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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paya Berenjut BH: How A BH Owner Learned To Apply 2X Concentration Liquid Super Pheromone !!!

 ( BH Owner Taught How To Applying The 2X Liquid)

I wanted to familiarize a BH owner on how to apply the 2X concentration "Super Pheromone" liquid in his BH.

This BH owner now has about 5 BHs.

About four months ago I was engaged by him to revamp two of the five.

Yesterday I took a long drive to meet him at his BH to introduce to him this new and special nesting plank aroma that is twice the normal concentration.

My main aim was more like educating him on how to improve his BH nests population.

The best way was to explain to him how the liquid will works and where to apply them.

Once he understood it functions I took him to a sundry shop to buy a wire brush, a pain brush, a feather duster and a small container.

We proceeded to one of his BH that are low ceiling height and this was where I taught him the technique of applying the pheromone.

First was to inspect where those birds prefer to stay inside his BH.

(The floor with lots of fresh bird shit will be the most ideal)

He should look at the floor to see which part of the room have the most number of bird shit spots.

For this BH at Paya Berenjut those birds seems to like the back part of the VIP room.

There were two favorite spots.

Lots of bird shit spots in a kind of row on the floor.

Most of the 90* corners were taken up.

The fake nests installed were also tenanted.

Once that is confirmed he now can check the nests or markings found on the nesting planks just above those fresh bird shits.

We discuss the options and finally decided to apply the pheromone on the right hand side of the VIP room.

He was given the task to clean the nesting planks using those wire brush and dust off all those dirt away.

After that was done I gave him the container filled with the 2X concentrated liquid plus a soft brush.

I gave him the instruction where to apply on the planks and make sure he apply the liquid smoothly.

He took the trouble to learn the technique and from now on he will be able to apply the liquid himself at other suitable locations plus inside the rest of his BHs.

The real issue here is "Will the liquid works?"

Well to make him comfortable I advised him to apply the liquid in stages.

Use a small amount during his first application in each of the 4 BHs.

After about 3-5 weeks he can carry out his inspection on those selected planks.

If there are lots of saliva markings or perhaps thick markings or new nests on those surfaces applied then he hit a jackpot.

He should proceed with a second phase.  Phase 2.

What he should do now is to increase the amount of 2x liquid and try to cover a larger areas inside the VIP room.

If he his cock sure that the 2X liquid is effective I told him to apply on all the nesting plank surfaces.

In this way his nests population with increase exponentially.

He agreed with my proposal and I know he is as excited as I am.

Look at the picture of him applying the 2X liquid.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Quick Stop At Cenih BH Closed To Kemaman !!!

This newly revamped BH was renovated, completed and put into operation about 3 months ago.

By who else?

I did several things inside.

I remember reducing the internal temperature to below 30*C on the upper floor using those heat shield materials.

The main entrance hole was opened wider. My preferred size is 3 feet wide and 4 feed high.

The BH was installed with a new hexagonal tweeter located just above the main entrance hole.

I also cut those roof overhang to about a foot long to allow easier access to the main entrance window.

I installed about 5 power tweeters to play the same external sound but louder during peak hours.

The BH internal tweeters were increased to almost 200 pieces per floor.

Took some trouble to installed a number of external sound tweeters inside the nesting rooms.

I never forget to have those fake nests nailed to the nesting planks.

The owner invited me to review the BH performance or perhaps provide anything new for the BH.

What he has in mind was the double concentration super pheromone liquid.

I took some time to drive up there and observe those birds flying in and out of the entrance hole.

In the evening took some time to count the number of birds entering.

I remember before revamping the number of birds counted by the owner was 180 birds.

As at yesterday it went up to 365 birds (counted using a manual counter).

A neighbor whose house is beside the BH was with me and he confirmed that the number now hit almost 400 plus.

To me this is something very common.

How I wish the number jumps to three or four times more.

Once the BH is revamped and equipped with those special gadgets the chances to push the population by at least 100 % is a piece of cake.

In this particular case the % increase exceeded 100 percent within three months.

The next three months I am looking at another 100% up without any new product introduced inside.

