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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Size Of Your Entrance Hole !!!

What is the most attractive size of the entrance hole in a BH???

These answers might be something that you should consider:

1) If you have a new BH, the bigger the better.

2) If your BH is already with a sizable number of birds, you might want to reduce the size to an optimum.

For reason number 1) given, I would like to say that this is very crucial. Since there are no other birds going in or coming out yet, all new birds feel rather unsafe to enter.

Please take note, when I say entrance hole I mean the hole that you placed between the roving area and the opening where the birds are flying in. It could be between the roving and the pool room (the open roof method) or the roving and the outside (for dog kennel type).

They are still not used with the new BH and feel trap with a small entrance hole.

What I suggest is to have an opening as big as a normal door of 5'wide X 10'high.

Make sure you design as such that you can close half the door once your BH have at least 500 nests.

For item 2), once your BH is pretty filled with the nests, say 500 of them, you can actually reduce the hole size to slightly smaller then 5' X 10'.

I suggest that you reduce the size by half, at least.

You should never reduce the size in one go but by stages. Remember if you do then there will be a lot of dead birds on the floor.

The disadvantage of having too big an entrance is difficulties in stabilizing your BH internal air temperature and humidity. This is something that you have to take a careful thought.

However if there the humidity and temperature are perfect but not a single birds bother to enter the house, then it is better to opt for a larger entrance hole.

You need them to enter and populate your BH first then you control the humidity and temperatures.

So if you think about this article carefully you will be able to understand why your BH currently after being in operation for months but not one birds wanted to enter.

Learn something and apply them carefully and I hope there will been an immediate increase in numbers of birds populating your new BH.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Owl & Predators Electrical Fencing !!!

I have recently found a simple but effective way of preventing your birdhouse being invaded by Owl or other predators.

The gadget consisted of three parts:

1) The AC to DC converter.

2) Steel Wires.

3) Plastic Anchors.

With these three items you can actually DIY the fencing your BH.

U need to firstly identify where those owls will perch to survey your BH entry areas.

This can be either on the roof areas or the entrance hole opening.

Once you identify these perching points, you need to estimate the length of the area for you to lay the wires and place your order.

The plastic anchors are to be used for those wires to be side by side. Something line the railway line. One is carrying the positive current while the other shall be the negative current.

If anything should lay their feet or bodies crossing the two wires they will get the zap (shock).

If you look at it carefully the zapping current can also use to protect those house lizards, geckos, monitor lizards, crows, pigeons, snakes and any others that will scares your Birds.

The product is affordable and can be order by calling 017 755 1318.

Is It Alright If My Internal Sound Is Accidentally Off !!!

"Pak Harry, I need your advise on internal sound. If my internal sound was switched off accidentally, is it alright?"

The are two possibilities:

If your house is new and without any nests with young birds it is bad for your BH however if you have a couple of nests with babies in them then it is alright.

You need to imagine yourself as one of those birds entering the house in the evening. The moment the external sound is off, says 8.00pm, you will normally move to those internal sound generating tweeters.

If there is no sound being played you might want to fly out of the BH.

This is because those birds will not feel secured or safe if they are alone with no baby or colony or mating sounds.

If there are many baby birds making those chipping noises all over then it is alright.

This come to how important it is to have the internal sound played from 8.00pm till midnight.

If you rotate your internal sound try not to change those sound before midnight. What I meant is that never to stop the internal sound at any time from say 7.30pm till midnight. What I am afraid is that if you should change the amplifier at 8.30 then there will be a few seconds gap of no internal sound.

This small gap might cause those birds to fly away.

If you change the amplifier at 12.00 midnight then they have no choice but to stay since outside there are too dark for them to be switching home.

Hope this article is useful toward your understanding on how to populate your new BH.......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

See What They Would Do To Protect Their Young !!!

They are just like human and we took them for granted .....

Read about how this female birds protect her chicks from drowning.

Foung at:

The Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water's passage and causing the gutter to flood.

But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest.

The images were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Dennis Bright at a house in Fareham, Hampshire.

Mr Bright said he was astounded by the female bird's behaviour.

"The nest was tucked away from the weather in the shade of the roof but it was so close to the downpipe the gutter flooded when it rained.

"It was only a matter of seconds before the pipe flooded, and water cascaded over the sides."

Mr Bright said he was amazed by the bird's ingenuity.

"She had to come up with a solution so she puffed herself up so she was twice the size of her mate and used her body as a cork to stop the water - it was absolutely amazing.

"She was very dedicated, sitting there even when the rain was hammering down. Then every half an hour she would get out, dry herself off and come back.

"The male was doing most of the work - feeding her and the chicks when she was sitting in the pipe. I feel so lucky to have witnessed something so rare and unique."

Hester Phillips, from the RSPB, said she had never seen such a situation.

"We've heard of them nesting in some unusual sites before, namely on the top of traffic light, but we've certainly not come across anything like this before.

"Birds can be amazingly hardy creatures, their endurance is incredible - especially when protecting their young."

They are just marvellous creatures ......

What If Someone Told You That Birds Do Have Feeling !!!

Many of us think that only human being have feelings not animals !!!.

All this while when our car hit a dog or a cat or a lizard or a snake or a bird, we thought that they are just animals. They do not have feeling or why we bother.

Just have a good look at these pictures and see the reaction of the one that is still alive:

Here his wife is injured and the condition is fatal.
She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.

Here he brought her food and attended to her with love and compassion.

He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead.

He tried to move her....a rarely-seen effor! t for swallows!

Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come back to him again,
he cries with adoring love.He stood beside her, saddened of her death.

Finally aware that she would never return to him, he
stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.

Millions of people cried after watching this picture in
America and Europe and even in Asia . It is said that the
photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to the
most famous newspaper in France . All copies of that
newspaper were sold out on the day these pictures were published.

And many people think animals don't have a brain or feelings?????

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visited Port Dickson Agricultural Land 900 acres !!!

I felt very proud to be invited to view and conduct a bird call test yesterday in Port Dickson, N9.

The invitation was from the chairman of the company who 3 years ago bought the piece of agricultural land, 900 acres.

Huge and slightly on the hilly side.

There seem to be a road under construction by the JKR worth about 30 million ringgit through the land. I bet once the road is ready the land value with increase sharply.

Well since I was invited to the site, I told them to choose the right location. It was about 10.00 am in the morning. Rather late to see any of those swiftlets on the open land at this time of the day.

My target was to be closed to the boundary with the Forest Reserves. These birds usually search for food on the forest canopy at around this time.

1st test was on the open area. Result was not more then 20 birds.

2nd test was on the new road under construction: 120 birds

3rd test was beside the forest boundary: 250 to 500 birds.

