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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pollinating Insect In A Banana Plantation !!!

Remember the sick BH in Bukit Pelanduk which I was asked to take over and nursed to better health?

It was into operation about 1.5 years ago and no nest at all.  The owner have decided to call it a day and hand over to me to nurse it back to normal.

The stand alone, about 25 feet by 80 feet and 2 stories high, is in a 2.7 acres of Coconut & Banana Plantation.

The owner indicated that the soil was a bit salty and he aborted the plantation of dragon fruit and switched to Coconut (long Term) and Banana (short term).

The coconut trees were still very small and the banana seems to be flourishing.

The first batch is growing very well and they have just started fruiting.

It seems that those swiftlet hover over the plantation nearly one whole day and more in the late evening.

I was wondering what is so special with banana plantation to those swiftlet.

I later discovered why.

Those fruits bunch with flower seems to attract lots of those small black coloured  bees that extract nectar and pollen.

At the moment nearly all the banana trees are with the young fruit bunch and no wonder those birds are all over the top of the plantation.

Have a look at these video clips and photos:

One of the video clip show you that there was a praying mantis that captured one of the bee.

What a life.

We thought that life is hard to be human but what about these insects?

No matter where they go there are always predators.

I would say that banana can be one of those trees that you can plant around your BH.  One thing for sure they will not be growing taller than your two stories BH.

They are easy to look after and very easy to plant.

The best is the Berangan and Emas.

If you need any help to get the seedlings or how to prepare the land let me know so that I can arrange a meeting with the land owner who started the plantation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CCTV Camera Can Be Your Best Research Tool !!!

Can you imagine having a mobile phone where you can view and zoom your camera on the spot?

Just look at this picture number 1 and compare with the second picture number 2:

 Picture Number 1

Picture number 2

This is a real picture shown to me by one of my blog reader whom I recently met.

After a few short explanation he showed me life pictures of the birds hanging at the nest.

Look at this video clip:

It was simply unthinkable but nowadays with so many new gadgets available in the market, nothing is impossible.

My point here is that it is much easier nowadays to carry out research and you need no longer to stay inside your BH to study your swiftlet.

The above set of camera is only RM 2,800 (the camera only) and if you wanted to know more let me know.

I have yet to capture a picture of it but will get it to all of you soon.

One more point to add is that the owner can switch the camera off and on from his mobile phone.

As such you will not disturb the birds all night long.

Fascinating and what more can be spoken......

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Very Precious Visit Report !!!

I remember very well when I visited a BH in Vietnam and after which I wrote about 19 pages report with various sketches on what they should do.

The report was well received and implemented in stages.

At that moment the number of birds were less than 5 but now the result, after carrying out my recommendations, is outstanding.

I am very proud to have help the owner with his BH sickness problem and I hope the remedies I recommended will be useful for others too.

Just read this email just received this morning (August 30, 2011):

Dear Sifu Harry,

I and my parents are very pleased to have that precious report from your visit to our BH. Each time i come to maintain my BH, i always arrange to implement some of your recommendation, such as hanging perfume garden, auto-spray aroma system, hexagonal tweeter, chandelier, fake nests, etc..  
After two months, the swiftlet population in my BH increase significantly.

Now we have about hundreds of birds stay in my BH. Today i wanna send you a video captured from my camera to show you what i have now. 
Your knowledge, as well as your experience in this field is admirable. 
Thanks for your contribution to us as well as this industry.
You can see the video in the link below:

Thank you and best regards,

Dual Entries BH At Bumbung Lima, Kepala Batas !!!

While having a weekend at my home town, Sungai Patani kedah, I was invited to view a newly operated BH on a piece of land in the middle of a padi field.

This particular owner indicated that his BH was empty for almost 1.5 years and he needed some opinions what can be wrong with his BH.

I was very honoured to be given the opportunity and I was right on time at Bubung Lima, Kepala Batas very early in the morning.