However if the owner apply the 2X concentration super pheromone I guess it will be moved up by another 200% within the next 3-4 months.

If this prediction really happen I would claim that we now have the formula to reactivate any sick BH.

Let us wait and see what happen in 4 months time.

There is no need to wait and see any longer. Call 017 7551318 now to try the 2X in your BH.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Things That I Did Without The Owner's Consent !!!

(Applied 2x Super Pheromone Liquid to the nesting planks crossings)

One of my favorite activities while carrying out any revamping operation of a sick BH is to do something without the consent or knowledge of the owner.

There are many reasons why I don't like to get their consent.

One of which is to start this long story why I need to do, what to apply, how to apply , what will be the consequences and so forth.

This is why I don't think it is a good idea to tell about what you wanted to try out.

The best is to keep it confidential and once those birds starts to populate the BH then explain to the owner.

In this way if nothing happens he won't noticed it and I can just keep to myself.

For the Sedili BH as you know I got the double concentration solution (The Super Pheromone).

What I did was to apply a small quantity to see what happened within the next few weeks.

I choose the top most floor inside both the VIP rooms.

I applied onto a couple of nesting planks plus specific areas especially in the middle area where the internal sound tweeters and fake nests were located.

I have a very strong feeling that this will work.

If they still refuse then I need to increase the concentration to 4 times.

"You miserable birds. Until when will you response to my pheromone?" that shall be the word in my head.

I am just joking.

If the new formula still give little response I might try to carry out a kind of selective application.

We need to identify which part of the BH they love to stay and choose the plank nearest to where those birds love to rest at night.

These locations will be ideal for the pheromone to be applied.

In the meantime I would like to share these photos taken after I applied the liquid.

If you happen to know the owner may I ask you not to tell him.

Let us hope that those wild birds will fall in love head over hills on those spots applied.

You might want to try the same thing in your BH.

All you need to do is call Harry at 017 7551318.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The First Ever Bird Shit Spots On The Ground Floor !!!

I whatsupp the above picture to the Sedili BH owner.

"Brother look what I have found on the ground floor of your Sedili BH?"

The picture shows a sizable bird shit spots on the  ground floor made by at least 5-10 birds that entered the night before.

This proved that they have no problem to fly to the lowest flow after the LAL areas were modified.

Prior to my intervention those birds were unable to find their way down.

The lowest floor will be the most difficult for them to fly to.

This phenomena is mainly due to a few good reasons.

First is the flying path that they need to take from the top most floor, actually the roof top, to the lowest floor.

If you make the path difficult to fly down those birds will not be impressed with the twists and turns.

I normally classify these wild birds as a lazy lots.

If you make it difficult for them to fly down to the nesting rooms they will usually will not make the attempt to locate those rooms.

Second more important observation is that if you allow them to fly freely to the top floor these birds will take an easy way out.

They will only stay to the top most floor.

So you need to curb them or make it more difficult to fly to the top most floor.

For this Sedili BH I erected a box to prevent them from entering the top most floor from the monkey house entrance hole.

The only way for them to populate the top most floor is to enter from the second entrance hole located at the back wall of the BH.

(The morning light hole)

The third is the morning light.

If you have no window facing the east or the morning sun direction those birds will also refuse to stay any place that is too far from the main entrance door or windows.

This is what is happening in most BHs that I have visited.

The owner is not aware about the importance of having the morning light coming into their BH to guide those birds out of their nesting rooms.

If you can plan your BH to have a window facing the east.

For this particular Sedili BH I opened a special hole just for the morning light purposes.

The hole was 3 feet by 1.5 feet and with no external sound tweeter around it.

Its main purpose is to allow the morning light to enter the BH.

The fourth and most important is how you use those external sound to pull them down.

Remember when they enter your new BH it is not because of you new BH but those attractive external sound.

If you know how and where to place those external sound tweeters correctly they will be pull down to those spots where you want them to be.

I focus more on the staircase and the LAL areas.

I know where to put those tweeters and how to control the sound volumes.

The final result is "HOLA" they came down during my test run during the last few days when I was about to hand over the BH.