4th test was beside a water pond close to the forest boundary: 200 -500 birds.

Interesting, from far you can see those black spots flying above the canopy, the moment you switch on the Duress, they will immediately swarm over the gadget.

The owners and all who were there were impressed and in principal would like to construct one.

I told them to do more tests and make sure that there won't be any surprises.

Will sent to them a new piece of gadget for testing works tomorrow.

I hope they will proceed with the ideaand do not back out within a few short weeks.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Raub Old Cinema Theater Turns Into A BH ....

I was reading some news about Raub theater.

A well known guy from Raub used the theater in a show he produced about his school days.

I took a closer look at the theater and it looks fine to me. Repainted but I was informed that the theater now is a bird house.

I met the owner who bought it for one million and spend another Rm120,000 to turn the theater into the largest BH in Raub.

What attracted him most was a row of shops just beside this theater. Their owners converted these shops into BH are it seem that there are doing well. In the evening there will be thousands of birds flying in and out. That was only about 15 feet away.

I guess the promise of good money from those white gold must have make the new owner to turn it into a BH.

Have a good look and enjoy viewing some pictures I took while coming back from Raub.

The Theater

The row of shops with lots of Birds 15 feet away

Just on the opposite side of the road in front there are a few more BHs which you can view from the road that are higher then their roof top.

So with the theater converted into a bird house, Raub town now is without any theater to go to.

That is sad. I am sure I would love to go to the movie once in a while. It would be nice to take your kids to town and movie viewing is one of the best activities......

A Very Special Day While In Melaka !!!

Today I considered as a very special day.

I got a call from someone of whom I respect so much as the Swiftlet Farming Industry player.

I was with Mr.Sh in Melaka waiting for his electricians to turn up to fix those tweeters, hexagonal tower, electrical shock fence, the humidifiers and many other.

Suddenly a call came from SP.

"Harry this is Dato B and when are you coming back to SP?"

Yes Dato, how are you. I am so surprise to receive your call. I might be in SP on this Saturday and Sunday. Yes what can I do for your Dato.

"Please drop by in SP and call me. I would like to know more about your ideas. Let us have a cup of coffee."

Yes Dato I will be truely honoured.

So I have to skip other plans but to meet the one that I admired so for long and have never been able to sit together to talk about swiftlet farming.

I hope this weekend meeting will be a memorable one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bird House Aroma Research Works !!!

I wanted to do a bit more then blogging. The time have come for me to do something more then writing.

I wanted to conduct a research on the best Aroma For BH.

Main objective of my research is to come out with the most appropriate guidelines on how a person can DIY to locate the aroma suitable for his/her BH(s).

I started a new blog on the topic :

I have invited a couple of blog readers to participate.

I have selected four samples for the research.

I will try to use them myself in separate BHs under my care.

Those who participate in my research works will benefit from my works and they will be given the opportunity to share my findings when the time comes.

They also will be given adequate guidelines on how to apply the aroma samples.

I might even visit their BH to conduct the appropriate tests.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Credit Cards: Be Carefull When You Have Use Them !!!

I briefly reads the new about Barak Obama, US President, sign laws to regulate the credit cards companies.

Read This:

I believe our Government should look into the same matter soon.

In my experience as a credit card user, I think these credit card companies are nothing more then those "along" ie money lender who impose so many rules that benefited more to them then the consumers.

They will reap you off every month. Just imagine if the have 10 million cards issued and they levy a fee of 1 ringgit per card per month, they will make 10 million every month.

These are some of those things that they will reap you off:

1) The said that their fee is say 16% a year but if you are late in payment they will change another 1% of the balance that you miss to pay every month of being delayed. In this was the 16% they said will jump to may be 20% a year. The more times you forgot or missed to pay the more the yearly sum that you need to pay.

2) If you are a bad paymaster, the 16% per year will no longer be 16%. They black mark you and they will increase their interest to something like 18%. This is because you do not read the fine prints.

3) I was surprised this morning when my wife indicated that without telling the credit card companies now are charging 100 ringgit per month for those gadget used by her clinic. Before this you need to pay 100 ringgit per year.

4) She also indicated that beside the 3% fee which the credit companies charge her they also charge a ringgit more for each transaction.

See how cruel they are to the innocent consumers and the outlets.

My advise to all of you is to come out with a plan to eliminate those cards from your wallet. You can remove them by not using them any longer and try to use debit card.
Do not be tempted to those special offers advertised on the news. They are all just a trap for you to be their slaves.

What I did was to review all those cards that I was using, I got three cards at that time, and eliminate one by one.

I got hold of the monthly bills and started my special program on eliminating them. I focus in removing the easiest one first and then zoomed to the second easiest and finally eliminate the last.
The best I did was to get a scissor and cut all the 3 credit cards from your wallet. I feel so good and more determined to get rid of all the 3 cards.

I opened and now use my new debit card, which is within my control.

Nowadays I do not have to worry about the credit cards charges to be paid every month.
If you wish to learn more on the technique I used, DIY credit cards eliminator, just write to me at

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Most Powerful Insecticide In Palm Oil Plantation Industries !!!

A new blog reader from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was with me today.

He wanted me to take him and a friend to the Sungai Rambai Yu He Swallow City. Wanted to look how those bird house looks likes from the inside, the nesting planks arientation, the beam, the walls, the ventilation holes, the staircases, the LAL and so on.

He wanted to develop a piece of land in Sabah and right now he got zero ideas about BH.

Well as usual, I took my time off for him and we met at Sungai Buloh Jenjantas. He came from KLIA and I was from Jln Duta.

We have a snack and after receiving his friend we proceeded to Sungai Rambai, Kuala Selangor.

Along the way he was explaining to me about Palm Oil planting. He indicated to me that whenever any palm oil trees are affected by these beetles they will normally used a very powerful insecticide called "Kenfuran 3G".

This insecticide comes in blue grains. They are as big as the rice grains. One grain will be good enough to keep those beetle from coming to your plant.

I did a google search and saw this bag of the said insecticide. Just imagine one grain will kill a swarm of beetles.

Will this product be useful to our BH? I am sure it can be if we know how to use it.

The next was about this new Hybrid of Palm Oil plants that will grow to a giant tree.

Just imagine within 7 years you need 4 people to hold hands to measure the trunk circumference. Currently those palm oil trunk is about half or one third your arms length. You can actually wrap three trunks using you two arms. If you need four people to wrap a trunk, the palm oil is not more a palm oil but giant palm trees. Remember Jack and the bean stock?

This is what we call scientific break through. Just imagine if we can increase those swiftlet from current size to as big as a goose? Their eggs will be massive. Bet then again what will they be eating !!!

