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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresh From The Author: : "Strategi Jitu Memikat Walet"

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Since I will be with Pak Hendry Mulia for the next few days, I have ordered from him about 50 pieces of the book he authored.

The book name is Strategi Jitu Memikat Walet. A very interesting book with lots of tips that you can never find in any other book. Trust me this is one of the Gem among the rest. It is in Bahasa Indonesia.

I have asked him to Autograph on the back cover and I am sure this will be something special for all my blog readers and swiftlet enthusiast.

There will only be twenty pieces and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

If you are keen to have this special collection kindly book now by sending me an email title: "I want to book Pak Hen's Book".

Please leave your name and telephone number and your address. I need to check the actual price plus some cost to carry over plus some profit.

I hope this special service is appreciated.


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Anonymous said...

Mr Harry, I just would like to ask whether single story shop house can be converted to bird house or not? TQ.
From John