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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It was almost 3 years ago that I visited this mini BH but doing ok now !!!

(Back View Of ASPA Cottage BH)

Today visited this small BH located somewhere at ASPA cottage at Kuantan,Pahang, Malaysia about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

This simple BH is only about 20 feet by 40-50 feet and 8 feet ceiling height elevated about 15 feet above the ground.

The BH is made of magnesium board (external walls) plus heat insulating cellulose and covered with normal cement boards (internal walls).

Its frame is made of steel beams.

It used to be empty or lowly populated and the owner invited me to view and make my recommendations. That was about three years ago....

The BH looks good but due to lack of proper knowledge of the contractor he engaged the BH was running at a tortoise speed.Very slow and most of the time stagnant.  (tortoise stop to eat or drink)

He was very lucky to seek my advise.

I lost touch with the owner for quite some time and I did not realized that he carried out my recommendation (not all of it).

Recently out of the blues he called and wanted me to meet him for some interesting project at UMP faculty of business studies. (He work at UMP at a senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Studies)

I met him during my scheduled trip to Gambang and we chat about his future projects plus his BH.

I was very happy to know that he is looking at the same direction as I am on how to populate empty BHs.

He carried out research together with his fellow students who some are doing Degree and Masters.

What he wanted me to do was to help him to quick start his research works by offering my expertise, my time and my ideas on areas that will be useful to his team.

I was very proud to be invited and I told him that I will do whatever I can to help.

When I pushed the question about his BH status he smiled and replied that he did what I told him to do but not all but the result so far is outstanding.

"Tell me how many nests now?" I enquired.

"More than 60 and growing.  You are damn right about those bright light". he replied.

Prior to his revamp operation those birds choose only the back part but now with some doors being shut they are moving to new territories.

Only today I managed to enter and viewed what he actually did.

Due to the short length the BH have difficulties to control the light entering  from the main entrance hole.

I remember correctly what I asked him to do to get the right darkness and after moving some doors and closing some he managed to get the proper environment.

I told myself that the main reason why this BH owner called me back after such a long period of time was because my recommendation works.

If it does not performed I might already be a history in his address book.

He admitted that prior to my visit he was cheated by some wise guy who claimed to have a gadget that can make those bird sound soundless.

However today I added a number of additional things or recommendation that he needs his follow up.

One was to add a few external sound tweeters at all the three doors.

I was also not happy with the ventilation holes without any elbows and extended pipes.

When you stand inside at any corner of the BH with those light switched off I can see light coming from walls joints.  They look small but I insisted that he should fill them up with those cement fillers.

Many of those nests were used many times.  Some shown a kind of staggered nests and the  time is for him to harvest.

I introduced and showed to him how to apply the liquid super pheromone.

The best way to maximize the aroma is to brush a layer on all those new nests marking on all the nesting planks.

Those fake nests that are being used multiple times should be harvested and removed.

One interesting idea was to harvest and apply the pheromone on the nest markings.

His BH was getting very dry and you can easily see the nests shape.  They become uneven and wavy.  Some have a kind of gaps.

He need to look into the installation of a humidifier controlled by a auto sensor.

He was not very aggressive with the sound playing techniques. He played his external sound from 8:00 am till 10:00 am and from 5:00 pm till 7:30pm.

He was afraid of complains made by his neighbors.

So he loose the opportunities during 10:00 am till 5:00 pm about 7 hours window of missed opportunity.

I tough him a simple technique how to run the sound on a continuous basis but install a timer to blast a louder sound from 8:00 to 9:00 am and 7:20 pm till 7:45 pm only a single amplifier.

If he adopt all those recommendations I guarantee him that his nests numbers will double within 3-5 months.

He was very pleased with my help and I hope he will continue to look after his BH wisely.

If he needs my help I will be always available for him.

One thing that I wanted him to know that with the nests numbers there are many interesting research that can be carried out inside his unit.

(His team who are conducting research on how to populate empty BH)

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