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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Something Weird After Super Pheromone Spray Was Installed !!!

(Look at the number recorded on Thursday?)

Something which I am puzzled but at the same time happy that the number of birds coming into the Pantai Remis Kapar BH is improving.

Just about a few minutes ago the owner entered his BH data room and capture the LCD screen of the monitoring gadget.

He whatsapp to me and I was shock to see the number recorded on Thursday April 26th 2014.

The total number of birds crossed the gadget sensor was 2536.

A very unusual and weird.

"Harry can we trust the gadget?" he asked.

I cannot give you the answer, i told him.

There must be something that happened on that day where the number recorded shot to such a heavy number.

It could be the weather and those rain water must have cause some erratic reading.

Is it possible that on that day there was a colony of birds passing by and they are on the way to another location?  Very little chance.

What if the BH have some spiritual thing inside that wanted to play the fool with the gadget?  May be.

I do not want to crack my head on the reason why but I told the owner what those numbers are telling him.

1) Overall the number of birds that entered his BH is higher and nearly 6 days above 200.  Only one i.e on Monday when the number dip to 169.  

2) Last week most of the numbers were below 200 with the lowest at 125.

3) I remember installing two sets of super pheromone spray inside one of the VIP room.  This might be a possible reason.  The two was hanged on the walls and activated to operate from 9:00 am till 7:30 pm with the interval of 6 minutes apart.

4) I hope the number will continue to grow and if that happen we know that the revamp BH is cruising to the right direction.

I am very glad that now I have a gadget to count the numbers on a daily basis.

The evident shown cannot be cheated.

The positive result shown after a new thing is introduced into the BH makes me feel very comfortable.

I am sure I can install another unit at a newly revamp BH soon.

If you are keen to install one let me know.

Call me at 0177551318 or email me at

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest What Do You Think This Sketch Indicated ???

Just look at the above sketch and tell me what do you is this BH owner trying to tell me?

I received it today and I was a kind of shock to know how he did the dot here the dot there and the dots every where dot dot.

Hey are those nests inside your BH? I asked.

"Yes Pak Harry that was where those nests are on the ground floor. Almost 600 out of 1300 nests in total".  he answered.

Very diligent and took a lot of time to come out with such a precise sketch.

I am not very sure if others will follow but I think we should.

His story was something very interesting.

After erecting his BH there were little birds inside.

After attended my Seminar conducted in Lumut , Perak on September 2011 he came back with a strong motivation.

He applied most of what he learned and the result was something exceptional.

Within two years he touches 800 nests and after three years he hit 1300 ++ nests.

All in all he followed Pak Harry's ideas and used only Pak Harry recommended sounds.

An outstanding achievement and I am very very happy for a simple guy with lots of guts.

I visited his BH about three weeks ago and I was very delighted that he confirmed to me that he never attended any other Seminar except mine.

That prove something.

I deliver the right advise and it works.

My set of sounds if properly used will get your empty BH populated.

Monday, April 28, 2014

It Might Be Due To Civet (Musang) !!!

I remember a BH owner from Kuala Lipis Pahang who wanted my opinion why there were a number of dead swiftlet without their head.

About 1.5 months ago another BH was showing the same signs.

Yes a number of dead swiftlet with no head.

The head must be like roast groundnuts to these particular predator.

It could not be owl or eagle.

My suspicion was those rats.

But rats will eat the whole body but not the head.

Today Mr Tan of Kuala Lipis SMS what he discovered.

"Hi Pak Harry. U know something? Remember that I had problem with predators at my BH?.I found out the culprit (problem).  It is the musang (civet).  It can climb up the wall from the outside. All the way up.  We caught it in a cage inside the BH."

What a wonderful discovery.

Now please add one more predator to your list.

All this while we are scared of those owls, hawks, eagle, hornbill, rats, cats, and etc.  It never came to our mine that those civets are also bad to our BH.

So if you happened to find a lot of dead birds with no head you need to quickly set a trap (a cage) baited with perhaps banana.

Best of luck to all.

I am very happy to share this real story from Mr Tan of Kuala Lipis.

Sample pictures taken at a BH in Tok Dor Dungun Trengganu.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Your Read But Your Never Applied !!!

I was given the opportunity to inspect this BH in N9 and I was a bit not very pleased with the owner.

He DIY the BH and keep saying that he have been reading my blog for almost 2 years now.

