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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kuala Kangsar BH Visit Report: Another Rip Off On A Clear Sunny Day !!!

(Those flying things are bats and not swiftlet)

Last on Sartuday July 25th 2015, visited this left to die BH located at Kuala Kangsar Perak.

Based on the BH owner description the BH was not completed and never hand over.

The so called "consultant" insist on the final payment and without that he refused to deliver the BH keys.

The owner on the other hand claimed that contractually the final payment can only be released once the BH has at least 3 functional nests.

It went on and on and nothing can be done until she decided to break the pad lock of her BH.

A very sad case where the unprofessional consultant wanted to take advantage of a little knowledge newbie.

The consultant not only cheated her money but the lawyer engaged for the so call sales transaction was not paid for his service too.

So what do you think happened when the BH located deep inside a Kampung not attended to?

You may want to know there were a lot of new unwanted tenants.

Lots of fruit bats staying now.

I estimated there were at least 20-30 bats staying up on the top floor and about 5 -10 on the lower floor.

Another deplorable things observed inside the BH were the followings:

1) There was not power supply connected.  The owner have to advance extra cash to engage a third party to get the line on.

2) There was not a single amplifier found inside the BH.

3) There was no Data room.  The rack to place those so called amplifiers were open to the ground floor nesting areas.  An irresponsible and unprofessional construction.

4) The nesting planks were installed about 4 feet apart.  May be this will cut his cost but looks horrible.

5) The consultant have no idea or no experience about swiftlet farming by looking at how those internal and external sound tweeters were installed.

6) The cables were loosely installed and not suitable for a good BH.

7) The entrance hole was ridiculous and not properly located.  It was facing the sky and without any hexagonal tweeters to attract those wild birds.

8) The number of ventilation holes was only about 4-5 per floor.  Ridiculously too little.

I was very disappointed and told the owner that there are a lot of works to be done.

It is more like the only usable thing are the walls and the roof.

The rest need a lot of work to be carried out.

I need to assemble a completely new sets of amplifiers, cables, tweeters and open a new entrance hole on the BH wall.

A new LAL have to be opened and those bats need to be captured and eliminated.

The ventilation holes need to be opened at least 30 per floor.

I am not sure how long it take to get all these items done.

I hope I can help to reactivate this terrible BH.

Enjoy some of these pictures taken:

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