It is good and proof a point.

If you know about what they likes or dislikes or their weakneses you should be able to push them to stay on the specific locations inside your BH.

Trust me

Call me at 107 7551318 or email you problems with your BH to

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jenjarum BH: After less then two months it went up by more than 100% !!!

 (The BH is just above this NKL Frozen Food Store)

I wanted to take a short cut from Port Klang Selangor to Sedili Johor.

My best bet was to use the old road passing Jenjarom Selangor towards KLIA and exit at Nilai onto the Plus highway.

This was what happened during this last minute decision.

When passing this small town called Jenjarom, Kuala Langat, Selangor I turned my car towards a BH that was recently revamped.

This once a time very sick BH was occupied with only with about 20 nests after a few years (two years plus) into operation.

The owner stumbled onto my blog and wasted no time in calling me for some teh tarik chat.

He was not sure on what to do with his BH and wanted a professional advise from me.

He did asked his father's opinion and the answer given was to get this so call BH doctor who save billions.

His father was referring to a newspaper cuttings that showed my picture on it.

"Papa this is the doctor who will be inspecting our BH" he told his father.

Sometime in July 2013 I was requested to inspect the BH and provided a list of things that he should carry out.

One important concern was the wall temperatures.

I insisted that he use the heat shield that I have been prescribing.

During that inspection period I was converting a BH at Salak Tinggi Sepang and was installing the heat shield.

With my invitation he dropped by to see how the heat shield was installed.

He took my many advises and stick to all the recommendations made.

I also pushed him to using my latest set of external and internal sounds.

Read this article: Jenjarum BH Visit 

I called him when I was in front of his BH,

I can see a number of birds flying in and out and told him that his BH looks okay from the outside.

His answer was something like this.

"Pak Harry after less than 2 months it went up by more than 100% from 20 up to 50 nests." he confirmed.

He was in Ayer Putih, Kemaman maintaining his 3 BHs there.

Remember he took 2 years to get 20 nests but after rectifying those hiccups using my recommendations it shot up with 30 more within 2 months.

"I believed that there are much more now but I have not entered for almost 2 months after my last visit". he added.

"The heat shield and those VIP rooms that you recommended are really effective Pak Harry.  They seems to like the BH internal temperature and its darkness." he assured me.

"Initially my workers make a few bad comments about the heat shield technique you recommended but I proved to them that they were wrong" he said.

I wanted him to inform me about its progress and I am looking at using his BH as the test site for the double concentration liquid pheromone.

Let us see if we can get more birds as compared to just revamping the BH.

Just imagine if the nests number be triple within two to three months ?

This is something that is not very difficult to reach and all he need to do is to carefully apply the new methods which I have in mind.

If you wanted to join me to apply the super pheromone please call me at 017 7551318.

This is something like a life time opportunity.

If you learn correctly you will have no difficulties to populate your BH or perhaps any BH.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Nice BH But Could Have Been Better !!!

Another BH which I think needs some comments from me.

This nice looking BH is very closed to the Sedili revamp BH.

I need to pass the unit every time I enter or leave the Sedili BH.

The thing that bother me was the way the entry area was situated plus the location where the hexagonal tweeter was placed.

The top entry hole should have be located at the end the the building.

This precise location will minimize the lighting problem inside on the top most floor.

Obviously the designer or the BH owner was new and is not well inform about those bright light.

The second point which I love to comment is where the hexagonal should be located.

It should be on the highest point of the entrance opening.

The current location is at the lowest point

The height where you place the hexagonal will help you to get more birds over your rooftop.

It is sad that the house looks very little birds flying about the entrance hole.

I am very sure that there is less than 10 nests inside.

One last point of interest is the way the owner stacked those wooden frames beside the BH.

This is not recommended.

The huge pile will attract lots of predators making their nests there.

I am sure if you clear the wood you will find lots of rats, cockroaches, crickets, ants and etc hiding inside the wood.

See if you agree on this last comment.

You might have your own comment but the above are all mine.