As far as I can see inside and outside the BH he did very little with all the information, data and descriptions given.

I pointed to him some very glaring mistakes that I would punish my student for being so terrible.

1) He wrongly placed the hexagonal tweeter above his monkey house.  I keep telling where the hexagonal should be installed and it must be as closed as possible to the main entrance hole.  The best is just above the middle of the window frame.  This owner put it to the side where it was convenient.

2) The hexagonal tweeter must not be too high or too low.  This BH was with a hexagonal about 7-8 feet above the monkey house roof.  This is not the way I described in my blog.  I think he must be reading a wrong blog and not mine.

3) He was so angry with those owls entering his BH he quickly installed those barb wires that are suitable for Guantamo prison.  The barb wires were laced with those sharp blades all over the place.  I don't think this was a very good decision and I have never recommended this hash method.

4) At the main entrance hole he enveloped his external sound tweeters inside those razor blades barb wires.  See this sketch and can you imagine what happen when those poor birds wanted to pack at the tweeters?

5) Internally only a few ideas that belong to me was installed and many were not done exactly to what I have written.  Good example is that he installed those cluster tweeters but not very well done.

6) There was no gadgets to lure those birds to enter and quickly stay.  Good example not a single fake nest inside this 100'X25'X3 stories high BH.  A very poor planned BH.

7) The amplifiers were not properly set and both sounds were very noisy and not correct.

All in all I was a bit upset when he claimed that he has been reading my blog for almost two years but nothing seems to have entered his brain.

So those of you who read my blog and never apply those ideas given please be careful not to upset me.  

A messy BH with very little result if you do not follow those interesting ideas that I have described in my blog.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Even After Following Pak Harry Blogs His BH Still Have No Birds !!!

I managed to squeeze some free time to inspect a BH located some where in Kuala Klawang N9.

Three days ago the owner confessed to me that even after following my blog for more than two years he still could not populate his 100' X 26' X 3 stories BH.

"Pak Harry I simply could not understand why it is so hard to populate my BH.  I have been reading your blog for almost two years." he said.

The truth after carrying out the inspection works are as follows:

1) He did not apply all my ideas in full.  Only maybe 10-15% so how to get the BH to be populated.

2) He DIY his BH and with very little experiences he was literary  "working with his eyes closed".

3) The hexagonal tweeters were wrongly placed and too high.

4) His BH was attacked by a number of owls and due to that he installed lots of barb wires with those sharp razors all over the place.

5) One very strange thing that he did was to install his external tweeters in the middle of those barb wires.  If those swiftlet should fly to peck on the tweeters they will surely be injured.

6) He got very little understanding of the function of those sounds.

7) The external sounds that are crucial in leading those swiftlet from the rooftop to the back of the BH was not properly understood.

8) The partition erected were with little basis and not low enough.

9) The door into those partitioned areas were too short.  I told him to open the top cover so that those birds will easy asses to the connecting room.

10)  His nesting planks were with very little gadget to attract those swiftlet.  No fake nests, not steel bars, not perfume garden and nothing.

11) One very poor way to run a BH is to force those birds to stay all over the floors.  I told him to focus on those floor that those birds find it easy to reach.  Focus on this floor and modify it to attract them to the floor.  Leave the rest for a later date.

12) As usual all his amplifiers were wrongly set.

13) He never have any other sounds in his sound library.  In fact he don't have a sound library.  How are you going to be a successful BH owner if you do not the right number of good sounds?.

14) Both the internal and external sounds used were wrong.  I changed both just to prove my point.

The best lesson from this report is that do not try to be too smart.

Swiftlet farming is not a very easy investment.

If you are not knowledgeable enough try to work with someone that have the experiences and expert in the industry.

Make sure you have enough sounds to operate your BH.

If you cannot have the above call 0177551318.

Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Monitor Your BH After A Revamp Operation !!!

During my last revamp operation of a BH located at Pantai Remis, Kapar, Kuala Selangor I installed a bird monitoring system.

What this interesting gadget does is to count the number of birds that entered or leave the BH from a  set time period.

For this BH I set to count from 7:00pm until 8:30pm.