"Pak Harry please wait for us at the bridge and will take you there."

On the way managed to snap a few BHs in operation.

The one that attract me most was this school look alike with dual entries, the top entry and the side entry.

The right side on the roof top is the side entry and to the left is a top entry.  

The color used seems to be like a school.

Just beside the road there was this unit that seems to have more birds as compared to the rest.

Its monkey house has at least three entrance holes and all were in the middle of the walls.

It has a very effective sound and the birds were flying in and out all the time when I was at the side of the road waiting for my client.

Have a look at them and the unit I was asked to inspect.

Operated about 1.5 years ago with not a single nest.

What do you think went wrong?

The BH belongs to two owners.  One of the owner has a number of BH with successful results.

How come this one was not doing well?

More spice to this delima was that they have a similar sized unit about 10 meters away.

I think it was in a similar situation.

What do you can be wrong to these two units?

The more you enter these kind of BH the more you understand why many BHs failed to get those birds to enter the house.

The key issue is the understanding of what those wild birds wanted and refuse to before you design your BH.

Keep learning and one day you will understand what I am trying to say.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Can Be A Possible Cause Of Your Birds Not Staying !!!

"Pak Harry my BH was recently put into operation and I can safely said that about 50-60 birds entered the BH in the evening.  My biggest concerned is that why in the morning only 5 birds left the BH?"

The exact words from a newbie from Vietnam who happened to drop by in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday August 25th, 2011.

I begin to wonder how can I get the right answer for him.

I started by asking him a few questions:

Q: What time did you shut down the external sound?

A: 8:00 pm Pak Harry.

Q: What sound do you play?

A: Marvellous cloud.

Q: What about internal sound, what sound?

A: SuperBabyKing.

Q: The whole night?

A: Nope up to 9:00 pm.

Q: Again, up to what time?

A: 9:00pm sir.

Q: You mean you play your internal sound up to 9:00pm and not until morning or 24 hours?

A: Yes only from 7:00 am until 9:00pm.

Q: Who give you this advise? I am sure it was not me!

A: From a "Sifu" in Vietnam.  He said that you will disturb the birds if you keep playing the internal sound late at night.

Q: Rubbish, you need to reorganize your internal sound timing.  Run it for 24 hours using two separate amplifiers.  The most important is the night shift, it must be slightly louder from the daytime sound.  The next most important is to start it just about 15 minutes before you stop your external sound.  In your case it will be at 7:45pm.

The moment you switch off your internal sound those birds will have very little reasons to stay back.

Remember you already switched of the external sound at 8:00pm and at 9:00pm you switched of the internal sound.  Your BH is dead or like a grave yard. Those birds will feel restless and normally will fly away.

The superbabyking sound makes them feel very comfortable, less stress and secured.

Try to report to me what happen once the arrangement is done.
I am 100% sure that most of those birds that entered will no longer leave the BH, I assured him.

He was on the plane back to HCMC today at 7:00pm.

I am very sure the first thing he will do is to go straight to his BH.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time For A Small Laugh !!!

In China they like to copy or pirate other peoples ideas.

If you think I am just joking look at this picture.

Main Title:  In China Anything Can.

This is another interesting humor:

He's My Brother - This is Priceless

Description: brothers.jpg 

Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of tampons and proceeded to the checkout counter.
The man at the counter asked the older boy,
"Son, how old are you?"
"Eight," the boy replied.
The man continued, "Do you know what these are used for?"
The boy replied, "Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They're for him. He's my brother. He's four. 

We saw on TV that if you use these you would be able to swim and ride a bike. 
Right now, he can't do either."

Three More Video Clips On Fig Tree & Its Insect Partner !!!

I was unable to download these three video clips when I was writing the last article about figs trees I discovered at Bagan Ajam, Butterworth, Penang.

Please have a good look and tell me that I was totally wrong about its important to our BH.