I might be wrong but I am sure with the so many years in swiftlet farming you can easily evaluate what are the common wrong things which can damage your chances.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sedili BH Revamp: A Well Done Job !!!

(Birds queuing to kiss my Last Tango power tweeters)

The BH owner came to visit the BH and he was so pleased with what he saw.

"Pak Harry during my way up here I was thinking of asking you to reduce your total fee.  However after looking at all the things that you did I am very impressed and decided to cancel the request". he said.

The things that I did inside his BH were much much more then what I listed in my original proposal.

The only thing that I could not comply was the hacking of his extra staircases blocking the LAL.

There will be a big chance of hurting my workers I told the owner.

I changed the plan by opening an LAL just beside the staircase.

The new hole seems to work well so far.

The best result was to locate a number of new bird shit markings on the ground floor.

The owner was very happy when I informed him that the birds for the first time have find their ways down to the lowest floor.

Took some pictures and precisely indicated where they were found.

There were a number of extra things that we did for him and I am glad that these on the spot decisions were useful for the sake of getting more birds to stay where they should.

One very interesting observation made after the revamp job was over was the regular visitors circling the BH rooftop.

I told the owner to observe his rooftop and compare with the other BHs closed to his.

"Oh ya, mine seems to have the most number of birds circling and entering the entrance holes.  The rest seems to be with no birds or little in number." he confessed.

I told him what I did and the selection of his external sounds.

He was pleased with it and his BH now have a better chance to be populated.

Not just the top most floor but all the three floors.

Good for him and I hope during my next visit, about 2 weeks from now, I can count the number of fresh bird shit spots on all the floors.

He was lucky that I applied about 100 ml of the double concentration super pheromone liquid on the top most floor.

I just wanted to test its effectiveness in Johor.

The middle floor nesting planks were applied with standard concentration.

Changed all his internal sounds to Super BabyKing.

I told him that to pull his birds downstairs I used a total of 80 pieces of external sound tweeters.

The first BH with lots of external sound playing tweeters.

Main focus was those areas around the staircases and LAL.

The next locations were the VIP rooms.

An interesting BH with a lot of research works that can help my study about how to get those birds inside the VIP rooms.

Let us monitors its progress and hope those wild birds love what were carried out inside.

(One of the most crucial was to open this LAL)

(The old entrance hole with pole tweeters and owl spikes)

(The waste wood corners installed)

(Another interesting view of the waste wood corners)
(The row of cluster tweeters with fake nests installed)

(The roving area when those birds enter the top floor)

(The water pool backed with chicken coop humidifier)

(Look at the partition erected with about 4 feet wide door)

(A well erected partitions) 

(The main entrance hole facing the birds flying path, was widen)

(The owl trap ready to strike)

(CCTV cameras in operation)

An Interesting BH Just At The Back Of Sedili BH !!!

I wanted to get a better view of the Sedili BH and took a long walk to the back of the BH.

My first encounter was this large size BH that was about 100 meters away from the revamp BH.

It seems that this BH have about 30-50 nests but was recently attacked by owl.

An owl couple came to stay inside and many of the BH tenants refuse to return home.

This BH is something like 50 feet wide by 80 feet length and three stories high.

The very unique thing about this BH are two things:

First the building uses a top entry with a tall wall blocking the birds from going any further.

The second observation was the loud external sound that will blast your ear drums.

The most interesting to me is the tall wall that was erecting to prevent birds from going to some other BH.

This wall might be also preventing the heavy monsoon wind from the sea on the east.

This wind breaker will help those birds to steady their flight direction to enter the top entry hole.

The two loud speakers were facing the North.

I am sure the flying path was from North-West.

However the loud sound do attract those wild birds to come to the rooftop and some will enter.

If not due to those owls attack this BH might have more than 30 nests now.

The location was perfectly below the birds flying path so do the BH which I am revamping right now.

If this BH can do well I think the revamp BH will follow the same direction.

What it needs is some good and loud external sound to attract more birds to enter the BH.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sedili BH Revamp: The Toughest was to widen the LAL !!!

(The staircase is larger than the LAL)

Among the many things that were very critical I told the owner that his LAL size was the highest on my list.