Between Those External Sound And Aroma, Which Will You Choose?

I was on my phone today with one of my blog reader from Kuala Trengganu.

"Pak Harry, between a good sound and those aroma, which one will you go for?"

My answer was : The aroma. I will go for a good aroma for my BH.

A good sound will bring in those wild birds to your roof top and some will jump into your BH entrance hole, but will they stay?

The reason why I choose "A good aroma" is that those birds will glue themselves onto the wooden planks laced with the aroma and refuse to budge. They become so seduced to the smell so much so they want to stay there forever.

Assuming that your BH is in an area where they were so many BHs and their external sound were blaring those sound, will your sound be effective? If in the same condition you apply an effective aroma, what do you think will happen? Will those birds be bother by those sounds? I think they will enter your house and shut their ears with ear plugs.

Again if your area is with those BHs without any sound being played. You join their game by not playing any sound but your spray your BH with a special aroma that get the attention of every birds in the area. So which house the birds will enter? Yours.

So go out there and find that special aroma that are well liked by those birds specie found in your area.

"Pak Harry, how to find the right aroma?"

Well you need to do some home work. Get out of the house and visit all those birdhouse equipment sales center and get them.

Once you have found them, conduct a suitable tests to locate which one those birds likes. Call me if you wanted to know how to.

I am sure you will be able to find one that suites your location. Once you have found the aroma, you need to go on a big scale.

Set your target, i.e the number of nests you wanted to achieve, and prepare to get adequate aroma for the 5-6 months or more regular treatments.

I guarantee you that you will achieve what you have set. What you need is a determination........

If you are still blurr, call me at 017 755 1318.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Be In Muar This Sartuday To Look At A New Heat Insulation Paint Application !!!

One of my blog reader invited me to visit his BH in Muar, johore this Sartuday.

I visited his BH a few weeks ago and managed to provide him with a list of things to do to improve the number of nests.

Currently the number of nests was 370 pieces and he wanted to double the number by year end.

Before engaging me he was not totally blank on what need to be done. After my half day visit, I gave him a list of things that he should do to get the nests multiplied.

Among the 20 things to do, I focus on the internal temperature problems that he was facing.

I precisely told him that some of the walls were like heaters in the house. The sun way shining on some of these walls and by late afternoon the heat reaches the internal part of the bricks. I told him to feel the heat with his bare hands. I recommended to him to either place a shade outside the house or cover them with heat shield paint.

Beside those affected walls, the heat from the warm air, was also contributing the high temperature in the house. I told him to reduce the intake of the hot air through the ventilation holes and perhaps install a gadget to cool down the air in the roving areas before they enter the nesting areas.

These ideas were well taken and he seem to take all my recommendations seriously.

Yesterday he called and invited me to be in Muar on Saturday to check on all those things that he has carried out plus a new painting job that he wanted to carry out. He found a new heat resistance paint and wanted to apply externally.

I love to know what new paint he was talking about and hope to get the full specification to share with my blog readers.

I will check on the house progress so far and make sure he carries out those recommendations correctly.

It is so nice to know that your recommendations were taken seriously and you can see the smile on his face every time you meet him. He got more confident to improve his BH now as compared to before meeting me.

Inside me, I thank god for making me what I am. I simply love to make people happy and wish that their BH will be fill with many nests........................

"Brown Honey" at Ayer Tawar BH Is Working !!!

I went to Kuantan, Pahang today to check on a piece of agriculture land and gave a small talk about swiftlet farming to a Co-op.

While on the Karak to Gambang highway I received a call from Mr.L whose BH in Ayer Tawar is under my care.

"Harry, when are you planning to visit my BH? This is Mr .L."

Oh yes I planned to be there on this Thursday at noon. Hope that is okay with you.
Anything else that you wish to inform me or for me to do?

"Oh yes. During our last treatment visit, I stayed a night in Ayer Tawar. You know what, the following day I saw with my own eyes there were at least 7 to 8 birds entering the BH. I am sure that they seem to like those treatment you have done."

Hmm .... something was right and I am not sure what can it be. It must be those new aroma applied or those new sounds I installed.

"Well Harry two days ago, this is more exciting, my in law called. He told me that there were at least one hundred birds flying at our BH entrance. I do not know what was happening but I feel great."

You mean one hundred birds flying at the entrance. At our BH? Are you sure? Very strange but interesting.

"Yes Harry. This occurance never happened before but those birds must have some liking to those treatment you did. My in laws could not believed what he saw. I am so excited and can't wait to check the house."

Okay Mr.L. Try not to be too excited. I promise to be there by noon. Let us check the number of bird shits on the floor and keep you finger crossed. Once we finish checking we will carry out the same treatment and hope more will come. See you there at noon time.

"Okay Harry I will be up there to receive you."

That was a very interesting conversation and the best fot the whole day. I was not very sure what was happening in Ayer Tawar but I am sure there must be some improvement inside the BH.

I was using this "Brown Honey" on the floor, walls and the roving areas. The "Brown Honey" was a new aroma that was given by a very reliable friend. He wanted me to have a trial.

I did get the floor wet and installed a few new fake nests with those iron oxide.

I change the sound and laced some aroma into the humidifier water containers.

Also placed some bird shits taken from Setiawan onto the plastic sheets.
Please pray hard that the result will be very good. If those birds love this special concoction, I will share with all by blog readers.

I believed that I need to share with every one who need help......

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Effective Micro-Organisms Application To Swiftlet Industries !!!

When I was in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, I bought a litre of brownish colored liquid called EM.1.

I bought it from a Swiftlet Farming Equipment Supplier and until today I have not used it.

I kept the bottle for some reasons and I was hoping that one day I might find some answers.

Last few weeks I stumbled onto some friends who keep talking about EM. According to both the persons EM is good for this and good for that.

Hmm ..... I begin to wonder how true is this fascinating products and how the product can be applied to swiftlet farming industries.

I started googling and the more you read the more you get the interesting information about EM.

The best websites found on EM are the followings:

I was quite surprised on the the entry of EM into Malaysia in 1990 and how it was facing difficulties in the beginning. Now the product is well accepted and widely used in most of the animal husbandry practices.

The issue here is how can this product be used to improve the swiftlet farming industries in Malaysia?

I spoke to a few friends and I am very sure that if this product have been useful to Cattle Farming, Worm Farming, Fish Farming, Chicken Farming, Prawn Farming, Pig Farming, Rice Cultivation and many others, it can do something to swiftlet farming.

One of my blog reader who been blabbing about this recently applied the EM into his BH in Mah Sing. He said that he applied to the internal walls and claimed that the cement smell were immediately gone.