Just for your information, I got two calls from two gentlemen who wanted to come down to KL to get a tree each.

One was from Setiawan and the other from Kuala Trengganu.

The guy from Setiawan came straight to the location at Jalan Ipoh and called me for direction to the trees I was talking about.

"Pak Harry thank you and I managed to changgul (dig with a shovel) two young fig's trees.  Thank for your help."

What an interesting development.

The gentleman from KT will be in KL next week for the same purpose, I think.

Please enjoy these three clips:

The Land Clearing Has Begun !!!

Today August 26 2011 started with the confirmation of the One World Hotel seminar room booking.

Paid the deposit and proceeded to meet a blog follower from Raub, Pahang.

His was delivering a new set of sounds which I wanted to try at Bukit Pelanduk BH.

This special set consisted of a "Pulling sound", the "External sound" and the "Internal sound" which were recorded and safe in a stereo mode.

A test was done with the "Pulling sound" last two days and it seems to be effective and I got the developer to made a set of three for my immediate use.

After the short meeting proceeded to the piece of in Karak whose owner has instructed me to clear and proceed with his dream BH.

I got the contractor based in Bentong to get it going and in order to be very sure I drove up to make any adjustments which will help to get the erection started.

The works were okay however the contractor misunderstood my instruction.

There were at least five more tall trees to be taken down.  I wanted the view to the lake to be clear with no obstructions.

Most of the trees uprooted were old Durian, Rambutan and Dukong trees,

He took my point and promised to restart his job immediately.

By next week the land should be ready to receive the construction materials.

This project will allow me to test my three stories dual entries with elevated VIP room BH design.

I am very happy that the owner choose my design and I am looking forward to a very exciting moment of my life.

Look at these pictures and I will make regular report to my blog readers in due course:

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Very Cheap Way Of Using CCTV Camera !!!

Using CCTV camera to monitor your BH is considered very important now days.

Your main aim is to ensure that your BH is in good operating conditions and running perfectly.

You can also use CCTV camera to conduct a kind of audit on the number of birds entering your BH once every one month.

In certain cases you can also use CCTV cameras to check any potential danger zones that are hindering those swiftlet from flying into the BH,

The only set back is that the cost of CCTV are a bit on the high side.

For a set of 4 CCTV cameras complete with its DVR and monitor is nothing less than 1900 ringgit.

What I recently discovered was an affordable CCTV camera about RM 200 only.

Have a look at this attached picture and see if you can get them in your home town.

Have a good day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Liquid That Can Lure Insects To Your BH !!!

This is something unusual but interesting !!!

You pull the insects, all types that fly at night, to any place that you wanted inside or outside your BH.

The developer named it as insect "SuperLure", pattern right pending.

While busy with my running around I was introduced to this new idea of luring insect to a specific location using a kind of liquid.

What he told me was to plant a reasonably tall trees, about 10-20 feet tall,  around your stand alone BH.  Try to be about 5-10 meters away to be used as the medium to pull those insects.

You can than install those water spray system all around the trees and put a pump with auto spray operation.  Spray the SuperLure at night and let the nigh insect be attracted to the smell.

These insect will be drawn to the liquid and will stay for a long time.

During the day when there are some wind breeze they will be blown out of the leaves and will attract your possible tenants.

The other way is to place the liquid inside a container and insert a sponge to pull the liquid to the air.  The sponge will bull the liquid via capillary action and will be exposed to the air.

Once those insect smell the aroma generated they will crowd onto the sponge.

This will create more insect around or closed to your BH.

I have yet to try this "SuperLure" and I think this is a very interesting idea or invention that might be useful to our BH(s).

Those who wanted to try ply place your order and I will advise the cost once you have indicated your interest.

I need to negotiate with the supplier its cost.

Drop a line at

Spray on tree using auto spray Pump

Place into a few containers and insert a Sponge 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

35% Increase Within 3 months, That's A Lot.