How do you expect the birds to find the LAL if it is too small and wrongly located?

I was given two choices to enlarge the LAL.

My first option was to remove the staircases.

This option was not accepted by my workers.

Their main concern was something about their safety when hammering the staircase.

It can fall down two floors down if something goes wrong.

The last option was to widen the opening by cutting the floor on the other side of a beam.

This was safer but hard work.

The floor was those poured cement and factory prepared.

They are solid and tough to cut through.

The work to cut them was back breaking but we have done the first part.

I showed the owner and explained to him how big it will be.

He agreed with it and looking forward that those birds will soon start to colonize the lower floors.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let Us Count The Number Of Times It Tripped !!!

This is how a standard blip on the gadget will work.

It show you that the blip comes once every second.

The following next video clip shows the BH owner how many times the electrical trips occurred.

A very interesting gadget and the cheapest so far.

If my eyes is right the number of times it blips was 12 times.

You can imagine the cost to rush up from your home to this BH to reactivate the electrical system.

Since it cost is pretty low it is wise for every BH to install one.

Reduce the frequency of electrical failure.

Remember if there is no sound your BH is considered dead.

Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Test Run Will Be At Sungai Rambai Malacca BH !!!

I have decided to conduct the first test run using the latest double concentration super pheromone liquid in Malacca.

This new decision was made due to several reasons and one of them is because I will be driving down to Sedili today and will be passing Malacca.

My plan is to drop by the recently revamped BH at about 10:00 am today and check the BH progress.

Once that is completed I shall locate the right spots to apply the liquid.

My selection criteria will be based on the bird shits signs on the floor,

The liquid will help to get more birds to start erecting their nests if those birds can find the applied spots.

Remember the liquid will not be able to function properly if your BH is not visited by the birds.

So if your BH is not visited try not to apply the liquid first.

Get a proper external and internal sounds and pull those birds into your BH.

Once you can see them flying in your chances to be successful in applying those liquid will be higher.

In the case of Malacca I know where they love to stay but before I make up my mind I will inspect all the floors and choose the areas with the most number of fresh bird shits.

I will use a special brush to apply the liquid onto the planks above those fresh bird shits signs.

Will sweep those bird shit away and see what happen after this.

I will be able to see the result within the next three to four weeks.

Will take some photos to compare before and after.

Don't worry I will report the matter for all of you to refer.

If you wish to run a test please write to me or call me at 017 7551318

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excited To Cross Another Milestone !!!

I am looking forward for this coming Deepavali !!!

Hey Macha it not because of celebrating the Deepavali but the long weekend.

The long holiday will start on  November 2nd and ended on November 5th.

Four days to spare and do you know what I planned to do with the four days?

My biggest excitement in to deploy the double concentrated liquid pheromone inside two BH in Penang and one in Kedah.

The freshly brewed pheromone arrive today and I think this will be a perfect way on how to spend my long holiday.

Those of you who wanted to share the fun please call me at 017 7551318.

The five liter bottle arrived from my laboratory and I need to transfer them into smaller portions to cater for the number of tests activities around the Peninsular.

My first target will be at Nibong Tebal BH number one and number two.

The owner have agreed to carry out the tests in two of his many BHs and will help in selecting the proper spots to apply the liquid.

I have earlier suggested to deploy the tests inside at least two of the many BHs he owned.

Most probably one will be in a BH with 1000 nests and the second test will be in another BH of his with 2000 nests and above.

The two tests in Nibong Tebal will increase my chances since they are heavily populated BHs.

The third location shall be in a BH at Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

Have not inform the owner but I am sure he will be very happy to know what I am doing for the sake of accelerating the nests population.

This BH has a lot of potential since the number of birds visiting is always on the high side.

Those external sounds seems to be very effective and most of the time you can see the birds flying in and out.

Those of you who wanted to carry out the test using my double concentrated liquid pheromone please do call 017 7551318.

I need to visit your BH to view the conditions before allowing the test to be carried out.

Limited test quantity but will get more once proven.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How You Can Increase The Fake Nests Occupancy Rate !!!