He then pour some into the small pond in the entrance area. On the perimeter of his BH entrance hole he placed a number of those mists nozzles. He pump the water direct from the pond to those nozzles on some pre timed timer.

I did some observations and I was very sure that those birds do love to play in those water mists.

Some do enter the new house.

What I am wishing is to know that this EM is good for our swiftlet farming industries and if some NGOs or those higher institution or the Veterinar department can conduct some tests it will be good for the industry.

For me I will monitor the outcome of the Mah Sing BH where my blog reader is applying the EM (Effective Micro Organisms).

Friday, May 15, 2009

A New And Interesting Finding !!!

I was in Raub, Pahang this evening.

Main purpose was to provide the bi-monthly maintenance on the BH which I was nursing.

Every two weeks I will drop by and do the needful to the BH so keep the population increase.

The idea is to pull the birds back to the roof and lure them to enter the house.

I was given the opportunity to test using a new external sound and new found aroma called "Passionate".

What I did was to treat the house with walls and the ceiling with the aroma and set the new sound in the amplifier.

After about two - three hours of the application, I was surprise with the result.

The birds seem to like the sound and the aroma very much. At any one time, from 5 till 6.45 pm there will be around 10 -15 birds on the roof top and they seem to jump into the opening.

I called the owner to join me at the back of the BH watching the event. He was pleased with it. In the meantime two of his closed friends, who also owned BH in Raub, joined us for some excitement.

"Hei Mr Harry, how do make the bird come over? Can I have your secret recipe?"

I was sure that every bird enter the house but I am not sure if they stays. Next two weeks I hope to see some new residence.

I hope the aroma will last at least for one week. How I wish to apply the aroma every week.

Hmm ..... let see if I can do that next week......

PS: If you have difficulties in getting those wild birds above your rooftop or bringing them into your BH try my formula.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The First Few Weeks After Putting Your BH into Operation !!!!

You can be very excited or despair during the first few days after your BH are put into its operation mode.

There can be thousand and one thing that can happen. The most important is whether those wild AF enter the house or not. If they should enter, will they stay?

In your mind, you are absolutely sure that everything is in perfect conditions and there are no reasons why any of those wild birds will not enter the newly built house.

You tend to ignore everything that you have heard before and they do no exit in your BH.

You ignore that those cement smell are still very strong.

You ignore the fact that the current hot weather makes those birds not around during the day time.

You ignore the fact that you have not obtained the right sound to be played at the entrance hole.

You ignore the fact that the internal sound mike not be like by those species flying around your area.

You ignore the use of proper aroma to seduce those wild birds to enter the house.

You refuse to install any fake nests in your new BH.

You open all those ventilation holes in the BH allowing the hot and dry air outside enter through them and pollute them.

You ignore the proper selection of a right amplifier to play those music that you got by the roadside.

You ignore the bright light that were piecing the nesting areas.

And so on.

Right now you believed that everything is alright and let see what happen.

If you are smart enough you might install those CCTV cameras and glue your eyes on the entrance room screen.

You will now watch the birds behaviours. What is stopping them from entering the nesting areas.

The moment to see something is not right you will immediately get your contractor to pull those items down and put up your ideas.

This will go on for a few weeks.

If you are lucky you will see them moving towards the location where you want them to built their nests.

If you are not lucky, you will keep guessing what went wrong........

I have seen these stages and so far I am lucky that most of the time they work.

All in all I learn the hard way. I am observant, read a ot, exchange lots of ideas with those who are closed to me and do the learning from my own BH.

Removal Of Clause Moving Of Birdhouse !!!

Something that will cheers you up.

The news in the market is about the latest word from Dato Beh, the bird nests traders association President, that the clause in moving birdhouse from town areas to agricultural land have been removed from the draft swiftlet farming guidelines.

Received a few calls from a number of my blog readers on the issue. It was mentioned in the Chinese Newspapers about one week's ago.

This must be one of the outcome from the meeting between JPBD and the representative from all the traders associations in Kuala Lumpur recently.

I remembered receiving a call from JPBD representative asking for the list of all the presidents and I told them to contact Dato Beh directly.

I am sure there more then one issues being adopted and the signs is positive.

The only problem that I predicted is the removal of those dog kennel entry system. For as long as this entrance system is not completely change to the top entry, the calling sound will not be eliminated.

Top entry will prevent the sound from spreading to the side neighbors. Normally the tweeters will be forced to face the sky and not the neighbors.

The biggest task now will be how to get those external sound be controlled. This will be a great challenge to the association and the local council.

I am sure there must be a compromised between the two parties:

"Okay we will take out the clause of moving out but the association must ensure that all birdhouse owners stop blasting those sound."

The issue here is that how many birdhouse owners are member of these association?

In Sabak Bernam recently, YB Ronnie Liew asked the President of the Selangor Birdnest traders association about the number of registered member. His answer was 200 and in Selangor there were at least 2,000 birdhouse owners. Only 10% and YB was shocked to hear that.

He proposed the Association to Organised another gathering to recruit all those non members to join the Association. I am not sure when but the message is clear. YB volunteered to be the Minister to attend the gathering.

I am very sure the other states have the same problem.

Many BH owners are not staying in the town that their BHs are located. This might be the biggest reason why many are not a member.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still On Bird Sound Collection !!!

I met a new blog reader today and he seem not to read my blog from the beginning.

I wrote a few articles on how important it is to have a good collection of bird sounds.

His reason for meeting me was to purchase the "Black Cloud", "Duress", "Mating & Baby" and the "Colony Sound".

We met during lunch hour and have about 45 minutes discussion on his problems with his Bukit Beruntung BH.

He carried out the conversion himself and from what I can gathered he seem to have very little knowledge on the dos and don't of converting a BH.

One of the biggest problem was on the sound collection. He got not more then 3 sounds. The internal, the external and the test call sound.

He got them from a friend. His main problem now is that the birds seem to not entering the house after almost 9 months. No signs of the bird shits and even flying in during the day time.

Without visiting his BH I assumed that he need to get a better sound tracks. Get at least four good external sounds, two the internal sounds. If he is adventurous get two for the pooling sounds.

If he can he need to start his sound library by looking into exchanging the sounds he has with others or perhaps buy from those who sells the items.

I prescribed a total of 20 sounds for the external, 5 for the internal and 5 for the pooling.

I told him not to rush into buying these sounds but have that in mind so that when ever he met any people with the same interest, he might want to exchange with them or when he visited any BH accessories shop he might want to add a few new one.

Before buying any of these sound, I advised him to get the chance to listen to the first 15 seconds. See it they are already bought them and already in his collection.