I was looking through my email messages from so many of my blog readers and I think this one is something special.

Someone from East Java, Indonesia, who recently purchased two of my sounds managed to increase his nests count drastically.

Remember prior to this the nests remain stagnant for more than 6 months or more.

Within three months after trying out the two sounds purchased he got a 35% increase.  

If it continue to be performing the same rate he will be getting a total of  35 X 4 = 140% after 12 months.

This is obviously something interesting and encouraging.

I hope he will continue getting the same % increase or better from now on.

Read this email dated August 20th, 2011:

Dear Harry,

How are you? I will inform you that your Black cloud and Super Baby King have good result in my BH in East Java.

I see increasing about 35 %,  from 170 to 230 nest in just 3 month ( 26/05 to 19/08) . Its very good result. 

Although now is dry season and the Swiftlets are sick... many many hair (bulu).

Thank you.


Those who have not tried this combination maybe it is time to do so.

I might want to ask him what kind of setting did he followed.

I remember telling him how to used it but who knows he might did something weired.

The key point here is that he got a very good result.

I remember Pak Guss from The Netherlands (Holland) who owned two BHs on Lombok Island told me these exact words:

"Pak Harry in Lombok, to get 30% a year is considered great and we never talk about 100% or its impossible."

I told him to look at a target of 100% increment a year.

I guess if you have the right knowledge and combined with a set of powerful sounds you will get near to that.


Please read this latest email from my fan club:

Great day to you Pak Harry!

Excited to read your blog posts as usual!

I have already contacted people who harvest and are getting permissions to get into the caves and study the birds and their habitat :)

About your latest post about the 35% in 3 months and after 12 months (4 times) it can get 140%.

I would just like to humbly point out that it is more than 140% sir :) because if we have 100 (for easier computation) nests in the beginning then:

1st quarter :   100 * .35 = 35 new nests = 135 total nests
2nd quarter:   135 * .35 = 183 nests
3rd quarter:    183 * .35 = 246 nests
4th quarter:    246 * .35 = 332 nests at the end of the 1st year!!

the formula is (1.35) ^ 4 = 3.32

or 232% increase sir!! :) thats ALOT of nests in a year!! ^^

May God continue to bless you as you have been a blessing to many other people around the world!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look For Any Bottleneck And Adjust Accordingly !!!

Prior To Opening of a New Hole

When you see something is causing those swiftlet not entering your nesting room, you need to take some action !!!

This was the exact situation which my Kuantan BH was facing.

It seems that the moment they entered the monkey holes they cannot find the window to enter the nesting rooms.

I took more than three weeks to observe their flying behaviours and finally decided to knock a new entrance hole to ease up the "Bottleneck".

The moment they entered they will be drawn towards a set of tweeters located just below those entrance holes.

Their main problem was that they could not find the entrance window at the middle of the middle wall since it was not precisely located.

Owing to this short sightedness I told myself that the only was to get more into the nesting room is to open a new hole that is precisely located based on their flying pattern (using CCTV camera video clip).

I choose a hole about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet just below the beam.

My next important mission was to install at least 4 external sound tweeters to draw them in.

Prior to this only 20 -30% entered into the nesting room areas.

After the new opening the number swelled to 90%.

Have a look at these video clips and hope it will teach you some important lessons.

"Make sure every entrance door(s) or window(s) of your BH are precisely located.  Get 100% of those birds that came into the monkey house will eventually reached your nesting room.."

Do not take for granted just because you thought so or your Sifu told you so.

It is the birds that can tell you better than any other consultants where the entrance doors/windows should be located.

Observe their flying pattern, using your CCTV camera recorded clips, and decide where to open and which one to closed too.

After Opening A New Hole

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two More New Projects After Bukit Pelanduk !!!

Life cannot be better than this current moment.

Yes I am getting older, closed to 60 years old, but there are more activities than before.

