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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Day After The Penang Productivity Seminar !!!

(This Tasik Glugor BH has its own set of Problems from the beginning)

Just after delivering my talk on how to increase your BH activity, I was invited to visit a BH located somewhere in Tasik Gelugor, Prai.

The owner was this contractor who was thinking of securing his future retirement plans.

He told me about his very unique story when he got the police involved.

He begin with attending a seminar on swiftlet farming.

Soon after he engaged this so called group of consultants (at least four people).

He asked for their help to erect his dream BH on a piece of agriculture land.

His mistake was to promise them like 20% of the harvest if they make sure the BH runs well.

Trouble started to brew when they don't event know which direction the main entrance hole should be facing.

Then came a very big problem.

Someone make a police report and claimed that he bought the 20% stake that was allocated for those consultants.

In the first place he claimed that the allocation was verbal and subject to the BH completed and successful.

However those "consultant" sold the stake to a third party and ran away with about RM10,000.

"Pak Harry at that time the BH was not completed and then come this person who I have never met claimed that he own 20% of the BH."

This was when both went to make the police report.

Two of the consultant were jailed but the third met an accident and died.

A very interesting story which you might want to learn and avoid such stupid consultants.

Anyway I inspected the BH and I noticed a lot of errors.

1) The BH was too bright.

2) The nesting planks were cover with dust and fungus.  I told him how to clean them using salt water and later apply a layer of raw nests water.

3) The number of external sound tweeters were too little and those installed were dead.

4) No hexagonal tweeter.  I stressed to him that any BH with no hexagonal tweeters is a dead BH.

5) The main entrance hole was too small.  Afraid of owl but I am sure there are ways to fix that.

6) The second window leading from the tunnel into the ground floor nesting room was too big.  The light were polluting the nesting room.

7) The ventilation holes were not with any extension pipe.  He should install about 2 feet long extension pipes at every 90* elbows installed.

8) There was no VIP room inside.  Told him where to erect the walls.

9) The amplifiers were not properly connected and set.

10) The BH have no humidifier.  I told him to look into installing at least one unit per floor (his BH is very small) but must be activated using those humidistat with 85%RH setting.

11) I asked him to open a connecting door to the room below the tunnel.  Currently he need to climb the wall to enter the room.

12) Those walls that were reflecting the sun rays should be painted with black colored water based paint.  Not all the walls but only those that were reflecting direct of secondary sun light.

13) Once the partitions were done he need to re orientate the tweeters direction.  Those tweeters must face the flight path coming in.

14) He should consider to install new fake nests.  He currently have some but new one should be deployed and installed precisely where they should be installed.

15) Inside his nesting room there was no external sound tweeters.  I advised him to install some at strategic location.

He was carrying out some revamp works on the top floor however I discouraged him.

What I saw was that the number of nests on the ground floor looks as if the birds prefer the lower floor.

With his financial constrain I recommended him to focus his attention to work on the ground floor.

Once your ground floor is occupied with 300 nests you get the top floor renovated.

Use the income generated from the ground floor to renovate your top floor, I told him.

While walking around the BH I suggested to him about planting papaya trees.

Plant about 20-30 plants and when these tree bare fruit harvest them and make them as insect generator.

Use those kitchen blender and blend them.

Mix with some yeast and ferment them for about 7 days.

After that place them inside the room below the tunnel.

These insects will bring more visitors to your rooftop and I think they will be your tenant.

I listed to him a few things that he need to do and once set I would be very pleased to come for a final inspection.

I wish he follow my recommendations.

I told him that I am not the kind of those four consultants who will sell their shares away.

I never even ask for any profit sharing, did I?

Have a look at some of those pictures taken.

(Half BH half residential)

(The monkey house construction)

(Can you see any hexagonal tweeter?)

(The main entrance hole is too small)

(Can you count how many tweeters are at the main entrance hole?)

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