It will be a shear waste of monies when he buys and found out that he already got them at home.

He also need to learn to differentiate between the four sounds. The external, the internal, the pooling and test sounds. Take some time to listen to all those tracks and recognise their differences.

It might be difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you will be able to differentiate them.

Yes take some time to learn something new and try to set a plan in improving your BH nests population.
I always inspires new BH owners to be a multiple discipline person. You need to be the Carpenter, the wire man, the sound engineer, the contractor, the aroma specialist, the insect generator, the pesticide man and so on.

There is nothing then knowing every thing that are essential to run the BH to its optimum.
After the short meeting, he called back saying that he learned so much from the that short meeting and would like to thank me for being so informative.
These were some of the points discussed:
1) How many sounds should I have to be a successful BH owner?
2) How do I select the top or the dog kennel entries?
3) Do I need to instal the hexagonal tweeters?
4) Where do I place the tower?
5) How do I distribute the external sound tweeters so that the birds will enter my BH and goes to the back?
6) Do I need to use those Aromas and how to begin with?
7) Do I need to rotate the external sounds and when should I change them?
8) Can I combine the sound playing timing so that I can maximise the pooling sound and how?
9) What time should I stop the external sound?

Newest Technology In WiFi Called MiFi !!!

This minute item will eventually change the way we use our computer and perhaps the mobile phone.
The gadget is the latest wifi product that is only the size of your standard credit card, maybe 3 to 4 thickness.
This gadget will be released in USA on May 17th, 2009 and just hope it will be in Malaysia soon.
Once this is used in Malaysia U can actually use the skype free phone anywhere you are at.
Today we received the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 in the mail. This little credit card sized device acts as a portable 3G powered WiFi access point for laptop computers, WiFi capable phones, and other WiFi devices. This particular MiFi runs on Verizon Wireless' 3G EV-DO Rev A(INFO) network.

The MiFi 2200 is powered its own battery and can provide WiFi access to a single user for up to 4 hours on a full charge. Multiple users can access the MiFi at the same time, but this will drain the battery more quickly. An included micro-USB cable will not only charge the MiFi from a personal computer, but it will also allow the MiFi to act as a tethered 3G modem.

Activation of the device requires the use of a personal computer and the installation of Verizon's VZAccess software, but once that is done, all that users need to start surfing is written on the back of the device. There you'll find the SSID and the WPA key that will grant access to the wonderful world of 3G broadband data. We had a number of devices up and running on the MiFi in no time at all.

When we tested the device, we generally managed download speeds in excess of 1000kbps, which is really fast. When purchased with either a $39.99 (250MB) or $59.99 (5GB) monthly data contract, the MiFi 2200 costs only $100 after rebates.
That makes it something that should be considered by anyone looking for a 3G laptop modem. It might not be as convenient as a PCMCIA or Express card, but with the MiFi, multiple people can enjoy the data access.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Video clip of swiftlets enjoying their food after a heavy rain.

This clip was taken along side a road in Sungai Patani.

Those termites flying drones and queen must be flying out of their nest when they were cought by these flock of swiftlets.

Enjoy yourself.

Pekaka Town BHs !!!

During my Nibong Tebal land inspection I took some pictures of BHs in the Pekaka town, about 2 kilometers away.

These were some of the pictures taken during the visit:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

If You Are Not Sure Try A Few !!!

I received an email asking a bit more about the harvesting technique where you were late and all the nests are occupied with 2 eggs.

Read this article:

This reader asked what if the new foster parent refuse to feed the three babies?

My answer is something that you should consider.

Try doing the operation on a few nests as a trial. Do not go with a big scale on the trial period. Do on a small scale and you monitor the progress of these selected nests.

Once you see the result, you can then adopt the method for future harvesting.

There is nothing wrong to try something new.

All in all you learn something new which at the end of the day will help to populate your BH with more nests within a shorter time period.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Proper Usage Of Birdcall Gadget !!!

"Pak Harry, I would like to buy from you a set of the bird call gadget. Can you be kind enough to let me know how to Operate the gadget?"

That was the plead from one of my blog reader from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

His short name is Mr.C. He owned a piece of land in Sabah and wanted to check whether there are any AF flying above his land.

I told him, the best he could do is to come down to KL and let me show how the gadget works.

On Friday he came down and we met at one of the 4 stars hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

I came for a breakfast and immediately after breakfast we went to Rawang, about 20 kilometers away up north.

I brought along one of the brand new gadget ready with the Duress sound.

We were lucky. When we reached Rawang Country home, I stop by a BH belonging to a good friend and under renovation. I quickly entered the BH and told those workers that I am a good friend of the owner.

Took my Sabah friend and have a good look at the renovation in progress.

After making some observations, we choose a corner where we can start operating the gadget.

I told him that the best thing to do is to move about 100 meters away from those buildings.

Parked at a corner of the road and showed him how to start the unit.

Before switching the Duress sound I told him to look at the sky above the car. Yes there were not a single birds flying above it.

The we started the sound. Less then 20 seconds those birds started to show up.

I told him to play for at least 20 minutes and make sure the car engine was on.

Started my job to ask him to start counting. He seem to be vary fascinated with the sudden surge in the number of AF coming over. Within less then 5 minutes there were about 100 birds.

While the number keep increasing, I told him to be as observant was possible. Check the bird's size, the flying direction, their number, which direction the were coming from and so on.

I show him how to pull the birds to fly low.

After about 20 minutes I told him to watch what happen when the sound is totally off.

He was so fascinated with the new adventure and he gives his thumb up for all the effort done by me.

I told him, that was the best way to show him how to operate the gadget.

On the way back stop at the R&R Sungai Buloh. We have some good discussion and I am sure he learn a lot from the visit.

He took the unit and the same evening he was on the way back towards Sandakan Sabah.

God bless him

Parking Make Easy !!!

Something which have yet to be patented. Proton or Perodua should look into this idea now.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Smuggling of Wild Small Birds !!!

Have a look at the above picture taken from on the stumble upon website.
This guy was very brave to smuggle birds under his pans:
May 6, 2009—
Given away by bird poop on his socks, fancy pants here was charged Tuesday in California with smuggling exotic Asian songbirds from Vietnam into the United States by strapping them onto his legs.

Droppings on Sony Dong's socks and feathers peeking out from under a pant leg tipped off a Los Angeles International Airport inspector in March, who arrested the 46-year-old.

Dong wore an elaborate set of leggings with buttoned cloth wrappings, which held more than a dozen birds (pictured), the Associated Press reported.

Inspectors had flagged Dong for inspection because he had abandoned a suitcase of 18 birds in the L.A. airport in December 2008.