What is so special about using those fake nests and how many percent of them will be occupied?

The use of fake nests to increase your BH birds population is something that you should consider.

If you lay down your action plan on how to quickly get more birds inside, you cannot ignore the fact that fake nests do helps.

What those fake nests does is to provide a kind of platform onto which those young birds can quickly erect their nests.

Once done the young couple can immediately mate (copulate) and within the next 8 days (plus minus 8 days) the female bird will lay her first egg.

The second egg will be laid usually on the next day or the day after.

The two birds will take turns to incubate the two eggs until the two hatched and it takes about 18-20 days or so.

This young couple upon laying their first egg inside your BH they will in fact become your permanent tenant of yours.

It looks easy in installing those fake nests.

But to me you have to carefully study how to make those fake nests be quickly tenanted.

The first thing you need to do is to find the right type of fake nest.

Once that have been determined you now need to know where these fake nest shall be installed.

Should is be near the monkey house?

Should it be at the VIP rooms?

What about how far should it be installed from the tweeters?

Is it at the internal or external sound tweeters?

Should it be place in the middle or the lower part of high up the plank?

All the above questions must be carefully understood before installing these fake nests.

Remember if you install the fake nests blindly it will be a shear waste of your energy and money.

What about increasing the occupancy rate of these fake nests?

The general rule of the thumb is that if you install 100 pieces only 10-15% will be occupied within one year of its installation.

If you wanted to increase the percentage to 50% and above what do you think is the answer?

Try this simple idea.

Soak the fake nests inside a pail of super pheromone for about a few minutes and dry them up.

The best is to carry out this soaking and drying on the same day when you wanted to install them.

If you do it long ago the smell will be lesser and less effective.

Once dried install each of them closed to those internal sound tweeters, about 1.5 inches to the left of right of the selected tweeters.

Remember the internal sound tweeters and not those external sound playing tweeters !!!

The fake nest should not be too low or to high but about 2.5 inches below the ceiling.

If you wanted to see more occupant I suggest that you use the double concentrated super pheromone liquid.

Carry out these advises carefully and I guarantee you that your BH will have more birds inside.

If you are not sure then what?

All the best to you.

Call me at 017 7551318 for more information if you think you wish to try the above idea.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cheapest Auto Starter For Your BH !!!

I fully recommend the installation of this special gadget that can auto activate your electrical system once it shut down due to electrical surges.

I find it very important to those BHs that are located far from home.

The actual function of this special gadget is to reactivate the electrical system once the entire system shut down normally due to lightning.

If your BH is in a lightning prone areas you have very little choice but to install this special gadget.

Among the many brands that I have came acrossed this unit installed at Sedili BH called GUARD is the cheapest and fully electronic.

When I say cheap in this particular gadget is only RM 385.

A normal set by Hager is closed to RM 1000.

Another model from ABB is closed to RM1200.

I will be getting the address of the shop where to buy the item from the owner and trust me this can cut down not only your cost by one third but it will be less hassled to rush up and down to reactivate your control box.

The box have three light indicator on it.

The one at the far left will tell you how many times your BH have been attacked by electrical surges.

A normal blip like one blip per two sec is normal but once the fault occurred the blip count per two seconds will be the total number of faults detected.

It seems that during my last trip during a heavy thunderstom the number of blips went up to 6 blips every two seconds.

The correction time taken were so swift so much so you do not realized that there were a number of surges.

Without the gadget I am sure the whole electrical system will shut down and there will be no electrical supplies until some one turns affected handle switch up.

This is something very interesting and most of all the cheapest in the market.

Try to look around for the same product if you wanted to install one at your BH.

If you cannot find one let me know and I will try to order for you.

Have a look at these pictures:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lighting Inside Your BH !!!

During my first visit into a BH located in Penang I saw a number of "street lights" on the staircase and on the BH floor areas.

As far as I know or understand bright light inside your BH is something you need to avoid but this BH owner have the opposite idea.

I asked him why he placed so many of this lighting and who asked him to?

His answer was more towards his previous Sifu who got him into swiftlet farming.