What I managed to collect so far are as follows:

Sunday         April 6        169
Monday        April 7        234
Tuesday       April 8        294
Wednesday April 9        134
Thursday     April 10      161
Friday           April 11      140
Saturday      April 12     No Data
Sunday        April 13     135
Monday         April 14     179
Tuesday       April 15     284
Wednesday April 16     164
Thursday     April 17     125
Friday           April 18     314
Saturday     April 19      No Data
Sunday       April 20       358
Monday        April 21     169

If you look like an ordinary person you will not see what I see.

Look at the highest number of birds recorded.

It was 358 which is something that I think there is a very good chance that it will increase much more sooner or later.

The second highest was 314 which was the day that I last visited.

The table give me some ideas on what are happening and if this number increase to let say 600 within the next few weeks  I will be the first person to say that this BH is moving to a right direction.

All those gadgets installed during the revamp operation are working and pulling more birds into the BH.

This new method in counting the number of birds entering a BH can be very useful if you know how to use it.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Tasks At Bukit Besi BH !!!

(A very simple 2 stories BH with lots of potential)

The owner of this BH at Bkt Besi Dungun Trengganu wanted my opinion.

He drove me up to the BH and wanted my best opinion.

I was quite impressed with the number of birds found inside.

The BH is very simple with nothing fancy inside.

A two stories BH located on the top of a hill facing Southeast.

After a short walk around I listed to him a number of things that he should do to make sure the BH will hit 600 nests within the next 12 months.

Currently this unit, he got three more, the number of nests was around 120.

He called me just after three days and wanted me to carry out all the things that I have recommended.

Two days ago I took my two worker up and started work on some of those things to improve the nests population.

My first task was to install the hexagonal tweeter.

The second task was to upgrade those tweeters located at the main entrance hole.

I also installed two sets of external sound tweeters on the first door leading to the two floors.

I told the owner that currently most of those birds are staying on the top floor but it would be better for them to stay at the bottom floor.

Let me try to make the bottom floor more attractive as compared to the top most floor.

I started my mission by relocating the entrance door to the ground floor.

The entrance door was relocated which will make those birds easier to fly in.

The entrance door to the top floor is a bit more sharp to discourage them from populating the top floor.

The lower floor will have more attractive gadgets while the top floor will be with lesser gadgets.

There will be lots of cluster tweeters and together with it will be those styrofoam fake nests.

Just one day after some adjustments of the sound system, the crowd entering was very impressive.

I have instructed my workers to make sure that I can play two external sounds at any one time.

The external sound playing tweeters located inside the nesting rooms will be playing a special selected external sound at night.

There will be lots of pheromone smell inside this BH.

It will be very nice once the revamp is completed.

Tentative date of completion is this Sunday April 26th 2014.

Call me if you wish to come and see my master piece (0177551318)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Those Cement Nesting Platforms !!!

(Top Entry type)

A very rare case in Peninsular Malaysia where Meranti wood are easily available.

This four stories BH is using cement platforms as its nesting areas.

I took some pictures just to show all who have never seen one before.

It have its own advantages but there are lots of disadvantages too.

The way they are held to the cement ceiling is via those steel rods with locking nuts.

I have yet to climb up to view at close range but they looks solidly anchored to the cement roof to me.

One of the biggest problems is during any installation of tweeters and fake nests.

I used to use those phillip head screws to anchor my tweeters and fake nests.

Now it looks as if the old method is not applicable.

You need to drill the cement platform first and after that insert a plastic filler.

Once the filler is in place I can then screw those tweeters or fake nests in place.

What about the application of pheromone on them?

Never tried and I hope there wont be any reaction with the cement.

One big advantage over wood based nesting planks would be that it will not have fungus.

No matter how much water you sprayed inside your BH the cement platform will be always free of fungus growth.

One more advantage will be the nest size.

The birds tend to use more saliva and their nests will be larger in size.

I hope these strong points will give me all the reasons to drill the platform before installation of my tweeters and fake nests.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pantai Remis Progress !!!

After about one and half months back into operation the BH seems to be doing well.

Today alone the number of birds entered was about 300 plus from a low of 150 birds prior to the revamp operation.

I might be looking at doing some minor adjustments on the sound arrangements and the installation of super pheromone auto spray on on the active floor.

Today I stopped by to carry out some checks to see if everything was okay.

The sounds seems to be running with no problem but its loudness seems to be a bit low.

I think those amplifiers after some time will start to loose it sounds volume.

Every time you visit your BH try to readjust the sound volume especially the external sound.