He had returned to Vietnam in February to collect more songbirds, which included red-whiskered bulbuls, magpie robins, and shama thrushes.

The animals sell for up to U.S. $400 each in the United States, U.S. Attorney's Office spokesperson Thom Mrozek told the Associated Press.

"They're rare and there are collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for these things," he said.
(Related: "900 Oven-Ready Owls, 7,000 Live Lizards Seized in Asia.")

The birds, now in quarantine, may be donated to a zoo.

Dong, who was charged with conspiracy, is currently free as a bird on bail.

By Looking At Those Raw Nests, I Can Easily Tell What To Do !!!

I was helping a friend from S'pore to collect some raw nests from a few BHs in Peninsular Malaysia this morning.

The moment I inspected the recently harvested nests, I was a little bit disappointed.

The number of angle nests (90* and 130*) are more then the 180* angled nests.

Inside me, I was fuming mad but I cannot scold the carrier man who took the trouble to get those nests from his brother in law in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

Mr.L, you need to tell you B-I-L that these nests should be better then these. There are ways to increase the 180* angle nests by covering all those corners with suitable corner covers.

This was not the first time but this is the 3rd time. You need to push your B-I-L to quickly cover all the corners with the recommended corner covers.

You see if you can reduce the 90* and 130* to a bare minimum then your raw nests will fetch a better value. Currently it is too much, closed to 40%, and is bad.

Mr.L looked at me in disbelieved and realised that he too have two BHs facing the same problem.

Okay I will be in Kuala Krai next week, let me have a good look at the three BHs and make some recommendations on how to choose and install the right type of corner covers.

"Okay Harry, I will be very happy to receive you next week. I will get my Dad and B-I-L to be there to open the BH and let you recommend the best methods to minimise those wastage."

I am glad that he listen to my advise. The idea is how to increase the nest value by something that many BH owners ignored.

Use the right corner covers.

A Compliment From Bobby From +994765563289 !!!

"Pak Harry, how are you. Just wud like to thanks you for your BC (Black Cloud) sound. My BH now have 25 nests after 6 weeks playing the sound. Thank U and Thank U. Mr.B"

If you think I am making up the story please feel free to call me so that I can forward the message I just received. If you are still thinking that I am a big lie please call Mr. B at +6596385848 ( an Indonesian residing in Singapore and own a BH in Johor).

The morale of this article is that the sound works and I am happy that I have managed to help someone by simply getting him some good sound.

Before using my BC, the birds refuse to enter. He paid rm450 and got 25 X rm1000 (rm25,000) returns. Not a bad investment.

Note: Every nest is worth rm 1,000. This is the value of your property once the birds built their nests ( Rule of the thumb).

I am happy for Mr.B for the little help that I offered to him and I wish I could help many others.

U need to try using the BC. Call Harry for immediate delivery at 017 755 1318.

Something That Might Be Valid On Aroma Affect On Birds !!!!

"Harry, what do you think is the cause of the increase in nests after you apply those aroma? Is it because they like it or they do not like them? If so how do the aroma attract more birds to be your tenant?"

A very delicate question from my intelligent friend from Setiawan. Note: he owned more then 13 BHs in Perak.

My answer: Frankly I do think I know.

Well, just listen to this stupid explainations.

When you apply those aroma, they will create a kind of funny smell in the BH. So imagine you are one of those birds. You will start to compliment or you talk bad about your boss.

"Wah, the aroma is so good smell and it makes me feel very sexy or what the f*** did our owner spray today. It smell like cow shit. These bloody smell is giving me a headeach. Useless owner he have no idea how these aroma are killing my brain and so on and on."

So every body in the house started to talk about the smell and these loud noises attract other birds passing by to come in and perhaps test the smell and make their own comments.

And so, the house will be very noisy until more and more birds comes in to occupy your BH.

So his idea about aromas is not bad but if you have any better ideas like us compare with hise brilliant ideas.

Aroma are good not only for a new BH but exceptionally good for a house with lots of birds, according to my good friend.

I need to reserve my comment. I wish I can understand what those birds are talking.

I Missed My Havesting Due To Egg Already In The Nests !!!

While in Setiawan, met up with a good friend who told me that in his birdhouse all the nests are occupied with swiftlet eggs.

"Harry I was a bit too late to Carry out my nest harvesting for this cycle . All the nests were occupied with two eggs. late by a few days."

The question here is that should my friend still harvest or not to touch any of those nests?

I told him that he should. If he misses this harvest that means he need to wait for another four months.

This would mean a lost of an income generating exercises. He seem to adopt nest harvesting after those young birds leaves the nests.

So what was my advise?

I told his this simple method.

Since all the nests were with two eggs, he should harvest one every three nests. Before he harvest the nest, he should transfer the eggs one to left nest and the other to the right nest.

In this was all his nest will have 3 eggs per nest.

In this way he will not waste those eggs and the number of babies will remain the same or in fact more. This is due to the fact those owners whose nest were harvested will still built a new one and lay new eggs within at least 15 to 20 days once they find that their nests were harvested.

So you cannot said that he is doing a "Forced Harvest" since those eggs were not at all destroyed. They were being placed into the next door neighbors house to incubate and brought up.

I am of the opinion this might be a very good strategies to multiply the number of new babies in your BH.

If all the harvested nest are rebuilt and have babies, you actually increase the number of babies by 33%. So every cycle you increase the number of babies by 33%. Three times a year you actually increase 100% of young birds every year.

Usually the number of new birds are 300% but this technique will increase another 100% thus giving you a 400% birds per year.

I might be crazy but I am just giving a frank opinion.

I might be wrong but if you think logically this might be a very good method to adopt.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nibong Tebal Land Test Result !!!!

Result of Nibong Tebal Birdcall test.

Done at 2.30pm hot, humid and lots of flies flying around.

About 60 birds responded during the test.

Do Not Keep Any Pirated CDs, DVDs and VCDs In Your Car !!!

Well here is another sure way of saving your hard earned monies.

This message was sent to me by a good friend:

Please do not keep any pirated or burned CDs, DVDs, or VCDs in your car.Police and Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry's enforcementdivision have started the operation to search and fine anyone who keeppirated disc inside their car especially through road block at all mainroad and expressways.If any pirated or burned disc found inside your car will be chargedRM400 per disc. Example 30 discs found means the fine will be RM12,000.

This is real. Another friend from Seagate, today duringlunch time, 5 CD x RM400, 2K lor........One of the Plexus colleague brother-in-law caught byPolice due to pirated CD in the car on the way to town forlunch with his friend in the afternoon.One CD fined RM400...oh no..