Well I have to say that after a number of years (5 years at least) his BH is populated with about 1000 nests and most of these birds hide at the far end of the BH.

Recently they stop multiplying and he could not find the reasons why.

This was why I was invited to view the BH and provided him with some solutions.

One of my recommendation was to remove all those lamps he installed inside the nesting rooms and the staircase areas.

But it crossed my mind about why his BH was still populated even with those dimmed light were installed inside.

My conclusions are as follows:

1) His unit might be the only one that started many years ago.  Since there were no other BH around him those birds might have very little choice but to adopt to the bright light.

2) The light on the staircase might be useful in pulling those birds downstairs. The light must have show the way downstairs.

3) The light was very dim or low intensity and most of the nests were at corners where little light will disturb them.

I strongly believed that bright light is something these swiftlet will not be happy with.

Main reason being the chance for their nests to be invaded by those intruders such as crows or hornbill or any other predators are very high.

They are gifted with echo sounder and using it in total darkness will help to find the right spot to built their nest.

You might want to test my theory.

Just try this idea to move all new nests to a specific nesting room(s).

Just imagine your BH has three nesting rooms.

Most of the nests are found in room number say number one.

You wanted the nests to be located inside room number two.

Room three also have some nests.

What you do to proof my theory is that install a light bulb about maybe 10 watts inside the two rooms with nests and let the second room be as dark as you can.

Make sure the internal sounds are also loud as compared to the two other rooms.

Count the nests in the three rooms before and after.

Within 5-6 weeks you might see where most of the new birds will be staying or building their nests.

My prediction is room number 2.

Try to proof that I am wrong !!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reminder on November 9th 2013 Swiftlet Farming Seminar !!!

Please take note of the coming Swiftlet Farming Seminar scheduled on November 9th 2013.

Location: Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

Time: 8:30 am till 5:30 pm.

Title: Swiftlet Farming Seminar.

Fee: RM 1300 and early birds RM1100.

This seminar is suitable for newbies and those who own BH or about to own their first BH.

It will cover some basic introduction plus latest methods discovered to lure more birds into your BH.

For more details call 017 7551318.

Looking forward for more participants.

Just 2 Months The Nests Population Went Up By At Least 15% !!!

(Actual picture showing the BH that was with dormant nests increment syndrome)

The owner of this BH in Penang wanted to have lunch with me during my trip back to my home town.

Since I was given the opportunity to carry out some tests inside his BH I graciously accepted his lunch offer.

His background was a developer but now curtail his contracting job and focus more on his BHs.

He told me that he owned at least 7 BHs and the top performance were those that he showed me.

During the first meeting with him he wanted my advises on how to reactivate his BHs facing a serious "Dormant Nests Increment Syndrome.

All the three BHs were facing this uncalled syndrome for almost two years.

The first was with about 2000 nests while the remaining two with about 1000 nests.

They simply stop increasing for almost two years.

He was a bit disturbed and have very little idea on what and who to turn to.

He was also not very competent with the computer.

He was lucky that one of his son is a computer savvy person.

That was how his son discovered my blog site

They took many months to follow my daily article and at one time the owner called me for a short chat on the phone but did not make any attempt to invite me to visit his sick BHs.

I guess after trying to find other alternatives failed he finally called me to visit his BHs.

That happened some time  in August 2013.

After receiving his son's call I told them that I shall be in Sungai Patani on the next day and free on the following day.

Both confirmed to receive me and wanted me to take a good look at three of their 7 BHs.

The moment I entered their BHs I summarized all the observations made and recommended them on what they should do.

After having the full written report in hand they quickly proceeded with all what I recommended.

I help them in assembling a number of gadgets for them and true enough their three BH nests population started to move positively.

Just imagine two years with no movement and after carrying out my recommendations their nest population shot up by at least 15 % or more within just 2 months.

I am really feel happy for them and all my observations were true.

I have a very strong feeling that within the next 10 months the nest number will grow by 85% more.

This will push the nests number to double.

