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Thursday, July 31, 2008

AgroWorld Megazine July 2008.2005 !!!

I received a call from Johor Bahru and it was a lady.

"Harry I saw your handsome picture in the Agroworld magazine."

Wow, I am getting the treatment as a star celeb.

Since I have never subscribe to the magazine, I confessed to her that I would like to have a copy. Yes she sent me a copy and there on page 076 a full article on me and my swiftlets blogging activities.

Now I remember who took my picture and when. It was during the Tanjing Malim GAHP seminar. I was the last speaker for the day and immediately after the talk I remember a guy came forward to have a few pictures taken and he introduced himself as a reporter from Agroworld. "Harry I will be writing about you in the next issue, he said."

How lucky to be featured in such a wonderful magazine.

Credit goes to Dr. Reduan from Jabatan Haiwan who accepted me as an invited guess. My picture will not be in this megazine if not because of him.


Ben Gan said...

"AgroWorld' is a fairly popular magazine. Now that you have become more popular, be prepared for more calls and present surprises ahead.


Dave said...

I think soon you will become a celebrity.If u want to be more faster,may be arrange kind of false allegation like "solomy",guarantee u on the front page of all media.Ha....Ha....
Anyway,like it or not,u are almost already one in the industry.Keep up the good job.