Just wanted to do some good things to all my blog readers.

Do clean up your sound collection in your car.

Hope they do not ransack our house !!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Very Interesting Visit Report That I made For A Blog Reader !!!

"Pak Harry, please visit this land in Nibong Tebal and make a full report on what do you think about the land."

This was what one of my blog readers asked me to do a week ago. Since I was accompanying my Dear wife back home, I told him that yes I will be very happy to take the challenge.

The land was beside the Kerian River and in between Nibong Tebal and Pekaka Town.,100.500323&spn=0.003751,0.006845&t=h&z=18&lci=com.panoramio.all

I went there in the afternoon and got to finished by 7.oopm due to dinner date with my in laws. I really wished that I could stay until 8.00pm (this is my normal way of being very detail).

It was very hot, humid and lots of flies.

After the long hot day, I managed to put together the report as per my client's requests.

A very exciting task and of course preparing the report was another interesting experiences. Managed to get those Google maps linked to the report.

I locked my observations minute by minute. By 6.30 pm I got lost. There were simply too many birds flying around to keep counting. They were everywhere and before your finish counting there will be new one replacing those who have flew home.

This is a part of my 6 pages report:

i) At 2.30pm conducted the first bird call test. Before that there were at least 10 birds flying around and above the land. Once the “Duress” sound was played the number of birds responded were about 60 to 80. A reasonable number since it was on a very hot and humid afternoon.

ii) At 3.30 pm went for a birdhouse count in Pekaka town. The number of Birdhouses was about 10 units. Most were using the dog kennel entrance holes type.

iii) At around 4.00pm went to new bridge to observe any activities at the waste water treatment areas. There were a few but not encouraging. It might be too early.

iv) Came back to the land to make closer observation on the flight path between 5.00pm till evening.

a. 5.25 pm: 5 birds flew towards Pekaka town and crosses directly above the prospective land.
b. 5.30 pm: 2 more flew towards Pekaka town.
c. 5.36 pm: 4 more flew towards Pekaka town.
d. 5.37 pm: 2 more toward Pekaka town.
e. 5.38 pm: 6 birds moving towards Nibol Tebal town.
f. 5.40 pm: 10 birds moving towards Nibol Tebal town.
g. 5.41 pm: 5 birds towards Nibol Tebal town.
h. 5.42 pm: 7 birds towards Pekaka town.
i. 5.43 pm: 2 birds towards Nibol Tebal town.
j. 5.44 pm: 2 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
k. 5.45 pm: 3 birds towards Nibol Tebal Town.
l. 5.56 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
m. 5.47 pm: 7 birds towards Nibong Tebal town.
n. 5.48 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town
o. 5.49 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
p. 5.50 pm: 4 birds toward Pekaka Town.
q. 5.51 pm: 4 birds toward Pekaka Town.
r. 5.52 pm: 4 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
s. 5.53 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
t. 5.54 pm: 7 birds towards Pekaka Town.
u. 5.55 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal town.
v. 5.56 pm: 7 birds towards Pekaka Town
w. 5.57 pm: 5 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town
x. 5.58 pm: 8 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
y. 5.59 pm: 7 birds towards Nibong Tebal Town.
z. 6.00 pm: Conducted one more birdcall test. The total estimated number of birds responded was more then 200 birds.

aa. 6.15 pm: Stop the call and observe their flying path. 40% towards Pekaka Town and 60% towards Nibong Tebal Town.

bb. 6.15 pm: The number swelled to 15 birds moving towards both the Pekaka and Nibong Tebal Town.

cc. 6.16 pm: 10 birds towards both directions.
dd. 6.17: pm: 8 birds towards Nibong Tebal town.
ee. 6.18 pm: 9 birds flying in rows towards Nibong Tebal.

ff. 6.19 pm: Saw a flock of about 20 birds flying above a tree beside those streams. Stroll to the location and from there can see the stream of AF taking the path back home to the roosting house.

gg. 6.20 pm: The number seems to swell to more then 25 and difficult to determine how many are going and adding at the gathering point. There must be some flying termites around the stream.

hh. 6.21 pm: More then 35 birds flying all over and loose count.
ii. 6.25 pm : More then 50 birds were were flying all over the place.
jj. 6.26pm: More then 50 birds flying all over the place.
kk. 6.27 pm: Similar numbers, 50 above birds, were all over the place.
ll. 6.28 pm: Similar numbers, 50 above birds, were all over the place.
mm. 6.29 pm: Similar numbers, 50 above birds, were all over the place.
nn. 6.30 pm: Similar numbers, 50 above birds, were all over the place.
oo. Up to 7.00 pm: The number was encouraging ranging from 60 to 50 every minute.
pp. 7.01: Decided to pack and rush home for dinner with in laws.

v) Left the location at about 7.01 pm back to Sungai Patani for Dinner.

You might think that I am the craziest guy in town but trust me this is the kind of things you should do before making that big decision to dump in at least 250,000 (a quater of a million ringgit) into your land.

I reported to the person who engaged me that the land was fantastic and he was looking forward for my visit report. I told him that he have a gold mine in store if he proceed with the swiftlet farming project. Again my report will not give a 100% guarantees that they will behave as what all of us expected. Main idea is to reduce the risk of being a failure.

I am sure all my blog readers will now understand what I have been saying. Never take things for granted. There is no such thing as "I dont care and let us built the BH". Make some research yourself for your own sake.

If you have any doubts let me know. I might save a lot of your hard earn monies.

Call Harry at 017 755 1318.

Note: The above report can be purchased for a small fee for your personal reference and evaluation about site testing.

Bird's Nest: No Bar On The Sabah Visitors

Headline on page 7 of Daily Express daily of Sabah dated Wenesday April 22nd 2009:

Bird's Nest: No Bar On The Sabah Visitors.

By: Kassim Sangi

Kota Kinabalu: The State Wildlife Department allows tourist visiting Sabah to buy and bring home edible birds nest for personal consumption, its Director Laurentius Ambu said.

He said there is also no limit on the amount of bird's nest that tourists could buy and take out of the State. However, all purchases should be from outlets licensed by his department.

He said that tourists were required to fill up a form supplied by his department to the licensed outlet for the purpose of documentation in compliance with the requirement set by Convention of International Trade and Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).

Ambu was responding to reports tat tourist in Penang were not allowed to bring out edible bird nests without a permit from the Wildlife and National parks Department.

The report stated that as a result of the new ruling, tourists were caught unawares, resulting in many losing hundreds of thousands of ringgit on being asked to surrender the items on leaving the country.

Malaysia Birds Nest Merchant's Association President Datuk Beh Heng Seong said that the ruling would not only affect the bird's nest industry but also affect the nation's tourism image.

