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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And You Know Why It Failed To Populate !!!

The above picture was taken a few days back when I was in Trengganu.

4 stories high and about 60 feet long by 20 feet wide.

The owner complained that the number of nests (less then a kg) inside is too little however he claimed that there were at least 400 birds staying inside.

I was asked to give my opinion and I listed to him as follows:

1) His BH is with a single layered walls and at 11:30 am the internal wall was touching 36*C.  You can imagine what it will be when it reaches 2-3 pm.  I advised him to perhaps look into the possibility of installing heat shield on all the walls,

2) I also discovered that he opened one every three ventilation holes.  I asked him why he opened those holes? He claimed that a couple of months ago a religious person (Ustaz) came to tell him that those birds cannot find the LAL.  He complied to his recommendation.  How absurd I told him.

3) The BH was about 4-5 years old and you know what happened when it crosses the 3rd year onward.  The walls and the floors were very dry and he has not a single humidifier.

4) Another fault was the direction of the main entrance hole.  It was facing the west and at the same time not facing the birds flying home direction.  I actually forced him to open a new hole and close the old hole in stages.

5) The number of external sound tweeters around the main entrance hole was too little and with no hexagonal tweeter.  Why don't you increase them?  I drew the way those tweeters should be mounted.

6) I have a very tough time to enter the main door.  It was designed a such that the entrance door was on the second floor.  You can imagine how to get into it.  Nearly slipped and fell down.

7) The data room was filled with rat's urine smell.  I told him that he got a tenant staying at the back of his amplifier.  Disgusting.

8) Both his external and internal sound amplifiers were not functioning to the fullest.  One amplifier was dead while the external sound amplifier was half dead.  How do you expect your BH to be in a proper operation?

9) The BH designed was very unfriendly.  Every time you want to climb up you need to move a ladder. Poorly designed BH.

10) One of his complain was that the birds seems to populate only the top floor.  I precisely told him about the main entrance hole facing the west and at the same time his LAL was not only too small but wrongly located.

11) He did installed a number of external sound tweeters inside his nesting rooms however all were dead.

12) His ground flood was totally flooded and I declined his offer to go downstairs.  If he can drain out all the water I might accept his offer.  I was afraid of drowning in a BH.

This is the kind of life threatening situation you have to go to just to gather what is wrong with these poorly performing BHs.

It is not a pleasure to climb and crawl just to view sick BHs.

Let me show you some pictures taken:

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