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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If You Currently Owned A BH How To Benefit From It !!!

While in Sandakan, Sabah met a BH owner who order about 1000 pieces of plastic fake nests.

He wanted to have a cup of coffee and I consented.

He confided to me that the reason why he ordered plastic fake nests and internal tweeters was because of his new BH.

I knew about him having a BH before so this new BH is his second.

Well well well.

He is moving and adding another BH into his collection.

This was when I told him that he is doing well and I hope he knows how to maximize his 1st BH.

"Have you ever thought of accelerating your nests population of your 2nd BH by using your 1st BH?"

I asked him.

He was a bit puzzled by my question and look deep into my eyes as if his mind was totally blank with no answer.

I am sure there is a list of things that you can transfer from your BH number 1 into your new BH and these things can help to increase the rate of populating it.

"Like what?"

Think carefully and I am sure you know them. I told him.

Let me try to list a few:

1)  Bird shit.  You can transfer them in big quantity,  This will mask the cement smell and make the smell of your BH better.

2) Used Fake Nests:  If I were you I will use half of those newly acquired fake nests inside your old BH and let them be occupied.  Once they leave their markings you harvest them and transfer them into your new BH.

3) Raw Nest:  You can harvest some raw nests and soak them into fresh water for about 2 days.  On the first day sieve the nest and blend them.  Once properly blended soak them back into the water.  On the 2nd day you can sieve and use those fermented water.  Apply on all your planks using good morning towel.

4) Swiftlet eggs:  Might want to collect a few pieces and throw them on the walls of the second BH.

5) Dead carcass.  Maybe the smell of those dead birds on the floor will make the smell of your BH well liked by your new tenants.  Collect those dead birds and move them into your 2nd BH. Make sure you sprinkle some ants poison around the carcasses.

6) Baby birds:  You might want to know about this term "Translocation".  Translocation is when you move those young birds over from one point to your empty BHs.  Try those that are about to fly ie 43 days old.  Try to check on their wings.  If their wings started to cross each other the young birds are ready to be Translocated.  You need to erect a proper release room for this purposes.

Well you might want to add many other things.

My main point is that you do have a number of things that are usefull inside your 1st BH that you can transfer to the 2nd BH of yours.

Contact 017 7551318 for more ideas.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Three Days At Sandakan BH !!!

After three days working and guiding those locals to finish decorating a BH in Sandakan, Sabah, I managed to see some interesting results.

With the monkey house completed and sound system installed carried out the bird  call operation just to see how effective it will be.

Every evening from 6:00 pm on wards the number of swiftlet responded were wonderful.

The owner enjoyed the view and I am sure he is very keen the start his BH as soon as he can.

Just enjoy all these pictures and clips.

Will write more once I am a bit free.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pedas BH: After Just 5 Months ............

A very unusual thingwhen the number of birds entering in the evening jumped by 121% as compared to the month earlier.

This was precisely what really happened in this Pedas BH.

The BH was handed over to me on a JV basis due to its poor performance for almost 6 years into operation.

I was asked to do what ever I wanted to and nurse it until such time the house is normal.

The owner in a way forced me to take over and help it.

I  took the offer due to several reasons and most important was its closed proximity to where I am staying.

What I told the owner was to arrest the owls entering the BH.

After which I revamped only the top most floor.

The rest of the floor can be modified once the top floor nests population is satisfactory.

As such my lay out to finance the revamp operation was about 1/3 as compared to working on all the three floors.

Once revamped I added lots of external and internal sound tweeters.

I introduced the hexagonal tweeter.

More external sound tweeters were added to pull those birds the moment they entered the LMB hole towards the back of the floor.

Created necessary VIP rooms.

Spray Mutiara aroma nearly every month.

Change the external and internal sounds twice.

Got hole of a neighbor to inform me if the external sound is dead.

After 4 months the number of birds climbed from 8 to 46.

Yesterday, the number of birds leaped to 102 after 5 months into operation.

I believed that it will continue to increase if there is no disruptions either to the sound system or attack from predators (owls especially).

Very pleased to write to the owner about her BH performing.

How I wish next month the number of birds jump to 204 birds.

Another 100 % up.

Why not?

I have listed a number of things to be done.

One very crucial is the installation of a water storage tank to humidify the BH.

The water droplets will help to wet the BH floor, increase the room humidity and of course will reduce the room temperature slightly.

Swiftlet love Bh that is cool and wet.