While busy with my moving of workers to Bukit Pelanduk, N9, BH,  received two separate calls insisting of a short meetings.

I got very little choices but to squeeze some time to check what these two group of people wanted me to do.

The first was a couple who was in a kind of trouble with their BH in Gambang, Pahang.

"Pak Harry, we have this pleasure of wanting you to be our JV partner.  Our BH have been in operation for almost two years but not many nests only about 10.  We wanted more and as fast as it can.  Please accept this humble offer to be our JV partner."

Very attractive offer and I told them than I am willing to accept if they can comply to my small request.

They need to firstly agreed to my terms of conditions and once I am in they should not invite any other consultant to come and meddle with the BH.

My best offer to them was to move my workers to their BH once my Bukit Pelanduk project is completed, about 1 month time.

That was agreed and I am very happy to be given an opportunity to help this helpless couple.

Those who have similar problem please contact me to discuss on the same arrangement.  Call 017 755 1318.

I will only agree once a BH inspection is made and the surrounding is right.

The second meeting was more exciting.

"Pak Harry, remember about the agricultural land we bought at Karak?  We have finally signed the Sale and Purchase agreement and we would like to proceed with the land clearing plus you to build a 3 stories BH.  We want your design with dual entries and extended VIP room construction."

Wow, another job to look after and I am sure this will be a kind of break through to get my standalone masterpiece in action.

The 1st payment was made and I need to get my civil contractor to start cracking in mobilizing his equipment.

The owner seems to be very excited with her project and I have visited the site three times before.

I told her that I prefer the land just beside the fresh water lake.

The surveyed points were done and it looks that they got better than what they initially thought.

So who say life stops at 60?

I am beginning to enjoy life and I am sure there will lot more activities after or during these two interesting projects.

Those of you who have plans to own or erect a new BH please come and pay a visit to these places.

I will allow any of my blog readers to come and learn at a small fee.

There is nothing like going to the site and see for yourself how a BH is erected and completed.

The Nitrate In Red Nest Saga !!!

KUALA LUMPUR: An association representing businessmen involved in the bird's nest trade will lodge a police report against unscrupulous ones who produce red bird's nest and sell fake bird's nest.
Members of the association were not involved in producing red bird's nest, widely known as blood nest, which were high in nitrate and could cause health problems, said Federation of Bird's Nest Merchants Association chairman Datuk Beh Heng Seong.
“We are making the police report on Monday to prove our innocence and to protect our interest because many allegations have been made against us,” he said here yesterday.
A separate police report would be lodged with regards to a press conference held in Hangzhou, China, where two bogus officers who claimed to represent the Malaysian Government were present.
It was reported that recently, a press conference was held in China to clarify the “misconceptions” of blood nest, which had been found to contain a high level of nitrate.
A third Malaysian at the press conference claimed to be representing the Malaysian Bird's Nest Exporters Association.
China's Xinhua news agency said following a tip-off from a reporter who attended the July 26 press conference, it was discovered that the two people, who presented themselves as Malaysia Export Veterinary Inspection Agency director-general Datuk Khairul Hashim and head of the Malaysian Endangered Species Import and Export Administration Datuk Ahmad, were bogus officers after a check showed that the two agencies did not exist.
The Chinese press who attended the media conference were told by the two officers that 99% of the alleged fake blood nest imported from Malaysia were genuine.
They also claimed that the nitrate content in these products were within the permissible levels and could be removed by soaking them in water for several hours.
Beh said the federation would travel with the Veterinary Department to China on Thursday to explain the matter to the Chinese authorities.
“We hope to reach an understanding with the Chinese Government.
“Hopefully a mechanism can be set up to ensure that all bird's nest exported to China are genuine and safe for consumption,” he said.
Obtained from The Star Local Malaysian Newspaper and found  at:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BH Makeover: Taking Shape at Bukit Pelanduk

Got my workers settled and the renovation has begun !!!

