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Monday, March 29, 2010

Air Intake Fan That Can Reduce Your BH Temperature !!!

In Singapore, I was told, the Government came out with this idea of reducing the building temperature by using morning air.

By doing so the cost to cool the building using air condition will be reduced by at least 20%.

The idea was to install air intake fan and timed as such the cool morning air be suck into the building before working hours starts.

These cool morning air are considered fresh with lot of oxygen molecules in them.

Once the air is pump into the building, it will reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

What if we apply the same idea to our BH?

Get a few air intake fan and install at least one per floor.

Use a digital timer to activate them from say 4 am till 6:30am.

Make sure the fan you select is quite and able to last long.

Try not to disturb those precious birds.

I am sure this idea is not new but to those whose BH are pretty high in its temperature try to think about this simple idea.

The two BHs which I completed in Kerling and Bukit Tinggi were with the fan.

What I did was to place the fan outside on the window frame and use a flexible pipe to deliver the cool air via the ventilation hole of the building.

It works pretty well.

How To Remove Those House Lizards and Gackos !!!

Yesterday I came across a guy who was selling various types of poison. Not for human but to remove those predators from your BH.

The three that I was interested in was the rat, the lizard and the ants.

I was reluctant to buy in the beginning but no harm if I can see the action.

I told the seller to show me how long it takes to paralyse the house lizard.

His answer was 3 minutes.

Are you sure?

Yes guaranteed.

Okay show me how it works.

Well he open his table's drawer and pull out some cotton. Got those lidi (broom stick made of coconut leaf stick). He pinched a small amount of the cotton and wrapped it at the tip of the lidi. Then he remove the cover of the poison bottle and squeeze some light blue colored wax.

Well let me show you how it works.

He took me to the side wall of the shop where there were a few lizard hunting for insect.

He slowly push the lidi closed to the lizard.

Yes within a few seconds one of the lizard took a bite.

So we started the counting of our clock.

The affected lizard seem to have a mouth full of food in his mouth but he did not know it was poison.

At first he wanted to swallow the cotton but laced with poison but since there were no movement he stopped for something to happened.

About 2.5 minutes the lizard behave like being drugged. He looses his grip on the wall and fell down straight to the floor.

Not bad and I am impressed.

I bought a few for testing.

The bottle is about 7 RM and if you are interested to remove those predators get some,

The other two bottles are for rats (put onto those chicken bones)and ants (put on biscuits).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kemaman BH RoofTop From Another Angle !!!

This is another video taken from another angle.

The new BH is located in between a number of successful BHs.

The birds seem to be virgin to new sounds. They must have not heard those new sounds that I used on the Hexagonal and external tweeters.

I guess the reaction is a good example of how to draw those young birds into the BH.

I predicted that this BH should easily be populated if everything goes as planned.

The owner need to ensure that the BH is within the required temperature and humidity range.

Three weeks from now we should know the outcome......

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birdhouses With Nests Up For Sales !!!!

If you are very new in this business and would not like to wait for too long then you should look at this offer.

The owner used to be my classmate and he called asking me to find suitable buyers.

The total number of units are 26 units. Out of these there are 2 units in threes, 4 units in semi (two units in one) and 13 single units.

The number of nests per BH varies from 150 to 12 nests.

Each unit, two stories each will be about 320K excluding the number of nests in them. Each nest will be counted as 1000.

Example: if you choose one unit with 100 nests, the price will be 320K plus 100X1000, 100,000. So total will be 320,000 + 100,000 = 420,000.

Those who are interested you mike want to contact 017 755 1318 today......

Believe Me That If You Do Not Take Care They Will Vacate Your BH !!!

Have any one told you that those birds will run away if you do not take good care on your BH?

This article is about how a very successful BH, once full and now only a few flying out every morning.

When travelled to Kemaman, Trengganu my host booked me into this nice and new hotel called HomeStay Hotel.

Main reason being the Hotel is very closed to a very successful BH where those birds will keep coming out until 8:30am in the morning.

I took his offer with the hope that every morning I can enjoy looking at those birds flying out.

The next morning I woke up at about 6:15am and got ready with my camera to capture the morning jam.

I waited till 8:00am there were only a few that trickle from the entrance hole.

Hmmm.......I was very dissappointed but at the same time keep thinking what went wrong with this BH.

My host was cock sure that he saw thousands every morning and everning but how come now there were so little closed to nothing?

I zoom my camera on the BH and just look at those creepers (plant) and the coconut tree leaning on the BH wall.

I think the owner have very little idea on what went wrong and he have not done something to turn around his BH.

Looking at the structure, about 20 feet by 20 feet and 4 stories tall, I think it was build perhaps about 6-7 years ago. At that time the global warming was unheard of.

Now with the increasing temperature his BH internal temperature must have cause many of the birds to run away to many new BHs in the area.

The creeper and the coconut tree might be useful to provide some shed but he did not realised that these plant brings more harm than goodness.

Those rats, squirrels, snake, ants, owl and many other predators can easily climb into the house.

These predators might be the second reason why his BH is getting lesser birds staying.

Enjoy the picture and if you would like to visit this BH please refer to this map. (please double click on the tear drop, pink in color),

View Birdhouses Locations (Harry) in a larger map

Activated Two BHs During The Weekend !!!

During the weekend I was up in Kemaman, Trengganu in the east coast and later down to Kota Tinggi, Johor down south.

I was a Marathon man trying to help those who wanted to activate their new BHs.

Between the two I was very fascinate with the unit in Kemaman.

The owner knows me via my blog.

He attended a number of seminars I conducted in Kuala Lumpur and now we are good friend.

He was never interested in starting the swiftlet ranching not until late last year.

He was more into those Bonsai trees and then sheep rearing, mushroom farming and recently swiftlet farming.

He owned a three stories shop house closed to the main town and there were many BHs in the same row.

I told him to proceed and got a BH sketch for him to follow. Due to his innovation he extended the top roof to create additional space for the birds.

He uses those insulated zinc roof lined with foam and added with those insulation bubble sheet layers below it. Just below the bubble sheet he uses plywood.

The room temperature was below 29*C when I visited.

On the floor there were at least 4 units of the soundless humidifiers.

All set and on March 25th, I was instructed to get the some into play.

The moment the music was played the birds went wild.

The first day was not much to see since it was late in the afternoon. The best was in the morning, the following day. I was there as early as 7.00 am. The birds just started to fly out.

The way they reacted to the sound played was interesting.

Have a good look at the video clip and enjoy yourself...............

I used the 28in1 and Extream4 sounds ...............................

The two sounds are available if you wish to own both.

Call 017 755 1318 for any enquiries ...............................

Martin Birds Building Materials Collection !!!

This video clip was taken in Kota Tinggi, Johore.

I was at the back of a Palm Oil tree when I saw a couple of birds collecting mud and grass for nesting repair or rebuilding.

I was very fascinated with their behaviours and I wanted to look as closed as I can.

With my Nikon Coolpix P90 I managed to record a number of clips that I planned to load onto youtube.

After taking a few clips I decided to locate their nest around the shop houses.

Managed to locate one of the many nests and took a few clips too.

This particular nest was on repair mode.

The couple was building on the top of an old nest.

I believed their breeding cycle was near since today there was a heavy rain.

How I wish I could carry out cross fostering !!!!

Martins normally laid four eggs at any one time.

They do not have the ability to fly in the dark.

They love to build their nests along the 5 foot path in any shop houses or abandon buildings.

They usually repair old nests and build their own on the top.

Remember they built their nest using mud and grass while swiftlet build their nests using their saliva.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Try To Stay Away From Those Who .....

This was my small conversation with one of my Blog reader:

"Pak Harry, how are U? I am Mr so and so."

I replied as if I am so free to talk to even though I was rushing home from Sabak Bernam. I was gentle and caring (That my normal way of replying to any phone call).

"I read about your latest article on those used containers and I am amused at your enthusiasm in this new idea. Actually I am about to finish my own BH and would like you to take a look."

Sure I will be very happy to drop by and inspect your new baby.

"Thank you Pak Harry and I really need some advise about my BH design."

He sound very worried as if he have done a terrible mistake.

"Pak Harry I recently met a "sifu" and after his comment about my BH I could not sleep. He told me that I have done a big mistakes with the entrance hole, the flight path was not correct and those rooms were wrong and so on. I feel so terrible and cannot sleep."

My sincere advise to you is to stay away from this egoistic "sifu" who have nothing better to do but to cause nightmares to yourself.

"He said that he owned this special sound even if I offer 20,000 RM he is not willing to part with it."

See what is he trying to do to you. He just wanted to show off that he so good and so talented with those special sound. If he is a genuine "sifu" he should be a bit caring and help those who are in need of some guidance.

My advise to you is to stay far far away and try to mix around with those who can be call a friend.

"Harry thank you for your kind advise and please try to stop at my BH as soon as you can. I need your professional advises before I start the BH into operation mode."

I will be in N9 this Sunday why don't we meet and let me have a look at the house?

"Good I will look forward to meet you on Sunday."

The gist of this small conversation is : If you can try to stay away from those "sifu" who can only make your life miserable. They are not worth to be a friend.

How Those Mist Float On The VIP Room Floor !!!!

Have a good look how those white mist float on the floor of my BH VIP room.

This was what I was trying to get across when we talk about soundless humidifier.

Once there are in good operating conditions they will flood their white mist inside the room. The good this is that they do not float upward but float on the floor surfaces.

When the mist ooze out of the pipe elbows above the humidifiers, nearly 30% will evaporate.

This action will cause a kind of heat loss inside the VIP room. The term latern heat of evaporation will cause the water to vaporise. The cooling effect will do good to your BH expecially during these hot seasons.

There are many more favourable features as compared to those traditional chicken coop humidifiers.

1) The sound emitted is very little or non at all.

2) The floating mist will prevent any fine dust from flying and polluting those white nests.

3) The cooling effect due to evaporation tend to reduce the nesting areas drastically.

4) The mist float on the floor and normally will not touch the nesting planks thus preventing fungus growth.

5) Helps to push the room humidity to 90%RH easily.

If you owned a BH with a sizeable number of nests try to use about 5 to 8 units of these humidifiers. Once installed harvest all those nests. After 3 months you will see the color different.

The nest produced will be whiter and will fetch a higher price of around 800 to 1000 rm per kilo extra.

This is one main reason why I am in favor of this unique product which can help farmer to gain more milage from the same volume of nests harvested from their current BHs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Flowers Blooms There Will Be Lots Of Pollinating Insects !!!

When there are flowers there will be some insects.

We know why these insects are up to.

They normally collect honey or pollen as their source of food for themselves or their colonies.

In the case of bees they have this ability to turn the nectar into honey. While at a hill slope in Kota Kinabalu, watching swiftlet house from the top, I came across this wild mango tree blooming with lots of flowers.

While focusing on those flowers I saw lots of those swiftlet looks alike birds swarming all over the tree.

I know they are not there to play around. Their main objective was nothing more than catching those insects hovering above those flowers.

You can imagine a similar activities in a thick forest where there are lots of flowers blooming. There will be lots of insects trying to collect those nectar and pollen and at the same time those insect eating birds snatching them up as food.

I guess this is the cycle of life ......

Enjoy viewing those pictures and video clip.....

Serinti Birds At Tamparuli Town in Sabah

Burung Serinti looks very much the same as Swiftlet but they are a bit smaller and their feathers are a lot darker. If you look carefully they feather on their breath are whitish.

They normally prefer to build their nest in bright areas. They do not have the echolocation abilities.

The sound they makes are a lot noisier and do no serenade their spouse.

Their nests are made of either grass or those fern from tree barks. If their are pine trees the pine needle leaves are their favorite.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Those White Ingrid Birds Chasing The Tractors !!!

I saw this special incident and I quickly took my Nikon Camera to snap as many pictures as possible.

The incident happened when I was on the way out of Sagantang Garam BH visit.

From a far I can see those white birds harrassing a working tractor ploughing the padi field.

The padi plantation cycle was about to start and normally the farmer will engaged these tractors drivers to plought the land and soften the surface.

There must be lots of worms in the soil and those birds were having a good feast.

The number were at least 200 birds.

What I love most was to snap on those colorful birds. Beside white there were yellow and brown colored bird.

This must be the common bird called ingrid or "Bagau".

They were beautiful and I love to see these action again..........

A New Containerised BH in The Making In Yan Kedah !!!

During one of my visit to Kedah, a Malay farmer cum School Bus Owner, met me and shown some interest in swiftlet farming.

At the particular time I was unsure how serious was he about having his own BH.

As usual I told him to drop by at Sagantang Garam BH which I was helping to turn around.

He entered the BH and quietly whispered to me that he would like to own a unit similar to the Sagantang Garam.

"Hmm.. well you may go ahead and I will try to assist you if you need my help."

After a couple of phone calls and a bit of this and that he asked me to drop at his piece of agriland.

Okay and that was a history.

Just look at what he have done !!!

Oh shit, look at the that?

He went ahead to locate the four units of 40 footer containers and stacked them as what he saw with me. With his innovation he erected an additional brick structure to be the entrance hole.

Mama mia, I was impressed with his so call "Motivation".

What else should I do now but to do what I can to guide him in realising his dream BH.

He has yet to get a proper ladder for me to climb upstairs so those flimsy wood rack was okay with me.

I nearly fell down but managed to hold to those chain. Cut myself a bit and at last went up to the 1st floor cabins.

His worker were cutting the dividing walls and some workers were finishing the entrance hole bricks structures.

"Pak Harry, within next two weeks the house will be yours to do what you can to turn them into a BH. Please advise me what to do to get it readied."

How interesting and challenging. I shook my head (up and down and not side ways) and told him that I will try my best.

His biggest problems were those neighbors who keep telling him that it will not work.

He is getting very nervous and sometime could not stand those remarks.

Well since you have put the container units up, what else can you do? Just go ahead and try to prove them wrong. I am sure the BH will work.

After listening to my pep talks he feel much better and knows that I will be there if he needed any helps.

Now it seem that I am blessed with people's BH problems.

Some are new , some are recent and some are old BHs.

If you look at the good side, I am able to learn a lot more then any other people. I got these people to do something new and along the line I am indirectly involved in deploying my understanding of populating BHs.

The best is to be able to conduct research in sounds, aromas, entrance hole orientation, tweeters locations, new gadgets (bazookas, humidifiers and etc).

From time to time there will be new findings and all these findings can be shared with all those who read my blog......

To those who have never visited a contanarised BH before and wanted to visit one please call Harry 017 755 1318.