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Monday, June 22, 2015

Belara BH Revamp Operation: Completed And Now On Test Run !!!

(If you want to enjoy viewing this clip please enlarge it)

Very happy and glad that the revamp operation at Belara BH, located about 20 minutes drive from Kuala Trengganu, is now completed.

Feel so relief and satisfied with all those things done and gadgets installed inside this BH.

The first time when I was given the chance to visit the BH I was very sad to see how something that is so valuable and with a very high potential of having a full house was neglected and left without any maintenance.

During my first visit the nests number was about 800 pieces.  That was about three years ago.

Fortunately I was again given the opportunity to inspect the same BH above 10 months after that.

This was when I discovered that the nests remained almost dormant like increased by about 37 nests.

Since the owner wanted my full inspection report I submitted one complete with all the things that were harming the nests population increase and at the same time what can be done to quickly put it back to be a normal but productive BH.

My philosophy about any BH is that the nests number should hit about 100% increase in nests number every 12 months.

In this Belara BH case it should have crossed 1600 nests by now.

However I was told that the nest number was not more than 900 (recent count).

I received a positive response from the owner who asked my help (thru a Company) to correct the BH.

What were in mind was to find ways to make the BH more attractive to those new couples and special attention must be given to those young couples who were born and raise inside the same house.

If 1/3 of all those young baby birds should return home every year I can get that 100% increase in nests number.

If more than that it will be a bonus.

What about those young couples originated from other BHs?

This might be the extra extra bonus.

The nesting rooms need to be darker.

This darkening of the nesting room became my first priority.

The main entrance area need to be erected with partition walls to block those bright light but a door will be allocated to allow those birds to enter the floor.

The second correction made was to open a new inter floor hole on the floor (LAL) to allow those new couples to fly down straight to the lower floors.

Currently the only way now is to take a very long twist and turn to reach the lowest floor.

I opened this hole about 5 feet wide and 8 feet long.

A tedious, dusty and noisy part of the whole operation.

After the hole was opened it was installed with external sound tweeters around it.

My third priority was to do something to anchor those young baby birds to return home once they take their first flight.

From my various observations and trial, I connect them to the BH wetness.

If you want them to return home you need to wet the floor and of course you BH must be within the normal recommended room temperature (26-30*C).

I do away with those chicken coop humidifiers but choose this mist spray pump method.

Each floor was installed with a set of pump complete with water filter and a total of 15 mist nozzles.

I am sure this will be the key requirement inside this BH to attract those young birds to return to the house where they were hatched and raised.

The forth critical modification was on the entrance area.

I enlarged the main entrance hole (LMB) or main window and installed with a set of suitable external sound tweeters.

The installation of a hexagonal tweeter on the rooftop was another key gadget to lure those birds both flying in front or at the back.

Two bazooka tweeters were installed somewhere outside at the roof areas.

The fifth was to upgrade both the internal and internal sound system.

I have deployed three sophisticated BZ 106 amplifiers and one normal amplifier.

Two of the BZ were for internal sounds (2 internal sounds) and one BZ for external.

The smaller amplifier was for the two bazookas.

The sixth important thing done inside the BH was to install a total of 900 feet long cross woods.

These cross woods helps to increase the nesting space and at the same time create more 90* corners.

Every joint installed will create 4 X 90* corners.

I lost count but I guest there were at least 1800 new 90* corners created during this time.

Young birds prefer 90* corners to erect their first nest.

The seventh interesting installations were those gadget to force those who have used the 90* to move away from it.

This new technique was picked up during a meeting with BH owners and nicely done for trial run.

If it works I plan to install on all those 90* that are with tenants.

First their nests need to be harvested and after that the plastic chain shall be hung.

The eighth important thing I did was to install as many as 1500 fake nests.

Fake nest is as attractive as those 90* corners.

What if you install a fake nest at those 90* corners?

It will be more like a double bonus for those young couples.

These fake nests and 90* corners will be a kind of bait to mesmerise them to quickly build a nest and lay their first egg.

From my knowledge once the new couple laid their first egg, they will live inside the same house until they die.

Enjoy some of those things done inside this masterpiece BH.

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