Besides he said it would be illogical for tourist to go all the way to the Department for a permit, which even if anyone does, takes four working days to be issued. Bird's nest is subject to an export duty of RM 100 per kilogram.

Anyone caught exporting or importing these without a permit can be fined up to RM 3,000 or jailed up to three years or both.

Ambu added that tourists who wanted to buy big volume would have to get permission from his department as this was necessary as to determine the source of the bird's nest.

He pointed out that Malaysia was among the signatories of the CITES and procedures affecting the ruling must be complied.

Page 15 of NST Today

Something that was published on page 15 of The New Straits Times Today:


When he initiated legal action against the government last year, all Ong Pok Kok wanted was to fight for his right to be free from the nuisance caused by swiftlets.

His lawyer issued a letter of demand, dated Nov 7, to the state government and the Kuala Terengganu City Council (MBKT), to put a stop to the more than 20 swiftlet nesting operations in shophouses near Ong's residence and workplace in Jalan Tok Lam.

The letter, according to Ong, stated his intention of suing for compensation of RM10 million should both the state and MBKT fail to comply with his demand within seven days.After more than five months, his demand has not been met and he has yet to see his day in court.

He said his lawyer had apparently failed to follow up on the case after submitting the demand letter."It is strange that I have not received any correspondence from my lawyer after getting a copy of the letter of demand and come to think of it, I have yet to receive a receipt for my initial payment of RM1,000 to the law firm.

"I want to know if the lawyer is still on the case as I cannot wait forever while more and more swiftlet nesting premises are being built in the area." He lodged a report at the Kuala Terengganu police station last week and a complaint with the Bar Council.Ong, 55, a coffee shop owner, said he had been fighting a battle against the swiftlet- rearers for the past five years.

"Countless complaints to the local authorities, police, politicians, health department, environmental department and several other government agencies have amounted to nothing and now, even my legal action seems to be heading nowhere."He said the situation was bad in the sense that the birds' nest industry in Terengganu, unlike other states, was not regulated or licensed."But it is worse now because word has got out that in the next few months, the government will issue licences to existing operators.

Unscrupulous entrepreneurs are quickly setting up new swiftlet nesting premises to take advantage of the situation."Several upper floors of shophouses near mine are being converted into swiftlet motels and, although our grouses have been highlighted by the press, it makes little difference to these profit-driven businessmen," he said.

His mother Foo See Guan, 76, who has been living in the shophouse since 1967, said the invasion of swiftlets in her neighbourhood had caused misery to her and her family."Family members moved out to be as far away as possible from the birds.

At my age, I no longer have the desire to start anew somewhere else."Hopefully, a miracle will happen and these birds will fly away without ever coming back."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Roving Areas In Relation To Nests Population...

"Harry, what do you think the relationship between the roving area size and the nests population?"

I was having lunch with a good friend who fell in love with swiftlet farming.

He seem to be collecting some kind of statistic comparing those BHs that are successful and those that are not and how big are their roving areas.

He also talked to various experience BH builders on the same issue.

In a BH, roving area is where the birds first enter the entrance hole will be at. This special area have a number of functions.

1) The area is too bright thus very rare it will be populated with any AF nest. In neighboring countries, this area are normally populated by Serinti or Martins. This is where the cross fostering are carried out.

2) It served as an area where the light is being blocked from entering the nesting rooms.

3) Most successful BHs the walls in this room are filled with shit markings. They look like an artwork of bird shits. The birds seem to leave their territorial makings on the walls to either indicate that this is their home or to scare others birds from entering.

4) It is said that the roving area is where those high speed flight are reduced. The moment those high speed birds enter the area they will slow down their speed before entering their nesting rooms.

5) Some people seem to claimed that in the morning, before dawn, there will be some birds that use the roving areas to warm up. They will fly around for a few minutes before making their dash out to search for food.

His conclusion is something that I would like to share.

"The bigger the roving areas the more will be the nests population." according to him.

Smaller roving areas seem to attract only a handful of those stray birds. Bigger roving areas will attract those colony type of birds.

His recommendation was to allocate at least 15 feet or more of the top most floor. If possible make it 20 feet.

Hmmm a very good advise but it is good for all of you to check on this finding whenever you visit a BH. Have a look at the roving area size and compare with the number of nests populations are in the BH.

The issue here is the total space areas to be allocated for roving areas and the entrance hole. How much should be allocated for?

If you have the luxury of space a 10 feet for the entrance hole areas plus 20 feet for the roving areas would be sufficient. The rest should be turned into nesting areas.

Note: The above points are just an observation and are not construed as the exact formula. There are many more things that need to be carefully design to ensure those wild birds love to enter and stay in your BH.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Interesting Cinemagraphy Works That You Should Not Miss !!!

I was looking at some of those marvels that man will do for the sake of art work.

Have a look at this special movie clip that was passed to me by a dear friend.

Look at the astonishing view of the movie taken. Spectacular.

The story line using animals as the main characters.

The expression of both the three animals during stages of the movie making.

The best is how important is to have someone who loves and care for you, yes your "MoM".

Her love is unselfish and never ended. The day that my mom died, I feel very sick and always knows that she is always with me all these while.

"Love you mama."

How About Playing The External Sound In Your Roving Areas !!!

If you face problems where the birds do come over and play above your roof top but they refuse to enter your BH, you should consider to playing the external in your roving areas.

This was one of the item discussed with one of my blog reader a few days ago.

"Harry, those birds do fly over the roof top but they never enter the BH. How can I pull them into the house?"

My answer: Why don't you play the same external sound in your roving area?

I have visited a number of BHs in many towns. Each BH have their own set of design and characteristics.

Most of them are plain simple with little know how about swiftlets.

However there are BHs that are simply gorgeous. They include techniques that make more sense then any others.

This guy in Segamat,Johore, dedicated the whole top floor to be his birds roving areas. He uses all the floor space for those birds to fly around before moving to their nesting rooms downstairs.

He play the external sound on the top floor (roving area) and it works. According to him, when those birds listen to those external sound they tend to follow where the sound comes from.

First they will circle the roof top. This first move is likely to investigate the source of the sound. If they see any entrance hole they will make their move to enter the hole.

The moment they crossed the tweeters playing the external sound at the entrance hole they will be dragged into the roving room. This is where the external sound played inside the roving areas will take over from those tweeters outside the entrance hole or at the entrance hole.

If there are no sound after their entry, they will normally turn back and fly out or lock themselves to the tweeters at the hole.

The idea to place those external sound in the roving room do play a very important role in pulling the birds from your rooftop into the house.