Can you imagine that the BH with 2000 nests will climb up to 4000 nests and the two BH with 1000 nests will shot up to 2000 nests each?

"Pak Harry ever since we installed all those that your recommended those birds seems to love staying inside.  Before this they will leave the BH once we entered but now they prefer to stay inside."

Yesterday when I entered one of the three BHs I was very impressed with the signs on the floor and the nesting planks.

Those areas that were not with any nests seems to show lots of signs and new nests were clearly seen.

"Yes Pak Harry the population seems to be increasing and we are so glad to have met you." the exact word from the owner.

I reminded the owner that this is not the end.

If you wish to get your BH full you need to follow some more advises from me.

What I told him to do during my first visit was just the first few important steps.

There are still more things to do that will push his nests population to the maximum.

"You might be able to move all those birds from your neighbors over if you continue to implement more new ideas that I have." I told him.

I think my research works is getting better and more positive results.

I hope one of this day I will discover the actual secrets on how to populate any BH.

Pray for me and let us hope that my wish will come true.

Birds At Sedili BH Window Frame !!!

Have a look at the number that got stuck on the window frame.

Try to count how many of them.

They seems to be very happy to hang around the frame listening to the Pukau2Rev external sound.

This was taken in Sedili BH which was under revamp.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Its Getting More Exciting With The Newly Formulated Super Pheromone !!!

I consider this latest development on the use of Super Pheromone as my new milestone in swiftlet farming.

These swiftlet species found in Peninsular Malaysia seems to have, I should say this earlier, stuck nose problem.

What happened in this particular experiment was to change the Pheromone concentration to two times it normal strength.

The test was conducted in a BH with about 1000 nests on September 2013.

My main reason to conduct this test was to prove about my theory that swiftlet species found in Peninsular Malaysia seems to give very little attention to my standard concentration Super Pheromone.

So far the standard concentration have be very effective in other part of the world (Vietnam, Cambodia, Sabah and Sarawak).

However when applied in Peninsular Malaysia the ratio of success was about 1:10.

I keep telling myself that there must be something not right with either the Pheromone or the sensitivity of those birds nose.

What came to my mind was to get a higher concentration and I managed to get my buddy to send a couple of grams of its concentrate and mixed with some water.

To get it to the double concentration I given the steps to mix the two.

After getting the blended liquid I took the sample for a test run inside a BH located in Nibong Tebal, Penang.

The BH owner was kind enough to allow me to select the nesting planks to be applied.

In fact his son applied as per my instruction.

Four nesting planks each about 8 feet long were applied on one side.

That was carried out in early September 2013.

Yesterday after about six weeks, I was given the opportunity to visit the same BH for our closer examination.

The result was exciting.

All the four planks, the applied surfaces, shows lots of saliva markings.

I urged the owner and his son to inspect to confirm my findings and they agreed to what I saw.

I took a few photos and would like to share with all my blog readers.

Remember this is not my sale gimmick but this is something that I love to share with all those who wanted to get their BH populated.

This Super Pheromone is something that we cannot ignore unless you wanted to continue with your current slow pace.

My next step for this BH in Nibong Tebal is to carry out another phase.

This special phase will use the newly formulated Super Pheromone liquid (2X), and we shall attack all the nesting planks of a selected zone.

This selected zone shall be the least populated in the whole BH.

The planks shall be properly clean (scrub with wire brush) and a layer of the new formula shall be applied.

I believed this new phase will confirm my suspicion on those stuck nose theory that I have.

Will keep you all posted once we carry out the project.

I am looking at November 2nd or 3rd 2013 to carry out this special arrangement.

The owner have agreed to work on this new invention and I will be glad to share the results within 5-6 weeks after the application.

The good news is that we will soon have the right nesting plank aroma to lure more birds inside our BH.

Those of you who would like to try please call me at 017 7551318 for my terms and conditions.

We need to conduct more research on this product and your help in allowing the test to be carried out will benefit every BH owners in Peninsular Malaysia.

You know something?

I think if those stuck nose swiftlet are attracted to the new formula, just imagine what it will do to those BHs in areas that have swiftlet species without stuck nose problem.