Last three days my mission was to relocate my workers and get started with the Bukit Pelanduk BH.

As at today the top floor was half finished.  I am pretty sure that by next week it will be ready to be put into its original operation mode.

My game plan was to focus on the top most floor and complete it one by one.  The top floor was the easiest and fastest.

What I did was to add two new walls and reposition the previous.

The entrance hole to the floor will be reposition and the new position chosen will make the VVIP and VIP rooms much darker as compared to before the revamp.

Today all the walls were up and ready and I told my boys how to install those nesting planks crossings.

My preference is to lay only around the perimeters of the two rooms and the middle shall be as before.

By this Tuesday, I would be able to start my arrangements with those tweeters placement.

I will ensure that this top floor will have at least 50 -60 clusters and 4 chandeliers.

There will be at least 10 -14 external sound tweeters.

The number of fake nests will be around 30 pieces.

The floor will be installed with two humidifiers and one automated aroma spray system.

It will be put into operation by mid of the week after.

The good news which make me very happy was the number of birds entering not have quadrapled.  Yes from 5 to almost 19.

Main reason being the external and internal sounds.

I changed the sound to a selected set and I am sure they will continue coming in and staying even when we are working with the building.

We stop at around 4:30pm to let them come back.

Those of you have never have a chance to visit a stand alone BH and if you wish to enter one please come to Bukit Pelanduk.

Call 017 1551318 for a suitable date and time.

If you wish to gain more experience come and work with us.  Work with no pay but you need to pay for the experience that you will never get anywhere else.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Project In Bukit Pelanduk. Negeri 9 !!!

Immediately after putting my Grand Masterpiece in Bidor into operation mode I was given a new and more interesting task in N9.

This time the owner wanted to use my knowledge in populating his nearly empty BH in Bukit Pelanduk in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

I believed you remember this place where the Nipah Virus started and spread killing many innocent victims.

I was wondering why it was called Nipah Virus and during my look around the BH I discovery a small town call Kampung Sungai Nipah about 3 kilometres away.

The Nipah Virus seems to be caused by a kind of infection originated from those flying foxes which eats those fruits and once fallen onto the ground being consumed by pigs.

Now I was informed that there is not a single pig farm in the area.  It used to be the largest pig producer at one time.

Any way the first day at site was to plan what needs to be done for this 3 stories BH, each floor was 12 feet high.

From the look at the BH there seems to nothing unusual or wrong both inside and outside.

The only problem it was facing was no nests after more than 2 years into operation.

The good news was that after my last trip I changed the external sound and there were 1.5 nests on the top most floor.

What I have in mind will be something like this:

1) Reactivate the use of the monkey house.

The owner, after listening to his "sifu", decided to shut the monkey house and lowered the entrance hole. I believed that was not the right thing to do and I wanted to proof to him that the monkey house can be used if he knows how to.

2) The entrance holes on the monkey house will be more than 2.

My plan is to open more than 2 entrance on the monkey hole walls.  Each wall will have one entrance hole about 3 feet by 2 feet and 4 feet. I wanted to make sure those birds will choose which ever windows that are facing their flying path.

3) The entrance from the tunnel into the nesting rooms will be relocated.

The current entrance window is making the nesting rooms too bright.  My wise idea is to move them to a better location and will minimize the amount of light entering the rooms.

4) The rooms inside the BH will be more and properly designed.

Currently the partition erected were not suitable to make those wild birds feel less stress or comfort.
My plan will be to create a few more that will make them feel safe and less stress.  I believed that with my new design all the VIP rooms will be about 2 lux or better.

5) Addition tweeters on the rooftop and extra windows.

Let every single swiftlet passing the area, within 2 kilometres radius, knows that we are reopening a place for them to stay. That was what I indicated to the owner.
I will use my new gadgets to get the external sound to reach as far as I can.

6) Will try to force those birds to the Ground Floor.