Can see more fake nests being occupied and the number of bird shit spots is growing.

I took some pictures and video clip to share with all of you.

Just relax and see some of the actions:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Birdcall Test But This Time About 1300 Birds Responded !!!

(Try to count how many responded during the test)

This time I was taken to Rembau N9 where a new Agriculture Project was half way their construction stage.

This Rimbunan Kasih is the first in Negeri Sembilan and situtated somewhere at Kampung Ragut.

Before reaching the site the rain was heavy.

When we arrived the place was filled with rain water and it was drizzling.

The site manager took us to a place near the water catchment pond.

I took out the test gadget and played the Duress sound.

Within 10-15 minutes the number of birds responded shot up to more than 1300 swiftlet.

This indicate that this particular location is a good place to built a BH.

The best, I told the person who took me there was near the water pond where those birds love to get their drink and perhaps hunt for food.

Overall the place seems to be the best among the four that I was taken to.

Tonight need to prepare the visit report.

Have a look at some pictures taken.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Breeding Research Works Is Going Well !!!

Even with my hectic schedule I managed to drop at UPM to check on the progress of the swiftlet breeding operation.

The person in charge told me that out of 227 eggs 140 hatched. 8 died and the rest waiting for their turn to hatch.

The 140 are doing well and as compared to the previous exercise the birds are eating well and growing.

I briefed the caretaker on what I wanted him to do especially the procedure that he used.

This project might be small but it will be a very important part of our swiftlet industry.

I stressed to him that if his breeding method works we can use it to populate the many BHs that are empty.

It can also be used to turbo charge a new BH.

If for example a normal BH that are totally dependent on those wild flying birds can have 100 nests a year, we can perhaps push it to perhaps 500 nests a year.

He understood my intentions and will  his best to complete the paper works.

His main problem currently is a kind of safety.

Last night he stumbled on a thief ransacking his working place.

He managed to shoo thief  away but after a few hours the thief came back.

Due to this unforeseen circumstances he have to move the baby birds to another safe location.

Today he was at the police station to report on the incident.

One of the major cause of baby birds death according to him was getting chocked.

They will turned blue color if they eat too fast or the food is too watery.

I told him to capture the blue colored birds to get the photo in his report.

There is also some problem about mixing the food with boiled water.

It cannot be to soft but at the same time cannot be too hard.

His current feeding method is to use those syringe without needle in front.

The syringe will be used to suck the liquid food into the container and ejected into the baby bird's mouth during feeding.

Normally when they are hungry they will start to make cry for food.

Once fed they will be pretty quite.

Once they are hungry it seems that they will crawl out of the fake nest where they are put into.

This makes it necessary to but the fake nests where they are kept on the floor of the container.

Remember when they wanted to shit they will push their shit out of the nest.

There will be a lot more to be recorded and I sincerely hope this project will be successful.

Call me if you have any additional advises to be used by the caretaker.

Call me at 017 7551318

Friday, April 18, 2014

3X Super Pheromone In Canister For Auto Spray !!!

Finally the correct canisters suitable to be used with auto spray gadget were delivered to me.

The last batch were wrongly canistered.

This small number of samples will be used at some selected BHs.

My plan is to talk to a few BH owners who are prepared to assist me with the monitoring of how effective will be the product.

Currently two person have showed interest and both owned BHs with a reasonable number of nests inside.

The first selected BH is somewhere in Raub Pahang with about 1000 nests.

The owner have agreed to follow my directive.

I told him where to install and how to activate the auto spray machines.

The second BH owner who have showed high interest in applying this new technique owned a number of BHs in Kemaman.

He spoke to me a couple of days ago on how within less than one month a total of 30 fake nests he installed and applied with 2X super pheromone were with tenants.

They took less then one month to complete building and most of the nests were with one egg.

My request to him was to install at least two auto spray in one of the VIP room.

He need to count the number of nests inside and once used try to check for any increase.

It would be ideal if he can install those CCTV cameras to see how the spray effect these wild birds.

The balance unit will be used at a number of BH whose door keys are kept by myself.

I need to deploy all the 10 canisters within next week.

After one or two months wanted to check on its result.

Those who are keen to try please call me at 017 7551318.

This trial samples are limited in number but if the number of calls is good I will arrange for another 10 canisters.

Just call me as soon as you read this article.

Have a good look at these pictures: