he fix the wire mesh.

The wire mesh must be made from stainless steel.

The wire mesh perimeter was covered with some kind of cloth or paper to cover those sharp cuttings.

Once ready they use those phillip screws to fix them.

A very interesting new gadget that you might want to try.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Corner Busters: Busted by those Swifltet !!!

Look at how smart can they be.

The corner busters using plastic chains were actually ignored by a number of those wild birds.

This happen at Carey Island BH.

I tested using about 20 pieces of those chains about two months ago and the following seems to be the happening and I am not sure why some are behaving very weird.

1) According to the care taker many of these birds either moved to a new location or must have moved out.  Reason being once the chains were installed many seems to have not returned to the same location.  Our main objective is to push them to the space beside the chain but this seems to be not working.

2) There were a few where these stubborn birds ignored the chain.  They came back and still erect their nests on the same spot below the chain, The chains seems to be to effective to move them away.  It defeat the purpose of installing these corner busters unless some kind of corrections need to be done.

Now the owner wanted to remove all of them in total but I told him to hold on.

The time given is too short and we need to give more time (at least 6-8 months) to observe the result.

The main cause why they were not coming to the same spot might be they have move to another location in the same area.

The care taker did observed a number of new nests in the same area and he is not sure if they were from those new couples or those couples whose previous locations were installed with the chains.

For those couples that came back to the same spot and ignored the chain, I think the chains installation was not perfect.  They should be lesser gap between the chain and the nesting plank.

There is still a lot of observations to be done.

The move precise these corner busters are installed the better will be the result.