The only way to force these little creature to the lowest floor is to get them to fly above the LAL and draw them into the VIP rooms.  There are two VIP rooms on the lowest floor.
My key idea is to block their flying path and direct all of them to use the passage above the LAL.

7) Sweet Fresh Bird Shit from a BH with 2000 nests.

I managed to get the owner to place a number of plastic sheets inside his other BH with 2000 nests.  I make a point by cutting those plastic sheet to about 2 feet by 7 feet.
I told him that I need the plastic sheets back within one month.  That will be the number of days I need to put his second BH in proper order.

8) Upgrade his amplifiers.

I wanted to proof my point that my selected amplifiers are better than those cheap quality amplifiers he is currently using.  My preferred amplifier at the moment are the Nikkodo 5201 and Tecnik BV 38.
Last week one of my blog reader dropped by and was so excited about how by using Nikkodo 5201 and followed my instruction his newly launched BH got nothing less than 400 birds responding.

9) The most interesting is to select the best external sound.

I think I am very closed to select the best sound for this BH.  Tested about 20 sounds and I pretty sure the one I selected will perform its function effectively.

Those of you who would like to visit another of my Masterpiece please call 017 755 1318.  You will be given a short tour outside and inside plus taking photos until you are satisfied.

There is a small fee of RM 250.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Bird House With No Nesting Plank!!

I have visited many BHs and I can tell you that some are weired.

Among the many I think this most recently visited was the most weired.

Last week while finishing the Bidor masterpiece, I was  invited to inspect a 1.5 years old located somewhere in the state of  Perak.

 The owner indicated  that the unit was once a shop house but converted into a BH and operated by someone closed to her.

Unfortunately he  passed  away and  now she became the new  owner.

"Harry, I inherited this dis-functioned  BH and I don't know  a thing about swiftlet  farming. Please pardon my brother if he did anything wrong with the BH. It was in operation for 1.5 years and zero nests."

When she uttered those words my head  begin to wonder how bad can this BH be?

The location of the BH was besides two successful BHs.  One on the  left and the other on the right.

Before entering I can see so many bird on thee rooftop in fact every where.

How come this BH after 1.5 years has not a single nest?

The new owner opened the door of the house and I stepped in.

What a big surprise.

My first question, how come there is no nesting planks on the ceiling?

The owner have no answer but told me that it was done by one his brother and he might want to minimize the initial cost of conversion.

I told her that I have never entered any BH in my 10 years of involvement in swiftlet farming where no nesting planks are installed.

If this is wrong the rest goes with it.  The BH was too bright and the number of tweeters were not adequate.

After about 30 minutes plus I told her to take me to the nearest coffee shop and I did my long list of recommendations.

Passed it to her and asked her to follow those recommendations.

I hope she will follow my recommendations.

(Sorry no pictures)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Video Clip Showing Ara Fig Fruits With Lots Of Insects !!!

Remember the article I wrote recently about the usefullness of ara or fig trees in generating fig's warps or insects?

I have a number of new pictures that were taken using another camera .

The amount of insects generated by this tree can be as high as 100 kg during each fruiting season.

There will be two types of insects.

The first will be those figs warps or insects that breed inside the fruits and once the fruits ripes and falls to the floor there will be another type of insect called fruit flies that will breed on the fallen fruits.

As such you will have a steady number of flying insect around the tree for at least one to two months dueing the fruiting and fruit falling down season.

The only disadvantage is that fig trees can grow very tall and big.  You need to ensure that they are not planted too closed to your BH.

Try to have about 100 feet away.

Even if one day they should grow and become  too big you need to trim or cut some that are affecting your BH.

If I may say it would be better to have at least two to three Fig's species in your BH compound.

In the event you need any help to make a selection or wanted to visit a place in KL please let me know.

Call 017 755 1318 for a Fig trees tour in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Have a good and productive swiftlet farming day !!!!